Fawn Central Stayche

Whoa… letsee, one-two, three four-five, six, seven EIGHT…?


// UPDATE — the fortunate photographer is Anne Wolfley!  Click ^^ to see her Flickr. //



  1. oh my goodness what a sweet photo!

    [talk about being quick on the draw! – Ed.]

  2. angrycupcake says:

    holy mole!
    that’s a lot of deer jerky.

  3. You missed the Duck… does anyone else see the duck?

  4. Duck! Duck!

  5. Aww…I saw a little fawn once on my daily walk. It was all hunkered down in the tall grass beside the trail. I said, “Ut! Don’t mind me!” and hustled past it, so I wouldn’t screw anything up with regards to its mother. I didn’t know if deer mothers were as uptight about their young as bear mothers and decided I didn’t want to find out by getting a face full of hooves.

  6. There is also a duck thrown in there for good measure.

  7. Fawn Day Care, with Miss Duck in attendance.

  8. don’t worry i see the duck 2

  9. Another Angela says:

    um, can anyone say Axis Deer, a species that remains spotted as an adult? Not native to the US, but not uncommon in captivity and there are wild populations in some places as well. Looks like a small group of does to me.

    –the nerd

  10. fish eye no miko says:

    Fawn… fawn… fawn… fawn.. DUCK!

  11. Well, they are cleary Bambi actors, and because of the writer’s strike, Aflac has had to swoop in and take care of them. Not just for injuries anymore.

  12. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Incredibly sweet. I love deers. We have lots where I live.

  13. Are you sayin’ that those are Nazi deer?

    …oh wait

  15. It’s a flock of deer!

  16. WTF. I only saw 2 fawns when i first looked. I did a double take, and saw 7. Then I did a triple-take and finally found the 8th.

    WTF. Those spots ARE for camouflage!

  17. Another Angela – you beat me to it; i wanted to be the know-it-all! these are also called “chital” and i saw them on jeff corwin once (sigh!). they make a neat call that sounds like a cross between a bird and a donkey.

  18. Another Angela says:

    Anner, I know we are both know-it-alls, and you usually beat me! don’t you have rats like me too?

  19. Not a duck. A cattle egret.

  20. This, right here, is why I love C.O. ♥

  21. Hmmm…
    aloof duck looks suspiciously like a Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis)…
    any bird experts out there?

  22. redzin, you already ARE a bird expert if you know Bubulcus ibis. Anyway, I third it – cattle egret, not duck.

  23. “Aloof Cattle Egret” just doesn’t sound as good as “Aloof Duck,” though.

    [Egg-zactly… – Ed.]
    [I was pretty sure it was an egret too, though. Honest.]
    [I (r)egret nothing.]

  24. the two deer on the right look like that share the same face.

  25. they* oooops

  26. Momof2kitties says:

    Who needs KinderCare, when you have DeerDayCare? You go Cattle Egret Super Nanny!

  27. and it’s a harem of deer Tee hee and I am sure it is a egret but it realy looks like a duck at that angle.

  28. I consider ducks and fawns to be in the same family, for some reason. I’m so glad everyone has made a fuss over the duck. Those fawns are happy to be with her!

  29. berthaslave says:

    Where is that and how much to buy? Not only would I be able to preserve the area, I’d be guaranteed a C.O. posting at least once a week.

  30. I counted 9 deer, actually… the one most in the forefront looks too long to be just one deer, I think there’s another lying down behind it that blends with it. Am I crazy?

  31. So sweet! I’d love to be able to see this scene out my window. I have squirrels and raccoons though, so that’s some wildlife entertainment (especially kitty tv for the cats!) Meg, any idea where this lovely photo was taken?

  32. Rachel… I only sees 8.

  33. If only all wildlife had such lush and wonderful places to live…This is precious.

  34. They must be cousins, cause Mama Deers only have like 1-2 at a time.

    What do you call a bunch of deers? I think it’s a pod. Or perhaps a flock. A flock of deers!

  35. Here a chital,
    There a chital,
    And another little chital,
    Fuzzy chital, funny chital
    Chital, chital, duck!

  36. A.A. – HAD rats…but i’m thinkging of getthing them again. it’s so great to know a fellow rat-lover/animal freak!

  37. LOL Annie! This is their corner ant the egret is their pimp, but can you afford them (r)egrettably, I can’t. LOL Teho!! As usual ;P

  38. “Aloof Duck”…congrats Meg you have just reached even greater heights of comic brilliance. I LOVE it.

  39. fish eye no miko says:

    “Aloof Duck”–the new band from Minneapolis!

  40. Woods Walker says:

    Last spring driving home a fawn got in the road ahead of me. I drove slow enough so that I wouldn’t run over it until it finally got off the road.-Woods Walker

  41. I looked it up….it is either a “herd,” a “parcel,” a “leash” or a “bevy” of deer.

    I vote for “leash.”

