Seal ‘tockage

Not to mentshe some very interesting nailios on the flippers. Ever seen that befo’?

[shifty eyes] I DIDN’T THINK SO!


Cassidy C. of OtherThings, thanks for the post. 🙂



  1. What, so now it’s Tailiovember?

  2. This picture was on this site a while ago. I still like it though =)

  3. Yes, this was already posted a few months ago. Still cute! 🙂

  4. Squee!! Raise your hand if you didn’t know that seals even HAD a tailio! **raises hand**

  5. What about the tail? The tail!!!

  6. “Ever seen that befo’?”

    Why yes…yes I have. Right here!

    Is Meg getting nostalgic on us? 😉

  7. shaz –
    i was thinking the same thing 🙂

  8. hey! my comment got edited…hmmm…try again.

    ***insert wayne’s world time travel doodoodeedoo here***

    maybe that will work better…

  9. sea…lion!?!

  10. what’da what’da what’da
    splain pleeeezzzeeeeee.
    halp. ?

  11. Yay! I remember this from before. But it’s cute enough to post twice.

  12. Another Angela says:

    yes we has seen befo’. zzzzz.

  13. Encore! Bravo! Truly fantastic ‘tocks are truly deserving of a repeat! I will take a second helping, thanks!

  14. Stheriously … who knew they have toes? Veddy eenterestingk.


  15. Who knew sealses had nailios?

  16. i love it when she posts twice! it proves she’s human 😉 and it makes me imagine how many millions of photos she must look at for every awesome one we get to see…thanks, meg!

  17. Whatever it is, it’s sitting on a squashed pigeon.

  18. Tee hee Pyrit. that tail does look like a squashed pigeon.

  19. I wonder if the tail ever wiggles ….

  20. Hey it’s ok posting it again for thoes of us who haven’t seen it yet.
    Seems like I seen bout 30 swimming around here today tho. damnnn

  21. What a bummer.

  22. Hollybeary says:

    Hey that’s not a seal, it’s a sea lion!

  23. Alice Shortcake says:

    I didn’t know they had finger/toe nails, which goes to show what an edumacational site this is.

  24. Fancy that. Hon Glad made a pun! Hoo rah.