Get out of my goddamn pink bathroom

You sequestered me in this God-awful pink bathroom for my fleas, and now you keep checking on me with that awful medicayshe.

[Don’t-let-the-door-hit-you-in-the-tocks-on-the-way-out look.]


Stephanie C., At least the pink is soothing while Eleanor recuperates… provided she digs early ’70s, décor, which most kittehs do.



  1. a different Laura says:

    Just add green tile and it’s look like the bathroom in the house I grew up in! (without the cat, sadly)

  2. a different Laura says:

    Oops, I mean “It’d look like…”

  3. What a disapproving expression Eleanor has, but such a beep-able nosicle.

  4. And is she part bat, with those magnificent ears? Or maybe that’s just the angle of the camera.

  5. a different Laura says:

    Woa…the comment font just got bigger! Is it just my computer?

  6. Love her eyeliner, but my dear, that pink has simply got to go.Shudder!

  7. Be thankful it’s just the pink bathroom, kitteh. Next eet will be za flea deeep!

  8. Oh, SarahP, Eleanor just dares you to beep that nose. Really.

    “Go ahead,” she says, “make my day…”


  9. Not necessarily “cute”, more like pissed overload.

    Is the pink the cute?

  10. My new kitty is confined to the bathroom because of fleas too!

  11. i like the saffron nose-icle, which i would like to kiss at the risk of catching fleas.

  12. I’m with Eleanor — not a pink fan by any stretch of the imagination. Although the only cruelty here would be locking *me* in that bathroom because I would be far more prone to go insane from being in there. 😛

    The cute to me, anyway, is the curled-up paws in front. My friend’s cat does that. She also does the glare, but she tends to do it without good reason.

    Also, my grandmother has a toilet seat cover like that one.

  13. OMG!! That is my Great Aunt’s bathroom!!!! You know the aunt, the one who’s teeth slip out of her mouth when she talks with her mouth full. The aunt who’s eyes look bug eyed because her glasses are way too thick. The aunt who is only 4’11”. Thats her bathroom!! I used to go through the drawers on the Holidays!!

  14. first let’s clear things up. That pink is 60’s along with the sea foam green. 70’s = harvest gold, olive and a blue that’s just a little too dark to be nice.

    Take it from some one who has lived with all the above colours as different times!

  15. I believe that the white toilet seat cover (who picks white for a bathroom?!? Someone who doesn’t live with a dirty man, I suppose. And the pink would seem to support that theory) is there to better indicate how many fleas are about. They are so much easier to see against a white back ground.

    Rather like Eleanor’s prosh belly.

    Ah belleh, belleh, belleh!

    (Scritches said belleh despite the look of increasing distain on Eleanor’s face)

  16. Very un-cute language in the title.

  17. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Did the pink bathroom dilate my pupils so now I’m seeing larger font.
    Must go to eye doctor.
    Oh yeah cutie pawtootie kitty.

  18. You know she’s mid-sentence saying some very unkind things right now.

    And give the girl a fluffier bed while she’s stuck in there. An old folded towel or soemthing.

  19. that nose does look delishe, but I’ll wait until she’s let free. Right now would not be a good beeping time.

  20. Yeah, not to be a prude, b/c I’m not, and I generally think people can say whatever they like; however, the GD in the title isn’t cute. The lazy look of contempt on Eleanor’s face is cute though.

  21. treat em with frontline and they’re out in 24 hours!
    not like the old days of flea powder and house bombings… >shudder<

    oh, and cuuuuuute kitteh!

  22. we had an avocado and harvest gold kitchen growing up!

    pink, you stink


    tiger nosevember

  23. nice baffroom.

    BTW is it just me or is the font for all the comments really HUGE??!

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    I have a white toilet seat cover just like that. Why not??? As for the kitteh, she definitely looks annoyed. Not only is she in seclusion but she’s also being photographed with the shame of fleas!! oh nooo! I love her markings though.

  25. Note the little pink trash can.

    Oh and the cute little back feets of hers too.

  26. Stephanie C. says:

    Yes, it is sixites pink (that’s when the house was built), and, yes, it is an old lady toilet seat cover, but you have to understand that white is the only color that can tone things down a bit. Any other color only makes the not-quite-Barbie-not-quite-pepto-bismol-impossible-to-match pink glare even more ( gifted purple towels = bad idea). Also, the room itself is pretty big (and completely tiled), so when it is completely emptied is is literally a giant, echoing, pink cave.

    I think I’m going to have nightmares tonight.

  27. turbofloof says:

    Eleanor’s parents might want to keep an eye out for some strategically placed “out of the litterbox” deposits… That’s how my kitteh pays me back for my insults to him.

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    Hey! Stephanie! I just said I have a toiled seat cover just like that! I am *not* an old lady! Anyone who dares to call me a lady is going to be sorry! 😉 haha. (but I digress) I also forgot to mention the barely visible black jelly bean toesies. Lovely!!

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    “toilet” seat, not “toiled”, obvy….

  30. Good laud!
    What happened to the fonts on the comments! Geezuz!
    This is an adorable kitteh.
    And I love pink! And I love retro!
    So the kitteh has to hang in the b-room just cuz of fleas?
    Ever heard of front line? Or advantage?
    Pooo kitteh
    She can come hang at my house and roam freely even with fleas.
    OH! And bite me about the title, quit being such a bunch of polly-annas!
    Like you all have ‘Neva heard such foul language govana!”
    I love the title

  31. turbofloof says:

    I LOVE the “godddamn…” That’s EXACTLY what Eleanor is saying. Anything less just wouldn’t be accurate. If a face could say “goddamn” this would be the face to say it!

    (PS, nice toes, Eleanor – you may be pissed, but I’ll bet your tosies are soft and kissable!)

  32. charliewabba says:

    O, wow, I opened my cherry vanilla yogurt at exactly the same moment that I brought up the post and they are like exactly the same color pink. That was just toooo trippy.
    And yes, very 60s. Maybe even late 50s.
    Love the disapproving look, reinforced by the grumpy folded paws.

  33. Stephanie C. says:

    She was kept in the bathroom for fleas and worms and just in case she had anything else that hadn’t made itself known as of yet, and because she didn’t cohabitate well with my other cats.

    My brother, who rescued her from a tree, took her and she lives comfortably and healthily at his house now.

  34. charliewabba says:

    Whoa! The comment font just got really big on my screen too!
    (I think there was something strange in that pink yogurt.)

  35. aw…. i really dont want to be one of those annoying nay-sayers but im offended by the use of the GD here. I come here to look at cute pictures, not to see God’s name taken in vain. I’ve never commented before and I just had to say something because I really am offended. Sorry to be one of those annoying people. The cat is freaking adorable.

  36. I think what makes this picture so great… is the title.

  37. Steph, I actually like you Pink bathroom! I would also like
    to point out that you have the Cleanest bathroom ever(well at least the photographed parts)I am not sure how you have managed to keep the white toilet seat cover sooo clean. Kudos to you and your adorable Eleanor

  38. stephanie-
    she is bee-you-tea-full.
    i’m so happy that you took such good care of her.
    and i hope you have a kitteh of your own to sit in your lovely pink tiled retro bathroom!

  39. Don't be trashy says:

    I hope you don’t kiss your grandkids with that foul mouth! Now go and take those meds you forgot!

  40. circuscake says:

    well…ummm…i really like the pink bathroom. in fact- i’d have to say i find it totally awesome! but that’s (obviously) just me.

    also love kitty’s cutie-cute markings.

  41. I love the pink bathroom! It reminds me of my Grandma’s pink bathroom in her (built in 1960) house. Although I don’t think she has a pink tiled floor–hers is more white with gold flecks. Oh, and the pissed-off looking cat is cute too. 😉

  42. DoodleyDog says:

    NEWSFLASH kiddies, is Meg’s personal blog. It’s her commentary, for her entertainment. We are fortunate to be allowed to view it – but we don’t get to dictate the content.

    She’s decided this blog is rated PG-13 and she can post whatever she likes – just as you can post what you want on your own personal website.

    If you feel the need to be completely insulated from any hope of being offended, go check out

  43. our green-ish bathroom growing up had the same floor tile pattern, too f-n funny. (still PG-13)

  44. Charliewabba, did your pink yogurt have a little 3D image of Jerry Garcia floating in it?

  45. love the bigger font!

    Love kitty’s expression too!

  46. Next on Jerry Springer Spaniel:

    “When House Arrest Becomes Bathroom Arrest”

    “Forced To Choose: Drunk Tank or the Toilet Tank?”

    One kitteh’s shocking story of an owner’s care run amok.

  47. Yitzysmommie says:

    Eleanor, you are lovely. Nevair mind those disgusting fleas & worms & espesche the resident catz.
    As for the pink baffroom – I think I’d go for the stherious Pink Overload with lacey ruffles & eyelets and rose potpourri and just be redonk about it!

  48. Kitty may not agree but better quarantine her than get a nasty surprise.

    (And I had to go and check the title – I thought I’d missed something goddamned awful!!)

  49. i think theo is screwing with us.
    any minute now the font will go back to teenie, and we’ll all think we’re going blind….
    everyone put one hand on your reading glasses.

  50. One of my favorite aunties has an equally egregious BLUE bathroom of about this vividness.

    I love Eleanor’s coloring.

    I grew up in a house that had a kitchen with avocado green linoleum, and matching refrigerator…and ORANGE countertops and BLACK Formica facing the cabinet doors! It looked like a mold experiment.

  51. Liz — it wasn’t me! This *is* an upgrade, though.

  52. Well, an overload of any colour can be nasty. I love purple, but my great aunt did her entire house in purple and it was revolting.

