Señor McFluffersons

I think this is a baby Chow Chow, but not sure… I do know that he is basically owning the place with his complete and total fluff-ball-ness. Check it!

Shelagh, what a poofy YouTube selection.



  1. Tease him and he shall DESTROY YOUR THUMB. Too much.

  2. Oh man, I cannot believe how good that puppy is taking a bath–my dog would be squirming all over the place!

  3. I am not a dog person…but this is too cute to be true XD!!!

  4. Hmm.. I don’t think it’s a chow, he doesn’t have a purple tongue!

    He sure is SWEET though.. I think I’m getting diabetes just by looking at him 😉

  5. geneticlemon says:

    Sir, you seem to have a huge adorable clog in your drain. But I can take it off your hands, free of charge …

  6. Yeah, serves him right for teasing the poor little fluff ball.
    Too Prosh!!

  7. OMG! I looved when he was taking his bath, all “do with me what you will!” I could snorgle him for hours….

  8. he is an alaskan malamute.
    he is adorable.

  9. Evangeline's Mum says:

    Oh, that’s a “bury-your-face-in-me” pupdog if I ever saw one! I don’t know what breed he is either (I’m cat people) but his nature seems as sweet and fluffy as his little bod!

  10. spykes_mom says:

    That puppeh is way too kyoot! I think it might be a Keeshond, not a chow, but whatev’s…I just love the bath scene, what a good, cooperative baby!

  11. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OMG! This is the best Furday of my life.

  12. I’ve never seen a pup enjoy his bath so much! It’s way too early for that much cuteness!

  13. This is an Alaskan malamute puppy if I’m not mistaken. Ultra fluffy

  14. He is sooo good while taking that bath! Very impressive.

  15. angrycupcake says:

    what a good little puppy! my dog doesn’t behave near as well when he gets a bath, and he’s 10. also, i LOVE the fact that the person is using a bathroom sink instead of a tub. cute AND water conscious!

  16. Okay, 1.) How do get a dog to just lie back in a sink and take a bath?
    2.) How do you get a fluffy dog like that DRY after said bath?
    3.) Malamute fur makes great sweaters–it’s just like wool and during shedding season you can gather it up and spin it into yard. Only problem, your sweater smells like wet dog if you get rained on.

  17. at the end there, he totally looks like a BABY PANDA.

    baby panda dogs would be the best thing, EVER.

    some of this video seems a little cute or sad? though, especially the “outfit” the poor baby has on at the end.

  18. He is sooo floofy! and soo cute!

  19. cutest puppeh…so sweet. not even a squirm or yelp in the baff. i’m in awwwwe of his cutitude. 🙂

  20. I can’t handle the little pink tongue that keeps sneaking out! It’s just too much.


  22. Hmm…I think he’s some flavor of snowdog…husky or malamute. Sooooo cute!

  23. oh, dear lord, the FLOOF!!! And him, just laying there in the bath, with his tongue hanging out, like “blah, you suck”, and then he just stays still when they pick him up to shift him in the sink, kinda like he’s saying “oh, geez, do you hafta?!?!”

  24. luvinmalssomuch says:

    He is a alaskan malamute. My favorite.
    Kiragirl can back me on that one.
    Wait til he grows up he won’t be able to fit in the sink anymore. Squeeeeee

  25. I’m putting my vote in that he’s a Malamute. Kinda like a husky, but more muscular and bigger. They also pull things through the snow. So, maybe Malamute.

  26. He’s not even a dog! He’s a faded panda. 🙂

  27. Definitely loving the tounge-out action in the tubular.
    Is that a rule of cuteness yet? It should be. Something on the lines of “IF YOU STICK YOUR TOUNGE OUT, IT’S CUTE!”

  28. He’s really my puppy dog – I just lent him to those people for awhile.

    Isn’t he adorabuhls?

  29. Alex — that’s been disproved. Don’t make me repost the cow-tongue link… or y’know, Gene Simmons.

  30. I agree with kbryna & greenighs – baby panda ALL THE WAY!

  31. I’m thinking Malamute too. I really don’t think he’s a Chow.

    Too cute. Makes me want to think about letting our dogs inside to cuddle.

    Eh. The moment has passed.

