Caturday Special: Dogwarshing machine

OK, you know cats everywhere are loving this. Rubbing their evil paws together with delight. Introducing a new "Dog washing machine", a 4-minute bath from hell, from, you guessed it, THE FRENCH

Check it out


BTW, do you think it’s possible for a news story on pets to NOT use lame puns? It makes me barking mad.

Nice find, Mary S….



  1. Good luck with getting a dog in that a second time 😦

  2. first so weird

  3. Those poor dogs look miserable. 😦 I think this should definitely be in “Cute or Sad?”

  4. Cauliflower says:

    I don’t think it’s cute. And no I’m not being one of those people who is complaining about the bad things that happen to animals. Not cruel or anything…but I think they should have a way to keep the dogs head out of the water…I think I agree with the old fashioned dog washer, it would stress the dog too much.

    It is kind of funny to see the man in there with the dog…Maybe the requirement to put your dog in there is if you get in too. 🙂 that would make it really cool. 🙂

  5. i think sugarbear prefers the hands on approach.
    but i can see how this would be very handy if say, your dog got skunk sprayed or something?
    HEY! a person could put about 8 cats in there! 40 hamsters! 27 ferrets! 18 rabbits! the possibilities are endless!
    ha! (kidding of course, please dont nuff me)

  6. lurkingsmirk says:

    Haha all the dogs getting washed have a “Meh, such is life” look on their face. I don’t think they realy disenjoy it, they just look bedraggled when they’re wet.

  7. Cauliflower I would think having your owner in there too would make it more fun for the dog.

  8. I think it’s a great idea to have the owners with the pets. That second dog looked much more at ease with a person. And happy, clean puppies are lovely! 😀

  9. I had already seen a video of one of these machines but the animals look much more calm this time.
    Kitty bath:

  10. OhmiGod!!!

    My dogs would killlz me if I ever tried to do anything like that to them!

    I am 1 part: hillarious!
    and 1 part: poor doggies, they must be getting so much water up their noses…and that is the worst feeling EVER.

  11. Liz – I don’t know what you look like but I’m imagining you opening the door, pushing a cat in, rounding up another cat, trying to open the door again to get second cat in with first one, using your whole body to block the first one’s escape, etc., etc.

    *goes out to buy Liz lots of peroxide and bandages*

  12. There are recorded instances of box blow dryers killing certain breeds of dogs, especially small breeds or breeds with certain snouts. A Maltese just died in Texas due to one.

    No way would I take the risk.

  13. metaskins-
    ha! you’re right, but actually one of them would probably hook me and drag me in the contraption and slam the door.
    then they would watch from outside with nasty disapproving kitteh faces!
    oh. and thanks for the first aide! 🙂

  14. Oh for the love of God, the first dog’s name is Cannabis. Did anyone catch that?

  15. Did they say that dogs name was cannabis? Hilarious.

  16. Yes Christine, I guess we realized it at the same time. 😉

  17. sweet jane says:

    You’d think he’d be more mellow, then….

  18. warrior rabbit says:

    Kim, I was going to say the same thing, that I’d seen this before with a cat. Dogs always look miserable when they’re getting washed. I do think they’re a little more startled here, though, what with being shut in a box and then doused. I’d be startled, too. I guess it’s cheaper than paying someone to wash your dog, but…comforting hands are always better.

    But I have to say, the dogs react way better than the cat I saw. The cat freaked out completely.

    We used to wash our dogs in a tub in the driveway. It’s not the most fun thing in the world, but I kind of feel it’s a bonding exercise. Plus I loved the little subtle things they’d do, like slowly stick one foot out in preparation for an escape and hope you wouldn’t notice…

  19. The machine really doesn’t look like it would get the doggies very clean–it’s just like standing in the shower and, well, just standing there! You gotta scrub a little! Besides, getting scrubbed may be one of the only nice things about getting a bath-vigorous petting! Yay! I’m for the old-fashioned approach.

  20. evil.

  21. have you seen to video fo the cat they put in that machine? HILARIOUS

  22. cat in pet spa video

  23. Bird of Paradise says:

    I don’t know … I certainly wouldn’t enjoy being in an enclosed space like that and suddenly being drenched with water. I don’t know why they didn’t take the cat out when it started flailing like that–poor thing probably thought it was drowning, and I can’t say I blame it.

  24. I would NEVER put my sweet baby in one of those things – he would be terrified, and I’d feel like the worst mommy on earth, just standing there watching him.