    The white toilet seat cover *does* break it up nicely. As does the kit. 😛

    As for the language — I can understand how it would offend some. I curse horribly and am desensitized to it, but I do understand, as my family fusses at me about it. Nonetheless, as others have said, it *is* Meg’s site, and just as you would want control over your own blog, I’m sure she feels the same. Especially when she has to cover zee price of zee bandweedthz.

  53. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Blinded by the font
    revved up like a deuce
    Another runner in the night
    Blinded by the font
    revved up like a deuce
    Another runner in the night
    Blinded by the font
    revved up like a deuce
    Another runner in the night

  54. hmm.
    well then. possibly munchkin-dwarf-troll kittehs messin with the intra-netz again.

    we for one, like the big font. itz a good thing.

  55. oh luvins! you always know just what to say~!

    hahahahah HA! [choking on laughing coughing]

  56. charliewabba says:

    Kiragirl — If Jerry Garcia WAS floating in my yogurt, he never stood a chance – I inhaled (yes, inhaled) that sucker. It was kinda late for me to be eating lunch.
    And I wave the happy hands for big font.

  57. luvinmalssomuch says:

    aww shucks liz, thanks.
    *****still blushing*****

  58. Youz guys like the new comment treatment? A great gal named Sarah L. did it for us! I like that I can skim comments a lot more easileh… it might be a SKOSH big…

  59. lol! My mothers guest bathroom is still this way- cant help but think of home when i see this pic- so i likes it.

  60. Noelegy–Mold Experiment,

    AAACK, strange memories:

    My mom used to keep this weird mold thing in the OJ in the frig, and then drink the OJ, supposedly it was healthy and kept colds away.

    I think the only thing it kept away was us kids.

  61. Dear Stephanie C.

    You never dreamed you’d get a decor lesson for submitting a picture of a family pet, did you?

    Well don’t you fret because retro is VERY in right now. People are paying huge bucks for retro look. You have the real thing. I personally love it. I love the pink, and I also love aqua and black bathrooms. Remember those? If I had money, I would have my insipid bathroom wallpaper torn down and some neat vintage tiles put in. Pink looks great with white or black. Even a darker pink like raspberry.

    The look is actually quite modern and timeless IMO.

    Oh, and the cat is cute too! 🙂

  62. Meg-
    personally i luvs the new font.
    as you say much easier for the comments cruzin.
    i can easily spy a nuff, and skim right by to the next positive entry.
    thanks Sarah L! and HI Meg thanks for the smiles and laughs!! Luff Ya! (oh and theo too…)

  63. I don’t know….I think the look on Eleanor’s face doesn’t say “Get out of my GD pink bathroom”—I think she’s saying “Get out of my f-in! pink bathroom.” Yikes, if looks could kill…..other than that, she looks so very clean and fluffy to have been suffering from fleas so badly…poor puddy : (

  64. Meg, yes.
    [my font is normal, it has entered the state of normalcy]

  65. warrior rabbit says:

    That cat is so totally Archie Bunker. The title is perfect. Just add Meathead. (And he would whine ‘pink’ and wince.)

  66. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Now, haven’t you got anything BETTER to do than to bother me here in my sanctuary? Do I take pictures of YOU on the toilet seat? Hmmph!”

  67. charliewabba says:

    Yes, yes, love the font. Much easier on the bifocals.

  68. Doodleydog- no one is dictating. We are merely commenting, just like you.

  69. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Teh font, eet ees a leetle beeg, but ees bettere tehn bee-eeng too leetle.

  70. we need a huge “flush” sound effect now

  71. chet's momma says:

    I used to work with a JW who would say ‘ding dang’ instead of GD. I still use it and everyone laffs….

  72. hmmm.
    i just realized that , that meg who is posting may not be the “real” meg , although i’m hoping so.
    just so’s i’m not making a fool of myself.

  73. AuntieMame says:

    Kitter looks pretty comfy, in spite of the grumpy frown.

    Could we have a compromise and split the difference between the old font size and the new one? Trying to read huge letters is as tiring, to me, as trying to read really tiny ones. (And it’s harder to pass it off as “work.”)

    And wouldn’t it be nice if we all got along and didn’t feel the need to insult other people for presuming to have different opinions?

  74. Liz — no worries, that’s the genuine Miss Meggles of Moo up there, commenting.

  75. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Meg, I agree with Auntiemame on the font size.

  76. I really liked this website but, I’m a christian so OH WELL DELETE

  77. good laud.
    i am in the presence of celebrity.
    [makes big ol curtsey from waist. topples over]
    “your high-ness, so glad you could join us”
    [stands back in awe]
    ooooooooooooo. ahhhhhhhhhh.

  78. I have always ADORED this website, but as a Christian I was saddened to read the title.

    It IS Meg’s blog and I am the number one supporter of freedom of speech. I’m also a big-time supporter of freedom to NOT read, and it’s up to the rest of us whether we want to read her blog, and whether we want to click on the advertisements that more-than-likely help pay for the online service. So, you can choose to continue to visit, or choose not to. Chastising Meg is not the answer, it all lies with you and whether you can put your money where your mouth is. I personally will not continue to visit, because that is MY choice.

  79. buh bye

  80. @Jeanie – Like the post says, don’t let teh door hit you in the ‘tocks on the way out!

    But, OMG, my Mom still has that EXACT same tile in her bathroom! Everybody’s saying that pink is a 60’s thing. Well, my Dad did that bathroom back in ’58 (yes, before I was born). My father, a man ahead of his time.

  81. “G..D…” in the title is TEWTALLY not necessary!!!
    And not cute!!!

  82. hmmm, didn’t realize if i say i’m offended by crude language that i’d be dictating to anyone. Isn’t this section to voice our comments? I love this site and come here to see cute animals. I just don’t happen to agree that putting cuss words in a title makes the photo any funnier or cuter. Cute kitty i like, new font i like, bad language i don’t like.

    hey DoodleyDog, NEWSFLASH – i know Meg can do whatever she wants here – but i’m still entitled to my opinion – just like you!

  83. Space Cowgirl says:

    Thank you for making the font larger. I’m not exactly blind, but it does give me less eyestrain since I woke in 10-point Courier New all day.

    That is, hmm, a very pink bathroom. It doesn’t bother me for some reason, perhaps because of some repressed childhood memory. Kitsch is not unknown in my family by any means.

    I must agree that kitteh has one goddamn beepable nose. 😀

  84. Space Cowgirl says:

    *work, I can type really.

  85. hmmm, didn’t realize if i say i’m offended by crude language that i’d be dictating to anyone. Isn’t this section to voice our comments? I love this site and come here to see cute animals. I just don’t happen to agree that putting cuss words in a title makes the photo any funnier or cuter. Cute kitty i like, new font i like, bad language i don’t like.

    hey DoodleyDog, NEWSFLASH – i know Meg can do whatever she wants here – but i’m still entitled to my opinion – just like you!

  86. Wow, a pink flashback to my parents’ bathroom! Now you need to post something with gold shag carpeting to complete my time travel experience.

  87. Gold shag carpeting?
    …in the *bathroom*?

  88. when, oh when, will people stop blaming meg for what these potty-mouthed animals are saying?

  89. oh, and i used to live in a duplex in which my bathroom was all avocado green, and the one in the other unit was pink…both had bidets — actual BIDETS — in these colors!

  90. gold shag would probably round off the super-hi-shag carpeting experience in the balance of the home.
    the bathroom of course would have a lovely pink linoleum or tile flooring
    with a nice fuzzy toilet cozy with matchinks contour rugs.(silly theo , so young)

  91. luvinmalssomuch says:

    You are soooo right anner. These animals have a right to voice whatev-eh they feel like. Power to The Animules!!

  92. Anner!
    WAIT a minute!
    are you SURE those were Bidets!?
    maybe it was an automatic dog waterin bowl???

  93. berthaslave says:

    You know, you don’t check CO for about three hours and a bajillion different things happen, like Meg showing up.

    Umm…the font looks the same to me, just formatted differently (with an indent for name and posting time).

    I’m a Christian, too — born-again — and I personally avoid using the Lord’s name in vain. But READING it is not gonna hurt ya, peeps, and imho, it is the PERFECT CAPTION.

    With the oral meds I haven’t had to sequester and de-flea a kitteh in years. But of course, I don’t have such a Love American Style bathroom to stash them in, either.

  94. Liking the new text size here. The old one was a bit small for my middle-aged eyes, but something in between would probably work well, too.

    My sister had a pink bathroom once. She did a Hawaiian theme and broke it up with a lot of green. Surfboard rug, rainforest shower curtain. It wasn’t half bad, though I doubt Eleanor would have approved in any event.

  95. possumpiratess says:

    Yep. 60’s, maybe late 50s. That is so my Mima’s bathroom. I’d kill for that floor, personally. Solid stuff.

    The kitty is a lovely one. The best kind, really. Looks like my sweet old Boo.

  96. berthaslave says:

    No, really, the font is the same for me, and I wanna see what everyone is talking about. Is it because I’m using Firefox instead of Microsoft Ubiquitum?

  97. hmmm.
    problem with font i have found this afternoon is that its a lil too big , so it doesnt look like work.
    and people keep walking by saying (in really loud voice)
    if this does not stop i may have to DO something constructive with my time here are work. I’d hate to see that happen.

  98. also: I forgot-loving the hover text FLEA MAGNET! LAMO

  99. Did anyone else think of the novel “Sophie’s Choice” when seeing this picture? And the Pink Palace?

  100. and hating the typo’s :S kitty cat typer here. LMAO not lamo

  101. possumpiratess says:

    Oh yeah. And I’m old enough and secure enough to see the word “goddamn” and not have an issue with it. Sometimes, it’s the only word that will do, goddammit!

