Madamoiselle Puffée, picker of fine fabrics

This behbeh kitteh is choosing her first upholstery sample.

That’s so cute.


Madamoiselle Puffée, you may choose as many samples as you like, and we shall make MEELLIONS of kitteh beds for you. Right, Johanna S.?



  1. vera bradley bleen?

  2. Floofy white kitteh!



  4. Oooooh my lawd. I refreshed the page on accident and this came up and I just died. This is amaaazazing.

  5. Nicolletta says:



  6. My jaw dropped when I saw this. I LOVE Persians.

  7. Turn around bright eyes…every now and then I fall apart!!!!!

  8. Kitten can have my bed!

  9. The kitty has such pretty eyes. ^^

  10. [drags self up to puter]
    NOT again!
    {cluthes at chest’ll area and collapses back down to floor]
    You’re gunna be losin some viewers if you keep it up! I’m not _hittin ya!
    **LUVINS! call the EMT’s STAT!!!!

  11.…right now!!

  12. OH!


    She is deeeeeee-wicious! She can cuddle with me any old time!

  13. Oh! That little pink button nose!

  14. Jen–
    Longtime lurker, first-time poster pulled out of the shadows by Vera Bradley reference. Yes, that certainly does look like a VB pattern! Little Fluffy has good (and expensive) taste!

  15. iluvpopsicls says:

    what a prosh widdle baby!!!

    And I don’t know about VB, but that looks a lot like the quilt on my bed.

  16. *screams like a girl*

  17. off-topic, but I love the new font size!

  18. China's Mom says:

    Help, I am melting! Splat!

  19. The most preshus face EVAH! Squeee!!!

    Font size toooo beeg, imho.

  20. Must…bite…paw! Nom nom nom.

  21. It’s white. It’s floofy. It has exquisite taste in fabrics. I think this is my new best friend.

  22. The combination of soft focus, blue eyes, and deer-in-the-headlights expression remind me of Krystle from Dynasty. So, I guess it’s fitting that she would have expensive taste.

  23. Oh my! That’s the cutest kittee face I’ve seen in a long time.

    More off-topic: I don’t like the larger font.

  24. Momof2kitties says:

    Well, just keel me now why doncha. Once again, I am ded from teh qte. I don’t even know which to comment on first-the nosicle? The teensy ears? The prosh forehead? The floofy pawsitude? It’s all just too much to take in. I am ded.

  25. She’s pickin’ out curtains for Eleanor’s bathroom.

  26. cute!~

    i don’t like the large font either. =/ sorrrrry!

  27. Momof2kitties says:

    HAHAHA! Too Funny!

  28. Look at those prosh little ears! Must resist temptation to soft cronsch….must resist…can’t fight…

    *lightly nibbles ears*

    Oh well, the heart wants what it wants!

  29. Kitty just wants a little privacy.

  30. I feel like I could die right now. Really needed the cute. Thanks.


  31. I feel quite certain that the Japanese have sent this kitty-bot as a prototype, and soon they will take over the world with their army of hideously adorable kittehs…

  32. This looks like one of the six impossible things I’ll have to believe before breakfast.

  33. *dies*


    That is all.

  34. The floofy prosh kittyness!

    (Sorry can’t think of anything intelligent or vaguely amusing to say in the face of such cuteness!)

  35. Madamoiselle Puffee La fain
    invited us in to her chic appartment. Note zer fabriques I ave chose, all zees rules about zer matchinks, ees not necessair, zay can clash like zis and zis and zis, nes pas.

  36. Meg, you’re the best captionwriter in the world!

  37. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    What murderous tragedy this Madamoiselle Puffee hath wrought upon me? Through the lift of the dainty paw and innocence of her sky blue eyes, she turneth my innards into a mass of quiverness. Her supreme pure whiteness overwhelms me. M. Puffee purrs with the softness of puffee white clouds. But I write from the heavens…for gazing upon the countenance that is Madamoiselle Puffee, I suffered from cute overload, as evident from my remains scattered about my room.

  38. less – you just refreshed this page by “accident?” I “accidentally” refresh this page 700-1,000 times a day on a slow day.

    As for M. Puffee – Mood NYC needs you girl!

  39. I like the new font size. Granted, at first I though my settings were messed up on my PC…hee hee. As for miss prissy pants….soooo pretty and cuddly!!!

  40. What a beautiful kitteh!!

  41. I officially declare that this site has to stop immediately! There is no need to post anything else ever. You have reached the Penultimate in cuteness.


  42. luvinmalssomuch says:


  43. Oh


    Someone get me some ugly, STAT! I’m overdosing on ZEE CUTENESS OF Mlle PUFEE!!

  44. ThreeCatNight says:

    “But this pink and coral paisley does look so good against my white fur. Oh, but the stripes! What’s a girl to do? Decisions, decisions!”

  45. I had to come back and comment. I bet she toddles when she walks – with her little tail straight up in the air.

  46. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Hey all you cute over
    loaders. Get a load of this.
    George and Mildred Hedgehog.
    Mildred is putting George on a strict Diet.

  47. Momof2kitties says:

    Bwahahah! Hedgie portlitude! That should come with a warning, I think I hurt myself laughing out loud!