    However, watching this video made me realize something a bit disturbing about myself. Like others, I laughed my a** off watching the video of the kitty washing machine. Why is it funny with cats, but not dogs? Hmmm…could I be an animal racist? A petist, perhaps? Better name? Anybody?

  25. These machines make me sad.

  26. It’s funnier with cats because the cats just go nuts. The dogs just look forlorn..

  27. Lisa: “selective speciesist,” maybe?

  28. Ugh. I would never have done this to my dog when she was alive or any of my cats that I have now. At least the guy got in there to let the dog know it was ok.

  29. There’s a cat wash too. I think this is incredibley cruel!

  30. Hmmm… Too bad they don’t make them for humans … Does anyone else see the jetsons here.

  31. I’m with you Melissa! poor babies! 😦

  32. Theo, just a word of caution on editing comments. If you edit the comments, you become responsible for the content as if you’re the editor of a newspaper or magazine. If you just delete them, you are not held responsible because you’re simply moderating your board. I bring this up because it could open you or Meg up to being sued if someone posts something libelous (fer example, saying P. Diddy knew that racoon dog fur was being used in his clothing). I understand your reluctance to outright delete posts but it’s probably the better option, not to mention less time consuming.

    Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. You should do your own research on this matter to figure out your legal liability. But I’d hate to see CO shutdown because some asshat with deep pockets decides to sue you over something a commenter has posted.

  33. Lisa, maybe because the cats reaction seems out of proportion coupled with knowledge of how cats often react to running water. The dogs by contrast don’t really struggle, just kind out look forlorn. I think that’s why dogs have always been better at tricking treats out of humans, they know how we think much better than cats after living in closer contact for thousands (tens of thousands) of years.

  34. anniesgirl says:

    I don’t enjoy watching frightened animals. At all.

  35. do not want

  36. This looks like torture ! These poor animals ! I would never make my pet suffer in one of these.
    My cat, Cinnamon, is one of those good cats who sit in the kitchen sink while she gets her bath.

  37. I can’t feel sorry for any creature lucky enough to live in Paris.

  38. berthaslave says:

    I’d make a nationalist joke about French people making more effort to bathe their dogs than themselves, but I won’t.

    I don’t think this is “nice” but these animals don’t look particularly traumatized, at least any more so than a regular bath. I’d be concerned about soap or cleaner getting into their eyes, I guess (if they use soap), but as a soaker/dryer it doesn’t look too onerous. Just another testament to how lazy people are (and perhaps how reluctant to engage physically with their pet).

  39. I’d get one of these machines only if I could play in it too. :3 My dog was uncooperative at bathtimes too until I started taking them with him. Then it became grand fun.

  40. I think we should send the clip with the cat to our new attorney general and repeat the question about whether waterboarding is torture . . .

  41. NO NO NO I do not think these are cute, there was a video last year about putting a kitty in one of these and really the cat was so upset trying to claw its way out and it was cruel and mean. Now this one is similar to that one. I don’t think our pet pals have the reasoning we do and they are truely scared out of their witts when put in these things. Some animals are more docile but its not for every pet. They actually removed the video from YouTube and Myspace because it really wasn’t funny, it was more abusive and I’ll stop now LOL
    Cute dog though =)

  42. This is the first time I have been sorry I took a look at CO. More than NOT CUTE. Edit yourself and take this thread out completely. :((((

  43. Yitzysmommie says:

    Hehehe, No wonder the first doggiedoodle was so calm – named Cannabis, for Pete’s sake.
    I won’t be trying this out on my four animalicule children. I can imagine all 4 of them having heat aatacks.

  44. Yitzysmommie says:

    I just looked briefly at one of the videos about putting a cat in there. Count me in in the Nuff parade, that’s brutal. The poor cat. I had to turn it off and I’n still sick about watching the terrified kitty for the few seconds I did 😦

  45. I want one! not for my pets of course, but for me! I would love to be washed and dried in 4 minutes

  46. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Annie-they do make a version for humans. The nursing home I worked for while in nursing school had one-and it tended to freak the Alzheimer’s patients out. Can you just imagine??

    IMHO, these aren’t humane for animals OR humans. But, that said, I laughed my @zz off, too, at the cat. Does this mean karma is gonna stick me in one when I get senile…??
    Dreamspinner Cheryl

  47. This is not cute. This is so far from cute that it should be on uglyoverload. How scared must those poor animals be??? They’re getting soap and water in their ears and eyes – that CAN NOT be good for them … might as well throw them in the washing machine. Same thing. The person who posted this can’t have had a heart, or any pets. Soooooooooo cruel.