  32. OHMYGOODNESS! He is way, way too cuuuuuuuute! I want one! And it has to be THAT perfectly-behaved! I love him in the first part…you can almost hear him goin, “Slow down, my legs are soooooo short!” And that BATH—I used to work for a vet and bathed many dogs, and NONE ever sat there all “Do me” like that! He is soooooooo cute that I need to go brush my teeth again…

  33. I think maybe he’s a malamute or a husky? definitely seems to be. When my husky/malamute had puppies they looked EXACTLY like this!! Puppy breath is the best!

  34. He looks like a floofy Ewok!! Too cute.

  35. luvinmalssomuch says:

    For sure this as close to a panda bear dog as you’re gonna get!!

  36. why does the part where he’s in the tub make me cry? guess i’m officially unstable.

  37. LOL @ Redz…

    Who doesn’t love smelling like wet dog?

  38. SOO INCREDACUTE!! WTF is with the Japanese and their ability to have cuteness ALL THE TIME! And he was such a good boy in the bathtub! Heeee!

  39. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh anner did you forget to take your meds this morning. I’ll gladly share mine.

  40. ThreeCatNight says:

    Judging from the language spoken here, when I could actually understood what they were saying, shouldn’t it be: “Monsieur McFlufferson”?
    So he’s a bebeh Malamute; didn’t think he was a Chow -thought more along the lines of a bebeh Husky, and Malamutes are in the same family. That is one delish puppeh, with a sweet disposition to match the kissable face! Gotta love those devil horns.

  41. ThreeCatNight says:

    Meant to say “UNDERSTAND what they were saying”.

  42. I love the end, he is all ‘devil dog the hound from hell’

    i broke my face trying to shove it through the screen for a snorg.

  43. kestrels87 says:

    actually, this is Korean, not japanese

  44. ah, the rare but much-adored gnocchi dog….named for his redonkulouosly chubbular body shape, as well as his disposition: much like how one feels when full of said gnocchi.

  45. shouldn’t it be Master McFluffersons, due to his you age?

    (btw – ded from the tongue!)

  46. dee toong, de toong, soooo cute!!!

    What a rockable pupperton!

  47. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Here’s the Panda Dog.

  48. hes a mal! i have a mal puppy, and he looked just like that at like, 7wks or so. except the fluff-factor on this guy is RIDICULOUS

  49. Oh. My. GAWD!! I’ve never seen a malamute pup before! Holy SH*T!!

  50. Emily, does your malamute talk to you?
    I was once walking with mt mother and we saw a gigantic lady-malamute parked outside a restaurant. “How are you, sweetheart?” Mom said to the dog, who jumped to her feet and said “Woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woowoo wooowooowooowoooooooowoo

  51. I think it is a Alaskan malamute/Chow mix. Whatever…frick’n c-u-t-e!!! Must have….*splode*…ded.

  52. I so want one! The bathing scene did it for me. Such a cutie!

  53. all my teef have rotted and fall out on the floor under my desk. where i now reside cuz i cant get up from the cute of the puggie.
    someone hand me some jello, or puddin or somethin , hungry!
    oh! and ok ” dad, i am too big for washin in the b-room sink now, try the kitchen, then you better have a nice big bath tub, cuz i aint stayin little for long!”

  54. I love how he keeps his tounge stickin out during bath time.

    Wish my pups were that good at bath time!

  55. hm, not thinking its a chow, due to lack of the black tongue when he stuck it out a little.

  56. P. Erasmus says:

    Korean translation:

    * “Jahl heh suh” = “did good”
    * “Oh, he got me good.”
    * “He wants to eat my finger.”
    * “Tastes good?”

    As far as sink bathing goes, showers in korea, are taken outside of a tub/stall, within the bathroom itself. The entire bathroom floor is in a sense a shower stall with drains. So filling a sink up all the way with water and plopping your puppy in it makes sense since there is no concern of overspill.

  57. I love how he has a red devils handkerchief at the end… xD

  58. OMG that puppy is SO well behaved getting a bath!! Our puppy Cid likes getting a bath, but he’s still all over the place.. he’d never just lay there like that.
    SO cute.. I just wanna bury my face in all the fluffness.

