The laundry is chasing the ball again



Kitten In Laundry BasketClick here for more blooper videos

Bianca G., I suggest lightening up on the bleach <–see how I did that there? (hee)



  1. Awesome!! I want one of those ball chasing laundry baggies!! Do I see two kitties at the end??

  2. Woohhoo!


  3. when my laundry moves its never for this reason.


  4. That’s a pretty pathetic laundry bag, though. It would hold approximately one bath towel.

  5. Cauliflower says:

    How horrible to confine a cat in such a space like that. What awful owners for not getting something like a 12 pack box or…I don’t know…a paper bag. Awful…Awful…

    [don’t feed the trolls, peeps… – Ed.]

  6. Yitzysmommie says:

    HA! Good thing this wasn’t~ 35 years ago. I can just imagine my former self under the influence of pyschedelics watching my laundry basket go zooming around the room. Cosmic, dudes!

  7. oh, lol. at first i didn’t understand what was going on.

  8. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Uhhhm, in that mess, I can totally believe laundry coming alive and chasing the ball. C’mon, kids, clean up in there! You could, like, LOSE a kitten in that disaster zone!!

    Sorry. The ‘MOM’ gene tends to kick in somewhat unpredictably…cute vid, BTW.

    Dreamspinner Cheryl

  9. Someone: Um, kit, it’ll be easier to chase the ball if you’re NOT in the laundry bag-

    Cat: SHADDUP I know what I’m doing! *skidpounce*

  10. JulieRaven says:

    I literally lol’d at this. My kitties used to do this all the time 😀 It never gets old. One of my kitties also hides under the sheets and you poke her and she plays.

  11. Have agrophobia and stay active! Cat’s from Mars…

  12. ROFL!!!

  13. Tony James says:

    I need one of those laundry baskets – I only have bags right now and the only way I can tell if Very Cute But Not Very Bright cat has climbed into one has started hibernating is when I get downstairs into the laundry room, open the bag, and think “I’m sure none of my shirts are that colour…”

  14. The last time my laundry came alive, it produced a very small, very cute, but very poisonous behbeh snake. I’d much rather it chase balls.

  15. It was kind of funny once or twice, but by the end it just seemed kind of mean, really.

  16. Michael W. says:

    LOL…it’s like Hungry Hungry Hippos…

  17. just TRY to walk by that laundry bag in bare feet. Been there, done that.

  18. Catsalooney.

  19. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    bflmar: Yay for pancakes!!! Or maybe leiderhosen?

  20. What in the name of cute are you talking about, strixus?

  21. So the cat’s name is Kenny?

  22. FurryKnickers says:

    Mean? That kitteh is having the time of his life!

    Also: You’re so right about stepping near with bare feet. That laundry basket has pointy tentacles.

  23. marsheeeee says:

    Naw…it’s not mean. Cats love to do that kind of thing. I think they think we can’t see them, or something. I have some black cloth that I put on the floor – one of my cats loves to crawl under it (when he’s not clawing it) and “hide”…I play “where’s Owen?” with him. He likes to attack his cat toys when he’s under the material. Of course, the tail hanging out is a dead giveaway, but he doesn’t have to know that.

  24. Hm, I think that when your laundry gets to this stage of moving, it’s really time to wash it. 😛

    Cute video 🙂

  25. hidinks

  26. it’s not meant to be mean. he can get under the basket all by himself. he does it all the time. if you like seamus’ antics, please rate his video on metacafe! gotta keep his rating above 3.0!

  27. If they got some stuff off the floor the laundry could really go to town! (I’m not judging, BTW. I don’t let anyone in my house unless I have JUST cleaned. It just never looks clean….)

  28. my bed quilt often goes after passing balls, strings, and occasional ankles . . .

  29. circuscake says:

    i wish my laundry was this much fun…

  30. creativegirl says:

    i like the Maroon 5 background music.

  31. Reminds me of that movie Price of Milk (lovely sweet movie BTW) with the sheep dog that is agoraphobic so always hides under the box.

    So cute.

  32. berthaslave says:

    laundra ninja kitteh

  33. Cauliflower says:

    If anyone thought my comment was a nuff comment…you really just don’t get it…hahaha…

    [don’t feed the editor, peeps… – Ed.]

  34. Cauliflower says:

    And if a troll makes a comment just because of what I said they’re stupid. I was just joking. I am sorta surprised that a cat would like something like that…maybe it makes more noise than it looks like it does.

    [don’t feed… um… aw heck I’m out. Anybody else got one? – Ed.]

  35. This is animal abuse! sure it looks cute but that cat is probably going insane. Shame on you people that find this amusing.

  36. FashionableNerd says:

    *sigh*..we just had to have a REAL troll pop up, didn’t we? Anyhow, cute cat (says the gal allergic to kitties)

  37. Cauliflower says:

    *Raises right hand in air* I promise never to joke by pretending I don’t like something about a post again.

  38. berthaslave says:

    Cauliflower — I suggest something like /sarcasm to indicate your impression of a ’nuff, instead of implying actual ’nuffitude.

  39. Run for your lives it’s the laundry monster.

  40. Exterminate!
    unidentified spherical intruder…

    quick, run for the stairs!

  41. he’s inside the laundry bag to hide from the dreadful music.

  42. wow, the cat sure is obsessed ’bout that li’l ball, ain’t he?

  43. Hee. My kitties will do this with whatever is available — bags, boxes, straw hats, laundry baskets, etc. Or under covers or rugs. Nobody puts them into these objects, they jump in, or nuzzle under. In fact I think they feel safe and powerful from what they believe to be their hidden position. Attack, attack! Nobody can see me! I am the most powerful tigger in the world!

  44. Why would somebody, upon seeing what cats just do naturally, think this is cruel? I have dogs and I know cats like hanging out undercover…it’s what they do!