Dewds, check out my little shoulders

I’m like, half stuffed animal!!! Just look how cute they are! It’s like the knobby knees rule, only higher up!


Brige! Nice shoulder capturing.



  1. I love lambies!

  2. luvinmalssomuch says:

    OMG! He is the cutest.

  3. [tiniest of shrugs]

  4. Love the long white eyelashes and his/her “You talkin’ to me?” expression!

  5. ..thinking of lamb chop…

  6. EEP!
    Cutest little fluffball. We had a farm down the street from me (*hick*) that used to have lambs every spring. I died a little bit everytime we drove past.

  7. I can smell the farm loveliness now!!

    His eyelashes are cuuute.

  8. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Know what you mean Laura M. I too have a farm down the road and die alittle every spring. Cuz they are so cute.

  9. Betcha he has the knees knobs, too,

  10. lammie moufs look so soft and snorglable. why is that? does that make me a baaaaad person?

  11. this is very cute. i demand more of these types of pictures, and LESS CAT PICTURES.

  12. Sweetest little mouf! Want to kees eet! (after wiping it, of course!)

  13. “Lisa, I thought you loved me! Lo-o-o-oved me-e-e-e!”

    sorry. just slipped out.

  14. Small shoulders or big head? You be the judge.

  15. This cuteness is not good for my health – someone call a lambulance!

  16. Baaaaaaaad, Aubrey.
    For us or for ewe?

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    THERE’s my little lamb!!! 🙂

  18. This is the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend. Some people started singing it forever just because this is the song that never ends….

  19. ewe shall bring me a ram-ikin of grain with molasses Please.

  20. Momof2kitties says:

    Dat wambie needs a hug. And fortunately I am a certified Doctor of Huggology. I’m on my way!

  21. aubrey – hope ewe feel better soon! just don’t get fleeced by your HMO. else you’ll start getting chased by debt collectors and have to go on the lamb…

  22. OMG! Lamb disapproval!


  23. aww… “and who would you be?”

  24. Lookit the EYE LASHES!

  25. t – get ewesd to it.
    anner – I just tell the creditors some yarn or other…

  26. I’m a city gal, but I think sheeps are the cutest! I love going to Ag fairs and cooing over sheep and goats of all ages. Something about these critters, just love em.

  27. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    Q. Why do Scotsmen wear kilts?
    A. Zippers scare the sheep away!

    Now bring me those velcro gloves…

  28. he is wonderful.
    i love the look on his face, “hi! are you gunna feed me?”
    i want one for my backyard.

  29. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Ann, get thee to I Can Has Cheezburger and submit that one!

    Cricket, BWAAAAHAAAHAAHA! I hardly ever do a true LOL, but I seriously had to stifle that one at work!

  30. Super cute SHEEP!
    I motion for a higher concentration of SHEEPS!! on C.O.!!!

  31. Lamb BOOGERS………

  32. I second that motion. Doesn’t get any cuter than those wooly little thingies

  33. ooohhh… i love lambs. they’re the cutest, goofiest-looking little creatures. i wanna ditch work and go frolic in the field with him.

    i have this lovely memory of walking down a country road as a teenager and befriending a little lambie who was on the other side of a fence. i petted and snorgled him through the bars for a really long time. when i finally walked away, he baa-ed after me so plaintively, it nearly broke my heart.

  34. Oh, and the wooly body, like a well a well-loved teddy bear… the white eyelashes and the dearest, chewable ears…

  35. Forget the shoulders, what about those eyelashes??? No mascara needed!!!

  36. BuggyWuggs' Mom says:

    Those cute lil shoulders are holding up the cutest lil head with the cutest lil mouf and the most proshest sweet big eyes and purty big ol’ ears and…..well, I could go on forever…and maybe I did.

  37. Farm animals rule…

  38. berthaslave says:

    This is a very wise looking lamb. Who could definitely use a veggie cheesburger or two. 😛

  39. So, I’m listening to my customary after work jazz on the radio, and about 10 minutes ago the host, introducing Tito Puentes’s latin version of “Swingin’ Shepherd Blues” said the following:

    “I wish I had a lamb to mambo around the kitchen with.”

    I thought, “Best idea EVER!”

    Then I come here, and what do I find?

    *Mambos ’round the kitchen, hugging laptop screen*

  40. While riding on a train through Wales, I watched lamb after lamb scamper away from the train, whirling its little tail like a helicopter blade. It was beyond adorable. It was adorable overload.

  41. “Why does the earthworm sound like a lamb?”

  42. i stopped eating lamb a long time ago because of babies like this.

  43. You can almost see the rack of lamb!

  44. L00K H0W CUTTiE!!!!i W0ULD GET THiS C0STUME F0R MY D0G!!!!

  45. His wool reminds me of the Snuggles bear. And yes, his eyelashes are amazingks.

  46. Saw this pic, thought how cute it was.
    Prompted me to buy tasty rack of Lamb.
    Yummy and adorable.

  47. Bwahaha! You Simpsons fans crack me up. Remember how they kept getting smaller and cuter until they got to the last one, and they pushed the “not as cute” one aside?
    Oh, and enjoy them while they are cute and little, ya know? We have a grown up lamb named Ernie. Sure, he was and is adorable, and acts like a pet dog . We used to be able to take him for walks, but now he’s so huge it’s like walking a house… sigh.

  48. Mary had a little Lamb
    she also had a Duck
    She put them on the mantle piece
    to see if they would …..

  49. The cutest view of a lamb is to look at its back from above. Then you get the big floppy ears, and those darling shoulderblades in full relief. Lamb shoulders are the stuff cute is made of.

  50. SO CUTE! I just want to hug it!

  51. Cute baa-aa-aaby!

  52. Go vegan! save the lambies!

  53. snoopysnake says:

    He needs a nice wool sweater draped over those shoulders!

  54. Aaghh… so cute. Sigh…

  55. Tee-hee @ the poopy nose.

    And yes, that’s my real name, not just a clever pseudonym. 😛

  56. What the heck is wrong with that thing’s nose??

  57. OMG–those eyelashes!!!

  58. We have several sheep, and this makes me wish it was March already so I can play with the new lambs!
    We never have white one, though… we raise black sheep. They’re just as cute, I can assure you!