Oh Hai. Just stopping by to OWN YOUR SOUL

Don’t mind me. This is just an FYI that your soul is just being silently sucked out. Shouldn’t even hurt.

[plink plink! eyelashes sound]

32. My favorite animal, originally uploaded by sdpalladio.

Nice submishe, Johanna S. You can almost see the wobbly leg action.



  1. It’s a baby thingie!

  2. Are they related to antelopes, or deer, and the like?

    I want to feed it!

  3. Why does it feel so good to have your soul sucked out by a baby thingie?

    Oh who cares, just relax and enjoy… I love the fuzziness…

  4. Is that a deer? An antelope?

  5. Oops, someone already asked that.

  6. elizabeth. says:

    i will take ten of these please, in the super-tiny variety…

    oh, what the heck…make it fifty! i love the chomp-able ears and large eyes combo.

  7. Dia: It says on the original flikr page it’s a klipspringer..?

  8. AAAAH! I want to give him a bottle and snorgle him and let him neeble my fingers! *death by cute*

  9. Yet more oops 😛

  10. BTW, it’s a baby Klipspringer. A small African antelope.

  11. Thanks for clarifying, longtail 🙂 I never saw anything antelope-related soo cute! I think it’s the curve between the forehead and the nose…

  12. I’m sorry we can’t see the feet– klipspringers have TINY hooves for jumping around on South African rock ledges and such.
    At first I thought it might be a baby dik-dik, which would be, what, a few inches tall? Klipspringers are a bit larger.

  13. I so like how you can just see the faintest bit of belly fuzziness.

  14. The headline reminds of South Park’s Woodland Critter Christmas.

  15. Klipspringer?

    I’ll just stick with thingy. X3;;;

  16. Er, thingie. Gotta speel it write. X3;

  17. Oh. My. God. That is seriously one of the cutest things I have EVAR seen. I want one!

  18. …”Wal-Mart on a Saturday night”?? Meg, d00d, you & Sparky seriously need to try & have an eentsybeet more fun on your weekends.


  19. We’ve had klipspringers before, btw…
    It’s getting to be that time of year again. Ayup.

  20. Wow, they’re so unusual looking! Those distinctive eyes, like they really overdid they liner 😉

  21. those be some knobby knees!

  22. It’s got a little mohawk going on!! What a cute baby! I want one..now!

  23. This one has single-handedly overloaded my cute lobe. D:

  24. Correction, Plum — bebeh Klips has done so NO-handedly.

  25. O.M.G.

    WANT! I can has a klipspringer? I will lurve it for ever!

    elizabeth., you canna has 50. ’tis not fayer! I want some too!!!!! Teho! Tell her it’s not fayer!

  26. Death by extreme cuteness, where is a bottle of milk indeed what a little baby.
    Thank goodness my heart still can still plunk plunk after looking at this baby

  27. Come now, this beebee only shops at Tarschzay.

  28. Emerging from his space capsule, the ‘Prosh In Space’, Astronaut K. Springer takes his first tentative steps on an alien planet.

    Finding no other living thing, yet detecting in the atmosphere the elements conducive to Cute, he is able to claim the land for The Dream Office, and all its denizens.

  29. AlbertaGirl says:

    He is so cute that he is actually causing me physical pain. I guess this is what “Cute Overload” feels like!

  30. aaawwwsome. eyes like ostrich’s eyes.

  31. if it’s a boy, and it doesn’t have a name, Bambi would be VERY appropriate.
    i really DO feel as if my soul is being sucked out.
    so sweet!

  32. berthaslave says:

    That fur looks extra snorgable. Want!

  33. If you click on the link under the photo and then click on “zoo scavenger hunt”, there’s enough cuteness to make your head explode. Especially the Mom and baby Klipspringer photo and the giraffe tongue action

  34. I also googled it and here’s what Wikipedia says


  35. EEEEEEE, is so TEEENY and CYOOT and


  36. Who needs a soul? When you can have His Royal Majesty Wobblie Knees The First.

  37. AAAAAAAAGH! Dem bebeh Klipz again!!!


  38. A Klipspringer is a leetle animal that Springs among the Klips. Can’t you just see him go? Spring! Spring! Spring!

  39. Theo, this little Klippy is missing the powdered sugar!

  40. Eater of Shades says:


    *soul sucked*
    falls down ded

  41. snoopysnake says:

    …and when Clarice comes along he’ll spring into the air in total rapture shouting, “I’m cute! I’m cute!”

