This way, the Under the Bed Club meeting is about to start

The topic tonight is: ‘Dust Bunnies’—are neither dust, nor Bunnies, discuss.


Are they serving punch, Kristy G.?



  1. Kitten is *rocking* that fringe.

  2. FIRST

  3. the yellow cheeks!
    the blue eyes!
    the pink nose and mouf!

    it shouldn’t work, but it does

  4. You are sooo served, “firstman”.

  5. This kitty has “lips!” I just want to kiss heem!

  6. no, no punch, but le specialite de la maison:

    mouse tailio souffle

  7. Love how the bedspread pattern and fringe are repeated in kitteh’s calicosity and whiskeroos. This is obvy the best club ever.

  8. What a sweetie baby. Want to snuggle.

  9. And, btw, Theo, you’re hilarious. soooo served. lmao. stupid is as stupid does eh?

  10. “I’m not coming out until the vacuum is completely away. I don’t care that you turned it off.”

  11. Say there will be punch and pie, so people will come. PUNCH AND PIE!

  12. The bed looks like a giant Victorian fringed hat. Sooooooo cute, little girl..

  13. Woo hoo Caturday has arrived! Oh wait….

  14. What a sweet baby! Must…resist….urge…to…adopt….current cat….will……kill me….*gasp*

  15. cute kitteh wonderful discussion they babbeh, but save it until you can actually clean under the bed, geeze………lol

  16. Like buttah.

  17. Coffee Talk love!

    Rhode Island – neither a road nor an island, discuss!

  18. I’m going to grab it under the armpits, pull it out, and snorgle it.

  19. so prosh.

    There is shadow under this fringy bed,
    (Come in under the shadow of this fringy bed),
    And I will show you something different from either
    Your shadow at morning striding behind you
    Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
    I will show you fear in a handful of dust (bunnies).”

  20. my kitteh would like to join the under the bed club:

    but he neglected to tidy up for the occasion.

  21. No dogs allowed!

  22. I don’t mind when they’re under the bed, it’s when they sneak into the boxspring for gynastics! It makes napping difficult.

  23. Ehm.. ok.. Meg? Did I just detect a hint of Linda Richman in your voice? Oy vey! ;-P

  24. snoopysnake says:

    Oh little blue eyes, you are so precious!

  25. I’m just waiting for Barbra or Madonna to show up……….


  26. oh lordie, that is one absolutely angelic kitten. beautiful, just beautiful.

    isn’t it obvy that she wants to discuss fringe benefits? (groan. sorry)

  27. Kitty: Ankles targeted and locked.

  28. OH I am so joining this club.

  29. Hm. Yes, I guess it was about time for an Eliot reference. And under a cat post, no less. 😀

  30. By the squee-ing of my chums
    Something redonk this way comes

  31. I must have this kitteh now.
    I’m sure you all understand.

  32. Oh god I’m at my limit now, the picture is unbelievably cute but the caption just kills me. It’s so good I can’t come up with anything articulate to say!

    What can I do to be a member of this club??

  33. Can I join the club? I’ll pay you per snorgle with catnip!

  34. I want that furry with the fringe on top!

  35. Oh… those eyes!! and the fuzzy white paws and the cute pink nose!! I want to be a part of this club!!

  36. this little kitty is so emo/punk with her dyed pink bangs! I think the stylist cute them a tad to short..

  37. Aubrey as always you are a shining light of cute comments.

  38. berthaslave says:

    those meetings are great but kitteh is clearly getting into pounce mode, and he’s gonna jump whomever shows up with the coffee cake (you know, no big whoop)

  39. acelightning says:

    What a beautiful little kitten! But her (or his) expression seems rather dubious… sort of “are you *sure* dust bunnies don’t bite?”

  40. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Can I join your club little cutie pie.

  41. Wow. T.S. Eliot, Shakespeare and Oscar Hammerstein refs. Poeti-kitty!

  42. You know they deyed that bedspread to match kitty’s pink nose.

  43. Punch AND pie will be served!

  44. It’s a hippy-kitteh with fringy headband. Like, this meeting is going to be so groovy. Peace!

  45. help! the soft focus is DESTROYING ME

  46. Aubrey – I’ll singing that all day and unfortunately I don’t know half the words. humming already……

  47. want more puppah pics..enuff of the kittehs..puppahs,puppahs,, me want puppahs

  48. must kiss that sweet little pink nose.

  49. peenk nosey!!!! What a cute l’il pooh!

  50. I wanna live under my bed and now I’ll have to add a kitty!!!

  51. I love having pets around their sooooo cute and help you a lot they gaurd you and love you. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…….. a kitten is on my lap I have 2.

  52. As angelic as she looks she’s actually no where close. (I’m the owner of this adorable kitten.)Autumn’s amazingly photogenic and gets into absolutely anything. And our ankles are attacked constantly from under the beds. We’ve also trained her to attack gloves instead of our hands.
    Dustbunnies are non existent in this house.

  53. I’ll join, I’ll join!!