Complete and total bitchkrieg

This pup has some serious empathy.

Diana L., I know everyone and their brother has received this movie in email, so it’s about time we made it official.



  1. yankeebird says:

    Okay, with that out of the way…..

    I love how when the pup started crying the baby stopped, and when the pup stopped the baby started again.

    Yes. Is cute.

  2. Heck, whatever gets the baby not to cry…its all good!

  3. I LOVE it that the babe stops crying when the dog wails!

  4. HAHA love how the kid is staring at the doggie after that long soulful solo 😀

  5. Dog’s like, “We’re stopping now? k.. Oh. Oh, no. Guess not. Rowr rowr rowr…”

  6. hahah too cute XD I love how the dog totally distracts the baby from whatever reason it has for crying XD poor puppy – he is one with the baby tears XD

  7. SixFootJen says:

    Ohhhh, these people’s neighbors must LOVE them. “If it’s not the screamin’ baby, it’s the howlin’ puppeh! Fer the love of Pete!”

  8. “Put that damn camera down and help this baby!” SO SWEET.

  9. Baby is like “Dude, you’re stealing my act!”

  10. Oy vey. After listening to my own crying kid today, this makes me very glad that my dog doesn’t have empathy for the wee one.

    I couldn’t stand it if they BOTH cried. Ack!

  11. lol, kid’s like: “…k, back to ME crying now.”

  12. Heh. When my 3 month old son starts to fuss my cat Polly just looks at him with catly disdain, maybe gives him a sniff, and walks away.

  13. OMG ROFLMAO, that is perfect.. we had a cat who would go back and forth between us and crying kid. meowing and letting us know teh child was in distress.

  14. We’ve always had group howls with our dogs. They love it. My parents’ current dog is the only one who doesn’t really “get” it. This dog reminds of him. He’s all, “Oh noes, are we howling now? Okay… are we done now? I’M SO CONFUSED!”

  15. Ha kid! Listen to a real PRO whinge and whine.

    BTW, is that a whippet? Between the ears and those front legs I’m thinking greyhound and size-wise, it looks too big for an Italian.

  16. Now that is adorable! WaaWaaaWaaa Wawooo Wawooo Wawooooooowaaaaaaa. LOL.

  17. hilarious and cute!

  18. My dogs were staring at me, wondering how I was making that noise come from my lap. Then they decided to join in, right up in my face.

  19. anyone notice the song in the background is Baby Love? LOL

  20. JulieRaven says:

    This reminds me of that Family Guy episode where Bryan is sitting down to lunch next to a crying baby and after a while he starts yelling at it, “WAH! WAH! YOU LIKE THAT?! WAH!”

    lulz <3

  21. The baby looks at the dog like “You’re really a bit over the top, don’t you think? Oh, all right, I’ll cry some more… no really, you’re taking this all too seriously. Whoa already. Oh. okay. Wah instead. Waaaah.”

  22. Haha..the baby looks like he’s thinking the puppy is stealing his shtick.

  23. Anne boleyn says:

    Hey, put that damned camera down and help this puppeh. What a lucky baby!

  24. Cauliflower says:

    Cute. The baby is still young. She’s still got the newborn sorta cry. It’s hard to tell proportionately if she’s big for her age or if she’s actually normal size and that dog is just small. The newborn baby cries are so much easier to handle than a baby who’s had more experience. (This coming from a woman without children)

  25. Partners in crime! So sweet. Kinda annoying, but sweet!!!

    And that’s one lucky bebe, to have a puppeh for company.

  26. I love that the baby is stunned into silence!

  27. Haha, I also thought of the Family Guy episode. Empathy, ha. The dog is totally mocking the baby.

  28. FyreKnight says:

    My hubby and I have found that the best way to shut up a crying baby is to whine right back at it. (Assuming the standard diaper,food,too hot check is negative)

    Doggie is so cute in this, wonderful doggie trying to figure out what is going on.

  29. cute_anarchy says:

    That is so funny! Whatever makes the baby stop crying is totally worth it.

    Shouldn’t this be categorized under “Cute or Sad” though? It is both….

  30. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    OMG, can’t stop laughing. I’m watching and thinking, dude or dudette, put down the damn camera and go pick up the baby – no, the dawg – no, the baby – no, the… ah, screw it. They’ll be fine. Just keep filming. I wonder if that was the camera operator’s thought process, too. Kudos for keeping such a steady hand. Mine would be shaking, I’d be laughing so hard.

  31. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Watching again, and just realized, to add to the happy noise, they have Diana Ross and the Supremes singing “Baby Love” in the background! LOL. Just perfect.

