Ticklish squeak toy

I’m not even sure if this puppeh is for reals.

When in doubt, assume Japanese scientists did it.

Where’s the teeck-le, Antonella S.?



  1. I want one!!!


  2. Hehehehe apparently it does tickle.

  3. yankeebird says:


    I guess robots can’t be first.

    Adorable video.

  4. Poor little blighter, an animated cotton ball.

  5. i am at a lose.
    that looks like its a lil
    too hi-bred.
    what kind of dog is it supposed to be anyway?

  6. nicejoest says:

    Oh. I feel sad for the little critter. I’m not sure that’s a happy sound… More like, “Please stop!”

    Sorry to be a downer, but that’s the way I see it.

  7. luvinmalssomuch says:

    If only he could talk:

    Lady: Where’s the teekle, where’s the teekle, ahhh where’s the teekle?

    Squeaky Dog: I got your tickle right here lady.

  8. OH, My Gosh!!! I want one of those! What kind of dog is that??? It is adorable!

  9. I’ve got my $10 on it being a pomeranian. And not a happy one. It’s widdle legs are being bent backwards. Don’t wanna be a nuffer, but I’m going to have to vote sad, not cute.

  10. luvins……LMAO!!!

    What a silly leetle teeckley pup!

  11. Lady Chroe says:

    Not nice.


    damn, then I read the comments and I feel sad, but my chihuahua makes noises like that when he’s playing. His paw got stepped on and that noise was VERY different. *tear* poor baby…I go pet him now.


  13. That’s so sad :[ I love small things but I feel bad for the poor doggy

  14. That is absolutely NOT a happy sound. Nor are those bared teeth a ‘smile’. Nor is the ‘get me outta here’ head turning the little critter being coy. Gracious people…our pets are not TOYS.

  15. I do not want this dog,

    *waits impatiently*

  16. That's not cute... says:

    That is disturbing. That poor dog is not enjoying being “tickled”. It’s clearly in distress. Ugh..I don’t like what I see.

  17. i’m glad that i’m not the only one that sees this as not so cute,
    i think its making that noise because shes bending it over backwards and stretching its lil arms backwards and squeezing it at the same time.
    I’m pulling out my “Puppy-Protection Patrol” badge and confiscating that puppeh right now.
    hand it ova.

  18. Nooooot my cup of tea.

    I like a lot of poms but this one’s way too… dare I say unnatural? But then I like my dogs to look at least a little like they had a wolf ancestor.

  19. Wow, there are a lot of people here today making assumptions that they know better than the dog’s *owner* what’s best for it. Along with some of the comments under the coon “dog” post, I’m really starting to get pissed off. You act like we’re personally strangling baby ducks for fun and profit. (Just a few of you, I mean.)

    I’m >>>THIS< << far away from shutting down the comments here, because you know, I'd be perfectly happy to let the posts stand on their own for the rest of the day.

    I *will* be deleting comments that I deem to be disruptive or trollish, starting right now. I think we all get enough griefing from the real-world news. It’s not needed here.

  20. Tricia Garrett says:

    What the hell is that!!!!

  21. you know I don’t think it is a pom tho it may be but more like a maltese or shitzu perhaps.

  22. This is a non-specific-to-this-post comment, but just wanted to hear my pennies plink in the jar… So CO seems to be having more and more videos, and while they certainly are cute, they are not Instant Gratification Cute. I like being overwhelmed with cute the moment I load the page! The videos are delaying my cute consumption! Anyways, just make sure you keep bringing on the instant photo-cutes.
    Also Meg, you are the most brilliant cuteologist in the world. Love the site!

  23. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Thanks again Theo. Went from the coon dog post thinking it was cute until reading the comments and became very ill.

