Ded (but comfortable!) kitteh

I especially like how she talks back. The grunting sounds so famillllllllllliar…

Josh N., way to send ’em IN, Bro!



  1. wow, that is one huge belleh. it requires lots of attention. by me. and snorgaling.

  2. what a spotty kitty. love the cranky noises.

  3. Nnyet, leaves me alone. I sleep’n.

  4. Nicolletta says:

    Tummy spots! Must snorgle!

  5. Meg: I will keep sendin’ them in!

    josh n

  6. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Kitteh ate the chichihua.

  7. Man, that was me every morning when I still lived at home.

    ‘Hello!’ ‘*grarph*’ ‘Trying to sleep?’ ‘……. *GRARPH*’

  8. not cute. at all.
    kind of white trash.

  9. OMG that is Megawesomesupercute.

    and go blerf yourself, blerf.

  10. awww kitteh sounds like panda. maybe they related.

  11. Reminds me of being woken up every day for school.

    NOES! NOES! It is cold beyond these covers. Leave me lie!

    ‘not cute. at all.
    kind of white trash.’
    And that, strange. Goooooooo internets!

  12. hehe;} kitteh is saying: Yer bodderin me. Lemme snooze!

  13. LoL! She’s all “Go way, I’m seeping..”

  14. whitetrash says:

    yessss, this kitty is me.

    i have a soft belleh and am very cayoot. thanks, blerf.

  15. That reminds me of the grunts I make at my cat when she tries to wake me up on the weekend. Go ‘way.

  16. polka dots and grumpiness! irresistible cutecombo, imo!

  17. *sigh* the paparazzi’s, they’ll get you at the times when you are MOST. CRANKY.

    Or drunk [shifty eyes]

  18. priceless

  19. acelightning says:

    We’ve seen Nala before, haven’t we? Anyway, that little squawk/grunt/meow says “Go ‘way! Lea’me alone!” as plain as words…

  20. i love those noises!


  22. Haha! Kitty’s like, “SHADDAP.”

  23. Myerh!

  24. Myerh!

  25. Laydee sez “uh oh, i think our kitteh is ded”

    Kitteh sez “snerk”


  26. Looks to me like Nala is O-U-T.

  27. Cleocatra's Mom says:

    OHMIGOSH!!!! Did anybody else see the smiley face on her belly?!!!!! Way down at the bottom, there is totally a smiley!

  28. I don’t know which is more utterly adorable, the polka-dot tummy or the chirps!

  29. ZOMG! There IS a smiley on her belleh!
    Well spotted Cleo’s Mom.

  30. Kendra — Turnabout is fair play! (Muhahahaha.)

  31. ooo I just wanna snorgle that tummy!!!

  32. Nala. Nala? Why’s the rum gone, Nala?

  33. Leave me aloooooone. I’m trying to sleeeeeeep!

  34. I must ask what kinda kitty is Nala?

  35. JulieRaven says:

    Oh my goodness that was ridiculous amounts of cute. Even the owner’s voice was adorable. “Uh oh! No she’s not…”

    So cute.

    And I think that kitty is preggers!

  36. SQUEEEEEEEE!!! What a sleepity grumpity kitty!

    And Cleocatra – I saw that smiley face too! Buhcute!

  37. She has another smiley face under her chin. HEheh she is all unless you are opening a can of tuna or gooshey food for me go away.

  38. I love that cat’s weird little voice!

  39. tooooo cute. the round spotty belly. the chirp replies. the female’s voice if the kitty is dead.

  40. The cat who could quack like a duck.

  41. Awww! That belly demands a snorgle! Although, by the sounds of her grumps she wouldn’t have any of it!

  42. First I was dying at the spotted tummeh.

    Then she started quackingk like a duck.

    Then I, too, fell over.

    “Nnak!” = shut up and go away, I am trying to sleep, foolish human. It’s much shorter in Cat, isn’t it?

  43. I have an incontrollable urge to poke the belly! Poking the screen must do for now though…

  44. look at all those polka dots!

  45. That is freaking hilarious. And, may I say, that is one secure kitty. Nyak!

  46. she’s all “aww, ma… 10 more minutes, please?”

  47. Bengals have unique and cute mews

  48. This kitteh’s all “5 more minutes, mom! Geeze!”


  49. That is too funny!! And she’s named after Simba’s girlfriend! How cute!

  50. spotted belleh!