  48. Space Cowgirl says:

    To summarize my opinion of the matter of machines that bathe cats/dogs/defenseless elderly people…it’s the touch of a caring, gentle-as-possible person, mama cat, etc. that makes the difference between treating the bath recipient as a being worthy of kindness and as an object.

    Think of it in these terms, and I apologize if anyone finds this corny: given a reversed situation, knowing your dog’s esteem for you, would he put YOU in a machine for a bath?

    All that said, I don’t think this is cruel per se. Just uncaring. /rant

  49. This entry made me ill.

    I am so glad I never saw the video of the cat. The things that could go deadly wrong with this system make me cringe.

    Einstein was right when he said that our technology is surpassing our humanity.

    Two thumbs down.

  50. I am amazed at what makes people “ill”.

  51. Here’s a question:

    Do the dogs really get *clean* in that thing? I think the person working the suds in, etc., is an important part of washing….

  52. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    I don’t understand what’s happened to you, Meg and Theo, these past couple of days. You’ve forgotten that dogs and cats aren’t human, you can’t reason with them, they can’t conceive of “future” when they will be warm and cozy again. Some things amuse or appeal to use because we understand them in a bigger perspective, but dogs and cats don’t have the bigger perspective. They only have rightthissecond. And rightthissecond in a box like that must be terrifying, especially for a cat. I’m not easily outraged – I love a good steak, I’ve even been known to snuggle up in my grandmother’s old mink coat (gasp!), but watching that cat flail around in the cat spa, trying to claw at the window to get out, really makes me wonder what is going on with you that you can’t see where this just isn’t cute, and not sad-cute either. Just sad.

  53. Theo, apologies in advance. But I HAVE to say this:

    I don’t know if this is cruel or not. The first black dog, Cannabis (yes, that IS his name!) looked pretty hassled, but the second dog who was inside with his owner didn’t look disturbed.

    BUT, if I had a dog or a cat whom I loved very much and I wanted to give them a bath, I’d do it with my BARE HANDS. (And willingly get scratched.) As one of many educated people who understand the power of touch (isn’t that why we humans have spas?!) and how helpful tactile therapy is both for various ailments and general well-being, I fail to see how a *sputter* MACHINE can possibly substitute loving human hands.

    Sorry, but I think this is a waste of money and technology. It might not be cruel but I can guarantee you 100% that it will NEVER come close to giving an animal the feeling it gets from being bathed by a loving owner. Can we have more zero-emission electric cars instead? Two thumbs down from me too. Thank you.

  54. Berthaslave said it very well “…people are reluctant to engage physically with their pet.” Bang on. The machine might be safe, but it’s not a human being, and ergo, incapable of affection.

  55. Space Cowgirl says:

    Just to reiterate what’s been said many times before: it’s up to Meg to decide what’s cute enough to be posted on this site. If we really disagree we have the choice to look elsewhere, but huffily informing her that x or y isn’t cute is irrelevant.

  56. Meriweather says:

    Dear mods of this board,

    I just have to take a stand and tell you that I’m an animal expert, and as such I know that these precious poopsie woopsies are fragile, stupid things that cannot deal with the slightest disruption of their day. How dare you show me these things? I huff at you.

    I mean, GOSH. Next you’ll be showing pictures of them having to survive in the wild! Everyone knows they’re too fragile for that!

  57. …now we’re nuffing about WASHING pets?

  58. And now I have watched the clip.

    OMG he got in WITH the dog? So. Cute.

  59. We have a shower with a glass door. Sometimes my husband gets into the shower with our Golden Retriever and washes him. When our cats were kittens, the female would hide under the bed during the washing, but the male would sit right outside the shower door, enjoying the show. I’m sure he was laughing at the dog.

  60. ugh. really sad. if you can’t spend the time yourself to wash your pets–is putting them in a torture chamber really the way to go?

  61. I’m amazed at how many people find this cruel but applaud to posts of pets dressed up in ridiculous costumes (I have never met a pet who enjoyed that).

    I’m sure the machine is safe. It takes only four minutes. A normal bath takes way longer and dogs don’t enjoy those either. It’s lazy and a bit stupid, but looking at the dogs in the video it doesn’t look cruel to me.

