Adventures of the Three Kittskateers

For just a minute, this video was like a bath full of Calgon soap, taking me awaaaay!!!

Check out the newly subtitled story of three kittens first day out.

Nice translatin’, Mike T. 😉



  1. Ummmm…why does mama cat have such a burly manly voice? I loved the little kitty expressions!

  2. whoa, mama-cat Sue had better cut back on the cigs! That’s a pretty deep voice for a lady!

  3. Hah. That is great when the white one squares off against Shiro the Garden King.

    I love it when kittens try to act all tough 😀

  4. So, so cute. I lol’d at the boss cat scene. 😀

    Who IS that narrator? She is so ubiquitous, I hear her all the time on these vids!

  5. That was such a nice little story!!
    I love the way mommy kittehs pick up behbehs with their mouths!

  6. what a wonderful store but yes why does mamma have a burly voice ????

  7. story not store

  8. Again, the Japanese kicking our ass at cute. Unless this is Chinese…

  9. Aside from the cuteness, I love the appearance of the sneakers at the end.

    All I know is, I want to move into that house. With those kitties. Not with burly voice of mama cat.

  10. rblaude– yes it is japanese.

    This was the cutest thing I have ever seen ~!

  11. someone bring me oxygen…quickly…thud!

  12. rubber duck says:

    I’m rather confused by the mum’s voice as well… 😀 Still, very kawaii. Love those _tiny_ meows you can only just hear.

    And yes, kittens are so funny when trying to act big and scary. 🙂

  13. Awwwww! Blinking also at mama cat’s voice, but the teenies are just so adorable.

  14. Nobody loves ya like yer mama loves ya!

  15. 🙂 what a perfectly cute, sunny, japanese video for a dreary, cold, midwestern sunday.


    now back to writing my thesis.


  16. annienanners says:

    Go Shimachibi!

    i love the subtitles. really, they add.

  17. Haha… I love the cat’s expression during the “showdown.” It is so petrified!

    And yes… mama cat’s voice is very scary.

  18. I wish my cats’ mom was a tranny too…

  19. Ah, I am in love with this! It’s so adventuresome and suspenseful! I have nail marks in my face from when they met Boss Cat, Shiro!
    Love the Totoro soundtrack also, haha

  20. OMG!OMG!OMG! That was THE most adorable thing I have ever seen!!! Now, why don’t we have stuff like that on American TV???

  21. Hee! Mama Sue sounds like Guido the Enforcer.

    Was that three kittens, though, or two kits and one chicken? 🙂

  22. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    A perfect little adventure story. Also a fabulous house!

  23. fish eye no miko says:

    Man, poor little Wakame keeps getting left behind… “Oka-san… oka-san!”

  24. Yeah, I’m confused at the whole transgender parental figure too. Won’t speculate on how they got a male maternal figure.

    I love how the one kitten’s freaked out by the Garden Boss, and the other one’s like, whateve.

    Favorite scene would either be mama picking up the slacking kitten or the owner, bowing down to welcome them across the threshhold.

  25. After a really bad day at work, this just seemed to make everything better…

    Thanks, Cute Overload 🙂

  26. Want. House. Kittens. Garden.
    Too cute!
    The kittens are always cuter in the other persons yard;).

  27. I am now DEAD Of CUTE!

    Dead I tell you!

  28. Oh my goodness, that was hilarious and adorable. the grey one was my favorite..definitely the leader of the pack. So cute.

  29. Ye gods! The Japanese are killing me here! Why wasn’t stuff like this on tv when I was a kid? I’d have loved it a thousand times more than those School of Rock cartoons or whatever they were.

    This was wonderful. 🙂 I’ve spent the weekend writing and I sooooo needed a cute break. This was perfect.

  30. …Oh my god, is that music from Totoro? As if kittens on an adventure wasn’t lethally cute enough as it was! D’:

  31. I think my favorite part is the very beginning when someone picks up the kittehs by their armpits to introduce them and the kittehs (especially the first and last) are like “:|”

  32. What a good mama cat! Japanese voices just make everything 100x cuter.

  33. …….HELIUM……

    Do these narratives of Japanese vids ALWAYS have to be huffin’ ?!?!?! Aggghhhh?!?!

    Cute video, with the sound off!

  34. how sweet was all of this? i love it mama kitties carry their babies – esp. when she was rescueing the lost kitty.

    my sound isn’t working on my crappy laptop anymore, but i’ll listen tomorrow at work. and i’ll probably awwwww more.

  35. This made me squeal for the first time in front of my in-laws. SQUEE!

  36. snoopysnake says:

    Anyone else seen the 1935 cartoon “Merry Kittens?” There’s a scene of a little dark grey kitty being helped up from a ledge so much like the scene here with mama cat pulling up Wakame.

