The cutest car evar [meep meep]

The ping pong ball cozie from the Product Cuteness category better STEP OFF because there is a new star… A prosh car.

Yes David P., the English accents pushed your submishe over into postability.



  1. tabbycat917 says:

    too cute!!!
    i want one

  2. LOL, too redonk!

  3. I loved the little five-second blurb of “The Seed 2.0” by The Roots.

    So not what I imagined in a little British car advert!

  4. I never thought I’d see the day that Jeremy Clarkson would be on Cute Overload…

  5. And the little old man going “Wa-hey!” was adorable, too. 🙂

  6. lol yessssss Top Gear on cuteoverload? pure brilliance. ♥

  7. Captain_Slow says:

    LOL, Welshcake – couldn’t agree more! Maybe the Hamster, but definitely not Clarkson!

  8. I love Top Gear! That’s such a great show. I have to agree with Welshcake, I never thought I would see Jeremy Clarkson on Cute Overload.

  9. I know what my kid will be driving once he gets his license . . . .

  10. So cute! Reminds me of someting Wallace & Grommet would drive!

  11. littlelizard says:

    Hahhahhaaaa, Jezza will never live it down 😀

  12. It’s like driving your own coffin.

  13. Now I’ve seen everything! Jeremy Clarkson on cuteoverload…

    I’m surprised the Hamster hasn’t done anything cute enough to warrant his addition to the site 🙂

  14. fallenwiccan says:

    anyone know how to contact hammond so he can get back at jeremy for this one after they were giving him abuse about “Oliver” this week, i thought that car was cute too

  15. Top Gear ROCKS!

  16. I should think Noddy is missing his car.

  17. Looked pretty cool–until the part where it goes into dangerous tiltage on a corner. Wwooooaaaayyyy!Still, I’m a sucker for tiny cars–can’t wait for the arrival of the Smart Car!

  18. I love it! But my big booty could never fit in that 😦 Alas.

  19. a different Laura says:

    I think I saw one of these in a Beatles movie…or maybe an episode of Benny Hill!

  20. Do want…..

  21. So, uhhh… does my English accent make me officially cute?

  22. Another one surprised to see Clarkson on CO!!!!!

  23. *ROFLMAO* The best part was when the other guy stole it and drove it around the office. And the Sports edition! Too hilarious!

  24. Yes, SarahP. It does. Congratulations!

  25. lurkingsmirk says:

    It’s like a tricycle-turned car!

  26. Hope you don’t have errands to run because there’s no room for a take-away salad or Lean Cuisine in there. And I agree the silt on a slight curve is scary.

  27. Ok, the car is prosh, yes, but down here in the south…you’d get your ass run over by these big over-sized pickups.

    I drive a Scion xB and I had a guy run up on my bumper and then pass me on the shoulder…and I was going 10 mph over the limit already!

    I can’t imagine if I had been in one of these tiny clown cars.

  28. “Tilt.” @#$#

  29. Oh no, Mr. Bean on the road again!

  30. Cute car but don’t think that Jeremy Clarkson is going to replace the kitteh on my desktop…

  31. I think they just stuck an engine in this thing:

    haha, Clarkson even says it’s jsut like a Little Tykes car when he takes it into the office 🙂

  32. Not a likely hit in badonkadonk America. Land of the free, home of the Country Breakfast Burrito at Hardee’s (60g of fat!)…

  33. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!! When the guy stole it and was driving around the office, it was soo funny.

  34. britpoppiest says:

    just started watching this on bbc america recently! airs monday nights for us americans over here.

  35. I’m wondering if he got in trouble for saying that reporter had “quite a nice bottom”…guess you can get away with saying almost anything with that accent!