  62. Because, of course, it is also abuse when a three year old child kicks and whines and screams and flails while getting a bath. 😐

    Mind you, I think a pet machine dryer/washer is a goofy idea, and the cat should have been taken out the moment it started ricocheting off the walls, but four minutes of distress and confusion without any actual damage isn’t abuuuuse. If it’s not, then I have a bone to pick with my parents regarding dentist appointments.
    (That’s okay, dad, I forgive you.)

    You heard them, the moment anything looks as though it’s going wrong you can open the (unlocked!) door. I wouldn’t use this thing, but it’s still not a blight against humanity.

  63. Ugh, not a cool contraption. For the dogs, strictly because the soap/water is not prevented in any way from getting their eyes and ears (and also if they freak out, but admittedly the models didn’t). For the cat video (which was NOT presented by CO, I realize)–I don’t even know where to start. Bleargh. Made me sad and ill.

    Of course our pets aren’t delicate flowers. BUT, they are our pets, and we’ve adopted them and agreed to care for them, which in my house means giving them the best care possible in all aspects of their lives. Sticking them in a machine that spits soap and water at them doesn’t fit that bill for me.

    No offense to the owners of the patents, but I hope these machines don’t catch on.

  64. darkshines says:

    The kity vid made me cry 😦 The dog vid says its now unavailible, I wonder why?

  65. I was also wondering whether or not the soap got in the puppy’s eyes.. He didn’t look too blinky though, so maybe it’s some kind of baby shampoo. I’d rather wash my cats/dogs myself though, it’s quite a workout to keep the cats from flying out of the bathtub ^_^

  66. These things are so weird. I don’t think they’re cruel (to dogs) but I’d definitely worry about soap in the eyes. I’d never put my dog in one. Apparently there is one of these machines near where I live and I wish they’d take it away. Maybe they use tearless shampoo.

  67. Oh, so now you blame the FRENCH for torture devices??? It’s obvious you another French hater, but how about some more accuracy in your comments? Like the Germans perhaps? Or AMERICANS (Guantanamo ring a bell)??

  68. this is awful. I can’t even imagine how scared these poor babies are. it breaks my heart.

  69. Have you seen the full version of this video? The dogs don’t seem to mind so much, although I doubt they’d want to get in it a second time. But when they put a CAT in it, it is absolutely horrible to watch! The cat is stressed beyond words. Please pull this video!!!!!

  70. I have nothing against the French, but this is the worst invention ever. Saw bits of this on TV the other day. And I am NOT going to watch again here! From your comments I can read, that they even put a cat in there…..?!!

    Cruel and mad!

  71. The dog one seems ok, as long as the owner is in there with him to comfort him. But the cat video made me sick to my stomach.

  72. LOL… that cat video was funny. With that being said, that’s a pretty mean thing to do to your dog or cat. Oh the French… well they did have Marquis de Sade… jkjk.

    But really people, lighten up.

  73. Checks washing instructions label on pet dog: “Hand wash only. Gentle detergent. Good luck.” Checks washing instructions label on cat: “Hand wash with care. Some shrinkage may occur; of your blood supply.”

  74. oh no, i dont like that one bit. i think the only way it would be okay is if a human was in there every time with the dog.. which is just crazy, so please dont put your pups in a washing machine.

  75. I think both dogs looked perfectly fine.

    my past 2 dogs, each one constantly wanted t be in the shower with me ^O^

  76. OH poor pups in that glorified laundry mat washer! I found it funny that comments had been dissabled on the youtube video. Gee, I wonder why that would be? Maybe the hundreds of thousands of millions of people who will be crying “WTF are you thinking!!” Although when the man went in with the pooch, the pooch seemed more willing that the poor black pooch did. It look like he was expecting to die a painful death! Not cute.

  77. I would much rather wash my dog with my own hands. I always used to wash my dog myself. I liked the bonding experience, and I loved to blow dry her (b/c she loved it so much….so cute!!). I wonder if the machine uses soap and if so, if it could get in thier eyes. That would be my only problem with it, and the fact that the dogs may feel stressed at being in there in the first place.

  78. Does anybody here… actually HAVE pets? 😛 Dogs always look sad when you wash them. They were obviously not freaking out, and the human even looked comfortable.

    And I’d really prefer if I could keep my view of something cut without having the words “ANIMAL ABUSE” shoved down my throat. I’m not saying you have to find it cute, or to think what I think. But maybe you could look at the facts before accusing people?

