One small, one large interspecies snorgler

There’s nuthin’ better than a little interspecies snorgling, ESPESHE when there is a great size difference in the size of the two ani-pals. Somehow, seeing a little small guy and a big guy cuddle is even prosher. Don’t get me started on the Japaneseness of this.

I’m gonna crawl over to your butt and snuggle by it, Amy F.



  1. Cute! But I hope the larger ani-pal doesn’t eat the smaller one!

  2. lurkingsmirk says:

    The bigger the friend, the more cuddlespace!

  3. gah!!!1!

    i was almost ded from the loving way the cat watched over the mouse, and then came the scene where (SPOILER ALERT) the mouse was riding on the cat, and that put me over the edge.

    now i am totally ded, and someone will have to clean up where i sploded.

  4. That is so sweet! What a gentle kitty, I love it. 🙂

  5. that is adorable!!!

  6. OMG!!! What is it, exactly, that turns off the “I’m going to snap your neck and suck out your brains!” instinct? Please tell me. and then my little Nermal can go outside again. I really mean it. We were afraid we we going to find an eviscerated toddler on or doormat one morning.

  7. The rat must have something on the cat.

  8. Cats tend to taught how to hunt by the moms, and they learn early on what is and is not prey (mostly from the smell as mom brings it back to the den). So if kitty grew up around mousies, he (or she) may not associate it with a prey item.

    Mind you this is a general rule, your cat silly, outrageous or just plain weird behavior may not apply.

  9. No effing way. Oh stop. Even in his food bowl, the cat doesn’t realize the hamster is food. I love the look on the cat’s face after he licks hammie. Tastes funny o_O

  10. Vernon, yes! Like naughty pictures!!!!

  11. What &is* that little dewd? Doesn’t look like a mouse or a hamster…chinchilla? Degu?

  12. good laud Meg!
    how many defs do you wanna be responsible for.
    [grabs at chest and topples from chair]

  13. Um, last time I saw a cat that had hamsters crawling out it’s butt it meant a month in the vet hospital and tons of money! O_o

  14. OMG that is exactly what I want to happen with my cat and my hammie. Unfortunately the killer instinct of the cat has not worn away and the hammie always has the “ok crap I am prey” look on his face.

  15. I’m pretty sure that cat was on drugs.

  16. is that a hamster? or other rodent? the way it cleans itself definitely looks like my little hamham. but that’s just wild, the kitty actually licks the little guy! crazy bananas!!

  17. omg. just when i thought i had seen the cutest of cute…

  18. Meandtheboys says:

    I agree:


  19. Definitely a Siberian hamster there folks. (We used to have one.) Such a sweet video!

  20. oh my gaaawd

  21. I’m probably dead, but I can’t tell because I’m too dead to check.

  22. GerbilNibble says:

    See, peeps, we Really Can all get along. And look freakin adorable. At the same time. When we want to.

  23. Aww…so cute! :3 I love how the cat is so tolerant and loving towards his little friend.

    It’s definitely a Siberian (Djungarian) winter white hamster, although this one is the grey-colored Sapphire variety.

    Too bad hamsters have such short lives compared to cats ;_; The two of them seem to be such good companions.

  24. Yeah, it’s all good now, but just wait till the day Fluffy’s mama forgets to feed her….

  25. super kawaii indeed.


  26. かわいいですね!!!

  27. Anne boleyn says:

    This is just what I needed before I go to bed for pleasant dreams. I hope the lady with the grandchildren under 7 gets to show them this video cause it’s what the world needs now…love sweet love. Whoops, dating myself.

  28. Oh, wow! Not the safest thing to do — I’m assuming mom & dad are monitering the situashun — but these two really seem to like each other. Very cute.

    Sure wish that vid was in English. I’d luv to hear what they were talking about.

    And yes… it’s a Winter-White dwarf hammie. Or maybe a Winter-White/Campbells (“syberian”) hybrid, kinda hard to tell in the video. But there are a lot of them these days.

  29. Anne, isn’t there another song that could date you? What was it called, ‘Bleen-Squees’ or something?

    (I never thought you were guilty by the way)

    I don’t know how it did it, but this video made me happy.