  102. luvinmalssomuch says:

    **as Eleanor’s time was up and her owner came to tidy the pink bath she noticed scribbling on the tissue roll**

    Thinking Pink By Eleanor

    Pink petals passing
    Scents above so high
    Painted porcelain perfection
    Blossoms caress the sky

    Swaying silent shroud
    Suitors strolling by
    Pink petals passing
    Lover’s gentle sigh

    Pastel hues falling
    Slow fluttering grace
    Pink petals passing
    Lining streams in lace

    Pink petals passing
    Smoothest transit by
    Soft essence floating
    In most subtle lullaby

    Inducing springtime slumber
    Upon a satin shore
    Sailing with the current
    Pink petals pass before

  103. I also grew up with same tile in sea foam green (with darker green as a boarder). And…WTF? a marbled-patterned black and silver seat. I had forgotten about that, but seeing the tiles brought it all back. The pink floor tiles, though, match the tiles in the restrooms here at work–peach in the students’ restroom, and blue in the teachers’ restroom!

  104. (oops, I meant, “border.”)

  105. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Is the place where you bare your, um, “stuff” where you want to have fleas hopping about?

  106. People who are offended and must needs voice it to the world at large (most of us not particularly giving a good…..goddamn either way) have a horrid tendency to suck all the joy out of things.

    Like that woman I saw in a news item online who has her….goddamn knickers in knots because she can see from her window a billboard featuring Byonce wearing a bikini top. Goddamnit.

  107. And I’s just stating my opinions cause I’s the right ta do it.

  108. I’m using Firefox and I can see the new big font. Agreed, better too big than too small, but now people can definitely tell I’m not working! Goddammit. 🙂
    Beautiful kitteh!

  109. charliewabba says:

    luvinanimalsomuch – magnificat poetry. Where did Eleanor get her MFA? Beautiful use of meter and rhyme, although it should not surprise me. I’ve always suspected cats were more in to formal poetry. Free verse is for dogs.

  110. K. Glad I’m not the only one that just adores that pink bathroom. Although I do think it’s a bit odd that pink is considered the shade of all things demure, delicate, feminine, and soft. Because for me, some pinks just scream delicious ostentation. I’d embrace it if I had a bathroom that color!

    Cute disapproving kitteh, btw.

  111. Pearl Ostroff says:

    My parents bought a house in 1957, when I was 12 and it had a pink and aqua bathroom. My mother used to wax the floors and then scrape the wax off with a paring knife. She had us all doing that.

    My bedroom furniture was olive green and I made a hot pink, olive green and purple granny-square afgan to go with it.

    The cat is lovely and very annoyed.

  112. Wait. Um, Liz. So pastel candy sunrise backgrounds with floating hamster-fairies look like work but large fonts don’t?

    *scratches head on that one*


  113. When I was a toddler we lived in an apartment in an old Victorian house. There’s a picture of me in that bathroom, the room had a black and white tile checkered floor, purple pedastal sink AND a purple clawfoot bathtub.

    My dream is now to have a purple clawfoot bathtub.

  114. Momof2kitties says:

    I tewtally agree wif Berthaslave. I am a card carryin’ Lut’ran, but seeing the word doesn’t bother me. It fits teh kitteh’s expression to a T! And I am tewtally diggin the rockin’ retro bafroom. Want!

  115. Bertha—

    Love American Style !!!!
    dear laud I haven’t thought of that in YEARS. ROFLRTIF

    “Looove, American Styyyyyle, that’s me and yoooooou”

  116. Momof2kitties says:

    …and the font is too big, but then again I don’t like change so mebee that’s just me bein’ cranky like the kitteh in the pic.

  117. liz – i’m honestly not sure there’s a difference.

  118. OK, let’s talk high school:

    our high school’s cafeteria color was “puke pink”

  119. possumpiratess says:

    OK. I didn’t see the new big font either. Untilllll…
    If you don’t see it, hit your Refresh button up top, folks.

  120. AuntieMame says:

    “Wait. Um, Liz. So pastel candy sunrise backgrounds with floating hamster-fairies look like work but large fonts don’t?”

    Posted by Michelle

    See, the thing is, if you “un-maximize” your browser window and shrink it to fit about half of your screen, nobody sees the pastel sunrise and the flying hamsters. But you can’t disguise the text!

  121. I actually agree on ‘splitting the difference’ in font size. It’s better big, and if it’s a choice between the previous font size and this one, I’ll take this one. But if there’s any way to sorta go halfsies on it, mebbe?

    Also, I really like the fact that name and date are much more visible now.

    Editing myself to not get involved anymore. End-of-year resolution. I encourage others to do the same. ^_^

  122. luvinmalssomuch says:

    charliewabba, University of Feline Fanatical Poets

    hint, hint, Too beeeg font not berry good for us office workers. ssshhhhhh!

  123. AuntieMame says:

    The text looks smaller now. Isn’t it?

    This is better. I’d still vote for a weensy bit smaller, but if the majority likes this size, I’ll just have to hunch closer to the monitor to hide it from passers-by.

  124. when i read the comments i dont see floaty hammies and stuff.
    i only see the comments and a yella boarder on the left side.
    i wasnt dissin the new look,
    i was just sayin….

  125. For those of you who would like smaller or larger font size, you can adjust it. In Firefox, click control+ to increase and control- to decrease. In IE, you can go to the view menu and click on text size to change it.

    Of all the times I’ve wanted to post and never did, I can’t believe this is the topic that got me…

  126. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I don’t know what you’re seeing AuntieMame but I’m still seeing a font the size of marquee letters.
    One comment takes up the whole size of my puter.
    ***snicker snicker***

  127. For those of you who would like smaller or larger font size, you can adjust it. In Firefox, click control+ to increase and control- to decrease. In IE, you can go to the view menu and click on text size to change it.

    Of all the times I’ve wanted to post and never did, I can’t believe this is the topic that got me…

  128. i think we are all losing our sight and kerri is the only one with 20-20 in the bunch.
    “where are my glasses!, “oh, here on my HEAD”
    oh. and Kerri had a double postie muscle spasm.

  129. I think the font is a skosh too big, too.
    You can skim better but you have to scroll more, so it’s kinda a pain when you’re eating a messy taco and you gotta keep one hand on the mouse.
    But that’s just me.

  130. I think Eleanor looks very lovely displayed against the pepto-bismol pink tile…goddamn it!

  131. AliceTanzer says:

    Lol! Thats like my brother’s bathroom, only the toilet, tub and sink are all that god-awful pink. So terrible. I guess the house was built for a little old lady, and she liked the pink. Some of the wall and floor tiles in my brother’s bathroom are different shades of pink, only its not in any sort of pattern. Just random.

  132. Lawd knows I ain’t got the right, but…

    *knock, knock, knock*

    Hi! I’m your neighbor from over yonder, and I am fresh outta puddins. Would you have any I can borra? Yes? Well, thank you!

    *flings puddins in all directions*

  133. Lifelong Believer here, and as long as it’s not ACTUALLY hurting/defaming anyone, I’m pretty sure God really doesn’t care what we say (and I’m pretty sure His/Her feelings aren’t hurt THAT easily).
    Eleanor’s caption is definitely spot-on 🙂

  134. has no one noticed her lovely knobular knees.

  135. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    I tried the View > Text Size > shrinking thingy and it didn’t make mine any smaller.

  136. I am a Christian, and the title doesn’t bother me a bit. The cat is probably thinking that very thing, and I suspect she probably isn’t a Christian. The font is nice – is it a commentary on the average age of the people who come to this web site? This reminds me of one of the bathrooms I had as a child, but can’t remember which one. It is so 60’s.

  137. My home was built in 1952 and I have a pink bathroom, AND a seafoam green one as well – and those tiles are one of the reasons that we bought the house! I love 50’s and 60’s design; it makes me very happy, and my cats and dogs seem to like it too – no cranky looks from them.

  138. 🙂 little tucked in wrist knobbles

    my nana’s bathroom had a black suite and it smelt BAD

  139. big font: weird change but o.k.
    swearing: that was swearing? now if you want to hear swearing stand near me when I’ve been splashed with slush and mud by a passing car/bus/truck
    pink bathroom: leave Steph alone – it’s her bathroom and she can decorate it any way she wants
    cat: what a cutie, glad she has a forever home

  140. I am entitled to my opinion just as everyone else, so whether I am commenting on how cute a kitten is or commenting on the content of a post, I am fully entitled to say how I feel. I am totally disappointed to see the cuss word in the title. It is offensive and completely unnecessary. There is a treasure trove of words that could have been used in place of it. If I had to choose, I would have rather seen “f-ing” which would have conveyed what was trying to be said. This blog is supposed to feature all things cute. Using a highly offensive word is neither cute nor appropriate. Had this been a racial slur everyone would be up in arms that such a word was being used on this type of blog, but not surprisingly (because the word is only something that offends Christians) most are not only telling those offended that they should not be offended, but that they also ~apparently~ aren’t entitled to express their opinion.

    I have never commented here before, but enjoy checking this site several times a day. As the page loaded today, it was such a surprise and disappointment to have the first thing I see be the Lord’s name used in vain.

  141. Meredith Z. says:

    luvinmalssomuch, ol Eleanor kitty’s poem made me laugh outloud…[insert gratuitous goddamnit ;)].

  142. VERY offended by the title, it’s completely unnecessary.

    I am a long-time viewer, and you’ve lost me. Guess I’ll have to get my fix from Daily Puppy.

    Never again.