    My jaw dropped when he picked it up and started carrying it-what a novelty! Though I imagine the fumes from the engine weren’t appreciated around the office, or in that “lift”…
    Still, very cute. Wouldn’t want one though. Maymee was right – like driving your own coffin :-p

  36. Clarkson is not the most politically correct presenter on the Beeb 😉

    And the guy who stole it is one of the senior news reporters on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, and also presents Mastermind

    (And some of my american friends just want to talk to me cos they think my accent is cute. Grr. (it’s pretty close to “BBC English”))

  37. There’s way too many videos on CO! Bring back the pics please!

  38. It’s a scooter with a lid!!

  39. Ha Haaaa! Cuss cuss. BRILL of Meg to post this!
    Aw crap, Maymee, funny but true.
    Makes CAFE
    look like a behemoth.
    The meeting room scene. Oh my head. Been there. OMG her hat.
    “I believe I’ve already made inroads into the implementation of an open and inclusive policy for the ethnocentrically homogenous objectives of this department. Climate change is the biggest threat evah to face the peoples of this wuld and minimizing our Carbon Footprint through the functional usage is a key responsibility of anyone using a photocopier. I hope that in this session we can discuss…”
    Oh. My. Head.
    I would LOVE to buy this car. If the Hummers promise to play nice.

  40. it’d be perfect for my 5’5″ petite little self

    except for the fact that I shop like a caravan O.o

  41. TG + CO = FTW

    So when are we gonna see Oliver on here?

    And if you didn’t see last night’s episode — yes, Hamster is having Oliver shipped over. They belong together!!!

  42. englishwoman says:

    aww, they cut off the ending!

    Top Gear makes sunday nights worthwhile 🙂

  43. Lol! I so enjoyed that, thanks! 🙂 Yes it is great from another Uk’er (another welsh person too!) to see Top Gear on here. Kind of makes me happy and smiley inside LOL


  44. This post has brought me out of lurkerism. 🙂 I LOVE TopGear and I love Jeremy Clarkson. However, I have to say, The Hamster, Richard Hammond would have been a more appropriate choice for Cute Overload.

  45. BBC rocks!

  46. when he picked up the tailgate and rolled it away like a piece of luggage, i was ROFL!!!

    that was great, and very funny. cute, cute car. too bad something that small would get totally run over by all the leadfoots on their cell phones.

  47. Hilarious, and CUTE from top to bottom.

  48. omg, 2:24! So hilarious, I can’t stop laughing! This is the DEFINITION of redonk!

  49. I cannot believe Top Gear and Cute Overload (two of my favourite things in the world) have been combined, albeit only once. I am officially able to die happy now, Clarkson is awesome, and I think they should now begin making Cute Gear, the cutest cars on the road…..
    (by the way, in case you couldn’t tell, I too am British!)

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    That was very funny but scary! I was afraid he’d get squished by one of those buses!! Of course I have no idea who those people are since I don’t have BBC 😦 . I loved the seminar scenes the most!!

  51. oh.
    that guy is too big for that car! did you see it almost tip when he went around that “slight” corner?
    or, is the car too little for the guy?

    Gimme a big ol beautiful buick any day.

  52. loved it when he drove it behind BBC’s cherry-jello-mold anchor desk.

  53. TOP GEAR IS THE BEST SHOW EVAH! In my humble opinion of course! lol

  54. The grown-up’s Cozy Coupe, essentially.

  55. For more nutty tiny cars, check out the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum at . He doesn’t seem to have a Peel P50, but does have a silent (but color) period film of it: . Amazing Isle of Man scenery and a fine “ehn-ehn-ehn” moment going up a steep hill. He has a shiny red Peel Trident, the bubble-top “sports” model at the end of the BBC video: . Check out the film on this page — the Tridents are even cuter en masse.

  56. Love Top Gear, love CuteOverload—this was perfect!

    Now only if Top Gear Dog would make more appearances!

  57. Hooray, Top Gear!!!!!

    MaggieBelle, I know what you talkin bout–I drive a Yaris and as soon as CERTAIN dudes in huge-ass p/u trucks see me it’s like they go bonkers and want to run it over. It might be more of a prob if I did not drive like Racer X! I go for it in the twisties and if they ever do catch up, I just pretend like nothing happend…

  58. Go go John Humphries!
    Goodness knows, I hate Clarkson and fervently hope for some kind of speed related paralysing motor accident to happen to him so he can ponder the error of his ways, and yet…

    Oh, and my entire country is now officially cute, which is nice.

