This box is gonna erupt in a flurry of fur and “rowrs’ any second now


O’Neills, did you survive the cat-on-box action!?



  1. Reminds me of bunkbeds where the upper level sibling would always do that to bug the sibling in the bottom!

  2. 2 cats, 1 box…

  3. whew! thanks for showing something super cute nuff-proof- all those comments on the other pics were really starting to depress me…

  4. Well of course all cats are beautiful – but that silver is gorgeous. Very leonine!

  5. That is a BEAUTIFUL cat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that color of silver/gray before. Anyone know what kind?

  6. Two cats enter, one cat leaves. Courtesy of my wonderful partner Ed.

  7. Yushi, that’s what my big sis did when we were small and slept in a bunkbed!

    Hee, I love their whiskers – so cute and perky. ♥

  8. You! Grey boy! Yer in my box, gitout

  9. Are they mad-cating each other?

  10. Everyone’s all like “ooh, how cute…” but I don’t think it’s cute or funny. Did you see how bent that black cat’s neck is? So by going ooh and aah, all you’re doing is encouraging owners to bend their poor kitties spine to get a rise out of others! This isn’t a cute pic, it’s a portrait of animal abuse!!! Now if this post were serious, there would be a lot more spelling errors and exclamation points.

  11. Yitzysmommie says:

    Heeheehee, Mr Blackie McUpsidedownpants is HEElarious!

  12. Why did I suddenly just think of Spider-Man?

  13. Nose to Nose!
    And the nosevember tradition continues

  14. Um, to bdwilcox, I have several cats including one very like the photo upside down guy… and mine does twists like that all the time with no encouragement from me… the kittehs are flexible that way. I wouldn’t ever make my cats do anything for a photo but i see no harm in someone taking a pic when they are being ridonkulous by themselves…and there is plenty of that going on almost constantly…

  15. circuscake says:

    ann m- bdwilcox was just funnin’ around. most likely in response to all the commentroversy goin’ on today with the other pics/vids. (theo even got quite cross with the peeps, it was so bad. thanks theo.)

  16. Bwahaha…fake commentroversy…almost as hillarious as these kittehs, thanks for making my friday night! 🙂

  17. The gray is a silver tabby, I think, but not sure about breed. Any chance of a link to the source so we can look for more photos of two very handsome cats?

  18. Hey, let’s just be glad it’s THAT end dangling down.

  19. MsDolittle says:

    Lisa – these are my sister’s cats and both are Maine Coons. The black one is always doing bizarre and amazingly cute things.

  20. They are like yin and yang but I’m always forgetting which is which. 😉

  21. Wait now, is there not a kitteh on top as well??? My pic is very dark, so I might be halusinatin.

  22. hey, whatcha doin’ upside-down?

    no, yer upside-down.

    nuh-uh, YER upside-down.

    no, YOU are.




    MO-OM! He’s hitting me!

    He started it!

    (continue until someone is distracted by an elastic or something…)

  23. Anyone else hear the theme from “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” start to play in their heads? lol.

  24. Maine Coons are super-experts at getting into very very weird positions and contortions.

    I love how their giant whiskers are touchingks!

  25. The cat already inside the box looks like a little silver lion 😀

  26. Exactly, Lauren!!! So regal!

    Also, this is the first time I’ve seen “vertical” Yin-Yang kittehs!

  27. bdwilcox: HAHAHAHA! That was great!!!

  28. They are beautiful, beautiful cats!!!!!

  29. This is just begging for a LOLcat style Y HALLO THAR

  30. Black un on top bunk. will you shut up, I am trying to get to sleep. Siver. Prow.

  31. Black un on top bunk. will you shut up, I am trying to get to sleep. Silver. Prow.

  32. Silver kitteh: Hey! Go find your own box. I was here first.
    Black kitteh: Oh, yeah? You forget who’s the dominant cat around here!
    Silver kitteh: (Snort) Sez who?
    Black kitteh: Why, you . . .
    Etc., etc.

  33. Looks more like that scene in the first Spiderman movie to me. Kitty is prettier than Kirsten Dunst though. Oh snap!

  34. Cat + cat + box = instant slapstick. “Awww, a wise guy, eh?”

  35. berthaslave says:

    Those silvery cats are cool. My friends have one named Gizmo, she was just a stray they adopted in college.

    The thing is, you never can tell with cats. They might stare at each other like that for a minute and then silver kitteh would be all “forget it” and roll over and go to sleep.

    Or, there might be shredded box all over the floor.

  36. berthaslave says:

    Jes’ ’cause, here’s another one of Gizmo doing what she does best — Sudoku!

  37. your site is just too cute! 😀

  38. I want you all to know that there are more Winston pictures and another Winston video!!! I sent it into Meg but she didn’t see fit to post it! 😦

    So you don’t miss out, here it is:

  39. Oh Hai. Is you comfy under there.

    Oh Hai u two. I Is warm and cozy. Wanna come in


  40. wagthedogma says:

    Actually, Colleen, I’m not hearing the theme from “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly” for these two. I’m hearing the theme from “The Benny Hill Show”! 😀

  41. oh ya.
    its all good fun til someone puts an eye out! HA!

  42. “Wot’sa happenin’ hot stuff?”

  43. They look like Vixen and Menthol, two Maine Coons I fell in love with on Petfinder dot com. But were all the way in Seattle, so the shelter said I couldn’t adopt them. The plane trip to Connecticut would have freaked them out. 😦

  44. Gray kitty to photographer, looking out the corner of his eye, evilly smiling: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

  45. Cath – “ROWR!!!

    “Hissss! *swipe* MO-OM! He’s hitting me! He started it!”

    Perfect! Love it! My guys do that too, followed by that fake innocent look – “What? I wan’t doin’ nuthin’!”

  46. “…No cheezburger here?”

  47. possumpiratess says:

    Two cat enter.
    One cat leave.

  48. Gwenny, thank you for a non-Thunderdome reference!

  49. I am so enamored of these kitties (especially the silver one!) that I’m going to step up my campaign to convince hubby to make this a bi-racial household (dog AND kitty). He’s opposed because our doxie is so incredibly spoiled, he thinks it will make him “feel unloved”, but I think he would LOVE a kitteh to schnorgle with!

  50. The silver tabby looks exactly like my poor Niki that passed away in 2003 of natural causes. My heart stopped for a second as the resemblance is uncanny. WOW!

  51. Looks like blackkitteh, is saying, “Better watchit, I’m movin’ in,” and silverkitteh has evil smile and saying, “Oh, yeah?? Sez who??” and then you get the ROWR-hiss-*swipe* thing.

  52. Yep, it’s kittehs,
    all the way down.