  143. Oh, my preeety preeencess with the keeesable leeetle nose! Did you know that you would cause a commentroversy?

  144. mischievous madchen says:

    so sad…to miss out on all teh cute and deprive yourselves of the fabulosity that is this site…sticks and stones, peeps…stick and stones…

  145. Holy cow, that’s my mother-in-law’s bathroom. Yes, it looks like that today. Yes, she has the money to redo it. She just thinks that pink tile with pink flooring and pink towels is a good look for a bathroom.

    I think this bathroom is the reason my husband will wear nothing but black. We even have black kitties.

  146. I can’t believe all these “long-time readers” that are jumping ship due to a cuss word. What sad little lives you must lead. Don’t forget your earmuffs when you leave the house—someone might say a dirty word.

  147. snoopysnake says:

    I bought a house that happened to have a pink bathroom and I love it! The only thing better would be a kitty with a pink nose and pink paws to guard it for me!

  148. Ron Burgandy says:

    In my humblest of humble opinions, I think cuteoverload is funnier without the ‘swears’.

  149. I too am offended by the caption.

    Also, there are too many states these days. I wish the president would eliminate three.

    Now, where did I put my pants?

  150. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Theo-my mom had the pink tiles, AND pink shag carpeting. In the bathroom. Along with a rather cute (pink) cartoony wallpaper.

    She also covered her maple living room floor with green shag. I’m still traumatized.
    Dreamspinner Cheryl

  151. Momof2kitties says:

    My, my such a commentroversy today! Has no one noticed the eminently kissable nosicle? And the dainty tucked in pawsies? Sure, I’d get my face ripped off by the lovely Miss Eleanor, but it would so be worth it!

  152. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    BTW, I’m now stheriosthly considerin’ painting my “quiet green” bathroom. Yep-Posey Pink, anyone? Should look great with all-white Ziggy Stardust kitty, and tuxie Maxie….
    Dreamspinner Cheryl, needin’ a retro fix…

  153. really derek? i’m thinking we need 7 *new* states, because 57 just sounds better to me.

    oh, and check the freezer, i bet yer pants are in there…

    also, it *is* a small ‘g’ god, so it’s obiviously not the big fella in the sky but simply one of the lesser gods. see? no problem, really.

  154. berthaslave says:

    From the Bible:

    Ephesians 4:29 tells us, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” 1 Peter 3:10 declares, “For, Whoever would love life and see good days must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from deceitful speech.” James 3:9-12 summarizes the issue, “With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.”

    Please note that the Bible says nothing about writing swear words. Or hearing them. Or reading them.

    Those offended beyond mortal belief, please also note the following, from our Lord and Savior himself:

    “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.” (Matthew 5:38-42, NIV)

    Also, I can finally see the new font, I like it.

  155. AliceTanzer says:

    Circuscake – The United States of Heinz?

  156. I loves you, but your font’s too big.

  157. circuscake says:

    hmmm…well, when you think about it- most folks in the United States *are* yer basic Heinz 57 types mutts, yes? (i know i’ve got at least 5 different nationalities runnin’ thru my veins.)

    so now it makes even MORE sense to me to add 7 more states, thanks alice!

    i shall begin petitioning immediately…

  158. Love Eleanor and her unhappy glare.

    I also love this site and wish that we could stop with the bitching and moaning already. Every day it’s something else.

    Meg, could you please post a picture of an obviously male kitty sitting with a human baby, complete with bad language in the post and something that could be construed as possibly not cute if you squint hard enough?

    Maybe they’ll all flounce out in horror and we can keep having fun. For the love, how do these people get through the day?

  159. Whoa with the GD, Megs!!!!
    But…it does seem that that kitteh is cussing internally.

  160. well, thats a goddamn toilet paper cozy Meg.
    not a goddamn garbage can.
    and its damn cute too. so there.
    whaaaaaaaa. );
    gee i wish i haaadddaaaa life.
    holy crap! shut your pie holes!
    it’s a cute kittie! that’s it.

  161. Get a fucking life, you whiners. Do you honestly think that god sits around and gets pissed and dispenses rage b/c someone “uses his name in vain?” i would think he would get more joy out of knowing how many times people come to this site and feel better after a horrible day dealing with some overzealous christian types who claim to be pious but tend to demean and sentence to hell anyone who disagrees with the tenets of his or her faction of christianity. aren’t there more pressing and troubling issues in the world? besides, it is called free speech, and there is such a thing as separation of church and state. therefore, don’t be so quick to dispense your judgment. just don’t come back, don’t leave your little “i’m taking my ball and going home” comments for the rest of us who couldn’t care less what you think. please.

  162. Get a fucking life, you whiners. Do you honestly think that god sits around and gets pissed and dispenses rage b/c someone “uses his name in vain?” i would think he would get more joy out of knowing how many times people come to this site and feel better after a horrible day dealing with some overzealous christian types who claim to be pious but tend to demean and sentence to hell anyone who disagrees with the tenets of his or her faction of christianity. aren’t there more pressing and troubling issues in the world? besides, it is called free speech, and there is such a thing as separation of church and state. therefore, don’t be so quick to dispense your judgment. just don’t come back, don’t leave your little “i’m taking my ball and going home” comments for the rest of us who couldn’t care less what you think. please.

  163. GOOD RIDDANCE those who can’t take a joke. I’m sure if you ignore it, foul language will go away.

  164. Methinks kitty is mucho peeved… probably as much about the decor as her flea bathing experience. Perhaps if the kitty said “*&^^%$#!! instead of GD people wouldn’t be so offended? Just an idea?

    Oh & for the record: HGTV (Home & Garden television) had a show on a few weeks ago: 25 worst decorating CRIMES. One was the fitted rug around the toilet & matching toilet seat cover.,1793,HGTV_3492_5095216_01,00.html
    According to THEM, that is SO over…& wrong! Hee hee!

  165. Don’t hate! Pink tile is teh awesome!

  166. My granny, lord love her, had that pink bathroom. AND AND AND! she only bought the pink toilet paper so it would match.

    and her toilet bowl brush holder? was a pink plastic poodle.

    Take THAT goddamn it!


  167. Piggalette says:

    Very goddamned funny Meg. XD

  168. EXTREMELY OFFENDED BY TITLE. Have been reading your blog several months. It is simply not acceptable to take my Lord and Savior’s name in vain. First and Last post.
    Will NOT be back.

  169. What’s the deal with the goddamned font size?

  170. mischievous madchen says:


  171. BOO HOO like anyone cares if you’re never coming back to the site. Why would you even announce it anyway? I’ll tell you why, drama queens. And I bet you they all were bratty little shits when they were kids when they didn’t get their way. And they’re probably lying when they say they’re never coming back…they’re just stomping their feet and pitching a fit like we actually give a damn.

  172. I just assumed the title was referring to Dionysus. He’s my lord and savior. Which one of all the gods were you thinking of?

  173. I heart the new font size! I wish I’d thought to make it bigger months ago; brilliant idea.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pink bathroom, ever, and now I’m traumatized in the best possible way. I’m not a pink-lover, but somehow…it pleases me. It looks luscious.

    And teh kitteh! Oh, teh kitteh. I love that nose; it’s beautiful. And the delicate paws! She’s unhappy, but oh! The cuteness of her misery. 😛

  174. Chinchillazilla says:

    Awww. Looks like my kitten… I just found out today he’s probably dying. 😦

  175. *hugs* @ Chinchillazilla?

  176. I think I’d slowly go insane in a room that virulently pink. Pale nearly-grey pink I can handle, but not this.

    Cat has really attractive eyes, by the by.

  177. goddamn it makes me happy to see the goddamn people with a goddamn stick up their butts leave this goddamn website so maybe we’ll eventually have less goddamn nuffs and less goddamn commentroversies!

  178. mischievous madchen says:

    so sorry to hear that, chinchillazilla…

  179. Anne boleyn says:

    We’ve been saying “OMG” on this site from forever. I do understand if some are offended, but I’m with the ones who say God likely has more to worry about than this and might even be glad to see people interacting for a change. A technicality: I’m pretty sure “god” (and it is used here with a lower case g which could refer to the god of pink bathrooms) is not a cuss word per se. Maybe profanity? But who gives an F?
    We still have our avacado green refrigerator in the garage and it’s the beer refrigerator. That’s where we go to worship at beer:30.

  180. Such controversy over a such a small word when there are so many more important things to worry about. I mean really. Perspective is what I am talking about – now back to the reason for this site: admiring cute

  181. I’ve got the goddamn giggles now.

  182. What has happened that CO seems to have exploded in controversy this past week? I’m so confused.

    Cute kitty. Yucky fleas. The End.

  183. I must protest the GD in the title…it isn’t at all necessary to make the pic and contents cute. I agree with others in saying I am offended by the word and have oftentimes shown cuteoverload to my grandchildren…all under the age of 7…but I will certainly preview all pics and messages before ever letting them see this site again.

  184. AuntieMame says:

    Okay, now I’m on Firefox and the comments are all screwed up. The font is small again and the names are moved around so that I hardly know who is posting what.

  185. aner, you crack me up…
    i think the title is perfect, the “goddamn” is what makes it so funny! humor, people!
    also love the retro pink b-room and the bigger font.

  186. Love this kitty and her perfect, perfect facial markings. 🙂 And her paws. And the “i hayte yoo, go ‘way” expression! Pretty much everything I love about kitties. 🙂

    On another note – seriously, what is up with the comments lately? Is the site just getting so popular that more people are visiting so there’s more potential for offense? If so, that’s cool, and more power to CO, but I think things are getting a little out of hand.

    @Priscilla: You’d rather see “f-ing” used instead of “goddamn”? Really? You wouldn’t complain? In the middle of the commentroversy that would be GUARANTEED to blow up after an F-bomb was dropped in a post, you would say, “Well, at least they didn’t say ‘goddamn!’ Phew!”