  30. Jesus. God. Just KEEEEL me!!

    Little hammie-like critters cleaning themselves so vigorously always make me go “awwwww!!”, but this took it to a whole new level. The kitteh looked like the idea of glurping the little hammie has NEVAH crossed his mind.

  31. Oh MY GOOOOD
    This is soooo adorable I couldn’t stop laughing (which woke up both my rats and cats, sorry).
    I used to have a cat that wouldn’t attack hamsters, but that one was just a chicken shit. He was afraid of flies too. But wow… this is great.

    By the way, what they’re saying in Japanese is nothing much important:
    Bell (the cat) has a best friend… a very small best friend! A jangarian (spl??) hamster, Lala!
    See how Bell even cleans her!
    “Oh, thank you Bell, I feel so much better now!”
    The two are very cute together… blabla… the cat’s back has become Lala’s favorite playground and they even go for a wak together!
    “Hey Lala, today I’ll take you to my favorite place!”
    “Oh thank you!”…. etc
    And when you stop hearing sounds… oh, look at how cute the two are in their dreams already…

  32. My border collie used to nose around one of my gerbils in its little plastic ball thingie. Not hard and not trying to get to it, just whenever it’d stop, trying to herd it.

    Oddly, the kittyback ride reminded me of that one Looney Tunes cartoon with the dog and the kitten. Anyone know what I mean?

  33. hazelbroom says:

    Yes! that cartoon was called “Feed the Kitty” and was the best one evar.

    I think that kitty must have decided the hammie is a kitten , perhaps.

    I had a pet rat once that my kitties never tried to attack. They were totally taken aback by her, and she wasn’t the slightest bit afraid of them, but they never snorgled.

  34. Thanks for the translation Akane. Darn… I was hoping they were saying something a bit more clever in the dialog. Oh well. 😉

  35. I love the “Japaneseness” as a word.


  36. That cat is a total pussy.

  37. That was super-cute, but am I the only one who thought of Richard Gere? : D

  38. There are so many many cute moments in this video, but I have to say that one of my favorite things was how carefully the cat walked with the hammie on its back!!!

  39. Also, that was some serious BEF on that hammie! I was hypnotized by them!

  40. Meg, you make me so happy when you post Japanese videos!! I watched a lot of TV when I lived in Japan, and I miss the ridiculous Japaneseness of it all. Life took on many ridiculous qualities when I lived in Japan. You’ve seen Lost in Translation? They did not exaggerate.

    Time to watch the jumproping dogs again….

  41. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Kara and Hazelbroom:

    You can see “Feed the Kitty” right here:

    It’s one of my faves too… especially the bit with the kitty cookie. Most hilarious pathos EVER.

  42. Julia ~ Thank you!!! This just finishes off the night beautifully.

  43. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Great vid! But is it just me, or is it whenever there’s a Japanese vid gettin’ played with a lady speakin’ Japanese in that tone(like a four-year-old), makes the SQUEE level skyrocket? Mah fat girl Rizzo shot up the stairs when I squee’d so loud when the lady was talking!! I’m just curious!! 😛

  44. okay that ending was crazy cute!! i can’t believe they were all cuddled up and sleeping together! i wish i could get my kitten and my hammie to do that, but instead the kitten thinks the hammie is a play toy.. sigh, if i only my old cat were still alive, he would clean the hammies and not attack them, he knew they were our pets

  45. evidence (from this site) seems to indicate that cats are the animal most likely to snorgle outside of its species (or at least be photographed/videotaped doing it) – would this be a fair conclusion to draw?

  46. FyreKnight says:

    I used to have this happen with my cat, Sandbagger and my rat, Natia.

    My mother tells the best story about laying in bed reading a book and suddenly the rat runs past her doorway followed quickly by the cat. The whole time she is trying to get untangled from the sheets and recover the rat she is trying to think of how she will explain this to me. Next thing you know, the cat runs past followed quickly by the rat!

    They were playing tag! She went into the hallway and watched them do it for about 5 minutes then the cat cleaned the rat on the couch!

