This water bowl is not big enough for two, Baby.

[shove] Ehn!

[shoving your credit to the side]–>Hannah B., thanks!



  1. Reminds me of my sister and I

  2. Anne boleyn says:

    Oh yeah, I know these two!

  3. YAY! Wednesdays are hammy days!

  4. I love how the greedy one hesitates for *just so long* before he goes back for more.


  5. haha the white one is so polite

  6. My gerbils used to do this at the water bottle. Their little hands are good at shoving!

  7. Two rats drinking from a bowl 🙂 So cute! I love how the one with white hogs the bowl until the other one gets fed up and pushes her away, yet when it’s her turn to drink she only takes a few sips then makes way. So polite, the beige and white one!

    Love them!

  8. that’s no hammie ! thems are RATS! no self respectin hammie would dis his bro like that!

    the tan and white guy is all like “Step Off!, get outta my food bowl, go find your own” nom nom nom

  9. i did not expect the little hand pushing – very impolite! lol. the white one is like “i will tolerate thee, and then poop on you when you sleep”

  10. Mr. Tan head needs a lesson from Miss Manners!

    Thanks CO, having a bad work day and needed this. its good to see animals that behave as well as our clients.

  11. I poosh you!
    Oh yeah? I poosh YOU!!!

  12. Another Angela says:

    Those pink-eyed whites are often gentle giants 😉

  13. I hate to say this but I really wanted the white one to push the tan and white one right before it ended. Poor white rat! I can’t watch it again!

  14. Silent Meow says:

    I think they need a bigger water bowl.

  15. lol
    if that were hooman kids, we’d think they were horrible brats…

  16. cute…..or MEAN? ahah

  17. The little white rat is just saving up for a colossal beatdown. You can see it in his beady little eye. “One more time, bruthatrucka. Just ooooonnnne more tiiiime, and The Big’Uns aren’t there with that camera …”


  18. “You’re gonna need a bigger bowl.”

  19. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Hysterical Aubrey!!

  20. The sad truth is, if they had a bigger bowl or two bowls, they would STILL be doing this. My guinea pigs are lovely proof of that. They don’t shove, but they do nose-poke.

  21. luvinmalssomuch says:

    ‘Water Bowl Rat Rappin’

    You’re pushin’ too hard, uh-pushin’ on me
    You’re pushin’ too hard, uh-what you want me to be
    You’re pushin’ too hard about the things you say
    You’re pushin’ too hard every night and day
    You’re pushin’ too hard
    Pushin’ too hard on me (too hard)

    Well all I want is to just be free
    Live my life the way I wanna be
    All I want is to just have fun
    Live my life like it’s just begun
    But you’re pushin’ too hard
    Pushin’ too hard on me (too hard)

    Well, better listen girl to what I’m tellin’ you
    You better listen girl, or we are through
    You better stop all your foolin’ around
    Stop your runnin’ all over town
    ‘Cause you’re pushin’ too hard
    Pushin’ too hard on me (too hard)

    Well I know there’s a lotta fish in the sea
    I know some would-uh stay by me
    So if you don’t think I’m gonna try
    You better ask yourself the reason why
    ‘Cause you’re pushin’ too hard
    Pushin’ too hard on me (too hard)

    Pushin’ too hard, pushin’ too hard
    Pushin’ too hard, pushin’ too hard
    Pushin’ too hard, pushin’ too hard
    Pushin’ too hard on me (too hard)

  22. Turn taking at its best! uh… worst?

  23. geez, are hoodies ALWAYS so alpha? seems like it to me. i had a little female hoodie who constantly did this to her larger companions at the water bottle. and all my ratties have always done this to each other when vying for treats. rattie hands are sooo wonderful.

  24. Whoa!! The brown/beige one is so nasty!! Cut it out!

  25. I love eeet! My ratties completely do this, only they’re a lot more animated and agro about it. When I walk into the room, they run to the top of their cage and get into the corner closest to me. Then they push each other out of the way over and over trying to be most visible to Mommy. I have two females, and the hoodie is alpha only because she’s much bigger. I’ve always thought a video of my girls would belong under cute or sad.

  26. wow that rat’s a real a– hole if you ask me. Hehe

  27. I just LURVE how the one is actually using her/his paw to PUSH the other one out of the way. Hee-larious!

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    What’s a “hoodie”? I thought those were those little sweatshirt jackets people wear??

  29. The redhead reminds me of Danny Bonaduce

  30. That’s the most tolerant white rat (heck any rat) I’ve ever seen. And who taught that little tan one his manners?

  31. annienanners says:

    Okay, I’m an idiot, but no matter how many times I say it out loud, I don’t understand “nyerhe!” Li’l help here?

  32. Mary..hoodie = rats that have a different coloured head from the rest of their body..hence a ‘hood’ .. 😛

  33. I think I saw the tan one on the F train platform this morning.

  34. annienanners- Put your mouth like yer sayin ‘yer’ and then try to say NO.

