Double Dutch Pups

Let’s take another break from Caturday to take a look at the pups rockkin’ the place. Japanese Variety Show Style. The McPuppersons at the end is the best.

Michele R., excellent example of the Japanese kicking our asses in the Cute Depahtment, AGAIN.



  1. Love the waggy, waggy happy tails.

    They look liek they’re having a blast!

  2. Top 5 japanese tv clips EEEEVVVVAAARRRR. Why can’t we get stuff like this instead of The Hills????

  3. Luv that clowny black pup and those fast feeties on the little one at the end were just toooo much!

  4. annienanners says:

    I like how the black one goes and gets his frisbee when he’s done! Why frisbee now? Just CUZ!

  5. Both really cute and really weird…not sure about the pink ears/tail look but they sure looked like they were having a good time!

  6. Wow. I could watch the punky puppy with the pink ears on loop all day. How awesome is that paw work?

  7. I liked seeing the wagging tails; I enjoyed the Super Mario dungarees on the rope-handlers; both NICE and (thumbs up) GREAT!

  8. NICE!

  9. Oh. My. God. “Doggie Circus”?! ftwcutestcircusever. That was kind of amazing…. =D

  10. yup- that was GREAT!

    my favorite part was seeing how insanely happy all the pups were to be jumpin’ rope.

    totemo kawaii desu nee?!

  11. ROTFL, they gave the poodles “Anime” hair!

    Somebody call Animal Planet’s Pet Stars, they need these guys on their show!

  12. Bless them for loving their pets as much as we do and even more it looks like!!

  13. I loved living in Korea and seeing the dogs’ fur dyed different colors. 😀

  14. Clearly, the Japanese took one look at our so called “agility dog” competitions and said “We can top that without even breaking a sweat.” 🙂

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    I might watch American teevee if it was as redonkulous as this.
    I can’t decide whether Mr McLaberson or Miss Pink Ears & Tailio was my favorite!

  16. To quote my brother once upon a time while watching a similar clip: “Wow, that must be a really smart dog! He can understand Japanese!”

  17. Ahahaha!


    Those dogs double-dutch better than I do. Especially that one at the end! Fast feet!

  18. That made me laugh !!!
    Wow ! Those dogs are having alot of fun !

  19. That is awesome… you know those dogs are having a blast.. the more attention they get the happier they are.. and it took a whole lot of attention to train them to do that! I miss my dog!!!

  20. I’m jealous…those pups can double dutch and I can’t!

  21. i had a my little pony that looked just like that dog. wonder where it is…..

  22. I’m pretty sure the emcee said pink-ear-dog’s name was Sakura or “Cherry Blossom” which would make sense…pink and all. Owners?trainers are obviously anime fans! For any out there who love Japanese cute I recommend the manga “Inu Baka” or “Crazy about Dogs” which is available in English in most major bookstores like Barnes & Noble.

  23. LOL WOW!!! They’re fantastic!! Oh my goodness! And they’re having so much fun! That’s a riot!! 😀

  24. I’m so glad I watched this after the disturbing dog washing machine video. This video is much happier. You can just see the little pink-eared pup going crazy waiting until they tell her to go.

  25. Just sitting here grinning like afool. Amazing from beginning to end.

  26. This was GREAT! my sis and I cracked up!

    I bet more of you naive idiots are going to complain again. “Oh, the poor dogs don’t want to jump rope!! They don’t like to perform! They want to live normal lives!” Just be quiet, please. You annoying people already got the video of SOMEONE CUDDLING A PUPPY AND MAKING HIM SQUEAL taken off the Internet. Seriously, get a life, people.

    I’m gonna stop complaining (typing) and go spend time with my own dog. You people should try that sometime before you complain about innocent videos. Go tell PETA to take down their videos now because apparently no one can post any videos with animals showing any minor signs of pain. Unless, of course, they are the exception (they are psychotic in all reality).

    I just broke my damn soap box. DAYUM.

  27. I once saw a great big Borzoi named Olive Oyl jump rope on Letterman. She rocked– but no Double Dutch!

    I could never get the hang of Double Dutch either.

  28. Tracey Anne says:

    Yeah, that was hil-AR-ious! Loved it. I was cracking up with laughter. And, as others have mentioned, the dogs look like they are having sooo much fun! Boy, the Japanese sure know how to hand it to us…

  29. Tracey Anne says:

    Wow, mello, you need to mellow out! As far as I can see, no-one is complaining. We can all see how happy those doggies are. I think you’re preaching to the converted.

  30. Whoa, Mello – um maybe you want to save that for a comment thread where someone is actually complaining? You’re ruining the mood.

    Those pups are AWESOME! They are so happy too! I’m going to teach my dog jump rope. OK she’s 14, blind and deaf, but surely she could pick it up.

