Ryan Seacrest on a plate

Writes Sender Inner Hillary D.; “This my my dwarf hamster. His name is Ryan Seacrest and he is a tasty snack.”

Well obvy, Hillary.


Hee! Pass the butter. Hamsters are nothing but butter-delivery vehicles anyway.



  1. Such a mouthful of morsel

  2. Ooooh Appetizer! Yummy – bring on more hammies!

  3. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Quick, everyone call the number on the side of that pizza box! Let’s see if we can all get hammies delivered before they run out!

  4. green eggs ‘n ham

  5. So cute, though no hammie is that gay or annoying.

  6. Now now, Seacrest would be just as annoying if he were just like big, bearded, bonking, butch Oscar Wilde, the terror of the ladies. A hundred and fourteen illegitimate children, world heavyweight boxing champion and author of the bestselling pamphlet ‘Why I Like to Do It with Girls’ – and Massingbird had him sent down for being a whoopsy.

  7. PS Delicious hammy!

  8. now everyone knows that the knife blade goes toward the plate. . .
    oh! a teensy, delicate bit o sweet! Tea, anyone?

  9. turkeylegsmom says:

    OMG I work for Pagliacci Pizza! We had to stop our Dwarf Hamster Pie tho, we kept running out of toppings.

  10. turkeylegsmom says:

    Or–our toppings kept running out on us. Whatever.

  11. Delicious! Oh, just one for me, I’m on a diet.

    (The rollover is cracking me up!)

  12. but do they go well with pizza?

  13. LOL, Theresa :-D…”bein a Whoopsy” ;-p

    Hammie looks delectabuhls – like a chocolate scone. I shall dip heem in coffee and take a sweet neeble…

  14. luvinmalssomuch says:

    mmmmmwahhhh! delizioso!

  15. nice blackadder reference lol

    i prefer my hammies drizzled with melted cheese please. nibble nibble.

    what a cute little ball of fluff.

  16. Ryan Squeequest!

  17. Am I the only one who is impressed that Sender Inner sets out a full place setting for pizza?

  18. Theresa … YOU SHOT MY SPECKLED JIM!!!

  19. diane-
    I was especially impressed that someone would actually SET A PLACE for delivery pizza.
    at our house, the BOX would’ve been half eaten by that time!

  20. Nice Christine says:

    Cuuuuuuuute hammie! I want to nibble on him.

    Shrews, be careful/respectful with your use of the word “gay.”

  21. Liz…she set it after she ordered ^.~ that way what you said COULD take place.

    meanwhile, I set a place for when I eat a bowl of cheese’n’chips soooo >.>

  22. HAHAHA Ryan Secrest might be the most hilarious pet name ever

  23. ph yeah….,.and that Hamster is teh cutestnesslyness ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    except for my two dwarfs

  24. My my, he looks DELISH!

    I shall sprinkle some paprika on him …


    *nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle* HE’S TOO CUTE!

  25. Hillary, you did not name your hammie Ryan Seacrest! I think I fell off my chair laughing!

  26. Hey! This sender-inner is from the Seattle area – I’d recognize that pizza box o’ yumminess anywhere!

    I never thought of having a hamsetizer before my pizza.

  27. Kara, tally-ho, with a bing and a bong and a buzz-buzz-buzz!

  28. berthaslave says:

    There are lots of interesting celebrity names for Hamsters, but I’ll let those jokes fester in your imagination.

    Put some pineapple on the plate and you’ve got a nice Hawaiian pizza w/ the ham.

  29. Where are the green eggs?:D

  30. miette-yes about the knife blade, and ALSO the pointy side of the napkin should be pointing to the left. If yer going to do eet, do eet right.

  31. MaliceAlice says:

    Yay! Always so nice to see other people from Seattle that are addicted to teh Qte! And props on getting the best pizza in town. I’m out in Hawaii for college right now and their idea of decent pizza is Papa Johns. I wish I could make my font all green and melty to accurately display my distaste. 🙂 They don’t even have goat cheese as a topping option! So uncivilized!

  32. LOL at the Hover text! Nice!

  33. Ryan Seacrest is this decade’s Carson Daly. He is a tool.

    The human, not the ham. :]

  34. Sweetdoggie says:

    In Ecuador, they eat Guinea Pigs. I guess this little guy could be desert.

  35. I know I must live in a cave, but I am not familiar with Ryan Seacrest. If he is at all gay and/or annoying then I suppose shrews12001’s comment would be valid. And of course no hammie would be gay or annoying. Well… sometimes annoying, specially when I forget to oil their wheel. But never gay. Well… sometimes when they are annoyed with me for separating the girls from boys… or they just wanna, you know, have some fun or maybe play leap-frog or somethin. But I digress

    Cute picture.

  36. [um…dwarf hamster? aren’t they already, you know, pretty small?]

  37. Look at how shiny his fur is. He MUST be using pantene pro-v!!!

  38. *SNORGLE*

  39. Oh my goodness, I work at Pagliacci’s too, turkeylegsmom!

  40. The table cloth looks a bit 70’s.

  41. I want to cute heeem in harf. I tink jelly beans would pour out, each bna stransforming into a tiny hammie clone…..

    Can it be meds teim nao?

  42. I swear, the first pair of hamsters I had was a gay couple. Two males* living in one cage for years, no conflict, no female mates.

    In fact, this ham looks a lot like Brownie did. HMMM.

    * Brownie and Goldie. I had no talent at naming anything at that age. If I kept hamsters today, I’d probably name them Baron Whiskencrantz or something equally idiotic.

  43. luvinmalssomuch says:

    ‘Joey! Joey! get back in here and clean your plate young man. No TV for you tonight mister until you eat every last morsel.’

  44. Eater of Shades says:

    mmmm… dwarf hamster
    nom nom nom nom nom

  45. LinguaMorta says:

    We all love, rodents, right? Cute photo, but- you *did* get a clean plate then, right?

  46. snoopysnake says:

    I’ll bet Simon Cowell is royally tiffed that you did not name the hamster after him! Ryan Seacrest (the hamster, natch) rocks!

  47. Yubi… did you have dwarf hamsters? Cause if you did, dwarfs live in colonies in the wild unlike their larger hammie cousins (Syrians). Big ole families all living together in one place. So you never know, they coulda just been pals.

  48. Ah! I didn’t see this photo till now! That’s my ham. I did notice after the fact the incorrect napkin and knife placement…unfortunately Little Seacrest is hard to capture still, so I had to work fast.

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