Oh puh-lease—get out of town

You People are impossible. Sending photos like this could make a girl go MENTAL.

Please check out this behbehsitter with her Pit Bull Bjorn, heh, below.


Holly F. Brilliant work. Credit to Pup Scouts Training school in Houston TX.



  1. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh no you didn’t…….Dead again.

  2. Animalphiles Annie says:

    Squeeeee! Such a sweet mommie doggeh! The little ones look so edibly sweet! Hmmmm… pittie ears. (sighs.. and dies)

  3. Pup delivery!
    I’ll take the snuggled up and sleeping one on the left. <3

  4. Looks like they *are* getting out of town.

  5. I have now truly seen it all…

  6. luvinmalssomuch says:

    She has finally had it and is taking the kids and leaving that worthless mongrel of hers. You Go Girlfriend!

  7. Uh…I just…wow thats…shit I give up, I’m speechless.


  8. Oh.


  9. Oh, YAY! I love pit bulls. They are the sweetest creatures on this earth. It’s such a shame what some people do to them. On top of this beautiful dog, we have…


  10. geneticlemon says:

    … Is that a handle in the middle?!?! It’s like … an easy carry-on luggage.

  11. That is so cute! How convenient as well. I want a puppy backpack. Antitrust class would be so much more enjoyable with two puppies stowed in my backpack to kiss when I get confused.

  12. But didn’t you know that pit bulls are vicious killers who attack anything that moves (and some that don’t)? That’s not a mom and babies, that’s a posse of blood-thirsty terrorists intent on eating your soul! Why, pit bulls are the biggest threat to national security since the Gestapo!

  13. “On the road again…”

    I’ll take “mini-me” in mommie’s left pack.

  14. That’s what I call redonkulous. Now step aside as I kiss each them multiple times.

  15. She’s finally HAD it with his drunken debauchery with those no-good cat friends of his. She’s leaving. And she’s taking the kids…

  16. Those are pit bulls, right? Everyone says they’re mean, but I’ve known pit bulls that were just big dopey balls of love. I’m glad those pups are going to get raised right.

  17. Any pupulence can be molded by evil hands and minds to be a killing machine. It’s not the breeds fault.

    Pits deserve luv!

    What an earnest momma face too. Shweet!

  18. Looks like she’s Bjorn to haul pups! =D

  19. Cant figure out why this pit pup has my the same look on her face as my lab…..

    Thank you for sweet pit pics!

  20. *snort* August yer funnie.

    Me neighbor raised pitbulls – for not so good reasons 😦 she had the blue ones – they were so pretty too 😦

    She just looks so tweet. I want to kees them all!

  21. 3 head smooches, comin’ up.

    LeftPuppy – with his humongo, ill-proportioned muzzlepouch – has killed me ded.

    [that’s not ill proportions, CJ, that’s just smoosh. – Ed.]
    [c’mon, say it with me, everybody]

  22. Pitbulls are deadly! Proof: These three killed me with qte!


  23. A pup-poose!

  24. OMG – I LURVE pitbull puppehs!



  25. Wow. You know, I could never have a dog that big (I’m really too lazy to properly train something that could pull me down the street–I want to train them to just behave in general, like cats :P), but Pit Bull puppies are THE cutest little guys ever.

  26. The one with the muzzlepuffs got me too, crackjob!

  27. i heart pitbulls!!!!!

    my first dog was a pitbull, the most beautiful boy in the whole world…..serious.

  28. Yay! A sweet pitty nanny! Look at those smiley puppy mooshes! I don’t be-LEEEV it!!

  29. What makes it even cuter is that the pups are NOT hers. 🙂 Her mom is fostering them and the dog is just helping out- and she takes her duties serious.

  30. Meg you are trying to kill me! So many posts today and this…

  31. How many times can I drop dead in one day, I ask you?

  32. TOO CUTE! I am at a loss for words.

    Except..I want to eat the puppies!!!! MUAH!

