Real-Time “Baroo?”

Class, if you’ve ever wondered just what a "Baroo?" is, we have a most excellent example for you right here [looking over glasses]. Please teach all your pups this technique and report back.

So, Lauren M.—Are you the teacher OR ARE YOU THE STUDENT!? [headtilt]



  1. Ahh… perfect coordination of whine and head tilt.

  2. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Definately Barooooo!

  3. Barooooooooo?

  4. Bleenaroo?

  5. fish eye no miko says:

    In this context, the head-tilt means, “What’s wrong with you, woman?” ^_^

  6. PANCAKE!!!

  7. OMG,she’s a great teacher! When I played this my own dog baroo’d!

  8. Hmmmm? Whaaaat??

  9. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Is that puppeh’s name “Pancake”???? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

  10. :: guffaw ::

  11. My dog also played along!

  12. That’s approximately it.

  13. What an excellent Baroo specimen, not every day you catch one of those in action…ellusive specimen, those Baroos…

  14. ohmigosh, yes — Pancake!!!

  15. wagthedogma says:

    Think they have a kitteh named Syrup?

  16. It says the video isn’t available 😦

  17. Wurrrrrrrut (Head Tilt) Snicker.

  18. Rhi — it’s still working, honest. Maybe try again later, or from a different location (home vs work, for instance). Sometimes YouTube just gets wonky like that.

  19. Oh, I didn’t realise that, I just thought that pancakes were his favourite treat!!

  20. LOL – I had to replay it – Pancake?? That dog’s name is Pancake? That is awesome.

  21. oh, pancake is quite delicious for me.

    i am trying to teach my pup to tilt his head when i say ‘baroo?’ but so far he refuses to play along and tilts his head whenever he damn well pleases.

  22. Umm…It might be just me, but it sounds like the person filming the thing is doing the baroo.. it’s not the dog making the noise.. so I dont get this video..

  23. Pancake?!? Awesome!!!

  24. mandie Baroo is not a sound it is a look. The tilt of the head with the slightly confused curious look. baroo or what is that thing or sound.

    [ ]
    [So, I’d say “Baroo” does in fact have a sound component, Annie. But more to Mandie’s point, as far as the *source* of the sound in this video… that’s what Meg’s “teacher or STUDENT?” question was about. – Ed.]

  25. Isn’t barooo (also) the word for dogs (such as mine) who don’t bark but more aorffs and when denied a pig ear do the barooou sound?

  26. circuscake says:

    well, i just tried that exact same sound on my dog and he totally baroo’d for me every time.

  27. Rhi… if it still won’t work for you, scroll up to the top of the comment page and click that vid instead. For some reason that worked for me while the one on the main page did not. Have no idea why.

  28. Um, does Pancake want to go to the Pug Party?

  29. That is truly How Baroo Is Done.

  30. Fish eye. I concur, it’s ‘have you taken leave of your senses woman’.

  31. The video also provided us with many other great baroo specimen links. Like this pugaroo:

    *polite approving applause*

  32. Wow. Ok, that link was like obvy in the next post anyway. I should have known. Sorry.

  33. Yep my westie/retriever/whatever mix did this same thing when you said, “Wanna go out?” or “Wanna go for a walk?”

  34. Oh, yes, and my cat… on the other hand, only tilts her head to the side when she sees a water faucet on and she wants to swat the water stream. 🙂

  35. says:

    The pug parrrrrrteeeeeeee??
    To see Barney? And Tina? And Gina? And Nina? And Mary? And Sara? And Jody? And Bonnie? And Joey? And Tony? And Binky? And Dinky? And Biffy? And Stinky? And Whiffy? And Bozo? And Marty? And Buzzy? And . .

  36. one of the erins says:

    Here, if no one’s posted it yet:

  37. berthaslave says:

    I do agree that the truly perfect baroo would be the doggeh making some kind of “ooh” noise in conjunction with the head tilt, but this will certainly fit the bill for now. Kudos, Lauren and pancake!!!

  38. The way his one ear is up higher than the other, and the sweets whiskers on his little face!!!! I want to make kissies and snorgle him!!!!

  39. ROFL!!!

  40. Pancake is perfection! What type of doggie is this? Can I clone him and have one of mine own?

  41. Thanks, Sueno! He’s a mix of Jack Russell and Silky Terrier. And sorry, he is not available for cloning at this time 🙂

  42. Head tilt: perfect technique. 6.0! 🙂