  42. Snoopysnake, I definately want to see that!


  43. So sorry, most of my soul was sucked out by the evil bebeh bun a while back, but this dewd can have the rest >:)

  44. adorable. absolutely adorable.

    -soulless in seattle

  45. “more-soul sucking than Wal Mart…….” OMG, that is HILARIOUS!!!

  46. No way! So impossibly tiny, fuzzy, and wobbly-looking! Eeeekkkk! *soul successfully sucked*

  47. Arachnophile_grrl says:

    Nothing will stand in the way of this soul-eating-knobularkneed-prince-of-adorable-DARKNESS!

    We are all doomed, wonderfully, blissfully DOOMED!

    *I’m going to sing the DOOM song now* – GIR

  48. i….am….pwnered….


  49. Would you believe that I felt my soul leaving my body BEFORE I had a chance to read the headline? Klip’s little nose needs the smallest of keesses.

  50. Arachnophile_grrl says:


    I for one WELCOME our new Ungulate Overlord. ;p

  51. OHHH, James Brown got reincarnated as a klipspringer. Nifty.

  52. Schlooorp!!!

    Soul gone. Don’t care. Awwwwwwwwwwwww….

  53. I am writing a horribly boring, horribly long paper for school, and I keep coming back to Klippy for comfort. Or maybe it’s because he has my soul.

    Either way, perhaps I’ll just copy and paste him into my paper…. Klippy has the power to soften the heart of even the hardest law professor…

  54. What a cutie pie! I too wish to hold him and love him and call him George.

    And Longtail: See you here in Bermuda next spring!

    (By way of explanation, the young tourist lasses who used to frequent these shores are called Longtails due to their traditional appearance in the spring, like the real longtail *grin*)

  55. OMG! I loooooves eet! I might find a pic of my doggy going all like “baroo?”

  56. amaretto_bunny says:

    My soul. He has it.

  57. Klipspringers frikkin’ RULE.

  58. I’m cute, yes it’s true,
    I really can’t help it but what can I do?
    When you’re cute, it just shows,
    With these two darling eyes and this cute little nose!

    (points to anybody who knows what that’s from)

  59. People, his ears are fuzzy.
    Must nom on fuzzy ears.

  60. this will go directly in my
    back yard with my little baby lambie.
    COL is even better at home I’m thinking.

  61. From Wiki: “They have such small feet that all four of its hooves can fit on an American dime at one time.”


  62. *thunk*

    the walmart thing though….. yeah me n the bf’s sis were gonna go drinking last night but after ONE drink, she was “done” (bored and mad cause no one she invited came out) so we ended up @ friggin’ walmart……. i think it DID suck my soul out……

  63. mervtheflamingo says:

    Dik Dik?

  64. this is my first baby klipspringer … and I want one!! soo cute!

  65. mitchell ~ If there’s someone out there who doesn’t know what that’s from, they need an intervention STAT. No one can live without the Animaniacs!

  66. luvinmalssomuch says:


  67. 1 for you,
    2 for me!

  68. Merv,
    what category are you in?

  69. Daphne Moss says:

    Baby: Life-threateningly cute, fuzzy and vulnerable.
    Baby and mommy together:

    ..head … sploded…

    Critters that stay cute for whole life: Priceless

  70. TrinketsMom says:

    Merv, dik dik: teensy hornage, kohled eyes, about the size of fox terriers.

  71. The caption on Flickr:

    “The baby Klipspringer, whom I love with a big, squealy love. Less than 24 hours old and already working the crowd.”

  72. Anyone else hear that sucking sound?

  73. Sorry, that was probably me. Trying to get this last little bit of mocha sludge out from the bottom of this travel mug… ehhhn…