  33. Gaahh! *goes blind* TOO CUTE! Too cute!
    *flails helplessly*

  34. Cauliflower says:

    Cute…but I don’t get why a dog would need that.

  35. o hell naw!!

  36. Petronella says:

    What a beautiful pit!

  37. I’ll be blunt–I’ve always found pit bulls scary. Those little guys, on the other hand, are stupidly sweet looking.

  38. Yitzysmommie says:

    O M G
    This pupper is gorgeous. The puppies are even gorgeous-er.
    Teho’s sssmmmoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosssh was so funny, I squeed!
    PS I want the Mc AdorablePuppieson on the right please.

  39. berthaslave says:

    I’m also weighing in as someone who has known quite a few pit bull breeds in my day and they are without question loving, intelligent and beautiful friends. And those are my last words, as I am now ded from the qte.

  40. I actually gasped when I saw this photo!! My kitty-girl even raised her head to look at me, like “what now???” I am an animal advocate and this is truly happiness in a photo to celebrate Michael Vick going to jail today. Sweet, beautiful babies!

  41. Hello Kitty says:

    OMG, I think I moistened my pants a little from laughing so much. Go C.O., I sure freaging needed that today!!! I worked with a guy named Bjorn! LIke that pupeh bjorn bag much betta’

  42. Mom: This is handy for trips to the 7-11, but nursing’s a b!tch.

  43. wow, what a beautiful dog! I love her face. the puppies are also adorable.

  44. HappyHappyJoyJoy says:

    Sweet merciful crap is that ever cute. It’s an A+ day here on CO.

  45. Kar — equal parts [groan] and [lol]

  46. One of the biggest cupcake doggies I know is a pit…….she is a KILLER snorgler!! This pic is just too prosh, I gotta go drink some vinegar or something to get the sweet taste out of my mouf. Smmoooooooooosh!

  47. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Holy Christ on a bicycle!!! That is just too much cute!!!

    I’ll admit I have an unmitigated fear of the pitbulls, but I am slowly turning around, especially since my sister has a pup now! She and her family are taking excellent care of her so I know for a fact that dog will not be bad news when she grows up. So all you Pit Bull Haters need to go away now! SHOO!!!

  48. Adorable picture, but I’m really confused. What is the official name for this type of dog? I always thought “Pit Bull” was another word for Bull Terrier, but the Bull Terriers on the AKC website look completely different from this dog. There is nothing called “Pit Bull” there.

  49. that should be “name” not “word”.

  50. IMHO, this looks more like an American Staffordshire Terrier.

  51. Oh my goodness! I had to do a double take. The dog looks just like my pit bull, Penny, all the way down to the bewildered expression, white paws, and white tail tip. Blows my mind how similar they look, though Penny’s ears aren’t cropped. And those little puppy heads… awww! And to Diana: Check out the American Staffordshire Terrier. Some organizations consider the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Staffie to be the same breed, some don’t. It’s confusing!

  52. I just can’t stop looking at this photo. It’s, like, a sickness.

    Teh qte is overWHELMINGKS!

  53. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but… that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!


  55. I had a Pit Bull attack my Shi Tzu right in front of me when I was 12. Despite that I still think they are very sweet when properly taken care of and not abused. I’ll never know what the people did to that dog to make him attack my dog but after growing up and growing out of my fear of the breed, I feel sorry for that long ago “pup”. I am still leery around strange pits when walking my dog, but as a breed in general, I love them. Very Cute Picture and Puppies!

  56. turkeylegsmom says:

    It’s Good Dog Carl’s Babysitting School!

  57. Toooo cute! I am amazed!

    Re: Des-
    Some but not all pit bulls are naturally dog aggressive, as the breed originally was bred to, well, fight other dogs. However, there’s been so much breeding of dog-friendly pits for the past several decades that it’s only a concern in some dogs, and yes, a lot of it is more nurture than nature–it’s a rare pit who’ll just randomly attack a dog, and when he does, it’s generally a result of being mistreated.