    No, seriously. Really?

  187. bertha – i’m not a Christian myself, but really admire those people of any faith who practice the tolerance and love that their faith teaches. and i especially admire you, because you are one super-badass-scripture-quotin’ Christian! paws up to you, my friend!

  188. Priscilla Sifuentes says:

    Actually, no, I woundn’t like to see “f-ing” OR what was used in the post. What I said was, “IF I HAD TO CHOOSE, I would have rather seen “f-ing” which would have conveyed what was trying to be said”. And I meant literally using “f-ing” rather than actually spelling out the word just due to the nature of the type of blog this is. The actual f-word would be inappropriate too. I’d rather not see either word on a site like this. I have no problem with a little cussing, especially on a persons blog. I almost expect it when someone is talking about how messed up Britney Spears is. In this case I didn’t expect it on a site like this, but more importantly, that particular word used is highly offensive to me. I never comment on blogs. I have never complained about a post before, even one’s that include cussing. I just have a problem with the word that was used. I have a opinion on this post and it’s o.k. for me to express it. I wasn’t rude and I didn’t put anyone down. I expressed my opinion in a respectful, unpatronizing way…which is more than I can say for you.

  189. Right! Simply because of the “:C offended!” comments, I will make a point to swear and curse even more in my daily life, goddamnit.

    God’s a big boy, I think he’s old enough to decide for himself how he feels about being invoked on a cutesy blog site.
    Personally, I’d be flattered.

    -Yubi, who is not religious, but too lazy for the conviction of an atheist, either, and sees deities as capricious, nebulous things

  190. This is Meg’s Cute Overload. I cannot believe the nitpickers had to even say something about Meg’s use of the word God. Oh Please really get a life, this is a fun, sweet, well meaning, web site. Go away!!!

  191. Um. Jesus H. Christ!


    honestly ya’ll, do you really think Meg gives a crap about a few people being so offended that they’re never coming back to the site? Or that she’ll censor the site because your delicate sensibilities? I’ll repeat it again: DRAMA QUEENS.

  193. AHAHAHAAA!! 😀

    Tis ok…cuteness is a powerful thing and it will prevail.

    poo poo, caca, pee pee……..anyone? C’mon, I’m sure that riles up someone out there? 🙂

  194. “oftentimes shown cuteoverload to my grandchildren…all under the age of 7…”

    And your grandchildren, all under the age of seven, are so preternaturally brilliant that they not only can READ the word “goddamn” they understand what it means, right? otherwise, you’d just be trottin’ out the little tykes just to try to justify a grown person~old enough to HAVE grandbabies at that~who cannot cope with seeing a word that they don’t like to see.

    It’s easier to scroll down to the next post than to bitch about it, sweetcheeks~try THAT next time.

  195. What are all these people who are offended by the use of the GD word doing on here anyway? I though everyone knew that the internet is the tool of the devil!

    I also think it is funny how people have to announce that they will not be coming back, like Meg will be up all night crying about it. I understand that people are offended, but I think people should be a little more forgiving of Meg. Isn’t that part of being a Christian too? Also remeber, do not judge lest thou be judged. I don’t know if that quote is exactly right but you know what I mean.

  196. Well I, for one, am outraged at the lack of religious diversity shown here, Thoth take you all.
    By Isis, I swear I am offended.
    Thorly offended, even.
    May Zeus strike you for your inattention to the full range of deities available to offend, may Baal strike you.

  197. I think what’s worse than the swearing are the comments with barely veiled hatred, ceaseless antagonism, and overall bitchiness directed at any Christians who happen to be offended. Which pretty much sucks, that the site that was slowly restoring my faith in humanity and giving me a sense of community could work so hard at alienating a particular group of commenters.

    Thanks, people.

  198. shall I go out for coffee or are we done 🙂

    (donuts or bagels?, you decide!)

  199. I don’t think it’s the fleas that upset Eleanor. I had those same pink tiles in my bathroom when i was a kid. My bathtub was that color too…and the sink…and toilet. I loved it until I was about 6 years old, then I wore the same look as Eleanor and snarkily referred to it as “The Land that Time Forgot” until it was finally remodeled when I was 15 (or, as I prefer to see it, a decade too late to prevent the need for therapy). To this day I can’t take Pepto-Bismol.

    I wish I could make this photo into a card and send it to my mom with “I am not alone” written on the inside…and possibly Photoshop it to look like Eleanor is flipping us off.

    Ok, time to look at more cute to get over the flashbacks.

  200. very un-cute headline.

  201. This is my first post here (been lurking) but I’m quite annoyed at those who were THAT offended at the word “goddamn”. Have you ever spoken to someone? Seen a movie? Read a book? The word is everywhere and I’m sorry but if god exists, I highly doubt god would be that immature and humorless that he/she/it would be having a hissy fit over something like that. Come on, we got bewbs and ‘tocks galore on here and no one cares but a “goddamn” pops out and everyone’s a-fluster.

    I show this site to my kids too. But, like any other website, not until I review the content. I suggest you do the same. And getting THAT offended over a small thing is really sad, actually.

    Now, stop yer bickerin’ and bring on the cuteness!

  202. Regarding “the bad language”, saying “goddamn” is NOT taking the lords name in vain. That whole concept is so much folk-myth passed along without foundation, and rather than learn the religion, we just take people at their word and continue to pass it along. There are 2 scholarly and more official interpretations of this commandment; one is that you should honor all oaths taken in god’s name, and the other is that you shouldn’t try to invoke his wrath to scare others, as he’s working on a new, all loving image in the new testament.

    As for Meg, don’t villify her. All she did was correctly read the mind of a pissed off, flea infested, pink addled feline (poor baby. Now, if Eleanor was actually trying to scare everyone out of the bathroom by asking god to damn everyone to hell, then that’s just not very nice, and she should apologize, but good luck getting an apology from a cat.

  203. I protest, soxfan! I am a Christian and happen to know that Jesus’s middle initial isn’t H! You take that back, dammit!

  204. love2all, I thought I was done commenting, then I saw your comment and I just had to say thanks for being the kind of parent who actually parents their children rather than ask the world to be what they want it to be just so they don’t have to actively participate in anything their children do. That’s so awesome to see.

  205. Babs, you’re correct, his middle name isn’t H. Little known fact, “Christ” is actually his middle name. His last name is “Onapogostick”

    ok, I’m really done commenting now.

  206. ::: foreheadpalm :::

    ::: sadslowheadshake :::

  207. I can’t believe some people are defending the use of God’s name as a curse word. Think about what you’re doing, please. How would you like it if the whole world used your name as a curse…you’d feel pretty hurt and angry I bet. God loves you, so why not love Him back?

  208. I dunno, maymee, I think it’d be kind of cool to have my name as a universal curse word!

    Come on… I think god would have a sense of humor. I can see the humor in it. If I can, why couldn’t god?

  209. Try showing a base amount of grasping the concept.

    God Damn It is NOT taking ‘the Lord’s Name in vain’. It’s ASKING God to DAMN SOMEONE TO HELL. It’s a curse, not a curse word (such as the f word and the s word, etc). Arising from earlier pre-Christian traditions throughout the world and human history in requesting/begging/demanding a given deity to place a curse on an offending individual/group/family/civilization.

  210. luvinmalssomuch says:

    My philosophy is this if you turn the television or radio on and something offends you turn it the hell off.
    If something on CO offends you get the hell out.
    I come here for cute.
    There is already enough hate, violence, poverty etc. in the world so I need alittle cute in my life.
    If the people who are offended by this word who have spent their energy arguing over here would use that energy in doing some good in the world, it might be a better place to live in.

  211. Come on. You can do better than resorting to trashy language for a caption. Really. You can do better.
    Try harder and focus on the cute.

  212. New York Michele says:

    Because ‘god’ isn’t G_d’s name?

    Actually, it YHWH. ‘God’ is a title. Like ‘The Lord’. ‘Christ’ is a title, too, for a guy whose name was Judah bar Yusuf. You can look it up.

    And I wouldn’t get upset if the whole world used my name as a curse- because I’m not a fictional being. I’m a Buddhist; to me, this god-person you talk about is a character from a very popular fictional book. This so-called being is fictional to Hindus, animists and pagans, too, all of whom make up a large portion of the world. I don’t know if Meg is a Christian or not, either, and it’s her site. But even if she is, that naughty cat is not- according to Christians, animals don’t have souls and therefore can’t be believers in your god-system. therefore, said cat (and other non-believers) are not beholden to humor you in your belief system, just like you are not beholden to humor us in ours. I think the hostility comes from the insistence on the part of people who are obviously not regular posters that we all take them seriously, when it is clear from the experiences most of us have had that cranky Christians rarely have tolerance for anyone else, and are quick to show their disdain for the beliefs others hold so dear.

    I don’t have a god, and I belong to a belief system that is not only older than Christianity, but seems to have helped influence many of its major tenets. Fortunately for you, my belief system prevents me from saying something like, ‘goddamnit, get a fucking grip’, because that would be very bad, indeed.

    May Buddha bless you, and have a pleasant day.

  213. As of this point I counted 16 posts from people who were offended. Out of 200+. Several of those 16 posts were from people who had never posted before, but felt the need to tell us they were leaving. We don’t know you – why do we care? Go live your god forsaken pitiful lives elsewhere! 16 of 200+ is a very small percentage – hardly worth noticing.

    @ lauowolf: You seriously amused me. I ACTUALLY giggled, goddamn it!

    I am also very amused by the abundance of people using goddamn at the moment in response to the nuffs – very funny. Also. new comment font = YAY! Much easier to read and scroll. I might actually start commenting more frequently now – you’ve all been warned.

