[muzzlepowshe wrapped around berne]

Nom nom nom [pause] nom nom


Excellent nommage, Kevin W. 😀



  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  2. 😯

    …well, maybe I’ll just wait for it.

  3. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Shades of Duran Duran…with that 80’s new wave eyeliner thing going on…

  4. Those are some big paws! This baby’s going to do some growing.

  5. Darryl's Mama says:

    Who is this new emoticon loving person who is writing captions? THis is most def Meg nor is it Theo.

  6. Darryl’s Mama — eh wot? :-/

  7. And a squeker too so it goes squeek squeek with every Nom. Tee hee

  8. Look how cute her little flews are! The way they pook up around the boney! Who likes her boney! You do!

  9. Okay velvety soft fur and paws and those eyes they are Killing me. AWWWWWWWWW

  10. I’ll let her nom nom her bone, if I can nom nom her fluuuuufly earages!!!

    What a qteeeeee!!!

  11. StarryEyed says:

    Holy carp! That is adorable!

  12. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh No Not Again……Relapse

  13. I am going to nibble on those nibbleable ears!

  14. i dont see no stinking emoticons.
    what’cha talkin about d’s Mama ???
    that is the cutest puppeh in the world. i’ll be he’she’s a blast to play with!
    nom nom nom.
    my squeekie bone toy!

  15. LilKittieLuvr says:

    The eyes! The muzzlepowsche!! Brain cannot handle..exploding..

  16. I WANT HIM!

    Stop it, that’s what got me to FIVE DOGS and 8 CATS already.

    Cuteness is so deadly

  17. YES! More goldens on CO! Woo hoo!

  18. cowardly lion says:

    well if at ain’t a real cootie patootie i don’t know whut iz.

  19. This confirms it- Blondes do have more fun.

  20. Oooooooh! She looks ultra soft.

  21. omg. i love this puppies eyeliner…..where do i get some for me?

  22. Flews? 8-0?? Huh??? Somebody got some ‘splaining to do.

  23. It’s the pause in the nom-ing that makes it extra adorable. I loved it when my dog did that. It was like, “Mmmm, chew toy… Wait? Did I leave the gas on? No, I’m a puppy! Mmmm, chew toy!”

  24. aaw.. that’s so cute! my pug has the same toy, only it’s green.

  25. jimbeaux- lovley transition from a squirrel to pup in that joke. I love eddie izzard. BTW loooove how the pup is workin the man-liner (or chick-liner????)

  26. His paws are perfect.

  27. I want me a golden pup. He/she looks soooo soft! *Cuddles*

  28. I do love that paw grippage!

  29. Golden pups are the best! I should know since I have one, and yes they are that soft and kronchable. 🙂

  30. I want a knobby blue bone! :X

    Prolly wouldn’t be blue if pup played with it more…….

  31. Nom?
    And I nom, nom, nom
    And I nom, nom, nom.
    (STILL have the Kitty Cat dance stuck in my head!!)

  32. That ain’t no squeek toy. Does look like a bone, though 😉

    [yep, knew *somebody* would go there… – Ed.]

  33. ======================
    * * * * BY REQUEST * * * *

    …Reality-Casual Friday.

    (duped from the comments under the previous prosh post)

  34. i love it . i love it. i love it . i love it.

    i am not too old for it.

    i love it.

    thank you theo!
    made my day! (again)

  35. hey guido-
    IS too a squeek toy.
    see the stupid hole in it for the stupid squeek to come out?
    so there.
    neener neener.
    my dogs have one just like it.

    [Let’s just say it looks *ambiguous* in this photo… – Ed.]

  36. tracyFlick says:

    Gorgeous! Gorgeous!



    The eyes have it.

  37. luvinmalssomuch says:

    There you is liz.
    Bugmom was asking about you and kiragirl over on Dangerously posh.
    Is toooo a squeeky toy shaped like a bone.

  38. Flews: Upper lip pendulous, particularly at their inner corners.

    Floofie flews!!!!

  39. hi luvins.
    had to actually do some work today. it was ridiculous, like they expect me to do something constructive for some reason. so you-all get that same crap from your work place???
    so you-all are over on dangerously prosh huh?
    i’ll wander on over and say HI to the girls then! 🙂

  40. fluffins.

    monsche. nom, monsche.

    Killz me ded every time.

  41. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Know what you mean Liz. Lucked out slow day today.
    Yeah over on Prosh but kiragirl is missing.

  42. 8-0? Theo must be a Celtics fan.

    Go Knicks WOOOO!!!