    But they’re not typically aggressive towards people, any more than (and considerably less than most) other breeds. That’s a different thing entirely. If you check the test scores for the American Temperment Tests–a standardized test to gauge the receptiveness of individual dogs to strangers and rate aggression, you’ll find that pit bulls have a higher pass rating than a lot of typical family dogs, including dalamations and, if I remember correctly, beagles. I’m pretty sure they rank above collies, but it’s been a while since I checked.

    Sooo adorable. It’s good to see cute pit bulls and cute pit puppies getting good press. 😀

  58. That had some typos in it, I apologize. Mostly punctuation though.

    I also meant to add at the end of that first long paragraph that a responsible pit bull owner never, ever lets their dog around other dogs without monitoring them, even if they’ve never previously shown dog-aggression. It’s just not worth it–even if a particular pit doesn’t have the breed’s tendency to be leery of other dogs, if a dog provokes it, the breed instinct WILL kick in and bad things will happen.

    Luckily, they happen WAAAAAY less than the media and the public would like you to believe 😀

    Okay I’m done. I gotta say I’m glad to see so much positive response to this picture. The last time a pit bull pic got posted there was a lot of silly drama over it, even if it was only from one or two people. I love this site specifically because it’s so low drama.

  59. RE: Nicole
    I have to agree about them not typically being agressive towards people. A week after the attack, I ran into that same pit on the street, and he was adorably friendly towards me even though I was understandably terrified of him. It was an unprovoked attack on my dog, we were at least 100ft away from him when he came running at us, so I would say he was a poorly treated dog. I’ll never forget his name, Bruno. I hope he eventually found some peace.

  60. Cauliflower says:

    My uncle had a pit bull when I was a kid. I will tell you that the only thing that was dangerous about her was her tail…it hadn’t been cut when she was a puppy.

  61. Awww, I wanna be a baby-wearing mama too. 😀

  62. Its good to seea Pitbull depicted in a gentle mode.

  63. I LOVE PITS! For anyone who wants to read a really interesting book about media hype and pit bulls, check out “The Pit Bull Placebo”. VERY enlightening. As for the term “pit bull”, it used to refer to literally dozens of breeds of dogs. Now, depending on where you live and who is writing, it can mean up to 14 different breeds. The closest to a consensus I’ve seen is that the American and English Staffordshire Terriers and American Pit Bull Terrier are considered pit bulls. THEY ARE WONDERFUL DOGS!! I have rescued many, mostly terribly abused, and have NEVER had a bit of trouble with them being aggressive towards people. Don’t believe the hype!

  64. That is the greatest thing in the entire universe!

  65. reminds me of the lambie-packin’ donkey but i can’t find the post to insert the link. teho, a little help?

  66. Diana, “pit bull” refers to a type, not a breed. The type resembles various bulldogs and bull terriers, and can be composed of various mixes of those breeds.

  67. Yay, pit bulls! My favorite author is Andrew Vachss, who often writes about the sweetness and loyalty of pit bulls, and against their use in dog-fighting:


  68. Tukeylegsmom, Yesss! Carl the super babysitter! I loved those books. Carl was a Rottweiler by the way, another misunderstood breed.

  69. newlee, I am no Theo, but I also *had* to find the lambie photo again after I saw this.


    [Oh, well played! Well played! I’d even forgotten that one… – Ed.]

  70. My roommate in college had a pitbull. I woke up one morning to have the dog on my bed, licking my face (Her family had come to visit, and the dog chose to wake me up)They are indeed the sweetest dog ever.

  71. John Rider says:

    awww this could be made into a get well card for all the adults and children attacked by pit bulls who managed to live. i would not suggest it as a sympathy card for those who died but maybe if you shade the color down to a black/gray and somehow and include “sorry for your loss”

  72. nice work, raffy! thanks.