  24. I don’t have tv but discovered a cache of “Dog Whisperer” DVDs at the corner video store last week…I’ve been on a binge ever since. It seems to be seeping into my daily world. So, I can’t help but wonder what the Dog Whisperer would say about this? Is the dog going to jump up and start showing dominance by putting his iddle biddle teensy weensy pawsies on the owner’s shoulders? Is the dog being cooperative and showing submission by allowing the owner to put him on his back like that? Will the dog get really spoiled and start throwing temper tantrums by kicking his legs, like the Pomeranian I saw last night? Does this dog think the tickling lady is his pack leader? I swear, I’ll never be able to look at dogs the same again. Then again, I’m not even convinced this IS a real dog!

  25. That’s effing frightening!

  26. Theo, not to be mean or troll-ish but You also have to assume that some people don’t have that common sense. Some sick people do horrible things to their dogs. I \*really*/ hope it isn’t the case here. I think it is cute if they are actually tickling the cute little fluffyball, but in some ways, it is scary how it sounds. People usually hear some sort of yelping or whimpering and think the puppy/dog is say, “NO, STOP! PAIN!”

    I really do hope the trolling stops though.

  27. Agreed that the pup doesn’t look like it is having a very good time….the lady bends the dog’s front egs back, it squeaks, she releases its legs and it stops squeaking. I’m thinking it’s a squeak of protest – and/or pain.

  28. Will a vet weigh in? That definitely does not look like the dog is enjoying that. Agree with withaven, the sound, the teeth bearing, and the head turning avoidance seem to be saying this ain’t cool. Theo, your overreaction to people expressing concern about the dog’s comfort is hyperbolic and bizarre (assuming you’re reacting to those comments).

  29. If you can imagine it, Japan has already created it, and it runs on AAs. I’m with Meg on this one — this is secret technology they’re springing on us to catch us off-guard while their army of Naruto clones takes over the world.

  30. uhh, I’d say he doesn’t like that?

  31. Elizabeth B says:


    Then again, I’m not generally fond of dogs so small that you wouldn’t notice sitting on them 🙂 (Puppies, yes, but I like my dogs big enough to use as a pillow)

  32. looks like one of the monsters from the movie Critters

  33. that little thing looks like it wants to put its itsy bitsy teeth into the weird annoying person’s a**

  34. Don’t worreh, puppy’s fine. 🙂
    notice the lack of biting when the thumb is right in front of the muzzle.

    That being said, cute puppeh. I used to have a bird who would laugh too. 😛

  35. I think it’s a Pom too and I also think she’s hurting it. My pup did that when her shoulder came out of its socket when she took a spill and I rushed her to the vet!

  36. hmmm… although i usually think people overreact in the comments here, i have to agree that the dog’s reaction is a little unnerving. my dog only makes sounds like that when he pulls a muscle somehow. so, the way she’s pushing his legs back worries me a little. then again, i was under the impression that puppies and other baby animals are more flexible than older ones, so maybe it is just a wierd puppy afterall and it’s not in pain. still, i think everyone’s concern is totally apt here.

  37. I’m really sorry, I don’t want to be accused of being a troll or anything, because I love this site and it always brings a smile to my face when I feel down, but that dog does not look or sound happy at all.

  38. It’s a white gremlin and she’s trying to kill it. No harm there.

  39. I’m sorry but I don’t think the dog ticklish. I have never heard a dog squeak with laughter…only bark with happiness.

    I think the person is torturing the little dog by bending the little dog’s front legs back and actually hurting the dog. The dog is squeaking because he is in pain…what’s wrong with you people!!!!!!

  40. must admit… this one disturbed me….. and I’m not easily disturbed.

  41. ugh,I can’t believe I’m doing this because normally I jump all over the nuffs…but that puppy is definitely in pain. It does NOT look amused. I had the pleasure of playing with a happy puppy yesterday and i picked it up and cuddled it and it licked my face and made no attempt to get away. That puppy wants to get AWAY.