    After that day we would let Natia out for about an hour to play and snuggle with Sandbagger. They really did love each other. It was the sweetest thing, I do not think Sandbagger thought the rat was her kitten, rather a friend to play with and snuggle.

  47. The narrator is the same voice as Meowth in Pokemon (Japanese version of course).


  48. That cat must be drugged or stupid. my two would have ripped hammies head off and tossed him about for a while till they got bored with the lack of movement.

  49. AWWZ! Teh keh-yoot-i-fee-cashun here is through the roof. X3


  51. That must be the cutest thing I have ever seen! A kitty cab for the hammie on the town… They should have a new catagory for cuteness associated with the unique and interesting situation and relationship. It is SUPER rare for a kitteh and a hammie boo to be friends!

  52. Yep, hammie riding on kitty’s really back did it for me. I understood one thing the little girl said… kawaii. 😛

  53. OMG the Japaneseness! I LOVE the irony of the hamster climbing into the cat’s food dish!!!

  54. ps. I like the new, larger font.

  55. Meg, you should put a warning stickers on videos with baby lullaby music and/or japanese people talking. 😛

  56. Early-ish in the vid, when hammie is near kitty’s belly, note the top leg moving away, like to nurse the Hamster. That’s my theory: Kitty adopted the little’un.
    Verry adorable.

  57. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    I’m not sure that qualifies so much as inter-species snorgling as guarding your food. Espesh since the cat seemed to be TASTING the hammie. I know it looked like affectionate leeking, but it was tasting.

  58. juliagoolia says:

    When the kitteh gave the hammie a ride and then stopped to let him off, my head literally exploded!!! LOL THIS IS THE BEST!

  59. Oh-so-cool!!!! And Meg references the cat bus—EVEN BETTER—

    (I too wish my kitties were this mild-mannered)


    kind kitty slouches as passing under the bed (couch, whatever) cuz he knows his buddy is on his back.

    there is just too much cuteness to cover on this one. i think i’ll just pass out now.

  61. my brain kinda hurts from all teh cute!!

    my cats are more afraid of my rats than anything, but they do play with the rabbits, and one of the rabbits likes to snorgle the rats.

  62. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OMG Adorable. Sure wish more people got along like this. Beyond Cuteness.

  63. Unbelievable… just unbelievable.

  64. This totally establishes the Japanese supremacy in all things cute! That voice sounds like it’s from a Miyazaki film!

    (And LOVE the Totoro Catbus scene, with the hammy riding on the cat!)

  65. My favorite Japaneseness is the shocked sounding “EH?!?!” you hear during such scenes as when the hammie is in the bowl. Besides doing this on Japanese game shows, Japanese people (in Japan anyway) would do this when I was telling a story during my summer there. I’d be like, “And then my sister fell into the pool..” And Yuki would go “EH!!!!” And I’d go “WHAT! What’s wrong, is there a ninja behind me or something?!”
    It always took me off guard.

  66. hey,
    i love CO don’t get me wrong,
    but my internet is too slow to load video and i miss coming to CO to see pics of all things cuteness.

    😦 missing the pictures

  67. When the kitteh is acting like a “bus” it sorta looked like the belleh was in mom mode. Do ya think the kitteh was preggers? that might go a ways to explain the nurturing instinct.

  68. Oh man, my insides hurt at times when the cute got to be too much!
    When the Hammie cleans himself, I can’t help but squee.
    And when the cat actually PAUSES to drop off the hammie. Oh man!

  69. not only does the kitty pause to let the hammie off, he actually drops down a little bit to let hammie off! Kinda like a fancy city bus lowers its steps so you can step off safely! And I loved seeing the “Feed the Kitty” vid. My ALL TIME FAV. cartoon. They don’t make em like that anymore. all kinds of killing and dismemeberment! yuck! Thank goodness for CO!

  70. i guess hammie haz no flavur

  71. hammie or chinchilla?? looks a little big for a hamster.

    in any case, those two are so perfectly sweet together. the kitty even gave the little one a lick. meccha kawaii!

