Save the drama fer yer (stuffed) Mama

These chicks have a stuffed animal for a Mom. I bet she nags 100 percent less than a regular Mom. As reported by Cuteporters over at the UK Daily Mail.


No offense, Mommoi!!!

😉 And thanks, Sender-Inner Heath L.



  1. Oh, da sweet behbehs…so fuzzilicous!

  2. Don’t they all look like they just heard “Now look over here! And say WHOOOO!” *click*

  3. DA babies look so sad! Look at dere eyes! Dey are saying…’dis is my momma.. I don’t care what you say.. I nub her’

  4. Oh my fluffiness!
    Stern, reproachful fluffiness.

  5. I just wanna see the vid where mamma stuffed owl regurgitates little cotton balls into the froats of the behbehs.

  6. Are Who My Mother?

    (I used to love that book.)

  7. The kids should put this pic on their Facebook page.

  8. tracyFlick says:

    REPORTER: Where’s Mr. Owl?

    STUFFED MOTHER OWL: He’s on a shoot for Tootsie Pops.

  9. Catablob,

    You ROCK!

  10. LOL!!

  11. Hey!!!! Is that sender-inner Health L.??? As in Heath Ledger??? Whooo hooo! Now THAT would be a Cute Overload!!!

  12. It’s Sarah,, Percy & Bill + 1.
    (“All owls think a lot.”)

  13. Dear heather,
    catablob is strictly a waddler. But we appreciate
    the image!

  14. oh lordie, CO, have you no sense of decency???? you are keelingk me!!!!

    {drops dead from teh qte}

  15. Owl version of “baroo?” = “bawhoooo?”

    All the little owlets are saying it.

  16. they don’t need a stuffed mama! I’ll snorgle them instead!

  17. catablog—


  18. Holy Hoot! They has eyebrows!!!

  19. *promptly dies of fluffiness overload*

  20. angrycupcake says:

    i like the contrast between the sad little faces and the massive talons of baby-owl-induced death.

  21. I love the one on the right snuggled against ‘mommy.’

  22. oh good grief.
    that’s adorable.

  23. I preferred my original headline: whooooo’s yo mommy?

  24. They are so wonderfully cute and fluffy. However, the story detailing how they got their “momma” and their possible demise is actually quite sad. I am glad each individual took the time to care for them and bring them to the santuary.

  25. That one’s good too, Heath.

  26. I LOVE owls! And these are so adorable and somewhat sad looking. Stuffed Mom’s wingspan isn’t long enough to fit the poor babies at the end. 😦 I’ll snuggle you, little owlets.

  27. ThreeCatNight says:

    This is one precious pic.
    Could there be a “family” resemblance here? Hmm…

  28. oh my gawd. that is right up there with the hedgehogs and the hairbrush. file that shit under “Cute or Sad???!”

  29. “But you aren’t my mama!”
    “YA RLY.”

    Someone had to do it. 😛

  30. Okay, so that just might be the cutest thing ever! And by might be, I pretty much mean, that IS the cutest thing ever!

  31. they look bewildered and a little sad!!!

  32. from the UK news story:

    Tawny Owls, famed for their ‘tu-whit tu-whoo’ hoots in the night…

    ‘tu-whit tu-whoo’

  33. Harry Potter, eat your heart out!

  34. Aww! This should be tagged as “Cute or Sad?” imo.

  35. SP — maybe “Cute or Stuffed”?

  36. OMG so cute!!!! I actually squealed out loud and scared my parrot. I just want to snuggle them!

  37. ooo… where is their real momma? are they orphans?

  38. awww….they ALL look like stuffies–too cute to be real!

  39. I like how the one on the far right is flippin’ the secret bird ala jr. high group photo.

  40. Aww, not sad at all.
    baby owlets are doing fine, and have a lovely mom, if a bit on the quiet side.
    — The little guy on the right is all “mom loves those other guys best,”

  41. “Everyone who wants to be in the picture, get over there!”

  42. Oh man, ‘mommoi’ is now my new favorite plural of all time.

  43. Space Cowgirl says:

    These fluffy babies make me feel less sucky about my life’s sudden downturn. At least I’m not a baby orphaned fluffy. Meh.