    As for kitty – I’d be seriously unhappy if i were trapped in that bathroom too! I once saw a drunk tank on a school tour of the new jail – and omg! it was enough to give a girl a headache! They told me, however, that that color is very soothing. HA!

    I guess I’m lucky that the worst I grew up with was stucco walls in the shower. Just a word of advice: stucco + water = bad.

    @NY Michelle: *LMAO* Well put.

  214. New York Michele says:

    Oh, and Lily? His real actual last name is ‘Onacrutch’.

  215. Husband says “onacracker” 🙂 Or “ona…” anything else that comes to mind. Jesus certainly gets put on a lot of things…

  216. New York Michele says:

    Here’s part of the rating system, people. According to this maesurement, Meg’s site is ‘PG’, even on her most controversial day. In other words, some of you must only go to the most insipid of Disney films, and only read Harlequin Romances, because by the measurement of the Ratings Board, the Bible would be rated R or X.

    A PG-rated motion picture should be investigated by parents before they let their younger children attend. The PG rating indicates, in the view of the Rating Board, that parents may consider some material unsuitable for their children, and parents should make that decision.

    The more mature themes in some PG-rated motion pictures may call for parental guidance. There may be some profanity and some depictions of violence or brief nudity. But these elements are not deemed so intense as to require that parents be strongly cautioned beyond the suggestion of parental guidance. There is no drug use content in a PG-rated motion picture.

    A PG-13 rating is a sterner warning by the Rating Board to parents to determine whether their children under age 13 should view the motion picture, as some material might not be suited for them. A PG-13 motion picture may go beyond the PG rating in theme, violence, nudity, sensuality, language, adult activities or other elements, but does not reach the restricted R category. The theme of the motion picture by itself will not result in a rating greater than PG-13, although depictions of activities related to a mature theme may result in a restricted rating for the motion picture. Any drug use will initially require at least a PG-13 rating. More than brief nudity will require at least a PG-13 rating, but such nudity in a PG-13 rated motion picture generally will not be sexually oriented. There may be depictions of violence in a PG-13 movie, but generally not both realistic and extreme or persistent violence. A motion picture’s single use of one of the harsher sexually-derived words, though only as an expletive, initially requires at least a PG-13 rating. More than one such expletive requires an R rating, as must even one of those words used in a sexual context. The Rating Board nevertheless may rate such a motion picture PG-13 if, based on a special vote by a two-thirds majority, the Raters feel that most American parents would believe that a PG-13 rating is appropriate because of the context or manner in which the words are used or because the use of those words in the motion picture is inconspicuous.

  217. Nuffers make baby Jesus cry. 😦

    @ Tigger: Yeah, I tend to put Jesus on a lot of things as well. Some of the results, particularly when I’m not paying loads of attention, have been particularly hilarious. An instance of “ona…shiney…” comes to mind.

  218. I am among those greatly offended. However, what I want to say is this…
    please tone down the cussing on this website. The pictures really do speak for themselves and I know that funny captions enhance the pictures. But, there are a lot of other funny sayings out there to be used. Most of them are much more effective. And umm, animals do not use that kind of language. They are able to convey their feelings very well without stooping to ignorance.

  219. Sandi — you’ll get no arguments from *me* either way… but I had to laugh at the bit about animals not “stooping to ignorance”. Oh man. We housecats are especially sophisticated, don’t you know. (And now I must lick my butt.)

  220. Sandi, ever hear a cat hiss?

    THAT my dear one, is pure, unadulterated, unrestricted, make-a-sailor-and-a-trucker-blush, if you could properly translate it you’d learn the definition of offence, SWEARING.

    Animals don’t use that kind of language, whatever! Someone doesn’t pay attention to how animal body language and verbal communication (hiss, growl, purr, bark, meow, etc) is quickly interperated.

    So to you I say…..


  221. The funny part about the “I’m not coming back” people is that I just don’t know how Meg will survive without their subscription money!
    What? It’s free?
    (wait for it)
    goddamn it!

  222. New York Michele says:

    Don’t tell me- you can read the minds of animals? Are you related to The Beastmaster or something?

    Tone down what language? According to the MPAA, G-rated films can use language that is found as ‘everyday expressions’. I don’t know where you live, but most people I know hear ‘goddamnit’ at least once a day. ‘Bitch’ is almost as common. Other than that, what rough language have you seen here?

    Again- police yourself, and police your kids. That’s not Meg’s job. If it’s too rough for you here, make your own website- people do it every day.

    And riddle me this- how come I never see devout Muslims or observant Jews rushing to the fore to scream about how offended they are by seeing terms like ‘goddamnit’? Are there no readers here of that ilk, or are they just less touchy and less controlling than some Christians, who have a compulsion to tell other people how to run a website that is entirely paid for by the owner? Having lived around Orthodox and Conservative Jews, I’ve found that they have better things to do with their time. The same goes for the numerous Muslims I know- if they are offended, they just leave a site without making a fuss or calling for others to change. This leads me to believe that this mythical Christian god is thin-skinned, stupid, and unable to tell the difference between someone asking him to do something and someone using his actual name as a curse-word. He also has followers with way too much time on their hands, considering how many soup kitchens there are to set up and genocides to stop.

    Please- tell your god to get off his ass and stop what is happening in Darfur, Malaysia, Pakistan, and East Timor. Apparently he’s too busy writing down how many times Meg let cats and dogs say naughty words to sweat the small stuff- like starvation, genocide, rampant rape, and disease.

    [This is what’s known as “fanning the flames,” NY Michele. – Ed.]

  223. To all the people who were offended – you know what? I don’t know about your God, but my God/dess actually has a sense of humor. The higher power that I believe in loves laughter and a good joke. And cats in pink bathrooms.

    But mostly, my God/dess is powerful enough not to be “offended” by a word that someone posts in a blog. S/He is bigger than that, and there are so many other really crucial, painful, terrible crises in this world to worry about. Why don’t we just put our energies and effort into fighting the real atrocities? Surely there’s something happeneing out there that offends a true believer’s heart more that the use of a word in a post about a cat with fleas? (no offence, kitteh!)

  224. Excellent kitters! Soooo moody.

    For those of you who think the new font is now too big or heaven forbid, not big enough.. Hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and use the mouse wheel (if you have one) to alter the zoom level in explorer.

    Hope it helps and that nobody else has already said it 🙂

  225. In their defense, the people didn’t say their God was offended, they said THEY personally were offended by it. Hard to imagine going through a typical day if something that benign can offend…

  226. IHaveFurry Children says:

    Thanks for the tip JaiJai!

  227. Goddamn it! says:

    Why all the outrage? I bet someone posted on a religious site inviting people to come over here and express their “indignation”. We are better off without them. Don’t change how you write, Meg. You’re funny!

    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”


  228. OmiGod, people are really that offended by a word? Sheesh.

    Cute kitteh, I love her nose color/pattern.

  229. As Lauowolf has so not-yet-famously said, “I want a variety of bottoms.”

  230. luvinmalssomuch says:

    For god sake Meg I cringe at the thought of you posting a turkey with Thanksgiving coming up and all. And oh yeah let’s not forget a Merry Christmas post that should bring the house down with controversy.

  231. Turkeys are not cute.

  232. luvinmalssomuch says:

    See it’s already starting.
    ***teehee teehee***

  233. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Turkeys may not be cute, but they certainly are worthy of a few nomnomnoms and a not-so-soft kronshe.

  234. I wish I had the book in front of me so I could quote the passage verbatim, but one of my favorite graphic novel series is Vertigo’s “Preacher.” Without going into too much detail, there are two minor characters named Featherstone (female) and Hoover (male) who work for a religious organization called The Grail.

    Featherstone is a level-headed adjutant, but occasionally she lets a blue word slip, which always shocks Hoover into prissy protests. Finally, in the very last volume of the series, she tells him (paraphrasing), “It’s just a word. You get stressed and you say ‘asshole’ or ‘motherf***er’ and you feel a tiny bit better because that’s one thing you have control over.”

    Elsewhere in the series she mentions that God is waaaay above being offended every time someone lets out a swear.

    So, to everyone: Chill. Enjoy The Cute.

  235. Um, turkeys are not cute? Didn’t you see that kitten’s “Hand turkey” some time ago?

  236. Why is it ok to criticize the people that are offended but not ok for the people that are offended to say so? Many have said they are not offended and that is fine. Many have said that they are and that is fine. What is the reason for having a comment area if we are not allowed to make comments? I am not attacking anyone for thinking it is great to use foul words. I am expressing that I do not like it. If you do like it… so what? I do not need a personal attack from you to know that. I have not personally attacked any of you that want to have those types of words written for you to read so what is the deal?

  237. You have to know the people that are saying they’ll never come back are probably coming back to see what people respond to them. XD

    If anyone needs any help with stick removal, I’ll get the plunger immediately. hehehe.

  238. HAHAHAH Oh man, Theo… I literally lol’ed at your response to Sandi’s statement of animals not stooping to ignorance. “(And now I must lick my butt.)” Too good! Too bad I’m at work!

    This cat is amazing… as is that bathroom.

    I personally think the title is brilliant – made me really laugh. As wonderful as the interwebs are (and believe me, my job is in online so I loves them), I can’t stand that it brings out the worst in people… If someone on the street said “goddamn,” I’m sure 99% of the people here would let it slide off their back. Let’s all relax… take a breather and have a little laugh. And let’s try not to let the comments here on CO spiral downward to a YouTube level… *shudder*

  239. Sandi, having scrolled up and re-read what you posted, you very distinctly told Meg, the owner of this blog, what to do in order to please you.