  73. Can I get a do-over? There was NO muzzle powtsche extreme close up on the sleepy one on the left.

    I cry foul!

  74. Oh My God. That is…it’s just…I have to…AAAAAHH!!!! TOO CUTE!!!

  75. ThreeCatNight says:

    “We’re just trying to beat the Holiday rush. Mama and Pups comin’ through, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!”

  76. I think my heart just stopped!

  77. * plunk *

    [that was me, falling over from the cute]

  78. I’ll take the one on the right mom *HINT HINT*

  79. luvinmalssomuch says:

    My neighbor had a pit bull living behind her. He was the most loveable kissable sweetest dog I had ever known. They get a bad rap but not from me. wuvs them

  80. Oh, John Rider, that would be like sending a picture of a really cute macked-out semi to a person who was in a head-on accident. Why remind them of the reason for their pain?

  81. CUTEST PICTURE EVER!!! I am a pitty lover and own 2, I must say that I am very happy to see all the positive comments about them on this page! They are the sweetest most loveable dogs and I wish more people would start to realize that.

  82. Adorable Pic =)

  83. It’s like a rescue doggie for people having a bad day.


  84. ah lub eet! Bebehs and dere mom. heheheh.

    I concur that pits are darlings. My sister’s dog has just “a little bit of pitt” in her, but she is my dream doggeh.

  85. good god. CO, you are keeeling me today!!!!!

    pits have the cutest faces. this is a trifecta of redonkulous proportions. someone pass me the smelling salts!!

  86. Des, it warms my heart to know that you are not one of those stubborn people who hold the deed against the breed. Good for you! Too many people hold too many grudges so it makes my heart smile to see someone who doesn’t. Glad you got over your fear and were able to have some empathy towards the dog. You have a good heart, and no matter where Bruno is now, he’s probably sending you some silly crazy licks as thanks!

  87. one of the erins says:

    I just squeed myself. Thanks a lot.

  88. this made my husband squeel like a schoolgirl! wheeeee!!

  89. Dawwwww
    What a cute bunch of pooches.

  90. Vi is the best momma ever!Not only does she work, but she brings her adopted kids with her! *lol*

    Abba… stand in line!Tater iz mine! And so is Pucci!


  91. It’s nice to see a breed with a bad reputation in such a sweet, caring environment. I agree that it’s the owners and the upbringing, not the breed. One of the sweetest dogs in my neighbourhood is a Staffie -total love bug, and his best buddy is a little Jack Russell.

  92. Jenny Islander says:

    Dogs like this are why I didn’t understand the hysteria over pit bulls for years. All the pits I knew had that “Ooooh, are you gonna wuv me? Are ya? Are ya????? Oh, pweeeeeze . . . ” sweetie-pie expression. Just look at that face and try to resist the impulse to make kissy noises.

  93. Jenny Islander says:

    Oh, and the most psycho-killer hate-you-die-die-die dog I ever knew was . . . a little teacup poodle about the size of my foot. Every day he would charge me across his lawn, little legs churning, and try to disembowel my boot. I used to wait for him to get there because his homicidal rage was so cyooooot.

  94. I don’t know why, but the little dudes remind me of Pound Puppies? Anyone who grew up in the 80’s will remember them…

  95. lilmsB, you know Pucci is MINE! She deserves her own catagory in this site, she’s so cute. 🙂

  96. Wait, that’s not HER babies? She’s a surrogate mommy?

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter.

  97. Jenny Islander–Too funny, your description of the psycho teacup poodle! That reminds me of a Chihuahua who used to sink his teeth into my foot whenever I walked by his house. He’d latch himself onto my sneaker, snarling like mad, while his German Shepherd buddy just sat there loooking on in boredom.


  99. SO CUTE! It seems like a puppy delivery service. Please bring them to my house immediately, mama pup!