  42. if you go to the YouTube link, the video poster put this comment:

    “Our new baby appears to be ticklish… a gentle rub on the back of his neck drives him crazy! He cracks us up!!!”

    i rewatched the clip and i think she is actually reaching behind to the back of the pup’s neck with her fingers to tickle him.

    serious watch it again. when i do, it’s not so much that she’s pushing his front legs back, just reaching back to tickle his neck with her fingers (sans thumbs).

    i think pup is OK. maybe a pom(?) owner/breeder can ring in on the ‘unique’ noises he’s making.

  43. Definately a dog in pain, she did it three times, each time she manipulated the dog into an uncomfortable position to make him yelp. Not cute, very cruel. Meg, Theo, I would take it down, sorry. I’m not usually a nuff but dudes, thats a dog hurtin’…. 😦

  44. bcteagirl says:

    Ok, I just watched the video again after reading the comments, and I don’t see anything wrong… no armes being wrenched out of their sockets, no angry/frantic dog between tickles (No escape, no wriggling, just a happy dog sitting there)… People really need to stop assuming the worst and they saying ‘I wish I could not assume the worst’. You can, it is really easy.. repeat after me “I will not assume the worst”.. I think this vid is *very* cute, and this is from a non-dog type person.. he is gigggling! Aww!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  45. I don’t see the point of complaining in the comments, even if you genuinely (think you) see something cruel.

    Hoping someone with a time machine will read your comment and pop back and keep it from happening?


  46. p.s. the owner said this:

    “He’s a Pomeranian…. he’s absolutely BURSTING with personality! I think he’s the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen! :-)”

  47. i'd be terrified too says:

    regardless of what she’s DOING to the poor dog physically, that woman should be ashamed of how she TALKS to the dog. it’s cloying, trite, and vile. and a little sad coming from an adult.

  48. Sounds more like a monkeh.

  49. don’t talk cute to your dog??? dogs love everything squeak. When I try to have an intellectual conversation with my dog he looks away with disgust. I squeak and he gets happy. I tickle and he writhes in pain…wait, no.

  50. Theo, I think that’s a disgraceful and aggressive comment to make to your CO faithful. People worry about posts because they care about animals. Surely the whole point of allowing comments is for people to say what they think about posts, not what you want them to say? If you get pissed off by people’s honest comments and concerns, perhaps being a moderator isn’t for you.

  51. Actually, Anna, you have a point…


  52. i don’t know, either way.

    what i *do* know is that all three of my dogs, and one of my cats, sometimes make noises that — to the untrained ear — probably sound like i’m abusing them. weird squeals, and the like.

    the shrieking that my new puppy makes when i put her in her crate can be heard 2 houses away.

    so, let’s try not to assume that we know what’s going on with this lil guy.

  53. hmmm…maybe CO should think about wiring in a ratings widget like youtube, ICHCB, etc. they seem to work and are pretty troll resistant (assuming they only let you vote once.) if it gets a five it’s way cute, if it gets a one then not cute. teh wisdom of crowds!

  54. bcteagirl says:

    Anna- the point of comments is for people to interact in a happy manner… they are meant to be uplifting not derogatory, or inflammatory.. if you think that is their purpose perhaps this is not for you 😛

  55. I thought this was cute. The pup did not appear in pain. geesh! People are harshing my cute.

  56. i’m not convinced that dog was enjoying that.

  57. The dog looks like that white fluff ball from Dark Crystal. You know, whatsherface, the one with wings.

  58. OPPS! Should be:

    the one with wings’ dog.

  59. I’m sorry but I don’t think the dog ticklish. I have never heard a dog squeak with laughter…only bark with happiness.

    I think the person is torturing the little dog by bending the little dog’s front legs back and actually hurting the dog. The dog is squeaking because he is in pain…what’s wrong with you people!!!!!!

  60. Fizzgig!

    Did you know there’s a sequel to Dark Crystal coming out in 2009? More Fizzgig!

