White Stripes riffs + kitteh biscuiting = fabulousness

Kttehs should always have a soundtrack while biscuiting. I’m sure most pastry chefs would agree. Even polkas might be allowed.

Um, Video Director WordCub? Rokkin’.I laffed the entire time, Sender-Inner Ryan.



  1. My cat baked my tummy while we watched this 🙂

  2. “Hee heeee, whaddayuh want fer nothin’? Rrrrrrubbah biscuit?”

  3. Red Stripes? I don’t get it . . . it’s the White Stripes. Red Stripe is a beer . . .

  4. darkshines says:

    Haha, WHITE stripes, Meg! Not RED! lolol…

    The first public indicator of her sad addiction 😦


  5. I love the way kittehs get this vacant, far-away look in their eyes when they do this. Better than catnip!

  6. My puppeh apparently likes the combo o’ kitteh und White Stripes because he startted wiggin out when I played the video! The message crosses all species. 🙂

  7. Seven Paws says:

    I never heard this call “biscuiting” before, but I like it!

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    hehehehe, still giggling here at the Cats N Arms biscuitage. Sound track is perfecto, and I love the stoned look on the kitty – I watched closely for drool, but didn’t see any.

  9. Biscuiting, making biscuits, making bread, playing the piano, air biscuits, making pastry, paddy-paws and pussy-footing.

  10. The close-ups of the kneadin’ pawsitude are the BEST!

  11. awww… what a lovely, cuddly, baking/ed kitty

    also… cats n’ racks (TM)?

  12. White Stripes with Kitteh on keyboards.

  13. I love how the kitteh got all spacily interested in the camera, like “hey, what’s thaaat?” when the fella moved in close. tehehe!

  14. Ai carramba… yes, WHITE Stripes it is! I’m mos DEF gonna rib Meg about *that* one.

    (What’s the drummer’s name?? Anyone? Anyone?)

  15. Beautiful cat!

  16. Looks like Aden was playing a Hammond B3! Foot pedals rule!

  17. Incidentally… there *is* a parody band over in the UK called The Red Stripes. They’re supposedly a “Jamaican Reggae White Stripes tribute band.” I shudder to think… but they do exist.
    (the girl kinda looks like Natalie Dee in the cover photo)

  18. I call it “squeezy feet.”

  19. hope you filed that one in Cats N Racks, too!

  20. I liked the way the kitteh’s eyes matched the shirt.

  21. Hehehe “squeezy feet” good one! Mind if I steal it?

  22. Wow, what kind of cat is that? It’s so BIG. Like, a lot of cats are so skinny, and this cat isn’t fat, but it’s THICK. And it’s beautiful. Like a baby lion or something.

  23. kattandmouse says:

    Cute kitty 🙂 I love it when they do this… I havent heard of it as bicuiting before… I have generally heard of and use “making muffins” or “muffing”… One of my kittehs muffins can be painful she like to use her claws a bit too much :P…

  24. Kitty massage! My friend’s cat loves to do that to my knee.

  25. warrior rabbit says:

    We call it kneading…then we can make jokes like, ‘She kneads me.’

    Cute kitteh! And it’s Meg, Theo, as you know.

  26. Yep. (and Meg of C.O. just got it right too, hehe)

  27. omg, i ♥ Jack White an’ teh white steeripes. and i thinks me spotted some extree toe action on senor buiscat!

  28. My kitty is 13 years old and will hopefully be around for many more, but he NEVER does this. I am oh so jealous!!!!!!!

  29. Nicolletta says:

    I had a kitty that used to knead me all the time, then she would stick her nose in my armpit.

  30. Well, speaking as a pastry chef that does in fact make biscuits, I must say that the very best soundtrack for kneading is David Bowie. The Smiths will also do in a pinch.

    [“I am human, and I knead two big loaves…” – MorrissEd.]

  31. Beautiful kitty! Has better rhythm than Meg White as well.

    Ohoho, sorry, I went there.

  32. Tilly — Jack ain’t exactly Jimmy Page, either, but it works. Rag & Bone ROXX0RS.

  33. berthaslave says:

    LOL arwo…

    And yes, it’s nice to be kneaded.

    Biscuit City, population, Kitteh.

  34. that is some serious, serious biscuit making. cute cute.

  35. Daphne Moss says:

    Love to see kitteh making biscuit’s to Jack’s version of ‘Wayfarin Stranger…’


  36. I love it when they do this. I havent heard of it as bicuiting before… I have generally heard of and use “making muffins” or “muffing”.

  37. biscuiting, bread makin. iz all the same same.
    i love they way the kitteh is all concentrating on the perfect pounchin, and then, “oh, mama, your arm smells kinda….” and then back immediately to the former level of concentratin. adorably adorable.

  38. What ever it is he thinks he’s doing, he sure can concentrate on it.
    I hope the sleeve of that thing is pretty thick, cause he is really working those kitteh toes.

  39. Yeah, pretty boring. My cat makes way better biscuits.

  40. One comment..obviously, biscuiting rocks.

  41. music was great…

    my solly drools when he gets that into it

  42. Am I to assume that the kitty has no claws …
    because if my Cat, Cinnamon, did that to my arm – I would be screaming in pain !
    Cinnamon makes biscuits almost everynight before we go to sleep – but she makes her biscuits on a pillow or blanket !

  43. White Stripes and kitties? Reminds me of one of joel Veitch’s pieces:


    … and try:


    for further kitten cuteness… 😉 (kittens + german heavy metal = win)

  44. my big boy does this every time I lie down …

    total concentration, biskitting on my ahem, chest, tummy, arm, neck, bladder, wherever …

    and it HURTS – not cos of his clawz but the pressure points …

    but I love him too much to stop him;

    he gives me wet smoochies, too …

    and knocks off my reading glasses …

    he goes on & on & on till it’s time to doze off beside me, purring like an outboard motor

  45. SQUEEE! What a pretty kitty!

    Maybe its just me, but I thought this song had shades of Jimi Hendrix. (especially “Hey Joe”)

  46. freakin’ genius ! I love it !

  47. Bluesy kitteh’s got soul

  48. He DOES look like a lion! Gorgeous and talented – what a combo.

  49. Wow Marie, if you find this boring, I wonder why you read CO. I mean, it’s filled with this kind of stuff. I’m sure your kitteh makes wonderful bisquits but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy someone else’s kitteh doing the same thing.

  50. I’m jealous; neither one of my cats makes biscuits (Then again, if Noel did, I’d be crying from the claws!).