  59. bookmonstercats says:

    I don’t know the malamute breed, although that seems to be the consensus. Not a chow. I had one. Purple tongue and roof of the mouth even as puppeh, pointy ears like a teddeh and curly wurly tail like a piggeh. I would like a malamute. Do they pull sleds? Adorabuls there looks like a spitz.

  60. gaaagaaagaaaaaaah



    can’t speak


  61. I vote for Shiba as the breed. They are very popular in Japan and Korea, but we don’t see so many here. They are very fluffy dogs.

  62. Love the “Devil Red Riding Hood” look at the end. Especially with the huge yawn.

  63. the look on the puppy’s face while he’s being washed is the very definition of “w/e”.

  64. thanks, lovin! with that proud comfy-puppy expression and the gentle caresses of the owner wiping the water out of the pupper’s eyes, i’m gonna need a double dose.

  65. Trinky dink says:

    Actually, I think he is a baby Norwegian Elk Hound (no, I’m not kidding). They are beautiful dogs, and such a puffy scrumptious pup! I wonder if they can make them so that they stay like that. . .

  66. I’m sitting here weeping profusely – this pup looks just like my little girl, when she was a little girl. She weighs 150 lbs now – all the better to snorgle with, my dear! Of course I had to get a different car – she outgrew my other one. Yes, it’s a malamute.

  67. It snowed here today and I wants him to come and warm up my hands. I gots a treat puppy, come here, that’s it…Gotcha! *scampers away for my bery bery life!*

  68. What a cutie. So Anime Like

  69. Cute but a Chow Chow is even more adorable.

  70. —————————-
    What a LOVELY pick-me-up for those still coping with the [dreary] time change!

    I think if you does not “Awww” whilst watching this, you are officially Borg!


  71. oooooohhhhh Teh Qte! Teh Floof! Teh Peenk Tongue!

    It has keeeeled me ded. :thunk:

  72. electricia says:

    Definitely a Malamute, as others have said. They are just the sweetest.

    Redzilla – we used to comb ours and attempted to make sweaters, but never got the spinning done. We had great plans, though!

    Theresa – we had several malamutes who were talkers. They do have a very distinctive ‘Woo woo’! They are awesome dogs – so smart, you wouldn’t believe it. But very stubborn!

  73. Okay, that guy needs to learn how to give a bath to a dog. The basin should be BIGGER than the dog…..but the dog was very cute and very well behaved! I have to say that by the end of the clip though the dog was like “enough already!!! Put the camera down and take this thing off my head!!”

  74. i have a tummy ache from all these sweets

    He can consider himself well snorgled!!

    (I love how his fur just melts like cotton candy when the shower is first aimed at his head….’Oh, wait…there’s a PUPPERSON under the flufferson!’)

  76. I don’t think chow. Pink tongue. The malamute suggestions above are probably closer. When I first saw him, I thought Akita puppy. Whatever he is, he’s cute.

  77. cute puppi.. my dog still after 5 years freaks out when i bath him yet jumps without hesitation into the pool.. i dont geddit

  78. Not a Keeshond. We have one and they are never that fluffeh. I’d vote on a husky mix of some kind witht hat coloring.

  79. SIGH – he is to die for. The thing I love about him is that he looks like a furry box when he’s walking around. and those big furry paws! Really. Too. Much.


  80. I’m guessing he was using a volumizing shampoo in that bath…..

  81. magnoliasouth says:

    This is actually a rare breed of dog, and that’s about as big as they get. They’re often mistaken as puppies, but they’re full grown. I knew a woman who bred them in Alaska, but for the life of me I cannot remember what they’re called. It’s a breed I’d not heard of and is not recognized by the AKC.

  82. i’m tending to think norwegian elk hound- my neighbor had one named “otto”- i was in love and i’m a total cat person. he also looks like a keeshond , but all those breeds (malamute, husky, keeshond) look same to me in puppy form.

  83. hrh.squeak says:

    Oh my goodness, did anyone click on the whistling puppy link? Here it is (if it works, that is):

    Woo Woo Woo, indeed!

  84. luvinmalssomuch says:

    hrh that is adorable.

  85. He’s like those little puppy toys in the mall that go:

    Arp! Arp! Arp! and then do a back flip…

    But in real life.