  37. Just want to know why the Mama cat’s voice is male…?

  38. I’m so happy! I’ve seen this before without subtitles (I speak Japanese) but it’s great to see it again. I could watch it over and over again.

    And, I too have never understood the choice for the mother cat’s voice…it’s not like they have any shortage of female narrators in Japan. Still wonderful though.

  39. LOL on Mom sounding more like Grandpa. The kitties are adorable!!

  40. That was GLORIOUS. Don’t the camera crew have the best jobs?
    ‘What did you do at work today?’
    ‘Followed kittens around a garden.’

  41. Oh eeeek! A litle girl kitty named “Seaweed”! That is just so cute. I will have to use it for one of my foster kitties (Wakame I mean, not the English translation). I already have my personal pet kitties named “Tuxedo Mask” and “Minmei”.

  42. What a story! Full of P-Athos, Aramis-tery Por-those who can handle it! The danger of certain garden Doom-as! D’ArtCan’tYet (sorry) equal this thrilling reality!

  43. herzliebster says:

    Reminded me of Tom Kitten and his sisters and their mama Mrs. Tabitha Twitchett (Beatrix Potter). But DIFFERENT ARCHITECTURE!! : )

    omg what a house! What a garden!

  44. Yitzysmommie says:

    Awww, I like the ending, with the bebehs all cuddled against Mom.

  45. Yay! Totoro music and kittens!

  46. Aww, anyone ever seen Milo & Otis?
    This reminds me of that, so cute.

  47. I was wondering if the Garden Boss might be related – papa?!?!

  48. I had to stop watching at -2:45. I couldn’t take it anymore. The Japanese must be stopped!

  49. snoopysnake – Loved the bow ties on the kitties!

    Old cartoons were so much cuter than the sharp-lined ones today!

    Thanks for that link!

  50. Awww the Cute… IT slays me.

  51. It also reminds me of the old 1935 Disney cartoon, “Three Orphaned Kittens”. I can’t find a copy of the whole thing on the web, but part of the cartoon is shown in this video on Disney shorts:

  52. ohgod. As others have said: if the kittens weren’t cute enough already, they had to go and use the TOTORO music? you keeeeel me, Japan!

  53. Hahahaha! Shimachibi was all like “Bring it on, sucka!”

  54. Cute, but I wanted to smack whoever was holding them up in the beginning, practically by their arms- at least get around their chests a little more and maybe under their butts? Geez, the kittens looked pretty pissed off about it.

  55. harlemgrrl: “I wish my cats’ mom was a tranny too…”
    i’m crying from the funny!!! 🙂

  56. If that had been any cuter, I’d have puked a rainbow. Adorable!!

  57. That was purrfectly deeeelightful! (I watched it with the sound down, so I didn’t have a problem with mama cat’s voice, but I found it funny that the instant they call her a “tireless mama cat” she lies down for a nap. Anycatty who’s mama to those intrepid explorers would need all the naps she could get!)

  58. LOL! thank you for that, ElaineG, I haven’t seen a rainbow puking comment on here for a while!

    The mothers voice reminds me of Harvey Fierstein as the mother in Hairspray….the original Hairspray I should add.

  59. Thank god for subtitles as I need them as I’m deaf. Cute video.

  60. That. was. BRILLIANT. The subtitles were perfect! And I love how all three kittehs were given distinct personalities!
    As for Macho Mama – methinks she takes tobacco with her catnip!

  61. oh.


  62. oh my gosh…that was seriously the cutest video ive ever seen.

  63. I’m loving the Totoro music.

  64. I believe the narrator is Inuyama Inuko. And the Mom cat probably has a male voice because they only had two people doing voices, so she had to share with Shiro, for a boring practical explanation.

  65. berthaslave says:

    Aubrey, once again….words fail me.

    And everyone, we should be grateful that Suzanne Pleshette is still getting work at her age, we don’t need to make fun of her voice.

  66. I just read the Mom cat as Mamma Fratelli from the Goonies…

  67. Yay, I loved it! <3

  68. nice totoro music.

    why does mama cat have a man’s voice? is this like the johnny cash song, “a cat named sue”? ;p

    cute, cute! i love these clips. everything is cutay perfection.

  69. I’m of the opinion that Mama Sue was a Sumo Wrestler in a previous life.

    SO prosh. I, too, love the fact that these kittens have distinct personalities. They are awesome!

  70. luvinmalssomuch says:

    That is the sweetest story I have ever seen. Precious.