  32. that dog shuts the baby right up! I’ll have to get one for my daughter so that she’ll have it when her baby is born in March..

  33. My cat is ready to pounce on the laptop.

  34. Um, I am pretty sure that baby is jealous that the dog’s cry is so much more, um engaging.

  35. to freaking cute my dog woke up when he heard the dog crying on the puter, like who are you paying attetion to besides me mom …lol

  36. I grew up with a cat like that: if you cried, she’d leap onto your lap, put her paws on your shoulders and give you a long steady MMMMMMRRRRROOOOAAAAAAUUUUUOOOOOWWW in the face.
    It always kind of shut you up lol

  37. berthaslave says:


    Oh, lord, here goes the little one again, starting to make that weird non-talking noise…hey, moron, with the camera, I’m talking to you…yeah YOU….can’t you see she’s all WROOOWROOO again? Why are you standing there with that thing over your face, JUST GET DOWN HERE AND SHUT THIS KID UP FOR PETE’S SAKE! WHAT? Oh, EXCUSE ME!! I was just LYING HERE MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS WHEN THE LITTLE SMELLY THING STARTED WHINING AND I’M SITTING here thinking HEY, I don’t HAVE opposable thumbs that would allow me to pick UP THE BABY and see what’s wrong, zheesh!!! NO, I’M GONNA KEEP WHINING UNTIL YOU GET DOWN AND PICK HER UP or at least until she shuts up on her own! Like that, see? Much better.

    (Baby starts again)


  38. No kid it’s not ah ya ya,it rowrr ow ow.

  39. LOL– it seems like they both were having a crying contest!

  40. My husband and I have a cat that we call the nanny cat. When our sons (now 6 and 13) were babies and would cry, she would nip our ankles if she thought we weren’t responding quickly enough. No howling, though. When they were toddlers, she’d follow them around outdoors to make sure that they didn’t wander off. Maybe she thought that we didn’t know what we were doing as parents and that she had to train us. Now she nips our ankles when our granddaughter (from our grown daughter) cries. She must think that we’ve never learned.

  41. My neighbor’s pug did that and I have to confess…it was so adorable that you could just watch the both of them cry.
    (And they let me babysit her…fools!)
    (and by her, I mean the baby, not the pug)

  42. Mommy! Daddy! The little pink thing is making noise! Hurry!

  43. This did NOT make my cat a happy girl. She got up from the couch, began looking around desperately, and finally hoisted herself up to look out the window. “What the $&#@! IS that?!”

  44. Cute – but the best part was when that dog started commiserating both of my previously snoozing cats roused themselves just enough to give the speakers the dreaded “bleary eyeball” as if to say why doncha both STFU”

  45. 1. baby’s like, “darnit, that dog keeps stealing my thunder.”

    2. i’m glad i’m not their neighbor.

  46. I didn’t get this video in my email, and I don’t have a brother, but I love how she stops crying when the dog cries…

  47. Shannon H. says:

    Such a good doggie! He knows the baby needs attention and is trying to help him.

  48. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I can see a wonderful friendship coming out of this. Sooooo sweet.

  49. Yes!! Another Dog-and-Baby classic, to go beside “How To Hug a Baby,” The Drawer-Closing-Dog and The Baby-Tickling Great Dane. 😉

  50. Thats is called “rooing” Greyhounds do that when you call out and mimick a howl. You can get a whole room of hounds to do that. Pretty funny.

  51. Whoa. I really get upset listening to parents laugh when their babies cry so that they can get “cute” videos. Please take this down. Ugh.

  52. That dog looks so confused. He’s like, “what is it? MAKE IT STOP.”

    Flicka, babies cry a lot. They cry for every reason imaginable. I’m sure the parents know the difference between “I’m hungry/need my diaper changed/etc” crying and this sort of “I’m a baby and I’m confused and my momma isn’t holding me” sort of crying.

  53. Momof2kitties says:

    Pretty sure teh bebeh won’t be scarred for life if they cry for a minute. I knew a nuffer would show up and spoil the party! Plus she seems pretty engaged by teh puppeh. SO CUTE!!

  54. NOTICE how the baby tends to quiet down while the dog is yowling…what’s up with that?


  55. Kim Monique says:

    I am giggling uncontrollably. And reminding myself not to have a bebeh. My beagle is vocal enough … I can only imagine what he’d be like if he had a bebeh to harmonize with!

  56. Is that pup Santa’s Little Helper from the Simpsons?

  57. Space Cowgirl says:

    I just want to add that the word “bitchkrieg” got an lol from my S.O., which is not an easy thing to do. I’d like a t-shirt, actually.

