My eyeball’s bigger than my ear, oh yeah

Dewd, when your eyeball is bigger than your ear, we can talk. Until then, step the heck off.

[Goes back to eating grubs, generally owning the place]


Lanie O., where the HECKY did you find this one!? Oh, from photographer Peter Loh, here.



  1. Eep! and Bleen!

    He’s quite a looker.

  2. Seriously! What is it!

  3. Colugo (or Flying Lemur)

  4. WOw. he does rule and those eyes so soulful.

  5. Actually…I find this slightly creepy >_<

  6. Weeeeow… that’s quite a large peeper. Prosh.

  7. I am also a big fan of the teensy and moist nostrils and overbite.

  8. a princess di lemur? wow.

  9. Is he related to the shocked chipmunk/ gopher/ whatever from the Japanese television show? 🙂

  10. It’s like I’m watching ice Age… cute 🙂

  11. kyewt! he looks so soft…

  12. the hell?

    What an awesome looking creature! 😀

  13. He totally looks like that thing from Ice Age!

  14. OMG. My eyes are a-poppin’!

  15. he’s got a mouth like a sock puppet !

  16. He’s so cute!

    and yet..horrifyingly ugly.

  17. I love lemurs! CO should have a picture of tarsiers as well – their eyeballs are larger than their brains! 😀

  18. “Jeepers, lemur
    Where’d you get those peepers?
    Jeepers, lemur
    Where’d you get those eyes?”

  19. Those are the biggest brown eyes – what a cutie !!!

    He looks like he needs a hug …

  20. darkshines says:

    I love this creature, he looks like a hairy snake. I want to slink him between my fingers. Don’t ruin my illusion by telling me he has legs, I like him hoe he is.

    And yeah, he totlly looks like that thing from Ice Age, that always has a nut, lol!

  21. The off spring of a mating twixt a Mongoose and a tawny Owl.

  22. acelightning says:

    There’s something almost bird-like about that head – his snout looks a lot like a beak. The total effect reminds me of a baby ostrich or emu…

  23. Weeeeow… that’s quite a large peeper. Prosh.

  24. Aubrey – Siouxsie Lemur?

  25. Definitely in the So-Ugly-It’s-Cute category. ^_^ (You know, like the pup in ‘As Good As It Gets’?)

  26. Wow. Was Peter Lorre a lemur?

  27. Momof2kitties says:

    The guy from Ice Age is named Scrat–as in half sqwerl, half rat. Yes, he does look like that. Where’s the acorn, tho’?

  28. “My eyeball’s bigger than my ear, oh yeah”

    Sounds like the first line of a blues song. 😉

  29. “My eyeball’s bigger than my ear, oh yeah.

    I haven’t had a lemurette in over a year, oh yeah.

    She took one look at meeeeee,
    said “Your eyeball’s bigger than your peepee”

    But at least it’s not as huge as your rear, oooooooh yeaaaaaaaah”

  30. I’m baaaaaack.

  31. Persephone says:

    A Flying Lemur? Anyone else thinking of Momo from Avatar: the Last Airbender?

  32. Alice Shortcake says:

    Sid, you beat me to it. That’s a excellent Peter Lorre impression!

  33. Tricia Garrett says:

    I think the white kitty from the post above has shocked him.

  34. YAY! A fellow prosimian! About time too.

  35. berthaslave says:

    Her nose is wet and cold,
    Her lips a prosh surprise,
    Her ears are teeny folds,
    She’s got crazy lemur eyes!

    And she’ll tease you
    She’ll unease you
    All the better just to please you
    She’s precocious and she knows just what it takes to make the ’nuffs blush,

    All the sqwerls thinks she’s a spaz,
    She’s got crazy lemur eyes.

  36. Wow! I’ve never seen a lemur such as this before! Thanks Meg for the edu 😉

    Seriously, he looks like a Disney creation come to life! (Or is that pixar!)

    Gorgeous & perfect in every way 🙂

  37. i get bags under my eyes too.

    berthaslave, lol

  38. Loris and LJ, this a colugo or “flying lemur” which is misleading–it doesn’t fly nor is it a lemur of the primate order. It’s actually of the order Dermoptera.

  39. Oh, and Meg-they are herbivorous. So, no grub eating 🙂

  40. Catsquatch says:



  41. It’s a flying lemur, or more correctly a “colugo.” despite the name it has neither the ability of flight, nor is it actually a lemur, discuss.

  42. If he were a human i would date him

  43. Somehow this guy reminds me of Little Foot from The Land Before Time.

    What’s with the nubbly ear? I want to soft kronsche it (if it is indeed an ear).

  44. Am I imagining it, or does his eye have lashes all the way around… a teeny tiny fringe of them? Awwwww…. he’s an orig, fo sho! Maybe he’s tryin to figure out how to fly, that’s why he looks so pensive..

  45. And just as I was about to add my .2 in about it not being a REAL lemur…What’s funny is that I posted a photo of a “special green lemur” on my blog that has wings. I had totally forgotten that I had heard about flying lemurs before…This one is a stuffed animal that should be on uglyoverload…! (Found on for $79!!!)