Invisible Piano

Will one of you bright sparks out there PLEEEEASE put appropriate piano sounds to this? Beethoven, Brahams, it don’t matter! JUST DO EET!!!

9Poppy, you sure know how to find ’em… 😉



  1. I love how the kitty gives a big yawn at the end…”Ok I’m bored now NEXT!”

  2. O_o


  3. SOoooo what in the heck is kitteh doin?

  4. I wish he was up closer. I can’t see his face… is he a Kitler?

  5. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    The explanation on YouTube says Snoopy does this when he wants something, like more water or food, or his lost toys.

    And it’s got to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen a cat do!!!

  6. I’m thinking Bach’s Toc-cat-ta and Fugue would fit this…

  7. “Oh, GHOD, Mom! Do I HAFTA practice? Look! I’m PRACTICING! Okay? I’m DONE practicing! C’n I watch DeGrassi now? GHOD, I’m so bored…”

  8. Oh man, someone please do Chopsticks with this??

  9. Sometimes I laugh so loudly at people’s cat videos, I scare my own cats.

  10. is this kitty tai chi?

  11. Cats: being weird for more than 4000 years . . .

  12. i cant wait for the usic.
    i wish i knew how to add it-
    its gunna be hilarious!
    that’s one cute lil bellie he has there.

  13. I’m thinking chopsticks would go good with this. I’m working on a version right now…. 🙂

  14. do re me fat so latte do

  15. He has a bad kitty toupee.

  16. kitty patterned baldness.

  17. I was thinking “Kitten on the Keys”

  18. I reeeeeeeally want to know what’s going through kitteh’s brain while they’re doing that.

    Or maybe not.

    Methinks it’s one of those things best left unknown.

  19. Maybe he’s bouncing an invisible ball or holding an invisible fishing rod.

  20. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I think kitteh is dancing and playing to this:

    I know a guy who’s tough but sweet
    He’s so fine, he can’t be beat
    He’s got everything that I desire
    Sets the summer sun on fire

    I want candy, I want candy

    Go to see him when the sun goes down
    Ain’t no finer boy in town
    You’re my guy, just what the doctor ordered
    So sweet, you make my mouth water

    I want candy, I want candy

  21. I’m realizing that any accompanying music might have to be AN ORIGINAL COMPOSISHE to go with the strangely timed paw action.

  22. Did someone said Snoopy? Because thats the song that was going through my head when I saw this.

  23. luvin, what’s that tune?

  24. I’d say his buddy Mr. Spidy was dropping in for a visit.

  25. Meatetarian says:

    I agree with Meg — my vote is for Chopsticks timed with the paws?

  26. Yep, chopsticks definitely!!! HeeHee!!!

  27. ThreeCatNight says:

    It’s Van Catburn playing the Air for Airpiano Sonata in C!

  28. warrior rabbit says:


    I Want Candy

    Bow Wow Wow

  29. TrinketsMom says:

    Isn’t there a piece called “Kitten on the Keys”? It’d be perfect.

  30. I have a dirty mind, I have a dirty mind, I have a dirty mind …

    starting at 2:37 is where my mind went.

    (No, nothing ugly, just misinterpreted hand gestures … from Top Gear, no less.)

    I have revealed myself as the most sick-minded person evar.

  31. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Thanks warrior for answering kiragirl.
    You ROCK!

  32. Invisible butter churn.

  33. Thats not piano cat it it
    Campanology cat

  34. i think hes doin this so he doesnt fall over,
    ya know, like in the cartoons!
    he just likes to sit upright on his lil butt like a person.
    “whoa!whoa!whoa! i almost tipped ooova!”

    still impatiently waitin for the moosack.

  35. F.A.V. –
    YOU rock!
    cant wait!

  36. Ok, Meg… here’s the cat playing Chopsticks for ya!

  37. charliewabba says:

    are you sure it’s not invisible bongos?

  38. F.A.V. — hee hee… not bad, not bad… but wouldn’t it be cool IF (“oh man, here we go…”) yes yes, if you’d let me finish… wouldn’t it be cool IF the music was actually synced to kitty’s keystrokes?? Now there’d be an artistic challenge. (“yeah and totally worth the effort too, and here’s a thought — why don’t *you* do it then, since it’s your idea?”) Because [snif] I’m an IDEA man, that’s why.


  39. i still laughed my _ss off.
    [f.y.i. – laughing WHILE eating pringles=pain in nose]
    but theo does have a good idea there.

  40. Theo,

    If I had more time I would, but the thought of synching that up gives me a headache.

    Anyone else? 😉

  41. my dog does this hand-jive but only when there’s a chance of treats 🙂

  42. WOW, finally another cat that does this! My dearly departed Phoebe used to do this for attention. If I petted her and then turned my back, she’d do it every time. This kitteh is begging. Definitleh.