  59. Hooray for Top Gear on CO! I love Jeremy Clarkson, and I’m not even British…just a crazy Canuck with UK sensibilities…too bad I can’t turn the volume up at the office, Top Gear is generally frowned upon during office hours (although CO is not, thank goodness! 🙂 )

  60. Cauliflower says:

    That’s great. I laughed so loud in some points that I heard it echo in the hall outside the office.

  61. Oh I so hope someone at the beeb finds this and shows the hamster. Clarkson on CO – now that’s redonk!

  62. Jeremy Clarkson is a legend here in Britain and lol at that car wish I had one in pink would really annoy my car/motobike obsessed male friend xD

  63. Thanks so much guys! Now I HAVE to get some pictures of my kittehs up here.

    Jebber, thanks for the Micromuseum link! I forgot to include it.

  64. Ms. Scarlet says:

    Oh, gods, Clarkson has ended up on CU (though it was for the car). This is it – the world is ending. I’d’ve thought that the Hamster would make it on here! When I first saw this episode, I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m astonished that Jeremy managed to cram himself into that wee little thing. Love love love Top Gear, and of course, Cute Overload (even more so now)!

  65. Ha ha ha! Top Gear on Cute Overload now that is funny. Of course James May alone deserves to be on here ‘cos he’s top of my cute list.

  66. OMG….I just watched that whole thing and I’m glad I did, the sports car is too too moische. And goddamn I love that British sense of humor! And the end Gay-rage. LOVE IT.

  67. Wow – that could be taken wrong…I mean the way brits pronounce “garage”, to be clear.

  68. RevWaldo love your description of “BBC’s cherry-jello-mold anchor desk” – thats the News 24 studio and its the best bit of this clip imo. V funny

  69. Oh for the love of all that’s holy! I have trouble believing that thing’s street legal.

    We had neighbors who had one of those banana cars but it was so low (3 feet), other cars could barely see it.

    They ended up putting a bike flag on it so they wouldn’t get run over on the interstate.

  70. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Hmmm…I’d rather do the two-door Speck from that old McDonald’s Commercial! At least THAT had SOME leg room!! I’m 5’8″ and aboot 200lbs and there’s no way in HELL I could fit my fat ass in that dinky li’l car Mr. 6’5″ was driving in…not to mention I’m uber-claustrophobic!!!

    But it is a cute car!!! Not as cute as my Prius tho! 😛

  71. cute…?

  72. Hahahaha! Amazing! He was driving it all around where I live and down my road! How did I not get to see it?! 😦

  73. I love the video clips mixed in with the still pics. It makes for a pleasant change of pace–esp. this one. I completely lost myself in this video–like I was there. Unfortunately, though, I’m such a nervous norvous on the road, I would have had a heart attack on the curve! Keep those pics and videos comin!

  74. me want!
    *reaches toward car*

  75. anomalous4 says:

    I don’t know which to say first:

    ROFL =gasp= MAO =wheeze=



    I love the driving-round-the-office bit, especially where he “streaks” the news set. The bit at the end where the guy turns him around the wrong way at the stoplight tops everything though.

    And that guy is 6’5″???!!! Talk about leg room…..

    I love my motor scooter, but I’d trade it in for one of these in a microsecond!

  76. Yitzysmommie says:

    Loved the vid. No brilliant comments, just a satisfied happy CO customer.

  77. LOL! Too funneh! Love the Brit accent and their sense of humour!

  78. I almost want one! I’d be worried of it tipping over though. I’m sure they’re not legal yet in america.

  79. But where do I put my shopping??? And I guess I would just have to strap the kitty carrier on the top on the way to the vets. 😉

    Cute though! 😀

  80. Tee hee I LOVE Top Gear, and this bit made me laugh so much!!


  81. All I keep thinking is Mr Bean?!?!