  86. Actually, these people are Korean.
    I LOVE this dog! *so so adorables I have to snuggle with my laptop!*

  87. he is not a Shiba at all that is a Shiba

    I’d go for Malmute- and a little on the overfed side IMHO. Not to nuff or nuffin.

  88. circuscake says:

    i just can’t believe what a calm puppy he is- the bath, the costume…nothing seems to phase him. even the food part was pretty calm compared to my critters.

  89. Electricia and Emily, you might want to check out the websites of writer Daniel Pinkwater and his Arctic sled dog, Lulu, who is a great talker. Daniel has often demonstrated Lulu’s conversational skills on National Public Radio.

  90. Oh my gosh! The only things I wash in my sink are my. . . . um. . . bras. . . I’d WAY prefer a fluffy, floppy little puppy dog instead!

  91. Too cute! Gotta admit my favorite part is when the owner is teasing him with the treat and the puppy bites him… thats what you get for picking on him! I want to snorgle that pup for hours!!!


  93. So cute I’ve totally lost my mind (and heart!).

  94. The Cuteness is overwhelming. I am surprised his fluffiness did not suck up all the water in that sink. I just want to cuddle the little guy.

  95. I would say he is at least part Norweigen Elkhound. The fur is definately Elkhound, but the ears- who knows.

  96. Okay, I concede the cow-lick thing. How about if you stick out your TIIIIIIIINY little tounge-sicle, it’s CUTE!

  97. What a gorgeous puppy, and how cold it must be where he/she originates, to warrant such a thick coat! I bet the fur is quite harsh to the touch though, not tooo fluffy. Gorgeous 🙂

  98. the end is totally “cute or sad?” but the fluffitude and superb bath-taking behavior is aaallllllll cuteness.

  99. SOOOOOO CUTE! I’ve sent this to a friend who has a Mamaluke, she’ll die from the cute!

  100. Ooooh! Baby baby baby!!! So cute!

  101. I love when he first pours water on his head, it looks like its squished because of all the fur that gets flattened.

  102. I declare this pup, the one pup to bring about world peace. Send him to Iraq.

  103. Can you use him to mop the floor? What a fluffy little sponge! hehe qte little pupster!

  104. that puppy is not a baby chow…he’s an alaskan malamute which is smaller than a siberian husky but they do look similar…chow’s have black tongues – that’s how you know it’s a chow.

  105. Eater of Shades says:


    O my goodness the fuzz!

  106. Daphne Moss says:

    *head on verge of ‘splodin from kootness*

    Love how he went “dog-a-tonic” with humiliation at the end…SUCH a sweet baby!
    Glad he has nice hoomans

  107. Def a MalaMOOOOOT
    i sayz
    Mala MOOT


  108. I WANT!!

  109. Hey jen… can I quote you on that? 😉

  110. Is he Akita, by chance?

    He’s toooo cute!!!!

    I want one!!

  111. That puppy didn’t need a bath! I hope these people don’t wash that dog obsessively.

  112. Melissa H. says:

    I love how he loses about two thirds of his size when they wet him down. He’s all fluff! But at the end he’s all “Do I hafta wear this?”

  113. WANT.


  114. Lovechild of a panda and a husky, if I ever saw one. Mmhm. Poof-u-lence seems to be in style. 😉

  115. I agree that the costume at the end is cute or sad material… but it totally wins me over that he has TOO MUCH FLUFF for the costume! hehehe it just keeps sliding off…. 🙂

  116. He looks like a very sad and subdued pup to me. I can’t believe you all call that cute.

  117. when I saw 120 comments, I thought ‘Oh no commentroversy ‘ but it seems we all love him, especially the tongue.

  118. I’ve gone soft in my teeth. I swear.

  119. Rob, Alaskan Malamutes are very big dogs. They are bigger and heavier, with heavier coats than Siberian Huskies. Huskies range between 45 and 60 pounds- Malamutes average up around 80, some as much as 100.
    They are both sled dogs, but Huskies were for speed as well as strength– Mals were bred to pull very heavy loads.

    I just paarticularly like sled dogs– they are beautiful, and have, erm, interesting personalities. 😉

  120. Want more malamute pupppies? Look at these noisy, squeaky, fat fluffy babies!

  121. and here we go over the top:

  122. The Malamute Tabernacle Choir (this one is UN-believable!):

  123. you know what elsewhere? i have to agree with you that he didn’t seem very happy.. just there to amuse the master. i thought it was kinda sad.