  61. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    The dogs legs are not being pushed beyond their normal capabilities. His legs are just so tiny that her thumbs are covering them when she wraps her fingers behind him.

  62. That dog is clearly crying out in pain. Disgusting.

  63. By the way, everyone who thinks the dog is being abused should flag the video as inappropriate on YouTube so it can be removed.

  64. I had a good friend who raised Pomeranians and I can say this woman is NOT hurting or abusing it. They bare their teeth and squeak when they are HAPPY, people!

    You ought to read the comments of the woman who uploaded the video. She even admits this pup is full of personality.

    That aside, I want one..

  65. How old is that dog? So cute!

  66. I gotta say I support Theo. This clip made me giggle hysterically when I first watched it, but after reading all the comments the fun is gone. Even if you see things from a darker angle, don’t feel you have to share. Really. I don’t think you need to warn anyone on here about not hurting critters, and your negative posts serve no other purpose.

  67. Sylvia, you seem to have some insider info here. Is this your dog?

  68. Snorgler… ah what’s the use?

  69. bcteagirl – I totally support you, this is what the comments should be for – but I would refer you to Theo’s first comment, which is in no way uplifting. I just don’t think it’s appropriate for a moderator to shout, swear, and threaten his readers, who as far as I can see are all very well-intentioned. We love CO because we love animals, simple as that (I hope!)

  70. The interesting thing is that until this post was put on CuteOverload, not a single one of the comments on YouTube was negative. Now the nuffs have appeared.

  71. haha candace! “harshing my cute” loved it!

    i dunno, this video made me giggle hysterically as well! every pup is different.
    sounded like a dolphin to me.

  72. This video has the potential of being cute…but the dog doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself. 😦

  73. Anna,
    When did Theo swear, shout or threaten people?

    Also, this site doesn’t really belong to us commenters. We come to observe the cute and the site operators allow us to comment and share in each other’s delight over the cute. Other blogs I go have stopped allowing comments because a bunch of nuffers ruin it for everyone or just don’t get the point (gofugyourself.com for example).

  74. Sorry, but this looks like abuse (and I’m a cat lover, not a dog lover). I’m very disappointed (and disturbed) by this post on CO.

  75. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Man oh man this has been a real bummer day on CO.
    Theo you just can’t win.
    I normally would stay on all day and check the new posts but I have to take my leave because I’m so disheartened.

  76. Candace, she’s talking about this…
    …and she’s only exaggerating slightly. It’s mostly about a different comment thread, though.

  77. I think that Candice makes a good point about the site not belonging to the commentators. This really is Meg’s site. But if you are going to allow comments, I don’t think that you should say, no nuffs allowed.

    I think that is important to see other people’s view points because it helps you see things from many perspectives. Although in some situations it can go too far, like when people post comments just to upset the other commentors or be offensive.

    Anyway, I really enjoy this site a lot, and I usually enjoy reading all the cute and funny comments people make. I thought the puppy was cute, and I agree with Dawn that the puppy sounded like a Dolphin.

  78. I agree with those who say the dog isn’t enjoying that. I see the dog being uncomfortable and struggling. Animals generally don’t like being on their backs. Not a happy puppy. Made me sad.

  79. I just went to youtube and flagged this video as animal abuse. If that is the stance you take on it, please join me.

  80. Dawn, grow up. This is NOT animal abuse. Hang out with a Pomeranian for a day and you’ll understand..

  81. Nice Christine says:

    You people are cracked out. Animal abuse? Because a little dog was *maybe* uncomfortable for 22 seconds? Get your priorities straight and/or get some perspective. At the MOST you can say you don’t find this funny/cute, FINE. But to throw the word abuse around robs the word of its power when referring to *real* abuse.

  82. Someone tell that sadistic idiot to stop teasing and tormenting that puppy!! Cute Overload should know better than to post it.