  48. eep! fuzzball!!! darling

  49. luvin, weird hedge story, is that for real? Poor George, was he hedgehoggin’ all the food from little Ms. Mildred?

  50. luvinmalssomuch says:

    LIZ! LIZ! am I too late? Speak to me please!

  51. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Kiragirl, Forreal Kiragirl!
    They have him on a diet now before he sploded.

  52. i’m ok.
    just passed out i guess.
    i need to be more careful
    and look at the pictures

  53. What an absolutely yummy baby! Just the thing to snuggle with on a cold winter day.

  54. Gah! What is it with kitten nosicles?

    And Mlle. Puffée looks so indolent and downright chic, lying back on her chaise longue.

  55. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Liz, I am laughing so hard inside I think my brain is sploding through my ears.
    May I suggest keeping a brown paper bag handy at your desk to breath into when faintness takes over.
    Trust me when I pass out from cuteness coworkers just walk right over me.

  56. Aubrey,
    What are the other five ?

  57. Kitteh looks like those fuzz balls that hang off the end of your white merino wool scarf.

  58. AuntieMame says:

    If Mamselle Puffée wants a kitteh bed in every room, and one for every sofa cushion, then she shall have a kitteh bed for every room, and one for every sofa cushion.

  59. kira,
    I’m guessing it’ll be the next five posts Meg puts up.

  60. Madamoiselle Puffee, she should come help me do up my new home.

    I think George might have something else going wrong with him. Since Mildred is “normal size” and he’s like some kind of giant spiky ball.
    Is there such a thing as a Hedgehog endocrinologist?

  61. “bleen” is not defined in the CO Dictionary. what does it mean in regard to cuteness?

  62. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Trin, I don’t know what hedgehogs eat but apparently George had alot of it. He does look like a giant spikey ball.

  63. wouldnt it be lovely if she was sitting in her mama’s lap and holding onto her arm like that, and looking up at her with those lovey eyes?
    good grief, i would melt!!!
    and do i detect bread-makin tosies there! i think i do!

  64. *squeals*

    Awww, such fluffiness!

  65. Those eyes! The furry feetsies! I want to nibble on her little toes!

  66. now see – she’s not posting anything else ever… cause she just can’t find anything else quite as cute as this.

    There will never be anything as cute as this.

  67. Space Cowgirl says:

    “Bleen” is cutespeak for “I am the first poster and want attention ever so badly, but Teoh will chew my face off I say first.” Teoh actually coined the term as a snark against the infestation of “OMG FIRST POST” posts running rampant across the Internet, but there was a loud fwooshing sound as his point majestically soared miles and miles over everyone’s heads.

  68. Space Cowgirl says:

    Or rather, “I am the first poster even though I have nothing relevant to say; I just want to be the first poster and win the attention and validation of my more clever comrades”.

  69. Now I must bury my face in zee kitty’s fur and huff deeply! *huuuffffffffffff* Sooooo relaxing!

    I also like the font size. Nicer on mine eyes. :->

    *huffs again*

  70. i’m betting that Meg can out-cute this.
    but seein as there were so many health-issues with the last two posts, she is probably giving us all time to take our meds and get our blood pressures regulated before she hits us with another shot of amazing cuteness.
    its comin, just be ready.

  71. SixToedCatsRule says:

    No, no, no, nothing is that cute. It’s a photoshop, has to be. C’mon fess up!

  72. Just in time for the new season of project runway.

  73. Actually, Space Cowgirl, “bleen” existed (sort of) before Theo’s application here (no offense, Ed), as an imaginary number between 5 and 6, I believe. Theo just found a way to make it not work for him as regards the always-annoying “first!” commenters.

  74. berthaslave says:

    I don’t want to get religious again on everyone, but I think that kitteh might be Jesus, if Jesus were a kitteh.

  75. Babs — there’s some mention of an imaginary color, too, which is also written as “Grue”. But hey, you believe everything you read? 😉

  76. Carrie - Wiki Goddess says:

    The word grue is defined relative to an arbitrary but fixed time t as follows: An object X satisfies the proposition “X is grue” if X is green and was examined before time t, or blue and was not examined before t.

    The word bleen has a complementary definition: An object X is bleen if X is blue and was examined before time t, or green and was not examined before t.

    Some popularizations of the concept have described it in a slightly different way: an object is grue if it is green when examined before time t and blue when examined afterwards (and likewise for bleen). That version is different because it envisions the same object as appearing green or blue at different times, while the original definition means that the object is always green or always blue, but which one depends on when the object was first observed…

  77. I love this kitty. I just keep coming back over and over to look at her!

  78. Space Cowgirl says:

    I stand corrected – math is my boyfriend’s specialty, whereas I am but a humble blowtorch. 😉

  79. snoopysnake says:

    No bedding fabric for me, please…all I need on my bed is this beautiful kitteh to cuddle with

  80. hey, i luuuv her fashion sense!
    persians look especially cute!

  81. Christine H says:

    Me too, Brinnann! She is a TEENY FLUFFBALL.

  82. When she walks, her fuzzy tail sticks straight up in the air and she flounces. Her nose is pointing at the ceiling so we all can look down her cute li’l nostrils.