  43. Definately too much cat nip.

  44. Is she playing an invisible piano, or conducting an invisible orchestra?

  45. cat’s are weird.

    and we love em for it!

  46. berthaslave says:

    I’m thinking the kitteh is CONDUCTING THE ORCHESTRA, folks. Someone slap a “Blue Danube” or a “Stars and Stripes Forever” on that!!!

    This is a new one for me and I’ve been around cats for a lonnnng time!

  47. Alice Shortcake says:

    Hysterical! I can’t wait for the audio version (I think we need THREE versions – piano, handbells and xylophone).

  48. Invisible *SILENT* piano!!!

  49. At first, I was looking at the cat, and thinking, “Wow the next evolutionary step from cataloons.” Then I realized kitteh really sort of reminds me of those dolls with knitted skirts to hide rolls of toilet paper under….what is kitteh hiding under that fur-skurt?

  50. Anna Schelen says:

    We had a cat like that in the stable I used to work at.
    Like the cat in the video,
    he only did that when he wanted something, like food or company.
    Many times I stayed after hours just to be with him because he begged me too.
    Cause that is what I think he was doing, begging.

    Cute as a button .

  51. ooo! a praying kitty. A friend of mine had a cat that used to pray like that. It would stare into space … and put its paws together and move them up and down just like that. Alas, sweet Zephyr is no longer with us.

  52. “Oh Don Piano”

  53. The cat is probably sick or something

  54. His paws fell asleep and he is trying to wake them up.

  55. I made a version too. Not of chopSTICKS, but of chopIN. Snoopy is a Star!

    Please to enjoy:

  56. He was a famous piano kit that’s known from far and near
    He had a boogie style that no one else could hear
    He was the top cat at his craft
    But then his picture came up now he’s got peeps on his path
    So he’s on the YouTube now,
    he’s redonkulous
    He’s the boogie woogie kitteh seen on O to the C!

    They made him play his notes
    Though they had no sound
    It really brought him down
    When his fans weren’t ’round
    But Meg she seemed to understand
    Because the next day she went and she asked all the peeps for a hand
    And now the peeps jump
    ‘Cause he’s redonkulous
    He’s the boogie woogie kitteh seen on O to the C!

    B-flat-then-sharp, chord-andthenanother, toot-diddelyada
    He hears it eight-to-the-bar, in boogie rhythm
    We can’t hear a note
    ‘Cause the bass and guitar ain’t playing with him
    But the peeps still jump
    ‘Cause he’s redonkulous
    He’s the boogie woogie kitteh seen on O to the C!

    He was our boogie woogie kitteh
    Seen on O to the C
    And when he plays boogie woogie rhythm he was buzy as a “bzzz” bee
    And when he plays he makes the the peeps jump but not too far
    He’s the boogie woogie kitteh seen on O to the C!

    B-flat-then-sharp, chord-andthenanother, toot-diddelyada
    We can’t hear a note
    ‘Cause the bass and guitar ain’t playing with him
    But the peeps still jump
    ‘Cause he’s redonkulous
    He’s the boogie woogie kitteh seen on O to the C!

    Pretending that he’s playing nearly every night
    He wakes up and he’s ready in the early bright
    Peeps clap their hands and stomp their feet
    Because they know how he plays when someone gives him a beat
    He really breaks it up
    ‘Cause he’s redonkulous
    He’s the boogie woogie kitteh seen on O to the C!

  57. Daphne Moss says:

    I’m thinking the begging this is what’s going on…
    My mom makes her big fat-bottomed Maine Coon sit up in what she calls “The Meerkat position” to beg for bits of salmon.
    Won’t give it to him until she’s satisfied that he’s “Done the Meerkat” long enough… cat yawns in disgust.
    For the record … Love my mom, but I’m with the cat on this one …

  58. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG Aubrey whoever you are, you’re a GENIUS!!

  59. dang michelle
    your link says its
    broken. ):

  60. Well it beats “Blue Danube” handily, I’ll say that much.


  61. (Michelle — I couldn’t get the .MOV to work, either)

  62. Best.

  63. how about this…he’s not playing the piano….HE’S OCHESTRATING!!!!!!!!!!

  64. You silly peep, this isn’t invisible piano playing, it’s conducting. That’s a mice-stro kitty right there.

    PS, HATE the bigger text. I like to have several comments on my screen at a time, now I can only have a couple.

  65. Cody-kun, les grands esprits se rencontrent!

  66. I fail.

    I put a version up on YouTube:

  67. Michelle, well done! I linked it in my blog. 🙂

  68. Looooooove eet!

  69. Ron Burgandy says:

    Where in dee HAIL are my toys?