    The dog is fine. They even show what he looked like afterwards. He was a little forlorn, yep, but my dog always looks like that after a bath. Puppy’s fine.
    And if the machine really did hurt animals, I’d suspect that that place would already have shut down from lawsuits.

    The dog was fine. The human was fine. Can’t we enjoy the cute?

  79. This isn’t a good idea to surprise a dog with. Most dogs would become fearful and agitated. It won’t give them lasting damage, but it definitely might be a “first and only time” thing.

    At one poster above…I’m pretty sure that toy dogs weren’t bred out in the wilderness 😉 Dogs are domesticated creatures, and bred specifically to human standards and desires. There’s a lot of info about inbreeding, about specific purebred illnesses, etc.
    The line that “because they’re an animal they’ll be fine” type thing isn’t fair.

    I think the guy who got in with his dog did the best thing. Such machines, with dogs with the right temperments, can work fine. It is my professional opinion that the owner should always take the ride with the dog. I’m slightly concerned about the mechanism – you’d want to avoid spraying the dog with soaps in the eyes or nostrils.

  80. Ha-ha! the first dog’s name is Cannabis. (referring to canine, of course)
    as for machine wash… DO NOT WANT. my pooch won’t forgive me when i leave him in the wash an go out to run errands like i do with my delicates.

  81. ohhhhhh shitstorm coming

  82. Another Angela says:

    Personally, I find this not cute, because I want my animals to trust me not to do things to them that scare them unnecessarily. That BUILDS trust rather than degrades it. You can’t tell a pet that it will be okay and only last a few minutes. For all we know, they think we have suddenly betrayed them, turned into demons, and put them into a torture device. I adopt rescue pets and sometimes it takes a long time to regain trust after humans have frightened or abused them.

    And to those who think the comments sections of blogs are only for worshiping the blogger, you can ignore the comments you don’t like. I love Meg’s site, don’t have a problem with some things I don’t think are cute, but won’t just “go somewhere else.” If you can’t analyze the cute, you can’t call yourself a cuteologist in my book. Just some fawning sap afraid of having a brain and an opinion.

    Plus, isn’t it more fun to do it by hand? (the dog washing that is)

  83. I saw a different video of the same machine on a different website, and the poor cat and dogs in there were FREAKING OUT! I would never put my doggie in there!! SOO cruel!!!!

  84. I think it needs further human testing. And I volunteer my mother-in-law.

  85. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Going into the contraption with your dog is very different than putting the dog in there by himself. If you’re in there with him, he’s reassured and comforted by your presence, and takes his cues from you that the new stimuli and sensations aren’t going to harm him. When he’s in there alone, all the new sensations must be very frightening, and there’s no loving hand and soothing voice to comfort him.

    Also, this contraption might be quite safe, but that still doesn’t mean the experience doesn’t cause your pet unnecessary agitation and anxiety that can be avoided by washing it the old-fashioned way. That’s all I’m trying to say and maybe some others as well. Why put your pet in a position where he is quite likely to become frightened and agitated, if you can avoid it?

  86. NOT CUTE but sad. Dog ownership is not for the lazy. If it must be bathed do it in a less cruel way.

  87. theloveofisis says:

    I’ve a different video for the same thing before (the same video you saw, Andrea,) and it makes me angry every time I see mention of this thing. Some dogs might be able to take this fine… but a dog that goes into this thing has NO IDEA what is going on and a lot of dogs could be really scared. That’s what you saw in another video. The poor dog was wide eyed and clawing fervently at the glass to get out. I think it’s just wrong.

  88. Yes, teh doggies will not understand. They might think they are in a tv. In a soap opera.

  89. I think this is horribly cruel – even if they aren’t physically harmed, there is something to be said for mental damage.

  90. I don’t think this is “nice” but these animals don’t look particularly traumatized, at least any more so than a regular bath. I’d be concerned about soap or cleaner getting into their eyes, I guess (if they use soap), but as a soaker/dryer it doesn’t look too onerous.

  91. LMAO at pyrit!!!

    Blah blah blah, the comments go on and on. Then, bazoing!!
    pyrit shows up!!! Snicker.

  92. okay well that is kinda cute but still a little cruel…
    OMG!! I really love puppies especially this one…she is so cute in this video
    oh and the site is pretty cool too…they have lots of videos like this dog playing a Wii…
    check it out

  93. That cat video makes me want to puke. People like that should not be allowed anywhere near another living creature, let alone a small, relatively helpless one.