More head tilts coming out of the woodwork

Do you want to go to the Pug Party!?

YES!!! YES I want to go to the Pug Party!!!

Nice selectshe, C.S.O. and Cheryl L. 😉



  1. OMG this is completely ridiculous. 😀

  2. barooo?

  3. yankeebird says:

    Oh gawd, that woman’s voice reminds me of one of my college prof’s.

    NOT a pleasant memory.

    Cute pup, though.

  4. Kinda creepy!

  5. This is bizarre… but I have been to many pug parties: Pug Sunday at a local park. If you think one snorting pug is funny, try 50 snorting pugs racing around. It’s a bit surreal, but lots of fun.

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    Please shut up, lady…

  7. Are we sure she didn’t say POT party?

  8. Um…okay so I’m a true cat person, you’ll generally only see me commenting on the kitteh posts around here…this one time I made an exception and watched the video, and this is what I got! Is this what happens when you start being a dog lover? You end up with a whirling head in the middle of a Pug Party?

  9. Dear Sweet God. I know exactly what this lady’s doing, because I used to do it with my sister’s pug. There’s a certain pitch/tone you can hit that will make a puggle do the head tilt, and once you find out what it is, that’s it. You’re doomed. It’s like crack, people. You can’t stop. MUST HAVE THE HEAD TILTAGE!!

    I am somewhat disturbed to think what I must have sounded like.

  10. Awwww, such a cute doggie. The talking lady scared me a little though; I guess talking like that makes more head tilts?

  11. OK, I’m sick as…a dog, ahem, and this made me crack up till I coughed. PUG PARTY!

    I got whiplash just from watching.

  12. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I too thought she said pot party. The older lady behind the pug just can’t believe what’s happening.
    Very very cute pug.

  13. Ok, that was freaking hilarious! ROTF!

  14. Oh, this reminds me of this Sheldon:

  15. primo!

  16. I played this with the sound off (from other comments, I’m guessing this was the best way). I just want to know how many other people were sitting through the vid with their head swiveling back and forth . . .

  17. oh man, forget the pug, it’s grannies on crank, hi-larious!

  18. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I had to look at this again with the sound up higher. Hysterical!!!! If granny this with this voice lady I hope she keeps spare bottles of Jack Daniels around.

  19. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I mean lives with this voice lady. Durrrr

  20. I want to go to the Pug Party!! Especially, if they all do the head tilting just like THAT!


  21. LOL Do you want to go to the PUG PARTY.
    WHy yes I do after I tilt my head a couple hudred times. and now that I know you can do this to pugs I need to go visit my neighbor she has two. (Looks all shifty eyed)

  22. LOL

    I love this dog. And I talk to my dog like that…sorta. I think a lot of people do and don’t realize it.

    I have now watched this like 10 times. I want to go to the damned pug party!

  23. Alice Shortcake says:


  24. i’m at work, and indeed it is HILARIOUS with the sound off. now i look like a dweeb cracking up by myself. thanks CO!

  25. My pug does the multiple head tilt action whenever cartoons are on. She also went NUTS when she first heard the Dyson Vacuum commercial with the “competition” vacuums making all of the squeaky noises. I DVRed it so I could show everyone who came to our house for a good couple of weeks. It is beyond amusing.

  26. GAH! *waves hands frantically* EDIE MCGLURG FLASHBACKS!! GO AWAAAAYYYYY!! *shudder*


  27. If you used that tone with me, I’d be befuddled too.


  28. ow! quit it, lady! my neck hurts.

  29. I took my pug to a pug party once…but that’s a story for a different day.

    My pug does this baroo-head-tiltage when I ask, “You want a puppy treat?” Actually, he does it for any sort of food/treat item. Just like a true pug.

  30. HAHA! That is hilarious but I am afraid of that lady speaking, she reminds me of the character in Misery.

  31. Pug-a-licious! Soooo adorable. I love a good “Baroo?”, so more is bettah!

  32. snoopysnake says:

    Edie McClurg? No-nono-no-no-no!

    It’s a Baroozapalooza! Easy to enjoy – turn down the sound and replace it with some music or something.

  33. Both the puggy and the older lady are ADORABLE.

  34. Kee-rikey, Cute with the sound turned off!

  35. old people are awesome!

  36. Omg this is my video I posted on you tube last summer. How in the heck did it get on here? That is not my real voice I am talking that way so his head will tilt. That is my mom he is sitting on. Thanks for all the comments!!

  37. That rules.

  38. Love the lady’s accent, it makes the video. =)

  39. Its when the head turns 360 degrees and the green vomit comes out, that you have to start to worry.

  40. Where’s the video?
    It says it’s no longer available?

  41. Too cute! My dog (westie/retreiver/something mix) used to do it when you would say either, “Wanna go out?” or, “Wanna go for a walk?”

  42. Her voice reminds me of the Church Lady.

  43. I wonder if the pug party is in Brainard. You betcha

  44. I’ll be in Saint Cloud tomorrow; want me to look around?

  45. Carol, your pug and your mum are adorable!

    My beagle gives the head tilt when I say questionable words like “obedience” and “bath.” Kind of like, “What is this thing you call, ‘obey’?”

  46. i love when dogs try SO HARD to understand.
    i used to make the same head motions in math class during high school.

  47. Poor puppy – looks like he’s trying to get rid of something that’s irritating him in his ear. I think I know what it is – that woman’s AWFUL voice! Cute – but I could do without her.

  48. berthaslave says:

    Desdemona, I was totally head-tilting…maybe it’s like that guy who went into seizures when he heard Mary Hart’s voice.

    Grandma looks a little befuddled, but then again, she’s only seeing the baroo from behind.

    And I love that people on C.O. can make a most timely Edie McClurg reference.

  49. i formally declare the 21 November the national head tilt day.

  50. It makes me a little uncomfortable that he’s staring directly at the camera. It’s like he’s thinking OMG, WHAT is she wearing?!

  51. Is that a really hefty Pug, or a really small granny? He just seems rather huge for the breed is all…
    It’s like a calisthenics video series. “Now we loosen up that neck, right-and-left and right-and-left…”
    When I do that I get a few good cracks and pops.

  52. luckycliff says:

    yes Officer Gunderson I would love to go to the Pug Party! BAROOOOOO

  53. LOL!

  54. wow. This pug’s mom sounds nutso. Poor dude.