  31. That was the cutest thing ever! It made me LOL. The little dog at the end was so impressive! I could never learn to double dutch, but those pups were pros.

  32. Awethome! OMG, those dogs are great and having so much fun!

  33. OK that’s it. u all have to go read Inu Baka the manga (as I mentioned earlier) even those who have never looked at manga in their lives. Go to the bookstore and ask. Anybody who
    loves happy crazy Japanese puppies has to read it. (Not affiliated with any publisher just love Manga and dogs!)

  34. so cute! i love how the lab got distracted by his (her?) human friend and just had to go say “hi” before getting to work! reminds me of my late (sniffle!), fondly remembered black lab nicky, only nicky never would around to working…

  35. The Japanese jumproping dogs are having a much better time than are the pups at the auto-chien-lavage.

  36. Why?

    WHY will it not load for me???

    I must see the amazingks!!!

  37. Okay, a few seconds later and it worked.

    God, those dogs are happy. No, I mean seriously, did you see how they had to hold Sakura (the pink one) *back* from jumping in? And I love how the always go right up to someone rather than going dead centre.

    ‘See? SEE?? Can you see me??? Is it good?? OMGPRAZE????’

    Love dogs so much.

  38. That was very cute, but why dye the ears yellow and pink? They’d be cute normal color.

  39. Huh, you’re right, the tickle video is gone. That’s OK, that woman’s voice was annoying. At least the people on this one have more pleasant voices.

  40. Ann M – I own the first three books of the series! XD I definitely recommend InuBaka to dog lovers.. So cute~

  41. Love. jump. roping. dogs. WANT! Love pink hair too!

  42. See, I think this is all a setup, all these japanese animal videos. They just do that so we will THINK they are all into the qute, and we’ll lose face by not being as good at the qute as they are.
    Noone could be that seriously sincerely good at the qute.
    Where’s my face…I put it here somewhere…
    Never mind, i’ll just wear my jack elam halloween mask.

  43. Here’s another Japanese talent-esque show I thought was very funny:

    Come on! A cat who stands on command is so much better than a dog who sits on command. :]

  44. warrior rabbit says:

    I love the eager beaver at the end there. ‘Lemmegolemmegolemmegolemmego IN!’

    Still, nothing beats the Japanese game show video about just how big is the biggest fish a feral cat will drag away on its own. That was hysterical.

  45. Oh and, if you enjoy this video definently see Gregor Popovich’s pet comedy theatre if you ever can.
    And if laughing really hard has a tendency to make you pee your pants, well, you are forewarned.

  46. not only are those dogs so cute, look at those girls! how do i get that cute?!

  47. Amazing! Kyoot! LOVE it!! There’s a cat circus too! Now, how they get CATS to do this stuff is even more amazing than doggehs!

  48. mc2! That was a great vid of the cats. Thanks! The cats are so cool about it all. The dog post vid is great too. Deez ferners r keekin ar butts wif dis shtuff. You got your kitters trained yet? Sure!

  49. i think (but this is just a guess) that they go close to someone so that they can get the best view of where the ropes are at any time (close to the hands, of course, the rope moves in very small circles; in the middle it moves in great big ones). but seeing as (a) i’m not a dog, (b) i’ve never trained a dog to jump rope, and (c) i never really learned to jump rope all that well myself, i prolly have very little cred in this matter at all.

  50. piscespixie says:

    That was 2QT! I sooo want to teach my dog, but he’s too lazy! I WUVED the pink ears!


  51. SQUEAL!!! Look at all those cute puppers of all shapes and sizes!

    That adorable black labrador cracked me up!

    That reminds me – we haven’t got cabel TV installed yet! No Animal Planet! Barooooo. 😦

  52. Those dogs have mad double dutch skillz, yo.

  53. berthaslave says:

    The Japanese do teh qte like the Canadians do teh funny.

    And we’re getting our asses handed to us on both sides.

    I give ’em props for the unbridled joy thing.

  54. Yubi Shines says:

    Ahh yes. While cats are a viscous, hungry, occasionally spiky liquid, dogs are the stuff of Superballs are the essence of HAPPY NOW SHINY PEOPLE PEOPLE PEOPLE YAY SPROING.

  55. Ex-Network Geek says:

    That is so, so awesome.
    Can someone tell me what they were chanting just before the last two dogs started? It sounded like “i-chi-ni-no”.
    “ichi ni” would be “one two” but I don’t think that’s “three.” Is that like a traditional chant?
    I also am curious what the Lab was “saying” in the speech bubble.
    Not that it matters. I love happy dogs. I miss having a dog.

  56. darkshines says:

    Those dogs look delighted! So happy to play! 🙂

  57. Ex-Network Geek: It sounds like they’re saying “ichi ni no Go” which would roughly be “1-2 and Go!”

  58. LOL! Ok, sorry…I have to feature this as well!

  59. I love this site but this video just made me sad…

  60. Wow! Impressive! I can’t believe how fast the Shitszu’s little legs were going in opposite motion!

    Incredible agility 🙂 And didn’t the dogs just love it. I love to see dogs given something to do !