    Your exact words (scroll up if you don’t believe me)

    “I am among those greatly offended. However, what I want to say is this…
    please tone down the cussing on this website.”

    See, this is what irks people most.

    You are entitled to your opinions. I am entitled to mine. And we are entitled to disagree with each other, to say so and to state WHY. BUT….you, myself, everyone else, are NOT entitled to tell a perfect stranger what to do with their own slice of the internet. Or in their own home.

    Get it?

    You also offered a gem of the silly. That animals don’t swear. HA! Like I said, ever hear a cat hiss? A dog growl? Same deal, different ‘language’.

  240. wo

  241. If you let your cat know that his use of “goddamn” bothers you, he’s only going to say it more.

  242. Now kids…try and play nice. Here I made you a nice bowl of puddin’ to share.

    *ducks and runs*

  243. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Duck & cover Metsie, duck & cover!

  244. Do any of you realize that Meg has not said anything about “do not tell me what to put in my website” or anything esle? I think if she were offended by what I said she would probably say so. I think you are all getting a bit on the nuts side of things. I am really suprised.

  245. Have you noticed that she repeatedly posts things that have stirred up controversy in the past?

  246. metaskins,
    I don’t recall seeing ANY ducks in the picture, now as far as RUNS goes, y’all have to use ur imaginashuns.

  247. Last post on this topic, I swear.

    Sandi (and others), the point is… yes, you can have an opinion but you do not get to dictate what OTHER people put on their own website. I have a LiveJournal blog, for example, and someone once told me that if I posted anything sexual or anti-Bush (as in our pathetic excuse for a president) that I would instantly be de-friended. Well, I am certainly not going to change my style of writing or adjust the topic because one (or a few) people can’t bear to expose themselves to something that could *possibly* offend them. If you don’t want to be offended, EVER, then lock yourself in your house, get rid of your phone, internet, books, television and your family members.

    The point is – don’t assume everything is sanitized for your viewing. This is real life and it’s really sad if you are going to be offended by such a small thing. If you ARE offended, then IGNORE it and move on. You choose to come here. No one’s forcing you. Just like the TV. No one’s FORCING YOU to watch TV so don’t whine when there’s bad language or a sex scene that you weren’t expecting!

    Anyway, on with the show that is cute!(and censorship isn’t cute!)

  248. I really don’t see what all the fuss is…I don’t mind the kitty using my name. I love kitties and all of my creatures, even if they do watch too much cable TV and develop potty mouths.

    Don’t worry so much about me folks, I’m not that easily offended.

  249. Ya know, Perez Hilton offends me mightily. He’s gone from kinda cute snarky to vicious and next door to hateful (and sometimes moves right into hateful’s back yard). And the comments left on his posts make my poor head ache and mourn for the future of humanity in general, if those folks are any indication.

    So I just stopped going.

    Didn’t tell anyone.

    Didn’t announce it.

    Didn’t leave a comment telling Perez how to communicate his gossip posts.

    Didn’t wallow in “I’m all offended and I have a right to my opinion” drama.

    Just unbookmarked and went to cheerier gossip blog waters.

    Just a little tip to all these “I’m so offended” folks. There’s stuff out there that offends me and I don’t like. So I just go to places I *do* like.

    Like CuteOverload. Which has yet to offend me, and has only once or twice disappointed me, but I didn’t yip because some picture wasn’t cute in my books or some caption wasn’t ‘up to par’. I just moved to the next item that DID.

  250. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Finally! Where have you been? Maybe now these people can move on with their lives.
    Thank you!

  251. heh…been bouncing around. Wondering if Eleanor’s ears are as tasty as they look and if she’s anything like her historical namesake.

  252. My humble opinion. I don’t really like GD use myself. However I love this site. Meg and Theo are very funny and in any person there’s gonna be times I agree with ’em and times I don’t but….that doesn’t mean I shut them out entirely. It’s all taken in its entirety. And most of what I’ve seen here is A-OK with me and the stuff that isn’t I won’t waste my time getting huffy about I’ll just go on to the next thing… 🙂

  253. Sorry for the delay, luvinmalssomuch. I was tied up trying to ease the suffering that goes on all over the world. But when I felt all the angst going down at CO, I had to drop by.

    Please, peeps, just love each other, and cute animals, and don’t add to the hate that’s already in too much abundance, okay. I don’t want that.

    [Now isn’t *this* a mindjob? …I’m editing God! – Ed.]

  254. God damn, dog gams…it’s ALL good!

  255. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Well said Bleh!

    And thank you God for all the good you do! Well said.
    Keep up the good work.

  256. turkeytrot says:

    I think it was just a surprise to come here on this website and see a profanity. It’s not like I’m super sensitive to curses or anythings, its just something I wasn’t expecting from such and adorable blog filled with fluffy bunnies and puppies! Man people cam be pretty mean on here; the way they react to people who have different opinions then them. I understand the people who were took offense, but what I don’t understand is the people who berate them for it. Are you offended by the way they got offended?

  257. a lamb is better then a damn

  258. FrizzleFrazzleFrickeryFuddlepup This upsets me to no end.

  259. Ahhhh I loves the CO commentroversy sometimes. Hey Metsakins thanks for the chocolate pudding such a nice big bowl… Leaping in front to catch the bowl just before it hits Carrie. Hi Carrie want to share : )

  260. I am going to make a big bowl of the new pumpkin pie pudding!

  261. oy vey

  262. Okay. I love that bathroom. My kitchen is decorated in that same shade of pink. I would love to do a pink bathroom, too, but alas, I rent.

    Also, I love Eleanor. I love the nosicle. I love the curled up pawsitude.

    Also, I thought I saw a cute little flea on Eleanor, but upon closer inspecshe, it was only a crumb on my screen.

    PS. My Phoebe cat totally swears.

  263. And now that I’m back on Explorer (at work) the text is all huge again. I’ll have to try Explorer at home.

    “On another note – seriously, what is up with the comments lately?”

    We all feel we need to put everyone else in their place, and we’ve forgotten that there’s a way to do it without turning it into a personal attack. That’s what’s up with the comments. 😦

  264. I was *SHOCKED* when I saw the GD remark. I couldn’t get over it. A few little cuss words or a wink and a nod suggestion but this is just gross.

  265. No. Gross is finding a hairball in your very expensive leopard print heels.

  266. (and shocked is finding out that the government owes YOU money instead of the usual other way round)

  267. Ruh-Roh….there goes Theo’s ego! editing God and all that….Damn!

  268. I just had to bring this to the table…

    I know this is the end of the commentroversy but I just saw this on one of my atheist sites I subscribe to (along with CO) and had to laugh. Please enjoy.

  269. Hey God,
    Good job on the corgis. What’s up with platypuses?

  270. Juliene for the win!

  271. O, all this bickering made me almost forget……you know what makes this kitteh even cuter?? Her name is Eleanor!! I mean come on!! Its just adorable that she has such a human name. She is so so cute and sweet with her little paws curled under her chest. Love it!!!!

  272. seriously, get over it already goddamnit

  273. Oh mah gawd, dearie, whatever got into you? PINK in the bathroom (shakes head)I MUST inform you, the disapproving look is wholly justified.
    (mutters to self)PINK!PINK!
    PINK! whoever thought of such a SILLY idea!

    I’m with Eleanor! I like pink but not in bathrooms.
    BTW, i luuuuv her curled-up paws. so dainty!

  274. comes in in nightie, holding cup of tea.

    oh good, this party is finally dieing down. Looks around for Carrie’s pumpkin pie puddin’ and gets a spoon.

  275. Thou mayst edit me, Theo. English is not even my 100th language.

    Keep up the fine work!

    [Thank you. And oh hey could you bless Weensicka when you get a spare moment? That’d be great… – Ed.]

  276. What the hell is wrong with people? Sensitivity blows, we need MORE swearing on Cuteoverload! (lol, perhaps that’s just me)

    Plus, leave Meg alone, so she types one thing you don’t agree with! It’s her bandwith. Cry me a river, build a bridge and GTF OVER IT.

  277. What the hell is wrong with people? Sensitivity blows, we need MORE swearing on Cuteoverload! (lol, perhaps that’s just me)

    Plus, leave Meg alone, so she types one thing you don’t agree with! It’s her bandwith. Cry me a river, build a bridge and GTF OVER IT.

  278. funny thing relating to the commentroversy: when i was just starting to read this site, the first time i saw “bitches”, i was actually kind of relieved. i wasn’t sure what sort of community it was and whether i had to watch what i said; the casual use of profanity let me know i was in a place that suited me. i’m not saying using profanity is “good” (or bad). just that the owner of the blog sets the tone, and those of who are comfortable with it will keep coming back, while those who are not are welcome to leave. personally, i get really annoyed with the Daily Puppy comments because they’re all the same, bland “aw, what a cutie” stuff. i come here much more often, for the silly inside(ish) jokes, absurd pop culture references, and depraved near-worship of teh cute, as much as to look at the pictures. it makes me feel good to know that a lot other people who love animals can also be a little nuts and a little naughty. just saying. everybody’s blog it what it is and this one suits some of us juuuust right. paws up, i say!

  279. julien – gotta agree with you about the corgis!

  280. You’re doing a perfect job, Meg – don’t ever change, ok?

    Beautiful pissed-off kitteh~ <3 Grumpy kittehs for the win! Thank goodness my Ninja doesn't speak human, it would be a constant flow of profanities. But that's why I love her.