  70. Beethoven’s 5th almost fits.

  71. Theo, Brahms once signed an autograph by first writing out the first few bars of the “Blue Danube” and writing under it:

    “Unfortunately, not by
    Johannes Brahms.”

  72. Momof2kitties says:

    “Oh Don Piano”? OMG! I thought I was the only person in the world who got that reference!! Peed my pants I did!

    And Aubrey? Pure lyrical genius. Genius!

  73. I think I have created some sort of caternous caterwalling canaption………………..
    I just hope everyone is having fun

  74. berthaslave says:

    Wow, Aubrey, I am in Au. And that’s hard to do. Long live Patty, Maxene and LaVerne.

  75. Momof2kitties says:

    In our house we call this “Prarie Dog”.

  76. Nobody else had “Kitty” by the Presidents of the United States of America in their heads? I think the downbeats just might work…

  77. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    I’d go with “Brahm’s Lullaby”, judging by the way kittay is yawning…
    Dreamspinner Cheryl

  78. I think the only thing coherent I managed to say while watching this was, “What the hell?” Very cute fat kitty, but I’ve never seen one do that before.

  79. Aubrey: Awesome. I was practically doing the Lindy at my desk just now.

    Michelle: You rock my socks. 😀 I’m sooo posting that in my blog.

  80. how insanely adorable!

    my kitty kinda looks like that when he is playing with dust motes in sun beams…

  81. This reminds me of the Nug, and her musical compositions:

    (Seriously, listen to the midi. It’s… unique.)

  82. Aubs, you KNOWS I lubs you, and NOW I love you even MOAH!! Awesome!!

    Michelle – too cute! Ya’ gotta teach me how to do that! 😉

  83. Aubrey…you never cease to amaze me.

  84. What?? That kitteh has Restless Paw Syndrome!TM

  85. Chopsticks and chopsticks and chopsticks and chopsticks and chopsticks and chopsticks, chop chop!!

    I am not alone in my thinking either!!

    LOVE IT!!!

  86. michelle, you’re a genius!

  87. Appropos of nothing, but has anyone else noticed the CATALOONS?!?

  88. Hey the Komments have changed…bigger font size??

    This is the kitty version of the crazy lady who stands at the street corner shaking her fists.

  89. Grande Polanaise 🙂

  90. darkshines says:

    Hes clearly playing Space Dementia by Muse, right down to the yell at the end, lol!

  91. The kitty is blatantly doin his morning prays to the sun for many beamingks essential for the dark winter 🐱 love the chopsticks thingy but the fast version was kinda scary. o.O

  92. Perhaps a piece by Catani.
    Michelle: Excellent

  93. Nice one Michelle, well done.

    You say that’s Chopin? Sounds lovely, what is it exactly because I’d love to get it.

  94. “Hes clearly playing Space Dementia by Muse, right down to the yell at the end, lol!”

    OMG, someone needs to add that song to the video, it would be the best thing since sliced bread!

  95. A real life Maneki Neko! Very cute!

  96. Priceless!!!! 😀

  97. It IS a Kitler! I can’t see if the little mustache is there, but I can see the black hair sweep. Heil!

  98. This would be good w/Beethoven’s fur Elise

  99. Michelle, your vid is fab!!

  100. Pussytoes & Momof2kitties:
    EYE got the “Oh Don Piano” reference!!! And the muttering black kitty must’ve been jealous of Meistro Kitty’s skillz ;-D

  101. I’m thinking the first bars of Beethoven’s 9th would be good. But on second thoughts …

    Is Beethoven’s 5th the one that goes
    Dun-dun-dun dunnnnnnnnnn
    Dun-dun-dun dunnnnnnnnnn

    (Sorry, I’m not much of a pianist.)

  102. FAV and Michelle, bless both your hearts, that’s awesome!

  103. Arachnophile_grrl says:

    LOLS – my dog does the same thing when she want’s something. Interesting cross-species gesturing.


  104. AU-some!

  105. drywonton: it’s Chopins Nocturne Opus 9 No 2 in e Flat

  106. looks like heez playing the kitty bongos

  107. I was listening to the 1812 Overture, quite by accident and I’m telling you- it works. He could get a job with Keith Lockhart (conductor) for the Boston Pops 4th of July.

  108. thanks michelle.

  109. Pogopuschel says:

    Everybody wants to be a cat
    Because the cat’s the only cat
    who knows where it’s at….

  110. Almost works with Beethovens’ ‘Ode To Joy’.

  111. darkshines says:

    Definately works to Regina Spektor “Apres Moi” as well 😉

  112. how’s this?


  113. Eric, that takes the cake. I’m so glad I kept scrolling down.