  61. Alice Shortcake says:

    The little one at the end is hilarious – those little legs are a blur of motion!

    And the balancing-on-two-paws cat was pretty impressive too.

  62. Emily…that video was soooo cruel 😛 but I loved it.

    and I’ll confess we do the same thing to our chihuahua, the hamsters too.

    but jump-roping dogs…so cute!!!

    but Remember, Americans did the “dogs with human hands” thing, so we get some major points!

  63. OK people, YOU try jumping that long and that fast and tell me HOW MUCH FUN it is.

  64. I watched the Animal Planet last night just to watch 2+ hours of happy doggies! My cats were not impressed. 😉

  65. PS pny, most doggies can run and jump for a lot longer than most of us can. When I’m having a bad run, I try to get to the part of the park where the dogs are running around. Those little boogers can run their @$$es off all day, and have a great time. They make it look like so much fun, I forget I’m not feeling so hot.

  66. I’ve been living in Tokyo since August and there are little pampered dogs EVERYWHERE! The Japanese are crazy about their pets – as they should be. There are doggie salons and bakeries and specialty stores all around. And of course a plus is getting to turn on the TV and see stuff like this, haha!

  67. Ex-Network Geek says:

    pny, are you seriously suggesting those dogs are being overworked?

    First of all, they’re not jumping that long or that fast. The single jumping dogs jump ten times after the last dog joins them. Our Lab would have expended more energy than that chasing one thrown tennis ball — and then begged for more. Even in my current out of shapeness I could jump ten times at that speed.

    The first two dogs that do double dutch do it for less than ten seconds. The last dog jumps about 20 seconds, but the extra-fast part is less than ten seconds.

    Second… my recollection from elementary school is that jumping rope that long and that fast was, in fact, pretty fun. I was never as fast as that last dog, but more because I’m a klutz than because it’s too fast.

  68. STUPID!!

    Why? What for? Who for? I can’t even watch until the end. You may have noticed, but I’m against using any animal for shows, dress-up etc.

    Have fun with your pets, but don’t transfom it into a freak show!

    Maybe it’s an American and Japanese thing…

    I check on ‘Cute Overload!’ every day! But I really dread any of the videos and skip quickly any pictures with animals dressed up or performing stupid stuff..

    I have two cats (mother and son). Found them skinny and abandonded on the streets last year (they were mom and 3 kittens but only one of the kittens survived, sadly!). I love them to bits, but I let them be cats.

    That’s my opinion. Attack me if you want.

  69. Michele Ritan says:

    The thought bubble means “I’m gonna do it again.” I asked a friend who’s a Japanese translator.

  70. Michele Ritan says:

    The thought bubble above the black dog’s head means “I’m gonna do it again.” I asked a friend who’s a Japanese translator.

  71. Funny, Jude. I didn’t see any freak show. I saw some very happy dogs having a lot of fun.

  72. circuscake says:

    i don’t wanna attack you jude, just explain that almost all dogs love, love, love having a ‘job’ of some sort, something to stimulate their minds. and, if they don’t get that, if they are allowed to just lay around and *be* they get super bored, frustrated, and destructive. seriously, dogs *like* interacting with people and doing stuff with them. and some really like the attention they get from a crowd. some don’t.

    as for dressing doggies up- when i ask my dog if he wants to put on a sweater he either starts shaking violently (yes) or hides behind something (no). my last dog hated all clothing. no two dogs are alike- some of them *love* prancing around in a tutu and some find it beneath their dignity- who are we to judge?

    i’ve seen plenty of chained up backyard dogs, and dogs allowed to roam freely around the neighborhood, and i gotta say- none of ’em ever looked *this* happy to me.

    my tone here is one of sincere earnestness, hoping i can get you to see the cute…

  73. circuscake says:

    thanks for the translation of the thought bubble, m.r.! i’m glad he got a second chance to prove his mad skills- and get that coveted frisbe reward…

  74. A pink and white dog?!? GENIUS. That is genius. I must move to Japan.
    *packs bags*

  75. jude, i get your point. actually i am against any animal dress-up and freak shows as well. but this one seems okay, compared with some others.

  76. Bravo, circuscake! Dogs really do need discipline (not slavery, mind you) to be happy. They are pack animals and unless the owner wants to be the omega in the group, they need to lead their canine companions. But, there is a point, it’s all about guidance, not subjugation. It looks to me in the video that these pups are not being forced to jump rope. They do it willingly and freely, if only to just please their human friend/pack leaders. Dogs really don’t get embarrassed so looking like a fool doesn’t count as cruelty.