    *head, already pressure sensitive cause sinuses are kinda sucky…. SPLODES*

    k-thnx 🙂

  51. lurkingsmirk says:

    Ohhh those teenage kitty years…

  52. thats gotta be a bengal, mine makes that exact noise if you poke him while hes sleeping! and love the spotty bellies

  53. The cat is saying “Leave me alone, I want to sleep !”

    Gorgeous kitty fur !

  54. Good gravy woman. Do you not know the universal “leave me alone I’m sleeping” grunt?

  55. Just leave my tray over there and withdraw your prescence from the Royal bed chamber.

  56. That is just the best !

  57. Pets make me so happy. I can’t own them all, so I’m grateful to see everyone’s here.

  58. charliewabba says:

    Polka dot kitties are the BEST! I tell my polka dot kitty she needs to go on “How Do I Look?” for some advice cuz she’s always wearing stripes and polky dots together, but she ignores me. In the same irritable voice as this kitty. It must be the polky dots.

  59. I love it! I had a polk-dot too. I named her DOTTIE! When she got older, most of her dots disappeared and turned to stripes. So, now we have a striped kitty named Dottie.

  60. Lof the smilies on the tummers – lof the look of utter contentment on the entire body – and I agree – I think dis kitteh is gonna have bebeh kittehs!!! That’s a mama kitteh in the makin’ there.

    OK, possibly just a well feeded kitteh. If it were my kitteh – it would be scooped up and snorgled and probably reallllyyy pissed off for being snorgled.

  61. Reminds me of a dalmatian…only in cute kitty form.

  62. Way too cute!!!

    The round belly suggests she may need a deworming treatment if she is a young kitten. Not sure of her age.

    Love the name. Thanks for the smile this morning!

  63. Ocicat! I have one too, and lordy, is he a talker. They are the best kitties ever. 🙂

  64. Nothing better than a spotty tummy!

  65. Yitzysmommie says:

    Love the outstretched kitteh and the great chirps – “No, I iz not ded” in cat.

  66. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh, want a great out loud laff? Check out Hungry Bengal Kitty on You Tube.

  67. Is the mouseover Nyarp a sly reference to Smokin Aces, by any chance?


  68. Teph — I haven’t seen that one, but maybe the kitten has?

  69. wagthedogma says:

    Lady: “Nala, is that a comfortable position?”
    Nala: “It WAS. Until you freakin’ woke me UP!” ;P

  70. berthaslave says:

    I’m surprised at how familiar that sound it, only usually it’s Bertha waking me up and ME making the noise.

    And let me be the first to say…
    sleeeepy straaaayyyyccchhhh

  71. MEH! Go awaaaaaaaaayyy!!….I’s twYin’ to schnooze ovah heah!

  72. kitteh ate too moische and now is all sleepies.

    i love the talk back.

  73. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!! More I say!!!

  74. sarah_beth says:

    Teph, is smoking aces the same as hot fuzz?

  75. Hee hee.



  76. sarah_beth,

    It’s quite fast paced and kinda gory at some points. Mafia/FBI flick. Has a character who usually responds to everything with “Yarp.”

    Though, Hot Fuzz was hilarious.

  77. lol, as if the cat saying ‘go away’.

  78. It’s a Serval kitteh! I recognize that tail and those markings anywhere. It’s a young one though. My Serval has a chirpy little meow too. 🙂

  79. Yitzysmommie: that is sooo funny, Must be Kittehs first meal ever.

  80. Of course you have to go molest a sleeping kitten.
    Otherwise it will be awake all night.

  81. awww that’s my kitty’s name too!!

  82. blerf, how is this white trash? XD Maybe grumpy kitty has a hangover? 😀

  83. Oh my God, I love it. My cat makes similar noises — more like “ack” than “meow.” This video is too cute.

  84. hahahaha… so funny! I LOVE Nala’s original position–so cartoony and comical!

    such a pretty kitty too. polka dots 🙂

    and i LOVE the conversation:
    –i think our kitty is dead.
    –no i’m not!
    –uh oh, no she’s not
    –no… Nala!
    –Whhhhat? I’m tryin’ to sleep!
    –Is that a comfortable position?

    Teeheehee 🙂

  85. ClaudesMom says:

    Hey! I think I know this Nala! Or at least I know a Nala like this one. Does she live in Minnesota? She’s just yummmmmmmy