  281. So.

  282. Anner, Paws up Indeed. : )

  283. Sooooo…everyone has a right to say what they want except for those that believe in/respect God? Hypocrisy at its finest. I won’t be coming back; why linger anyplace where God is not respected? No good could come of it.
    Besides, this place was WAY more fun before Theo hijacked it and tried to turn it into the Theo show.
    Bye everybody, take care. *waves*

  284. I don’t feel disrespect from this site; I am pleased to see the joy it brings to others.

    Arguing endlessly over silly words does not convey your respect for me; respecting yourselves does.

  285. I’m with the big guy on this……..

  286. And each other. Respecting each other also goes pretty far with me.

  287. Maymee…ya’ll can say your say, but not all folks is gonna agree. And guess what? That’s how life works.

    What you think this site is gonna turn into cause goddamnit is used once or twice is beyond me. But whatever.

    And I *likes* the Theo experience. What did he do? give you a tap on the wrist and now you is all the pouts or something?

  288. Of course everyone has a right to their opinions, but not all will mesh, so expect others to voice their own views.

    Nobody likes a partypooper though. 🙂

    *waves bye-bye to those who feel the need to announce it*

  289. Many in this chat seem to think that if the language is offensive we should just turn it off or ignore it, but I bet if the words used in a caption were f.a.g. or an “N” racial slur, then things would be different – yes?

  290. Please. GD is nothing like those words you just typed in.

  291. But Sabella – if we care about all humans. And words like the examples mentioned or like the one used in the caption are truly offensive to people, then shouldn’t we have enough respect for each other to not use them?

    Even if there are some that don’t find certain language problematic, but others do – why would would want to offend by using the provocative words?

  292. mischievous madchen says:

    *hefts a large butterscotch pudding pie with clouds of soft whipped cream high in the air*
    “butterscotch puddin’anyone?”

  293. Shar Parker says:

    Sad…ruined my day. I came here to get away from meanness and anger and found more. Maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe not. I hope all the hate doesn’t destroy this site. Maybe you don’t care if I’m offended, but if something offended you, it would be different… maybe not so cute.

  294. I think one of the overall points of this string, perhaps expressed with a little more political correctness than I’m choosing, is that it’s pretty goddamn stupid to get upset about the word “goddamn.” No, many of us don’t respect your beliefs, and think you’re stupid for voicing them because, well, they’re just pretty stupid beliefs.

  295. If Meg were to post something here that actually offended me, I have a level of common sense in that I simply move away from what is offensive rather than yip and whine.

    See my tale above about the Perez Hilton site.

  296. You know, I kind of expected a commentroversy when I saw the ‘goddamn’, but I was also hopeful that people wouldn’t be so freakin (is that ok?)predictable. I mean, do you screen out every single thing with a cuss word in it? Because that would be a lot in this society. I think the word fits the picture and was used in good taste, and although I personally don’t say that word, I don’t see why my own beliefs or attitudes should be inflicted on someone I’ve never met. So, just a thought.. but can the next time a curse word or profanity is posted, how about we don’t become completely predictable and start a huge commentroversy over it? Think about the big picture guys, in the whole scheme of life, Meg using profanity in a caption every once in a while really, when you think about it, is not that big of a deal compared to the many tragedies going on in the world today. On the picture, I think the kitty is adorable!! She looks so soft and comfortables!

  297. If we can’t say “goddamn” then the terrorists win!!

  298. mischievous madchen says:

    *slowly reaches over to the table to pick up a triple chocolate mint mousse pie and a fresh fruit pavlova…starts a slow, deliberate juggle…*
    Am I alone in this sweet gooey world?

  299. New York Michele says:

    Sabella, you are right. I’ve seen the light. I will no longer use words that might offend people.

    That means words like ‘evil’, stupid’, ‘fat’, ‘skinny’ and every descriptive word goes out the window- they sometimes offend people.
    PS- it’s nice to have someone confirm for me that G_d isn’t an omnipotent being who can move mountains, smite sinners (oops! that’s an offensive word to some people- sorry), and create oceans- he’s really just on the level of a person who pouts because someone uses his name while angry. Although I think that might come as a surprise to him.

    PPS- My mom used to occasionally say, “Michele, dammit! come here and clean up that mess or you’ll get a spanking!” Sometimes she still takes my name in vain, particularly when I do something silly. I now know that I need to call her several times tomorrow and harass her until she not only apologizes, but promises not to do it again, unless she never wants to see or hear from me again. Thank you for showing me how to handle this problem.

  300. 300th comment! Eat it, homies!!!

  301. Wow, I can honestly say that this string is gettin kind of scary scary! Yes, I’m a Christian, but… All Christians are sinners, are we not? To claim that one is a saint would be nutter-butters, and we ALL have broken a commandment at one time or another. Hell, I think I’ve broken AT LEAST two today, lol! C’mon, can’t we all just enjoy the pissy kitty who has fleas?! Well, CAN’T WE?!

  302. Many Children look at this site the language used in not required…… please keep this in mind when posting

  303. @Suzie, et al…

    The Internet (or anything else) will never be sanitized for “the children”. Please consider that when you don’t do your job as an adult and supervise your kids when they go online.

  304. Um, New York Michele, wtf are you talking about? I’m not one of those that are b*tching about the language on here. o_O Me thinks you are talking to the wrong person. Or perhaps you could read through all the postings before responding to mine? Thanks.

  305. It’s interesting to me that the only people who are offended are Christian. Why aren’t we hearingoutrage from Jews and Muslims? Do they just have the good sense to move on?

  306. P.S. Eleanor is Adorable, fleas or no fleas.

  307. I think Michele means Opine, not Sabella…

  308. 300 or so comments later and I’m shocked at the almost (with a few exceptions) lack of puddin’.

    mischievous madchen – could you please pass the chocolate pie, I’m doing research on what to bake for Thanksgiving and will need to incorporate it into my research. As everyone knows, I only try desserts or snorgle fluffy things for the sake of science.

  309. metsakins – perhaps you’d like to sample the pumpkin cheesecake i’m making? or maybe the 80s orange spice jello mold that i just never seem to grow out of.

  310. New York Michele says:

    Kestrien- yup. My bad. Sorry, Sabella.

  311. mischievous madchen says:

    *deftly plops the tripple chocolate mousse pie in front of Metsakins with only a minimum of fluffy whipped cream spillage*

    *dons appropriate goggles and white lab coat…licks lips in anticipation of very important “research”*

  312. nermalkitty says:

    shame on you. you destroyed the intended cuteness with your vulgarity.


    Oooh, I’m so bad! *sneers*

  314. Wow, some people are way too sensitive. If “goddamn” is the worst thing they’ve ever seen on the internet…

  315. Some people need a goddamn life. Stheriously. Wake up, crawl out of your bubble and sniff the fart of real life.

  316. Are you fuckin’ kidding? “God” is NOT the name (unless of course you worship in pre-sixth cent. Germanic circles) of your deity and is a general term for same.

    Also slang can only be offensive to the moralist who CHOOSES to be offended by such a word. If you think the name of your deity is “God” then you’re simply ignorant.

    Try “elohim” or “YHWH” or “Allah” or one of the more recent monikers “Jehovah” (which is just YHWH with that there newfangled “j” on it). And guess what all of the above translates as: “I am”

    That’s right- you haven’t the first clue what your deity’s name is because he’s/she’s NEVER told you!


    If you believe everything a “preacher” tells you and you don’t research it yourself you’re ignorantly parroting and judging others (remember that there thing the preacher told yas: Judge not that ye be not judged.)

    Gotta love them “monotheists” they’re just loads of ignorant fun at parties… Hate-filled, proselytizing dolts! Hide in a cave and live off bark or something- and PLEASE stay off the internet. It’s obviously too much for you to live responsibly around others without making a childish scene!

    Oh no! Another angry fanatic is offended!!! Say it ain’t so! 8-p

    Now back to our regularly scheduled angry kitteh and her GODDAMN bathroom on Meg’s SUPER COOL Cute Overload.

  317. Anner,
    OMG, I LIVED in that duplex! With the pink bathroom and bidet!! Was it in Mankato, MN?? Otherwise, it’s amazing that there are two duplexes in the world with a pink bidet. I always wanted to put goldfish in it.

  318. Personally, I’m not offended.
    “Acidman” (RiP) coined “Got-damn” and “Jeebus”.

    But, hecks. There’ll always be those who deny that “shoot” is “sh#t” with two “O”s.
    (Creds to George Carlin 🙂

  319. To anyone complaining.

    Grow ******* up.

    My reply there is censored because it uses -real- curse language, and to show I know when to censor. Goddamn is not a curse, it’s fine. If you find it offensive that’s being overly sensitive.

    Can’t believe this is being considered for commentroversy, and even currently winning no less! Jesus, who cares?

    Just get over it and stop kicking up a fuss over nothing.

  320. Several people have asked, so here’s the oh-so-offended Jew speaking up! Oh wait, no I’m not.

    I particularly liked this comment from Maymee: “Sooooo…everyone has a right to say what they want except for those that believe in/respect God? Hypocrisy at its finest.” Sooooo… those who are offended by the use of the word goddamn are the only ones who could possibly believe in or respect God? Mighty presumptuous of you there! Automatically, because I’m not offended, I must not believe in God!

    In my worldview, God’s name has to be written in Hebrew to take on the sacred connotation you’re implying. I’ve never yet seen Meg or Theo use Hebrew font, so we’re good to go!

  321. well,peeps,i just spent the better part of an hour reading through this.i have four words for you. grow the **** up. if you’re offended,leave,if not,laugh and be merry. I was once christian, now an agnostic theist. so bite me. love teh pretty kitty,and the pink bafroom gives me a headache.farewells.

  322. Hahaha, mudfights make the world go round.

    @ Some people who were upset because there was picking on Christians, and because there was picking on people who were expressing their offendedness. Its because no one likes whiners.