  124. Thanks for letting me know, Shannybee, I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one… I like my critters to be full of life and mischief!


  126. Subdued? with the way he trots and goes for the treat?

    My pups always go into “oh whatevs” mode for bafs. I would HARDLY call them subdued (check out my video!). As for staying still during some a little “hat on pup”… the lil feller was probably knew he would get treats after staying still.

    Goodness, people. Has Seasonal Affective Disorder come so soon?

  127. Whoever thought it might be a small rare breed of Alaskan dog, are you thinking of the Alaskan Klee Kai? They are small but they are proportioned like a husky; they’re not round balls of fluffitude like this little guy, even as puppies.

  128. Heh…Susie is obviously viewing Cute Overload in smell-o-vision, since she can tell the puppy didn’t “need” a bath.

    Quite possibly the cutest pup ever on CO. I have become convinced that if only there were a place depressed or angry people could go to roll in puppies for an hour, the world would be a happier and more peaceful place.

  129. deedledeedledoo says:

    I want to see him take a bath with Winston!

  130. Ok….I just regained conciousness, having passed out from the fluffy cuteness. This little guy is just one big bundle of sweetness.

  131. That tongue is absolutely adorable! Just killer.

    But is he limping? It looked like he was favoring his right front leg in the beginning of the shot.

  132. haschen: It’s not a Norwegian elkhound and probably not a Keeshond. Every elkhound or Kees I have ever seen had a black muzzle and was black inside the ears.

  133. I think it is a Great Pyrenees puppy. They usually have substantial coloring when in PuppyForm. Huskies and malamutes just aren’t that “thick” as pups.

  134. Looks like a Mal puppy (granted, a very chubby one) to me. Though who knows, it could be a mix.

    Regardless, the poofy fluffness is killing me!

  135. Awwww. Puppy needs me!

  136. Awwwww baaaaby dog! So waggy and inquisitive! And the sleepy-slurping tongue at the end, like *smack…smack… BOY I am plum-tuckered…” Somebody had a big day!

  137. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! What a poofy lil’ furball of a bebeh!!! It’s definitely a Malamute – the fur and the tongue is the giveaway.

  138. Instead of washing him separately, they could just take him into the shower and use him for a loofah!

  139. I think it may be an Akita and Chow Chow mix…I’ve had both kind of dogs and they are super good puppies just like this little guy. He’s too too cute, I want him!!!

  140. Awww~

    The first thing the owner says in the vid is “Oh, flop, flop”

    Well, not exactly “flop flop,” but thet word describes the puppy’s running as flapping or flopping, since the puppy has a prancing gait that’s kinda stunted by his adorable stubby legs. It’s too late at night for me to go into detail about the crazy onomatopoeias in Korean, but yeah, that puppy’s a saint. Sits so patiently in the sink!

  141. Kim Monique says:

    I have no words. Well, just the one: “GAAAAAAAAH”. (falls over and dies from cuteness)

  142. Pandafreak says:

    That is freakishly cute!!!!!

  143. Patrice beat me to the “magnoliasouth, are you thinking Alaskan Klee Kai?” but that’s not what this is. Nor husky (I’ve had have several and work in “snow dog” rescue)—this dog is TOO stout. Mal (maybe a “wooly” which is longer hair than usual), or mal/chow, or mal/chow/panda, fershure. Either way: CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

  144. Pandafreak says:

    GAH that’s tooooooooooooooooooo freaky!

  145. Ahh! This is my submission! My computer broke so I haven’t been to this page in awhile. I’m so excited he made it on here, I fell in love with his floof so fast.

  146. Shannon L. says:

    He might be a chow, possibly a Malamute (I dunno though, he doesn’t look like other Malamute pups that I’ve seen) or maybe an Akita, if he’s in Japan.

    I was wondering something though, watching him. I think he had an underdeveloped/underslung jaw. Did anyone notice that about his mouth? I started wondering when his tongue kept sticking out, and then could see more signs of it through the rest of the video.

    How funny!
    He looks like a stuffed animal. xD