  77. Ex-Network Geek says:

    yui, do you think that’s a pun? I’m sure “go” is not how you say “go!” in Japanese, but it does mean “five,” so it could be a sort of bilingual pun. “one, two, five/go!”

    And of course it is impossible for me to say “one, two, five” without quoting this:
    “One, two, five–“
    “Three, sir!”
    (tosses Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch)

  78. Ex-Network Geek – the Japanese often take commonly used English words – such as “go” – and use them in certain situations. You will definitely hear the Japanese sometimes say “Ichi, ni – go!” and not mean five, but how an English speaker would mean it.

    Notice how they used the word “Nice!” later in the program. You’d hear Japanese people say that too – except they pronounce it “Ni-su!”

  79. Silent Meow says:

    After seeing this video, I simply MUST learn Japanese!

    The Japanese appear to be ruling in all things cute.

    I’m getting out my Japanese In 10 Minutes A Day book now.

    I wanna go visit Japan and see what’s up with them!

    And, by the way, I LOVE their Hello Kitty stuff! I can’t get enuf of that!

  80. *sigh* Here we go again. I’ve decided to make it a drinking game. Mainly because I’ll get drunk so fast I won’t care anymore.

    On an actual *useful* point, I think it was indeed ‘ichi, ni, no …’ I’ve heard some Japanese friends of mine count three that way, and I always equated it to ‘One, two, and-a …’ or some such. Just a guess. But I know at the very least that it’s a colloquialism.

  81. Ok – I know everyone is talking about happy pup at the end – but I loved the lab. He just wanted to say hello THEN he’ll work…..

  82. Shannon — yes, that’s adorable! And so true of pups in general.

    I live near Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, which has a grey wolf reserve sponsored by Jack Hanna. They train the wolves to do tricks for shows that are also useful (example, shaking paws makes it easier to take blood samples).

    But those wolves do exactly the same thing the lab did, and it’s so amazing to see the behaviour carry over through different sorts of canines. They wanna at least get to say hi first!

  83. PNY, that’s just pathetic. At no point do any of those dogs look overworked. Do you even take your dogs for a walk? Sheesh, they love it, it’s no different than agility classes. Stop bringing the site down.

  84. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I dunno, I do freestyle obedience (read, ‘dog dancing’, there are loads of videos on it on YouTube)with my sheltie Radar and he LOVES it. He gets so excited and it’s good exercise for him and great bonding time for us. He loves to learn new tricks and new moves, it’s good mental stimulation for him. What’s wrong with dogs runnign and jumping? I wouldn’t call it a freak show.

  85. GreenEyedHawk says:

    ETA….I’d also much MUCH rather see this than to see dogs that are mistreated and abused.

  86. Valid all, and yet… I cannot find this video interesting. I’ve never been into “dog acts” (or “cat acts” or any other small animal acts). I find them dull. *shrugs* But like I said, the people’s voices are OK.

  87. I love this video! I can’t stop watching it.

  88. I don’t think the video is all that interesting, but I certainly don’t think it’s animal cruelty 🙂 the dogs have people praising them, they’re wagging their tails, ready to get into the action… they love it!

  89. That was awesome!! The last dog was incredible!! I wish my dogs could do that!!

  90. thank you cute overload!!!

  91. Hey, if only *I* could do double dutch like that!!!

  92. Double Dutch Dogs!!!

  93. Open letter to Theo:
    Thank you for your (unpaid) moderator efforts, and for your admirable patience and restraint when dealing with rampant idiocy. Even when pushed to the brink, you’re far, FAR more civil than I could ever be. For reals. Love ya. Mean it.

    [Thanks 😉 ]

  94. I don’t know what’s funnier…that playing jump rope with dogs is getting animal abuse flags by CO members

    OR the fact that no one is shouting animal abuse over puppehs with dyed fur.

  95. (I am so incredibly sick of retyping my site address, I’m going to go sign up at typepad later today. Argh!)

    Actually, Cody, I think someone already did, but who’s counting? 😉

  96. Cute, and oh so sad..that these dogs are more talented than me. :p

  97. now those people know how to have fun! that made me smile.

    you can see the dogs are having a total blast. so cute, so cute!!

    nice pink doglocks on lil poodle!

  98. I love the Lab here.
    He is such a 100% Lab — sure I’ll do your thing.
    My way.

    Pink-eared puppy makes me feel like a klutz.
    I was never this good, not even back in elementary school when I could jump rope non-stop for half an hour.
    And, like the puppy, I’d have felt put-upon if someone had stopped me.
    A difficult concept, fun.

  99. In my experience, dogs go nuts without two things: praise and exercise. It looks to me that these dogs are getting plenty of both. And moreover, they rock!

  100. is it just me, or is that last pup poochie?

  101. It’s the Double Dutch Bus (The Double Dutch Bus)!