THIS JUST IN: Egg in Pannnnts

EggpannntsFirst there was "Cataloons." Then, "Bunnaloons".

Now, there are "Egg-a-loons".





You heard me.

Thanks, Paula C., (I think!?)

Available here, at Lizkin!



  1. The perfect egg-
    Reach boiling and let boil for 5 mins. Take off of stove and let sit for 15 mins. Drain and dry. Place egg in pants, make sure zipper is up. Enjoy. :9

  2. there’s only one thing to say. er, sing. “wiggle wiggle, yellow middle! eggs I really love you so!”

  3. lurkingsmirk says:

    Wendy T–that was a _great_ flash!

  4. my eggs DID need pants. I had never realized it before but they totally do

  5. Now I’m just waiting for the matchkins cozy!

  6. fish eye no miko says:

    Well, finally! I swear, up till now eggs have just been running around all naked! Shameful!

  7. Eggsactly what I need.

  8. I had no idea. I feel like Adam & Eve after they ate that verboten fruit. Innocence lost.

    Now when I open the fridge and see all those naked eggs nestled in the door, I won’t be able to help but feel scandalized.

    Maybe I’ll drape ’em with lettuce or something.

  9. i want some with humpty-dumpty-style trousers.

  10. pants!

  11. I can’t believe I’ve been consuming nekkid eggs all these years.

  12. finally, I can stop trying to keep them in MY pants!

  13. oh my! I’d forgotten about the egg song!! LOL

    Got to love these little egg pants. How do people think them up? Genius minds at work lol.

    Oh gosh, remember the phone song too? Bananaphone, that was it.

    And the tiger tours song!

    Those were the days LOL


  14. There should be a denim-colored version, with a tiny toolbelt. That way, we’d be sure to see the egg’s crack!


  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    And gooeyctr takes it for the win!
    I dunno, Meggie, those look like Leggs to me (Yolk, yolk).

  16. clearly we can see who wears the pants in this family.

  17. SQUEEEEE! Eggpants! They are the cutest things evar.

  18. I’m still amazed that these are NOT Japanese. I disbelieve! Only they could come up with something like that.

  19. Cool. They can hang with the Bananas in Pajamas.

  20. I never knew before that I needed pants for my eggs, but now I am convinced.

  21. my eggs usually wear thongs

  22. Kiragirl — sounds sorta like a Mercedes hood ornament. Y’know, stretched. And upside down.

  23. When I get my Mercedes I’ll letcha know.

  24. All you kids who grew up in the 70s, do you remember that the Kool-Aid pitcher used to not have pants? Nowadays he does. Tan cargo pants. I find it disturbing that they felt the need to put pants on him. Was he streaking about back in the day?

  25. lone-
    is that an actual soft-boiled egg recipe?
    or is that a hard boiled egg recipe?
    i’ve never known how to make the eggs you put in these lil holders.
    (and no, i am not going to put them in my pants, thanks for the idea though)

  26. Winnie the Pooh does not wear pants, neither did Mr. Potatohead.

  27. Finally something to go with my toast sweater and my bacon slippers.

  28. donald duck does not wear pants, and neither does goofy.

  29. Mighty Cthulhu does not wear pants, and neither does Chuck Norris.
    (Chuck Norris’ skin naturally regenerates job-grade stretch denim.)

  30. liz-
    that’d be the hard boiled egg, no idea about soft boiled. No interest in slurping an egg *shiver.

    And the pants, thats Meg’s idea of what the holder is.

    Chuck Norris doesn’t need pants to begin with, hes all fist.

  31. berthaslave says:

    Sha. How stupid. Wearing white pants after labor day. I mean, really.

    P.S. “I’m not wearing pants.”

  32. the Tin Man wears pans, heehee

  33. Steve the Egg! Steve the Egg!
    He woke up next to sausages!

  34. Soft Boiled egg. Put egg in cold water bring to boil. boil for 10 minutes exactly pullout egg put in pants and enjoy. (This is the sea level recipe I believe for higher elevations it is 12 minutes) This makes the yolk soft but not runny. For a runny yolk try 7-8 minutes.

  35. People, people. You’re murdering your eggs by cooking them like that.
    For a thoroughly cooked boiled egg, you should parboil it. Put an egg in cold water, and bring to boil. Once it’s boiled, turn the heat off and cover pot with lid. Let sit 15 minutes.
    For soft-boiled egg where the albumen is cooked but the yolk is runny, boil the egg for three to five minutes.
    Butter a piece of toast and cut into strips. Cut the top off a soft-boiled egg and dip the soldier (strip of toast) into the yolk. Delish.
    To do this you will need an egg cup to hold the egg still. Or egg pantalons.

  36. OMG!!1! IT’S MR. EGG-PANTS!

  37. Hayley the Shopgirl says:

    OMG! We sell these at my store! I had no idea they’d be this famous… (contemplates a shameless plug, and decides against)

  38. Egg pants?! Where were they when I burned my fingers yesterday trying to fix breakfast? Bah! I only ever find out these things the day after.

    *waves scorched hands in indignation*

  39. egg pants! we sell those where i work. but, unfortunately, i don’t eat eggs.

  40. I want a variety of bottoms.
    Chicken foots.
    Kitty toes.
    Skirts, for the lady eggs.
    If I’ve got to dress my nekkid eggs, and yes now I see I should, I want variety.
    Eggs on pointe.
    Eggs in heels.
    Eggs with cleets.

  41. acelightning says:

    That’s way too small to hold a serving of scrambled eggs…

  42. I would like to take this opportunity to quote Lauowolf out of context:

    “I want a variety of bottoms.”

    Thank you.

    Also, I plan to do this throughout the day.

  43. bottoms up!

  44. willowsmom says:

    EGGG! PAhhnntts! NOW!
    -Anyone marry an Axe murderer lately?

  45. It was late.
    Or early.
    Or something.

  46. Talk about REDONK!

  47. my recipe for
    Cholesterol Bombs:

    – dozen eggs-in-pants
    – boil to a hard boil
    – cool in pants
    – peel
    – cut each in 2
    – take out yolks
    – mix yolks with, yes, Miracle Whip, a little mustard, S&P
    – put egg bottoms in pants
    – fill with yolk mixtyure
    – top with paprika (said in Billy Christal voice)