  83. longtimelurker says:

    Yea Gods people…the dog is NOT being abused. It’s like you have no sense of reality or what abuse is… The dog is not unhappy… you may not ‘like’ this but ABUSE??? Your ignorance is abusing my intellect that’s the only abuse going on here!!!

    Theo…. I totally agree with you shutting down comments on this.

    In fact I would shut them down entirely as the nuffs can’t be trusted to not be stupid (yeah I said it… if you’re a nuff you’re stupid…It’s not that “you care too much” or that you have “too much concern for animals”…it’s that you’re not very smart and you’re generally irritating and no one likes you!!!)

    Theo, shut it down and don’t re-open for a week or two. And then only on a trial basis to make sure that everyone behaves in a reasonable and rational way. That means nuffers that you gotta take your meds and be on your best behavior.

    It may ruin it for some but overall I think that those who truly love the cute (I’ve been a lurker since the very beginning) will come regardless of whether or not their soapbox du jour is being provided (i.e. rampant vegetarians, PETA etc).


  84. AuntieMame says:

    Maybe it’s just because I’m feeling a little grumpy today, but for some reason, it’s the “shut up, how dare you express your opinion” posts that are bugging me more than the nuffs.

    That being said, the pup is adorable, but I would have said his squeaks were more of irritation than amusement.

  85. I meant that I agree with Jenben that he sounds like a Dolphin, sorry!!!

  86. longtimelurker, your comment bothers me more than any of the other posts. I also think that this is not animal abuse, but you are being really mean and I don’t think that CO needs posters who call other posters stupid.

  87. Someone tell that sadistic idiot to stop teasing and tormenting that puppy!! Cute Overload should know better than to post it.

  88. Last time I checked, I was allowed an opinion – like anyone else. No need to mount a personal attack or start a flam war. I did what I felt was right and have offered an outlet to those who agree. In fact, I’m not the first commenter to make the suggestion of going to YouTube about it.

    There seems to be a love it or hate it thing going on here. I’m fine with agreeing to disagree but would prefer the personal attacks to be kept to a minimum.

  89. …And next, it’ll be abuse to dress your babies in silly halloween costumes, just because the kids look disgruntled while you took photos and made idiotic cooing noises. OH THE HUMANITY.

    Mind you, I’m not an immediate fan of poms (personally, the bug eyes that work on tiny rodents don’t quite do it for dogs; Pablo the dog is the exception because he is mad whiny) so I don’t enjoy this one as much as the talking cats one a while back. But I tend to think a pissed off dog would be drawing blood instead of panting happily.

  90. You know what? I agree.

    All those who are concerned about the pup’s welfare and can’t stand seeing this video on CO should take action.

    And that action is hitting Alt-F4.

    You guys’ll be *amazed* how quickly that works.

  91. kittermamma says:


    Everyone. Step away from your keyboards now.

  92. Omg. Now people will start flagging this poor dog owner on youtube, accuse her of animal abuse, risk her losing her account because she’s tickling her puppy?? People watch the movie again!! Whenever she takes a break the dog woud at least try to run away if it was in pain. The dog is not suffering, believe me no matter how small a dog is, if s/he’s in pain, they react! You don’t see that on that movie.

    I absolutely stand by Theo. Come on people, I watched the movie and what I saw was a pet owner absolutely in love with her pet and after I read the comments I just felt so sad.

    Why is it so hard to take a second to analyse your opinions before you lash out on pet owners for negligence (because omg the dog is drinking too much water and he’s gonna die any moment) or pet abuse for tickling a puppy. Believe me if someone was twisting the dog’s arm or pulling his muscle, it would have bitten her until she let it out…


  93. Steph, so longtimelurker can’t call nuffers stupid but the nuffers can call a loving pet owner a pet abuser or sadistic idiot?

  94. Theo, it’s not insider information. I see a person taking an animal many times smaller than itself, restraining it, putting it on its back, and hyperextending both its front legs and upper back until the animal cries out, and getting pleasure out of it. Even if it is done in ignorance it’s abuse.