  44. Awwww… poor wittle bebeh owls! Had such a hard life to begin with and lost their mommas! 😦
    But at least they’re better and getting the love and attention they need.
    The picture and story still breaks my heart to read though.

  45. I love how they said in the article that the Momma owl needs to be wash daily because “she gets so much love”.

    “I wuv you momma!!!!” *throws up* XD

    And I also love how the two bebehs by her side are all warm and stuck to her side under her wings.

  46. Too Many Maureens says:

    Awwww!!! I spent some time one day at the Bird of Prey Centre here on Vancouver Island, and they had a spectacled owl that liked having his *head scratched*. It was the most amazing thing to snorgle an owl the way you would a cat.


  47. Oh, the FLUFF!

  48. Aww. That is the sweetest, cutest, saddest thing I ever saw.

  49. Aww. That is the sweetest, cutest, saddest thing I ever saw.

  50. Aren’t these usually under ‘Matchink?’

  51. Baby wols! They surely belong in a wollery!

  52. Eater of Shades says:

    The fuzz is killing me!!

  53. aw… doesn’t this fit under “cute or sad?”?

  54. My favorite 8 year old joke:

    Person A:”I know someone who thinks they’re an owl!”
    Person B:”Who?”
    Person A:”NOW I KNOW TWO PEOPLE!!!”

    This kills me every time for some reason.

  55. Those little owl babies are the cutest things !!!

    I want to kiss their little itty bird beaks …

  56. Awh! The one in the wing-pit is all squinty eyed.

    (Esp. that floofy stuffed mama.)


  58. “…I don’t know, Mom always seemed so…distant… so emotionally unavailable…I think that’s why I have a hard time committing in relationships…

  59. The Owls on the branch they sat
    And were seen
    Near the beautiful pea-green leaves,
    They sure were chummy, as the forest was sunny,
    Wrapped up in a five owl group.
    The mother felt that her feathers were tugged,
    Her hoots were heard from afar,
    “O please don’t push me! Don’t push me, my loves,
    Though beautiful babies you are, you are, you are,
    Though beautiful babies you are.”
    One said to its mom “You’re an elegant owl,
    And charmingly sweet you sing.
    I still must be wary, it’s still a bit scary:
    For how can a stuffed owl sing?”
    They stayed this way, for a year and a day,
    In the land where the proshness grows,
    Where there in a mood Meggy-moo stood
    With an idea inside her head, her head, her head,
    With an idea inside her head.
    “Dear owls, are you willing to see your faces on Cute Overload?”
    Said the owls, “We are”
    So she took them away, and were seen the next day
    By all the peeps who live on the cute.
    The redonk so rare
    They haven’t seen since,
    And they fell with a runcible swoon.
    And wing to wing did fly this strange owl band
    They flew by the light of the moon, the moon, the moon,
    They flew by the light of the moon.

  60. Awwww. I’m so glad they’re safe now. They’re absolutely adorable!

  61. Aubrey. You surpass yourself. :0}

  62. Doesn’t happen often, but I’m speechless, Aub. Absolutely incredible! If there was a “not worthy” emoticon I’d put one in here!

  63. bookmonstercats says:

    Aubrey, you’ve done it again – to “The Owl and the Pussycat”?

    Theo and Heath, I’ve had this from another UK newspaper. It’s still pinned to my notice-board. The headline is “Mum’s Quiet, But Who Gives A Hoot?”

  64. Space Cowgirl says:

    e-beth and tenspeed made me spray Coke all over the monitor. LOL!

  65. luvinmalssomuch says:

    So adorable! Yippee that they were saved by this wonderful person.

  66. More than 60 comments, and not a single Hooters joke!? *tsk tsk* I’m very disappointed…

  67. Taj, be my guest…

  68. Chelonianmobile says:

    Hey, my sister has a stuffed owl just like that one!

  69. This is so pathetically cute it’s painful.

  70. Ohhh my goodness… the babies… so cute and fuzzy and mournful… and so real and needful of a mommy… ahhhh i love them.