  35. Wow! So cute. I was totally rooting for the white rattie! Push him back! Way back!

  36. My bro had a rat when we were little (reskyood from school lab), it’s name was “Rattan.” He used to ride around on our collie, no pooshing was involved.

    Luvin, yer toppin yerself.

  37. my two ratties do that ALL the time. so much pooooshing and shuuuuuuving.

  38. I was gonna say the same thing Sandy except I had a brother instead of a sister. I’ll admit it: I was the white and tan rat.

  39. “Show me the way to my bowl
    I’m hungry and I need to be fed
    My brother is getting in my way
    He ignores what I just said
    No matter how I speak
    No matter when I squeak
    You’ll always hear me singing this song
    Show me the way to my bowl”

  40. Au,
    You’re bowling me over!

  41. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Whaaasuppp Kiragirl!

  42. annienanners – it’s the CO pronunciation of “no”. sounds like nairrr, but more nasal as if you were a critter with attitude.

  43. Oh, the tan and white guy is cruisin’ for a bruisin’! One of these days the white one will decide he’s had enough and do the rat version of going postal. This could get very ugly, very quickly!

  44. Old Pink Eyes! Get those two some coffee and a cold compress.

  45. Reminds me of the horses at the ranch. All the geldings were kept in one large corral with a huge round water trough big enough for a dozen horses. Our shetland, who was by far the smallest, was also the batchelor herd boss. When he came to drink, ears pinned, the other geldings would part like the red sea and give him plenty of room. No one dared sip or even glance in his direction while he was at the trough.

  46. LoL miss tan hoody pants is obviously in charge here.

  47. kiragirl, you bowlster my confidence.

  48. The best part is that the tan isn’t even thirsty- just doesn’t want the white to have what he wants.

  49. I had two gerbils once, two brothers, that would do EVERYTHING together, including running the wheel, sleeping, eating, AND DRINKING. They would always share the water bottle.

    They would either drink side-by-side or one on top, one upside-down. Quite SQUEE-ish, if you ask me.

  50. annienanners says:

    Paunchie and Jen– THANKS! I was adding a syllable? The “e” is silent? I see. I thought I was good with the CO phonetics, but not this one. I feel left out.

  51. so naughty!!!

    in our house my cat is the white rat and my dog is the hoodie…..

  52. Aww.

    I used to have two rats and they would always shove each other over a bowl of food.

    I think albinos are just a bit meek.. my albino one got roughed up a bit by my brown rat.

  53. painterjane says:

    loollll…whenever we would give our ratties rice cereal, they went so nuts over it that they would do the same thing. In their case, there was equal shoving on both sides 😉

  54. berthaslave says:

    All that we need are little prison bars and striped convict suit — I believe they are re-enacting a scene from “Cool Hand Luke.”

  55. Rats. Awsum. 🙂 The paw-shoving is the best – so, so human-like. o_O

  56. Aw, for GOSH SAKES!

    How much could one of those little bowls cost?

    Get another one and let them drink in peace.

    Would YOU share YOUR drinking cup?

  57. Yep, mine do the same thing. And when it comes to snack dishes, they won’t bother pushing the others away, they will actually use their front foot (hand) and pull the dish away. Or if it’s a light-weight plastic dish, they’ll grab it right out of my hand and run with it. Sharing is not in a rat’s vocabulary.

    Anner… in my younger set, the hooded is actually the polite one. His brothers, an all black & a siamese, are the pushy ones.

    Sad note: One of my ratties died just this morning. He was my favorite mischief-maker too. I’m really going to miss him.

  58. How rude! Tan rat really needs to get bitch-slapped.

  59. How ratty, how ratty. Me looooooves

  60. Hoodie is not home to miss manners. Tsk tsk.

  61. That little guy has a mean left hook.

  62. LOL poor white one keeps getting pushed further away each time…

  63. another water bowl would not help 🙂 whenever i have a bunch of rats, they can all be sitting there doing nothing for hours, then one rattie gets the idea to have a sip, and suddenly _everyone_ is thirsty. and they’l all crowd at one bowl/sipper tube and completely ignore the others, lol.

    scritches SPB. me and my boys send you rattie lovin’

  64. marleykeen says:

    what a little punk,… it seems to be a rule of siblings, you are only interested if someone else wants it too.

    this is too funny

  65. My girlie rats are horrible about pushing each other in the face. LOL. (That person needs to clean the cage, by the way.)

    Thank you for posting more rats, Cute Overload.

  66. SPB, sorry about your dear little rattie’s passing! Many condolensces, and may your other ratties help tickle the pain away just a little.

  67. That is so NOT cute! That white rat is evil embodied….

  68. Dang! How rUUUUUUde!

  69. darkshines says:

    Haha, just as I pressed play, and Britney Spears “Gimme More” came on the radio, lol!

  70. aww… that yellow one is a meanie bikini!

  71. ok, i’ve been ratless for over a year, and i think i’ve had just about enough. in might be time to get a new pair of girls!

    hmm. that last part didn’t come out quite right.