THIS JUST IN: Ping pong ball cozie

People, I know what you’re thinking. "I’ve got a 40 millimeter Butterfly Premium 3-Star Table Tennis ball, and NO WAY TO CARRY IT!
Oh, and it has a complete LACK OF EYES. What am I to do?" [hand on hip in disgust]

The answer, Ladies and Gentlemens:


The creator warns: "His plastic beady eyes can be choking hazards. Not for small kids who may want to chew his eyes off." LOL/DUH


Are you ready for bidniss, TADWorks? Excellent spotting, Mallory W. 😉



  1. omg so cute!

  2. Ok – I need a ping pong ball…..

  3. NOT a cute amnimal!!

    But I sooooo need one of those as a present for my elderly tennis playing father!! XD

  4. Methingks tis time for a little Emo (Phillips that is):
    So, the school psychologist gives me a chocolate Easter bunny…but this was just a test…what does it mean?… “Well, had you eaten the ears first you would have been normal; had you eaten the feet first you would have had an inferiority complex; had you eaten the tail first you would have had latent homosexual tendencies; and had you eaten the breasts first you would have had a latent oedipal complex.” I said, “Well, go on. What does it mean when you bite out the eyes and scream, ‘Stop STARING at me!!’?'”

  5. What about big kids who’d want to chew his eyes off? 😡

  6. lurkingsmirk says:

    For some reason he reminds me of Oscar the Grouch’s little worm friend!

    I don’t think I could look at that face and then hit the ping pong ball =(

  7. Thank you, Crisp, for emo-ting that passage. FunnyFunny.

  8. Good lord, I can’t handle the adorableness!


  9. But do they make them for squash balls?

  10. Making a ping pong ball into a sweet little purse-friend?? I wish I was that creative!

  11. Wow I haven’t heard Emo in forever….

    lurkingsmirk – I TOTALLY see that!

  12. Yitzysmommie says:

    Prolly not for Qte B&W kitties who would chew the eyes off in a nanosecond, huh?

  13. That’s a Goron! Ripped off straight from Zelda! I hope they’re getting royalties on this…

  14. Is there nothing they won’t make cozies for?

  15. And his sweet little eyesies are so beedy and cute.

  16. do they make em for golf balls?
    or sea urchins?

  17. Silent Meow says:

    If I played tennis with one of those cosies, it would make more racket than the racket. 😀

  18. Silent Meow says:

    Where’s his nose?

    Me thinks the cosie needs a nosie.

  19. And while we’re at it, where are its toesies?

  20. and suddenly , beerpong has just gotten way, way cuter.

  21. circuscake says:

    oh, wow. i totally need to learn how to play table tennis. and knit. and felt.

    it’s gonna be a busy winter…

  22. Ok, seriously Meg. We need a sweater/cozie section. I mean it. Really.

    Theo? Maybe I could convince you?

  23. I know I lack the knack to knit. My knick knack would be knotted and look like a gnip gnop gnat, or gnome, and it would be gnarly.

  24. Beauregard says:

    Aw! He looks like Chester from Sifl & Olly.

  25. I got one of these for Christmas last year, it’s the cutest thing ever!

  26. I *want* eet. Badly. And I’m not even good at ping-pong.

  27. how much?

    I’LL TAKE 500!!!! (i dont even play ping pong)

  28. Oh my GAWD. I WANT ONE.
    This is… this is just…


  29. Lol I love it 😛

  30. yankeebird says:

    Doesn’t one of the rules of cuteness cover BEF? Can you seriously get any more BEF than by having eyes MADE OF BEADS?!?!?

  31. Your site makes me smile….and it makes me want a puppy, a kitty, a bunny, a duckie, all things fuzzy.

  32. Space Cowgirl says:

    I just have to note that according to the seller’s bio, she’s Japanese.

    Geez, is it something in their genes or what?

  33. want.

  34. lurkingsmirk- I love that little worm, I think he was the cutest little thing on that show. So soft and cute and pocket portable!

  35. SO CUTE! That’s the happiest goldfeeshface I’ve ever seen.

    (Um, it *is* a goldfish, right?)

  36. No wait. This actually reminds me of that smiley bigmouth that appears when you’re signing into Yahoo! messenger!

  37. Doesn’t he look happy in his cozy of candy-corn-colors?

  38. It does look like Smiley the worm from Sesame Street!!

  39. At last! After all those times I’ve reached for a ping pong ball and couldn’t find one.
    Now I need never be without!

  40. ugh, i just cannot BELIEVE that you would post this, CO!! this poor ping pong ball is OBVIOUSLY in pain from lack of oxygen. it’s turning orange, for pete’s sake!

    someone report this blatent abuse to the international table tennis society. i, for one, will never again buy felt to protest.