  71. It makes me want to watch Milo and Otis!

  72. I’m probably fixated aon all the wrong things, but no way are those kits four months old. Too little!
    The boss cat was gorgeous, BTW.

  73. Sooooooooo cute I lovely the little one he is so nervous and adorable. And Boss Cat Shiro! so tense hehe

  74. *dies* I have no words.

    FYI. In a lot of Japanese stories men narrate the voices of older women. *shrug*

  75. I liked how Shimachibi is trying so very, very hard to show he’s not scared of Shiro!

  76. I love the momma cat VERY briefly picking up the kittens. “You guys are WAY TOO BIG for me to tote around like this OOF, okay, now walk by yourself and quit being a wimp.”

  77. Lady Chroe says:

    There’s no way those kittens are four months old. Maybe 2.5 – 3 months, tops.

  78. Yeah, my first reaction was… WOWZA… that’s TOTORO music. 🙂

  79. Those kittens had so much personality, the subtitles weren’t even needed! I love how one was brave and tough (barreling down stairs and getting in Boss Cat’s grill), one was unsure but following the tough guy anyway, and one was just straight-out chicken.

  80. wow, totoro!^^ Got to love that soundtrack. As for the woman narrator, I think it is a woman called You (yes, You) or Ehara Yukiko. She is super famous:)

  81. Thank u for that story. I just loved it, it made my week. Good “mommies” come in all shapes & sizes. U rock “Sue.”

  82. Kim Monique says:

    My brain just esssploded. That is the cutest thing ever. First, the kittehs, then “Boss Cat Shiro”. The Japanese are going to continue their World Cuteness Domination Plan unabated.

  83. A mistranslation in the subtitle: not ‘four months ago’ but ‘in the fourth month’, meaning they were born in April. Mystery solved.

  84. Green Is Good says:

    Oh, this video made cry. The part where the kitty was mewing, *Sniffle*. Iwent and hugged my kitties!

    The house and grounds where they filmed this was gorgeous!

  85. Yay I love this video!

    I’m not too sure but from what I’ve seen and studied about Japanese culture, all cats apparently have male voices, regardless of gender. If you watch some movies and/or anime that have talking cats in them, they almost always have a male voice, even when the gender female. I need to remember to ask my Japanese friends about this to be sure.

  86. SO adorable! They all have such personalities!

    I agree with a commenter above, Mama Sue needs to lay off the cigs. But she’s a good mama.

  87. They are not 4 month old kittens. they are so much younger, look at them!
    the narrative says they were born in the fourth month, not they are four months old. They were just born in April but i assume this was not aired now cuz they’d be much older.

  88. Aaah! Wakame gets whonked on the head when the door opens at the end. Poor guy can’t catch a break.

  89. that was the cutest video ever!

  90. Chibi Kitten says:

    Wow, I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who got all excited when they heard the music from Totoro.

    Oh yes, and cute kittens. ^-^

  91. yeah, the totoro music channelled the innate cuteness that i have stored from watching that movie, thus brought me almost to tears by the end. god, i’m damn sentimental.

  92. OMG, that is EXACTLY what I needed to cheer me up from being sick T_T

  93. That was lovely. Reminded me of when my cat Ebony had three kittens. But. Never, ever, ever hold cats like that, by their front legs. I was horrified to see that. Cats have their hearts in the centre of their chests and it is dangerous to let them dangle like that. One must support their back legs as well as their front. That lady was lucky that she did not cause some damage to her kittens.

  94. Not being a nuffer, but I”m glad I”m not the only one who gets bothered by people not knowing how to hold cats. It also annoys me when people hold them by the belly, no support for hte back or front feet.

  95. spacebunny says:

    I like Japanese theatre. Especially with kitties.

  96. I just realized. To do this clip, there had to have been at least two people following the kittens around *ALL DAY* and recording them from multiple angles.

    Best. Job. Ever.

  97. Why can’t we have jobs like this in Canada?
    Or government grants for this?

  98. That was adorable…. XD; a few of the subtitles were off, but overall, it was correct.

    Why do all random Japanese cat videos seem to have Ghibli music/Joe Hisaishi music behind them? *shrug*

  99. B.S.AHALYA says:

    Comentary was very lively,filming painstaking.Children will have a good knowledge of a kitten’s life.

  100. I love the music from My Neighbor Totoro… so appropriate. 😉

  101. Mike T.? Would that be Mike Tatsugawa? I know him! =D

    I thought it was Porco music at first. ^^;

  102. Mike T.? Would that be Mike Tatsugawa? I know him! =D

    I thought it was Porco music at first. ^^;

  103. Mike T.? Would that be Mike Tatsugawa? I know him! =D

    I thought it was Porco music at first. ^^;