  42. I miss the “OMG BAMBIS!!!” comment!!

  43. Casting call for the further adventures of Bambi.

  44. I think these deer look like fallow deer.

  45. I think these deer look like fallow deer. Both males and females keep the camoflage spots throughout adulthood.

  46. Wolverine Librarian says:

    Yup 8 deer. Well “spotted” Meg

    oh deer did I just give a bad pun
    I better hoof it before I pun again.

    (Wolvie slinks off shifty-eyed)

  47. circuscake says:

    hmmmm…eight, huh? perhaps they are tryin’ out to replace santa’s old crew…

  48. there would be nine, but one ducked


  49. Unless it was edited later, i think Meg did notice the “duck.” One of the tags is “Birds”

  50. Jewels, Wolvie, and Kitteh — Meg picked out the photo on this one (hence the “Posted by Meg” tag) but I did the rest.

  51. greynoldsct00 says:

    The bird looks like an egret to me…

  52. But I wanted to call Godwin Theo!! No fair!

    How in the HELL can anyone tell if that is an egret or a duck? Or is that my eyes are 42 that poses the problem.

    I took this picture –
    http://www.thecaboose.net/carrie/VACATION/seeingspots.jpg I think it’s just as good a picture as this one – isn’t it like it’s totally posed?

  53. I see the duck! She’s probably their babysitter.

  54. picture taker says:

    I took this picture. I couldn’t believe it when i saw it posted on CO! Anyway, the picture was taken at a national park in Mumbai, India. The bird is definitely not a duck. It’s a crane or egret or something.

  55. Picture Taker — most excellent… do you have a source page or a URL we could check out?

  56. So this Alligator is standing up at a mike, with a porkpie hat on his bumpy head, crooning, “Egrets… I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention…” (sorry, but how often does a chance like this come up?!)

    (and nice to know there’s another Jeff Corwin admirerer out there, Anner… he is SOOOO cute!)

  57. Those 8 deer are just what we can see from a decimal-centric point of view. Octally we can see 10 deer.
    If you analyse the picture in binary you can see 1000 of them! (Oh deer!)

    (Need I mention the 10 types of people?)

  58. what a beautiful fawn fest. ahhh.

    “aloof duck” lol, meg.

  59. picture taker says:

    The picture must have been snatched off my flickr site. That was the only one of the deer, but there’s a very cute little monkey in the set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/67045954@N00/sets/72157602113065804/

  60. Well, I hate to spoil this for you fawn lovers, but those don’t look like “fawns.” They are Indian spotted deer called Axis (or Chital) Deer. And if you look at their faces, you can tell that they are not baby deer. But they are cute, just the same, these bunch of does.

  61. Picture Taker (Anne) — OK, you’re linked! Very nice photoset, too.

  62. willowsmom says:

    Hey Teho- Godwin’s law obviously doesn’t apply to those more cerebral blogs, like ours. You know- where the most common comments are things like “squee! my hed jes asploded from the Qte!” 🙂

  63. (and yes, everybody, they’re actually Chital)
    (with special guest Aloof Egret)

  64. Oh, pish posh. They are cuter if they are fawns and a duck. I’m going to continue thinking of them that way.

    Carrie: I thought you were joking about it being posed, becasue when the picture first came up, the mom and dad totally looked like relly good cement yard-deer. But baby looks so real you can extrapolate that m&d are, too….

  65. Carol Rose, I’m like that about deer & bunnies.

    Both are collective referred to as “BUNNIE!!” when I spot them while friends drive us through the hillcountry.

  66. What a good shot! Nice work, photographer. 🙂

    Reminds me of being a kid on a trip with my dad, and seeing the occasional doe with a fawn.

  67. Another Angela says:

    People are cheating and not reading the comments before adding their own.
    Grumpy and Fussy Nerd

  68. That NEVER happens, AA! 🙂

    I’ve learned to be forgiving of non-readers, but still appreciate those who do read all the way through before posting.

    Less Grumpy, Still Fussy Nerd

  69. Sorry Theo, apologies. I kiss the hem of your robe (metaphorically). All kudos to you for the greatness of “Aloof Duck”.

    BTW, just on the collective nouns thing, wouldn’t it be easier if we replaced them all with “bunch”…cf: “Hey look, a bunch of Indian Spotted, otherwise known as Chital, Deer! Check it out!”

  70. Thanks Jewels… um, if I remember right, though, I think it’s actually a kevlar kimono. (Honestly, it’s been a while since I checked.)


    Great timing and great photo, by the way!

  72. Mary (the first) says:

    BrianMPLS .. no you don’t need to point out the 10 kinds of people.
    I do love the photo although I’m glad for the explanation as 8 “fawns” didn’t seem quite right.. they’re too big for fawns. I love coming late to the party, everyone else does the hard research for me 🙂