  58. The name of the video on YouTube is “Two Crybabies” LOL

  59. I used to work in the children’s section of a bookshop and I soon discovered if a baby started to cry in the shop it was usually just bored.
    If I said “Oh, your not really crying are you?” to the baby, making eye contact and with a cheerful sounding voice, the baby would usually look at me like “Do I know you lady?” and be so affronted by my presumption it would stop crying.

    The baby here is clearly bored with being on the floor, and when the dog starts howling she’s all “THAT is impressive. Let’s give that a try!”

  60. Is it wrong that I feel more sorry for the pup than the baby??

  61. Tricia Garrett says:

    That pup is too competative.

  62. TeratoMarty says:

    The baby is totally just making the “pay attention to me” cry, whereas the dog is making a sincere “Oh my god, what’s wrong with this thing?!” noise. That’s why you feel worse for the pup.

  63. This vid made my dog (who’s downstairs) start whimpering.

  64. my 2 dogs started howling when they heard the puppy,,cute video,,and yes sheila it is wrong to feel more bad for the dog than the baby

  65. SonjaSonja says:

    The photographer must have a heart of stone not to pick up both baby and puppeh, especially the puppeh.

  66. I love that the bebeh is not afraid of the puppeh at all.

  67. See, this is how babies learn to communicate. That’s why she shut up and focused on the dog when the ‘rooing’ started. Pretty soon the baby will speak fluent ‘dog’, howls and all. If the parents don’t discourage her, she’ll be bilingual- as soon as she learn ‘human’!

  68. That’s not empathy; that’s howling in pain. Poor dog’s ears were probably ready to explode with the baby’s high pitched wailings.

  69. I knew a nuff was waiting in the wings. Doggie is not in pain. He could just get up and leave if he was. How come people think pups are that fragile?

    I think it is cute. I think the doggie just wants to howl too and get in on the action. Very cute. Makes me miss my dog Sammo. Whenever I’d cry, he’d come into the room and lay his head down on my lap. When I’d stop, he’d look up at me to see if I was ok and then saunter out.

  70. Uh, tootired, you’ve obviously never owned a dog. He’s not in any pain at all. That’s a howl of communication not a yelp of pain. A lot of people think that dogs only howl when they are in pain and that is completely untrue. He’s hearing what he’s (mistakenly) thinking is the baby’s howling and it’s instinctual for him to howl back. He’s communicating with the baby. The baby’s wailing is no where near high enough pitched to hurt his ears, if it were it would be out of the hearing range of humans. Learn2dogspeak. Watch the Dog Whisperer or something.

  71. What the baby is thinking, in a sort of blurry baby way: It makes that noise when I cry! And if I cry again, it makes that noise again!
    That is not a seriously upset baby. That is a baby complaining about the basic state of being a baby and having to wave one’s arms impotently rather than being able to actually move.

  72. i couldnt finish watching it b/c my dog would not stop howling at the top of his lungs LOL

  73. lurkingsmirk says:

    Awww this reminds me of an article I read about how babies will cry when they hear other babies crying because they know it will bring a parent-type person who can help the baby in distress! Interspecies communication is a beautiful thing.

  74. Definitely an Italian Greyhound.

    Proportions are right. Voice pitch is right. Cute little rosette ears are right.

    That’s exactly what my Bambi looked like before she went gray around the muzzlepowsche.

  75. When my brother was a baby my dog would cry when he cried and would run between my mother and my brother in a “you are going to help him right, he’s crying!” kind of way. Cute but a bit annoying.

  76. LOL, Ledasmom!
    “blurry baby way”

  77. Hahaha! Nice way to shut up the baby… 😉

  78. I never thought the beast’s song would soothe the savage… baby.

  79. B.S.AHALYA says:

    Had a good laugh watching the video & reading the comments. Keep it up.

  80. ahahahahaha! I love that the baby calms down and watches in awe when the dog is wailing…. and picks right up again with the pup stops. i couldn’t help but laugh out loud when the pup got to its sustained note. teehee.

  81. My older cat looked up with a STFU look and my kitten freaked out and ran away!

    That is toooo adorable. And I loved the look on the baby’s face as it watched the dog howl.

  82. My older cat looked up with a STFU look and my kitten freaked out and ran away!

    That is toooo adorable. And I loved the look on the baby’s face as it watched the dog howl.


  84. Bitchkrieg Bop! Going to down to the Bitchkrieg boooop!

    Sorry I HAD to do that.

  85. I can’t decide whether to comment with “Barooooooooo” or,
    hehe the dog is like OMG SOMEONE SHUT THIS THING UP! ITS DOING MY HEAD IN!!!!.

    So I just comment both methinkies. :3