Dangerously Prosh

I am a dangerously prosh pug, and I am coming your direct-shons.

You may not survive dees.




Doug W., you’re right, Olie is dangerous! (-ly prosh)



  1. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh No You Didn’t….Dead from so much cute.

  2. die happi

  3. Yes, she DID!!


  4. Heh… too bad we don’t have a telephoto/macro shot of PUUUG SNOOOUT for a third-level COCXU.

  5. He seems to be thinking “Oh great the papparazzi again! Sigh go ahead take the picture”

  6. i told you the fuff-a kitteh would be out-cuted.
    and this pic of a pug in its natural habitat is an
    absolute deadly weapon.
    [topples off of chair and rolls under desk- ded]

  7. Yep, Men In Black ruined pugs for me. Oh, I still think they’re cute as all get out. But, I always think they might start cursing at me.

  8. after McFlufferson’s tongue, I may have to go back to bed for the rest of the day now.

  9. Oh noes! Please don’t disapprove me, little puggle. I can’t take any disapugal today.

  10. splendor in the grass!

  11. luvinmalssomuch's Doctor says:

    Dearest Meg,

    Just a short note to let you know that liz, katie, zeldapie, luvins are recovering nicely.
    When we got to their offices all were on the ground with fingers still on the mouse
    with CO refreshing over and over again. They were all diagnosed with what we here
    at the lab like to call ‘Near Death by Cuteness’. They have been released and warned
    to take CO at alittle slower pace.

  12. Can we get stickers with the word PUG-HANCE? That might b one os the best ones yet.

  13. Prosh, Prosh Pug… he soooo looks like a james bond spy guy.

  14. Stop.
    just stop it now!
    no more homonculi pug puppehs to haunt my waking dreams.
    I thought Friday was supposed to be a low key day for teh cute.

  15. Well I *could* post a brain-bending psychedelic RCF animation, you know. Count your blessings. 😉

  16. he looks like he carries the whole world on his shoulders,
    He knows all about pain..


  17. Ohhhh Teho…. PLEASE post One Please. I loves RCF.

    Shuffles back under pile of papers which means contracts which Means A big Yay. I love my job : D

  18. Annie – is it my computer or is the secret mansion unavailbale?

  19. Metsie Hai. The secret Mansion is unavailable. How are you? IT is like the hidden temple in the mummy. When the sun reaches the correct position on the correct day it will rise out of the desert sands ; D

  20. I’m good. Happy Friday!

    com’on Theo



  21. dont know what is RCF ???
    too old i guess ???
    is it cute ?
    [http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#RCF – Ed.]
    [seriously, I’m not *trying* to make this difficult… 😉 ]

    oh, and luvins- thank Doc for me.
    i am up on my chair again.
    i may have to do something today…

  22. Danger! Danger! What a babyface!

    Love how he’s leaning ever-so-slightly off to one side.

  23. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh yeah Liz about that…..ummmmm well…ummmm….yeah I couldn’t pay the bill so I told him you would ole pal buddy of mine.

  24. Joins metsakins in chant RCF RCF RCF ; ) Go Teho RCF! Chant disslves into Chear
    Give us an R, Give us a C, Give us and F… Whats that spell RiCccciiFfff.

    Yay Teho!

  25. I told teh gardeners to cut this grass properlies, and it is all jaggy. *sighs*
    *gallumphs off to be disapugful*

    psssst: Annie, Do you think the zombie revolution has come at last and it is the end?

  26. I want that third-level COXCU!!! Of the wall eyes!!!
    C’mon, Theo, you kin do it.

  27. Teho,
    you mean this pug isn’t already RC?
    You mean this is actually what it looks like in real life?


  28. Hi Fixies. Hmm Zombies that would explain a few things…. By the way your latest post on http://www.cutebabyfix.com is adorable love the little girl in her pink shades.

  29. OMG!!! Somebody open the door to the mansion!!! I’m freaking out!! Can’t talk to ma peeps!!!!!! HALLLLPPP!!!!


    The puppy looks like a little old man 😀

    Theo, Pretty pretty please do the RCF?? Pretty please with a marmie kitten on top?

    You know how afraid on the marmies I am, so this is a big deal………

  30. Annie & Fixies….OMGZOMBIESHALP!!!

  31. Fixies, the girly in the pink glasses IS prosh, but holy carp! The huskies!! And the buried alive corgi-tude!!!

    Peeps, get thee to http://www.cutebabyfix.com !!! A little medicine for waht ails ya, ‘specially Liz, katie, zeldapie and luvins – and wheres kiragirl? Has anyone checked on her?!?!?!?

  32. Hai Metsie!! Happy Friday!!!

  33. Bugmom Heylerhowdy. ISn’t this pup the picture of cool and tough guy. All rolled into Spy guy extrordinaire.

  34. OMG people did you Notice His name is OLIE. That is too cute for words.

  35. Oh yeah, he LOOKS like he should be wearing a leather jacket with an “I LOVE NY” t-shirt, but I bet he’s a non-bad boy. 😉

  36. Even cuter if it’s short for Oliver or Olive oil…..

  37. Oh dear. I hope this comes with a marmie kitten named Milo.

  38. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Hey Bugmom cute baby picture especially the one in the middle. I will try to behave.
    Yeah Don’t worry about Kiragirl it’s Friday and it’s probably her birthday again so she starts drinking alittle early
    **hiccup*** oh excuse me I must have ***hiccup*** kinda falling off my chair here………….

  39. 0_o

    You ok, luvins? whatchu drinkin’? Reality Casual Friday punch? Don’t try to behave! ‘Tis no fun!

    How many b-days does kiragirl have?!?!?!?!