  72. nermalkitty says:

    man. when did this happen? i can read everything so easily. love LOVE the larger print. i’ll be back more often. thanks.

  73. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Lucy and Ethel singing:


    If you’re ever in a jam, here I am
    If you’re ever in a mess, S-O-S
    If you ever feel so happy, you land in jail;
    I’m your bail.
    It’s friendship, friendship, just a perfect blendship.
    When other friendships have been forgot,
    Ours will still be hot.
    Lah-dle-ah-dle-ah-dle dig, dig, dig

  74. luvins- that is purrr-fect for this post!
    arent ya’all just impressed with the pristine white-ness of the kitteh!!??
    so bea-u-tee-ful.
    and the hammies all- “I shall hang back here by the tocks, which is a wonderful warm fuffy place to be”
    the girls are also preciously cute, I’m so glad to see them lovin their pets!

  75. omg. this video has everything. and, yes, i realize i’ve said that about like 5 other videos on this site. because it keeps being true.

  76. That is a HAMSTER, by the way. This is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  77. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Thanx Liz.
    I am so unbelievably impressed by the friendship and especially when the cat goes under the table so carefully not to hit hammies head. The family I bet is also very closeknit.
    Warms the Tockles of My Heart.

  78. Mary (the first) says:

    This is toooo much! ALthough I do easily believe the kitteh loves the hammie. (The difference in size is almost like me and my kitteh who sleeps next to my head, frequently nose to nose with me.. so sweet.. but I digress.) I have to ask, y’all are mentioning the word “kawaii” which I am not familiar with. What is it?

  79. Kawaii I think is Japanese for cute.


  80. so the popular tourist spot in the hawaiian islands is really called “cute”?

  81. Arachnophile_grrl says:

    Man, I WISH my cat felt this way about my rodents but, no way. She’d eet heem in a second.


  82. My cat: “nom nom nom.”

  83. Gahh! The unbearable cuteness!

    When hammie jumped in the food dish I was like “Whoa hammie–don’t push your luck!”

    So cute. Gahh! *slips into sugar coma*

  84. Stooges Woman :-) says:

    Sounds like the same voiceover from a classic video you posted on 9/6/06, “A Day In the Life of the Shorthairs!” ( 🙂

  85. REDONK!!

    That’s all I can say.

  86. the exceptional cuteness makes me want to die. the baby voice makes me want to puke…

  87. Hey, Akane… does Kawaii really mean cute in Japanese?

  88. Looked like when the kitty first started cleaning her hamster..”Friend…food..friend…food….” *sigh* Friend. 😀

  89. The title is:
    Big funny pets!
    Good guys, bad guys, and ordinary guys

    The cat is a good mum!

  90. thats messed up!!!!!

  91. berthaslave says:

    I agree, the hammie must have done a vulcan-mind-meld with the kitteh. We need to harness that mind-meld lovin’ power and get some to our leaders, stat!


  93. I have to admit, when I first started watching, this made me very nervous, but by the end, just amazed. It’s so cute. My cats would have chewed him till he flopped around, then they would’ve played with him for hours…not cool.

  94. Kawaii is pronounced “ka-wa-ee” and means cute. I was warned not to confuse it with KO-wa-ee, which means “terrible” (?) when I was over there. Any person actually from that excellent country please correct me. It was loads of fun to go up to Japanese babies in strollers and go “Ka-wa-EEE!” as if I actually spoke real Japanese.

  95. The correct pronunciation for “kawaii” is literally “ka-wa-ii”. But “ka-wa-ee” is rather for the young. You can say, “Cho— kawaee—–!(very cute!)”.
    Kowai for “terrible” is “ko-wa-i”, and “ko-ee–” can be used by young people.

  96. Sweetmisery says:

    So adorable.

  97. Sophie Blue says:

    Kowai can also be translated as “scary”. For example, a glass breaks and it startles you, you can look around and say “Kowai!!!”. Kowai and Kawaii are sometimes really hard to tell apart, but most often, context helps out a bunch. Cute vid by the way! Great listening practice for me too! ^_^