  43. Peeps… that’s not an “eight to zero”.
    Tilt your head to the left & look again.


    [googly eyes] *GASP*

    (no offense, Derek)

  44. Gah bah! Baby goldie! I love you, CO, sanks for the Friday treats 😀

  45. ps, thanks to Meg for words like berne and hellerh, they make answering the phone at work way more fun

  46. I see a hint of Princess Di eyes here. This bebeh is workin’ the cute! Totally small shoulders compared to those big paws! She’s too adorable for words; must be soft as silk!

  47. No worries, Theo. If I were a Celtics fan, I’d deny it, too.

  48. berthaslave says:

    btw, we have a cat named “Theo” whom I now call “Teho.”

    goldies is awesome nommer

  49. Wow. Well, yes, it’s cute…but that TOY!! It looks like one of the Indian Nirodh here (the pink one):

  50. Thanks for the Flews def.
    I knew 8-0 was an emoticon, not a score, but why? “Maybe I’ll just wait…” for what?? Theo… enquiring minds!

  51. “Are you sure Lassie started this way.”

  52. jools,
    I think teho was saying OMGWTF!!!!

  53. Look at the size of those paw paws. Hope his doggy bed has room to grow!

  54. That is so goddamn cute.

  55. snoopysnake says:

    awwww…don’t worry sweet pup…I’m not gonna take your blue squeaky bone away

  56. that is so cute

  57. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    [head ‘splodes]

  58. Too anerable for words
    i want to cronch her/him all up in one bite

    nom nom nom

  59. stupid ‘puter

    was supposed to be on comment

    now it is three

  60. Such sweet eyes… I want this dog!

  61. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    One Eyed Daruma sez: “Shades of Duran Duran…with that 80’s new wave eyeliner thing going on…”

    Ah – Simon Le Bon[e]!

    {applauds stealth pun}

  62. warrior rabbit says:

    The coy look, the guyliner, the fuzzy floppy ears…so kyoot! Do want!

  63. Give a guy the Di eye and they melt,anything you want shall be yours little pupster.

  64. he’s all (kronshe kronshe…kronshe) “am i doing this right?”

  65. Yitzysmommie says:

    Very QTE pupper. This pic makes me think of needle sharp puppy teefs and wonderful puppy bref.
    However, I am wondering what in the world Teho is waiting for…..

  66. Aww… that looks like my baby!

  67. OMG!! look at that eyes!!
    Take a look at mine:

  68. WOW
    This picture defines Cute Overload!!!!

  69. stop with the doggies. dogs are stupid. and annoying. i hate it when they stare at me when i’m eating.


  70. Heyya
    aww this pic is so cute!!! 🙂 <3

  71. Valerie,

    Maybe the dog’s aren’t that stupid if they can push your buttons so effectively! 😀

    And I have seen way too many cats that beg for them to be excluded……..

  72. Yitzysmommy

    Imagine that bone without the other bone shaped end on it… as something very naughty upside down….um, a guy thing???? Theo knows how our sick twisted minds work, thank goodness you’re not corrupted…………….YET!!!!

  73. Arggg….. The puppyeyes! The puppyeyes!!! Nooooooooo – can’t handle the cuteness….

  74. Now that is my ideal of a metrodude. Eyeliner. Sweet look. Want to put him on my lap and feed him (dog) cookies.

  75. Yitzysmommie says:

    thx bugmom, I suspected as much (shifty eyes looking around for other phallic objets).

  76. Theo, get your mind out of the gutter! Jeez, the rest of us are all looking at the sweet puppy having innocent thoughts of puppies. (Ya know that special smell that only puppies have? No, not the one when they make a mess on the floor, the good one!) So we’re all having these lovely innocent thoughts and then Theo comes along and we take another look at the picture. And then suddenly sweet little puppy is chewing on something very naughty! *sigh* It was such a cute picture before it became a naughty picture. . .

  77. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…he/she is so cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!

    Question…what breed is he/she? I want one!!! XD

  78. OMG SQUEEEEEEEE!!! What a beautiful puppers!!! Ash-blonde goldens are so rare.

  79. Rebecca — see, this is why I figured I could just wait for it.

    And now, back to puppytime.

  80. Valerie im a cat person too but if you dont think this is cute you must have stared at the baby klipspring too long and had your soul completely sucked out 😦

  81. Must… pet… ear tufts!!!

    He reminds me of Conan O’Brien’s devil puppy. It’s always the cute ones who strike first. They know they’re the ones you’ll least suspect.

  82. Hi all!

    do I see Lady Di eyes here?

  83. beautiful! the eyes are stunning he really has the puppy dog look down!
    I think you guys will love this crazy cute new dog site!
    check it out