  40. Kar! He DOES look like Otis!!!!

  41. Hi Annie, Bugsy, Metsie! I keep ringing the doorbell at the mansion, but no one’s answering. Do we know what’s wrong?

  42. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Okay Bugmom, That guy is a hottie in the tub.
    I love seeing dad’s holding their babies. So masculine and yet so soft.
    Yeah Kiragirl had a birthday a couple months ago so I think it’s every 3 or so months she goes on a binge…I mean celebrates her b’day.

  43. ======================
    * * * * BY REQUEST * * * *

    …Reality-Casual Friday.


  44. Teho is da man!

  45. luvinmalssomuch says:

    You Rock Teho!!

  46. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Kiragirl if you are out there. I MESS.

  47. Thanks Teho these are awesome.

  48. Brinn Just their server is down. Seems to be an every couple of weeks thing. How are you? Did you go see Teho’s RCF yet : )

  49. Yay for Teho. I laffed out loud!

  50. Hi all you post-its!
    how ya’all doin.
    isnt this the cutest puggie ever!

  51. What the heck is the mansion?

  52. Hi Susie it is the totally unofficial CO discussion Forum. located at http://Cutetalk.informe.com

    or if you go to the list of MORE MORE MORE up above on the right you can also click on the link to get there.
    It is just a fun place to come where lots of CO peeps go and shoot the breeze about life love pet problems and pudding you are welcome to come over as is anyone you do have to register to comment but if you just want to look you don’t have to register.
    Except currently the server is down so you get nothing.

  53. Suzie, under MORE! MORE! MORE! it’s “Totally Un-Official C.O. Discussion Forum!” A few of us kind of overloaded the Buddy thread ( http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/04/look_whispers_a.html ) and made a new site so we wouldn’t make the interwebs explode.

  54. Yes, do please feel free to join us! We love new peeps! And sorry about the misspell, that’s how I spell my mother’s name.

  55. Why I believe I’ve just been called a piece of paper with sticky stuff on me!

  56. Cool thanks peeps! I’ll definitely check it out just not right now because now. . . I GET TO LEAVE WORK! Peace out people! Stay QT.

  57. Oh, and we started calling it the mansion ‘cuz there’s so many threads it’s like all the crazy rooms in the Winchester Mystery Mansion ( http://www.winchestermysteryhouse.com/ ). You can get lost quite easily if you’re not careful!

  58. oh and it’s been called the mansion ’cause the topics are like hallways to different places. and we like to hide there. (oh my!, they’ll now know I’m as insane they thought)

    *goes into closet (zombie-free closet) to hide*

  59. Alice Shortcake says:

    Ah, pugs – I love their expressions at one end and curly tails at the other.

  60. (actually leaving for yoga) *waves*

  61. Is this a pug mix of some kind? It’s a lot less smushed than the pugs I’ve seen. So cute.

  62. Such a cute pup 🙂

  63. Brilliant! I love this pug post. “pug-hance” is going to take over “enhance-pants” for me, I think.

  64. hadn’t heard about the mansion, folks, thanks for the tip…i’m waayyy too ded from teh qte to see anything on the fringes of my screen.

    this photo looks like a still from the movie “the thin red pug.”

  65. YAyyyyyyy Berthaslave!!! C’mon over! We could use some male influence! Whenever it’s fixed, that is……grumble…..

    Metsies, you know Laney has found all of your secret hidink spots, right? There are OMGZOMBIES all over! Luckily I have no brain so I am immune.

    A very merry unbirthday to you, kiragirl!!!

    And, Luvins, I thought that guy in the tub was a total hottie too! If I’m not wrong it looks like there may be room for a few more….after the babies go to bed, of course…..um….and his significant other, whomever that may be……..
    Cute Baby Fix is Fixies site and we’re all so proud of her!! You gotta check it out daily, she finds some really cute stuff! A bookmark page for sure 🙂

  66. You are teh awesomes, teho!!!! Thank you! You can keep the marmie kitten, too…..I’m still a little afraid……

  67. bugmom – not only do I have a zombie – free closet (kinda like a cedar closet to keep the moths out, only the lining is a secret) I carry zombie repellant with me at all time. (Unfortunately, like Off!, a few get by, so then I have a gun with silver bullets, a wooden stake and even a cross!)

  68. All he needs is a little bowler hat pushed forward and a tiny cigar to complete the look. Mini-thug-pug.

  69. OMG!!! Metsie, the zombieslayer! I bet you do all kinds of back flips and are totally hotter than buffy.

    In fact, I KNOW you are! I miss you guys!!!!! 😦


    I gots a package today in ma mailz!!!! 😀

    Excited!!!! No cat hairs yet….and you should be getting one soon too! (durn holiday!)

  70. berthaslave,
    pug looks like jim caveziel?

  71. 0_o Holy carp!
    We has been fooled peeps!

    ’tis no sweet Puggslie McPuggerpants!!!!

    This is a VAMPIRE!!!

    Seriously! The age old face, the knowing eyes, the look right trough you stare…..and the clencher….THE WIDOWS PEAK!


  72. His face reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson!

  73. What does Prosh meean? I’ve been bursting to know, but I’ve been to embarassed to ask.
    *making a face thaat expresses some appropriate and funny emotion*

  74. snoopysnake says:

    I am the Emperor of the Meadow. Todd Rundgren is going to write a new song about me. No one will chance to overlook my divineness. When I leave the meadow it will be in my Imperial Pup DeVille.

  75. Kimski – if you look on the side of the screen, there is a heading of MORE! MORE! MORE! Under that heading there is the Official C.O. Glossary. Click and learn my friend.

  76. Ohh little beautiful thing!!
    Loooove it!

  77. Hehe. He looks mighty miffed!