    [sorry, couldn’t resist ;-)]

  41. It’s my pleasure to bring some emo-tional rescue to tha peeps.
    Kara n’ sara… funny!

  42. I don’t play ping pong, maybe I could use it to carry a boiled egg.

  43. good laud.
    that is ridiculously cute.

  44. I love it! It’s great now and then not to have something with animals, because the description of the site does say all things cute (but esp animals) so this is just great!

    I think it’s adorable 🙂

    Thanks for making me smile Meg! Your a star 🙂


  45. LOL LOL

    also laughing at boiled egg comment!!!!!!!

    Yes, I’m guessing this could have multi-uses…how about keeping a real bird egg warm? That would be so cute!

  46. Soooo cute! It looks like he’s stuffed a lemon slice in his mouth.

    But Meg, Theo.. we need a clever mouse over!

  47. you know what they do to ping-pong balls, don’t you?

    aieee! :(O)

  48. thats so cute i never would have thought of that!

  49. They’ve sold out! But they do have other SO cute options! 🙂
    (hope it’s ok to post what I found – I’m nothing to do with their company!)

    All kinds of different ones – golf ball, finger etc

  50. The good news keeps getting better!

    I just discovered that the gentleman who makes these also has a blog!

    Cuteoverload has it’s own post! And you HAVE to check out the tad’s! I’ve been L to the O to the L over them!

    Best wishes to the creator, he says he has a sore wrist 😦


  51. That’s *SLIMEY* the worm, of the adorable little snores! 😉
    “We’ll read more Trash tomorrow.”
    “Night night!”

  52. Heh, I don’t usually like the non-animal posts but those are REALLY cute! I want.

  53. If you’ve lost your ball of pong,
    And your game is going wrong,
    Don’t turn up with disgust your nosey,
    Just try our adorable cozy,
    With fuzziness and room to spare,
    For all of your prosh little balls (if you dare).

  54. It also reminds me of the Big Mouth Singers. Remember?
    Must have something to do with a spherical head bisected by a giant mouth. 😉

  55. Aluriaphin says:

    Somebody buy one of those for Forrest Gump!

  56. yankeebird says:

    Okay, so I’m really poor, meaning I don’t have $14 to spend on a cute ping-pong ball cozy. However, life has really sucked for me the last few months and I’m buying one anyway. I want to have something cute with me all the time.

  57. Berthaslave Snicker at both the poem and the enuendoh. It’s perfect. ; )

  58. kittehbubblebaths says:

    hmm cute little thing ..although i thought that cozies were meant to keep things ping pong balls really care that much about being cold?

    lol still seeing this reminds me of the old “ping pong balls joke” i suppose i should explain what that is for people who do not know what I’m talking about..ok so here goes u get a friend or someone u want to annoy and sit them down and say u have a joke for them and u go there was once a little boy who had a VERY rich father and on his sons 5th birthday he told his son”i will get u any gift u desire no matter what the cost, so what is it u want my son?” and the little boy says “daddy i want ping pong balls” being a 5 yr old the father expected a silly gift so he smiles and gives his child his ping pong balls ( now here is where the annoying part comes) U continue the story with every birthday after that up until his graduation and then his first promotion and then getting married and then buying a house and then you continue the story until the mans death bed all the while every time the father asked what the son wanted he always said ping pong balls and naturally when the son is on his death bed the father asks him every time i asked you what you wanted you always said ping pong balls so tell me son why did you always want them and WHAT did you do with them all?? and (heres where the story gets good” you tell your listener the son opens his mouth to speak and say well …dad.. its because… and then the son dies..(that is sure to annoy almost anyone you tell that too) 😀

  59. The creator of the cozies is a a Japanese transplant to America. Why am I not suprised? (I mean,what is it with the Japanese and the dominion they hold over Teh Cute?!)

    Her clay figurines are also unbearably adorable. This can’t be good for my wallet.

  60. I have two students who play ping-pong seriously (they have little holsters for their paddles and everything) and only my horror of showing material favouritism is holding me back from buying them those as a Christmas present.

  61. girlnextdoortn says:

    ooh, boy. The fingertip-cozie is the best. (Check out the ETSY page.)

  62. acelightning says:

    Some people have *waaaaaay* too much free time…

  63. totally cute!

    reminds me of this guy:

  64. yeah i just bought one for my boss for xmas. got a golf one for my husband. so cute!

  65. i just bought 2! 1 for me, one for this guy who’s been teaching me ping pong. 😉

  66. Noooo! They’re all sold out!

  67. funniest thing is, when you go to the Tadworks site, look at the “tag” words…the first one is “geekery” LOL

  68. Freaky, I just found a free orange pingpong ball in the office supply room. Gonna have to get some felt now!

  69. NO. NO. NO. NO.