Oh Noes!!!1

I am but a wide-eyed puppeh, stuck in a don’t-chomp-on-yourself collar!

Still, I shall NIBBLE my way out!

WAITICAN’TBaroooooooooooooo! [crying sounds]


Are you for reals, Elizabeth L.? ‘Cause he is way tooooo kyoot.



  1. He’s a Precious Moment!

  2. Mmmmm. He’s so cute and tasty. No wonder they have him in a cone.

  3. OMG how freaking cute and pathetics.

  4. The eyes!!!!! OMG the eyes!! That puppeh needs some serious snorglingks.

  5. My gawd – those eyes are LETHAL! Do you have a permit for those things?

  6. Jupiter Star says:

    HOMIGAWD he looks like a little puppy toy! So cuuuuute and so peeeteefuuuul at the same time… *Snuggles*

  7. His fur, so sawft, his eyes, so sad. I’m torn between melancholy and omgponies!!1!

  8. That pup’s expression = Edward Scissorhands: http://costumzee.com/view/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/edwards.jpg

  9. This is the CUTEST puffballheaddog. I don’t even want to laugh at him.

  10. he looks like a doll, he doesn’t even look real!

  11. ohhh, poor baby! But it’s for your own good, sweetheart, really. Come let me snorgle you.

  12. hrh.squeak says:

    Kal – Hahahahaaaaa!!

    Someone is trying to play the patheticpup card. “Treeets. You owe me treeets beeegtime.”

  13. *Dead*

    The LEGS, people! So stumpy!

  14. Cannot help but point out that elizabethan collar looks waaaay undersized (could be the angle though). Should be bigger so it can do its job then be removed asap. Cute puppeh though.

  15. How can you be real, brown-eyed girl?

  16. lurkingsmirk says:

    bwahhh wanna snorgle that sad little face!

  17. OMG… look at those eyes!! Is he real? He looks like a stuffed animal! Sooo cute!! 🙂

  18. berthaslave says:

    Blondie Lampshade puppeh!!!! My guess is it’s a barker, too, and it’s gonna be a loonnnngggg night!!

  19. I feel for you, little puppeh!


  20. Caramel puppeh wif chocolate eyeses and nosicle!

  21. Awwwww. *ded of cute*

    I wonder what happened to teh poor ickle puppeh to necessitate teh collar. 😦

  22. It’s hard to tell through the curls, but this little feller is TOTALLY rockin’ rule #36. The lower eyebrow floof DEFINITELY indicates that they are raise in a pathetic, questioning, and utterly adorable way.

    *adjust Cuteologist glasses and smooths lab coat*

    Further investigation, of course, is recommended. NOW GIVE ME THAT PUPPEH!!! *snorgle attack*

  23. Oh noes not my baby
    Oh noes not my sweet baby.

  24. Blast! I can’t spell nose.

  25. He is too cute to even be real. I must snorgle him to be sure…..

  26. What happened? It was bad
    The results have made me sad
    My kronche rights are denied
    So my time I’ll have to bide
    My collar is a bore
    It makes Alpo-time a chore
    But I’m still prosh and so…
    I’m here on Cute Overload!

  27. I bet when the widdle ickly puppeh runs it goes “boing boing boing”

    It’s adorable

  28. OMG! what kind of puppeh is this??

  29. book_monstercats says:

    S/he is apricot coloured, so I will have to nibble on a small part to make sure s/he is not actually an oddly shaped fruit.

    First dibs if s/he is.

  30. Grandma Beth says:

    OHHH looks just like my oodleup did as a puupah! She is 16 she is and still a cuddlewuddle puuppie doodle!

  31. I would chew you out! You are too cute with those big eyes.

  32. He’s all restrained, but I know that revenge is being plotted inside that head!

    “I do wish we could chat longer, Clarice, but I’m having an old friend for dinner…”

  33. oh my! He’s so stressed out from that veterinary visit! Bless him.

    I LOVE little apricot poodles!

    Don’t worry he’ll get over the experience..one bouncy ball later..”what collar?” Dogs are kinda neat like that!

  34. or if he is stealthy like my puppeh he will find a way out of the collar.

  35. Aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    Poor sweet widdle pup-pup!

  36. I’m with Dr. Anne — the collar is too small for the job! 😐

    The best part to me is that the pup is wearing an elizabethan collar and the owner’s name is Elizabeth! Ha!

  37. this looks like a job for:


  38. Whad-eye-do to desoive dis mizzable treatment? I’m mizzable, I tells ya, mizzable!

  39. where do you put his batteries?

  40. Momof2kitties says:

    He looks like a real life beanie baby! I’d pay $5.00 for him for sure!

  41. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Awwww poor baby. The eyes and nose are to die for.

  42. Oh noes Bananaas! I hope he gets adopted!

  43. ..and my crimper went out of control…

  44. Yitzysmommie says:

    SSSSOOOOO Qte. YM plants leetle soft keeses on the nosicle.

  45. Peanutcat says:

    What if he starts crying like he looks like he’s about to do? He’ll drown when that cone fills up with tears!

  46. I agree that those eyes need to be registered. They’re KEELING ME. Someone quick, get that pup a pair of rose quartz goggles to contain TEH POWA!

    (geek points if you get the reference)

  47. Don’t chu worry! I’ll saaaaave you!

  48. circuscake says:

    oh! poor, poor baby! i just want to comfort you so badly……wait a minute- are you trying to look super pathetic just to get me to take that collar off?

    you almost fooled me little one…

  49. You’ve been coned baby. Deal with it.

    Now come over here and let me rub your belly and kiss your forehead…

  50. Ooooh! Poor little baby! Definitely a cute or sad moment. I just want to kiss his little nose and snuggle him!

  51. My boyfriend went “Awwwwwwww” for about 10 minutes straight on this one, as did I.
    The powerful eyeees!! I need to squeeze something..
    ::gnaws on rabbit ear::

    speaking of adorable puppies and or kitties, there is a dog and cat photo contest on dogster.com, if you have an account go vote, if you don’t make one for you pets! 🙂

    is my dog’s page

    is my old cat’s page.

    go vote! 🙂 pease! <3

  52. Morgannon says:

    I can feel myself being wrapped around that puppy’s little finger even as I sit and stare in total awe.

    Those eyes could NOT be any sadder 8(

  53. I think the Rule of Cutness #36 applies here majorly!!!! Must . . . snorgle something!!!

  54. i could not resist those eyes,
    i would have to take the funnel off his lil head.
    we had to put these on our german shepards (both at the same time)
    they would go tearing through the house totally destroying everything in their path with their funnels-
    i wonder if someone got spayed or neutered and has to wear this to keep from itching and scratchin their stitches ???
    poor baby.
    I want.

  55. Darkflame says:

    I are a geek, Daniel G., so a Cyclops ref! And that puppy is LETHAL, I must agree! Those eyeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!

  56. Poor little guy, I feel so sad for him. He needs hugs bit time!

  57. oh those eyes
    and the chocolate covered nose

  58. scrummy…..?…. or what….

  59. LuvBJones says:

    Does anyone else remember those big-eyed kid/puppy/kitten “paintings” we had in our rooms as kids in the 70s? This little tyke should be dressed in a harlequin costume with a little hat…

  60. Oh my GOSH!! He looks so scared and sad!! AWWW!!! C’mere, you!! *hugs the scared and sad puppeh*

  61. Alice Shortcake says:

    LuvBJones, I know exactly what you mean. Preferably painted on black velvet…

  62. oh mama!
    pweeeeze take the funnel off my widdle head!
    what an angel.
    i’ll bet after the photo her got all mugged up by his mommy. 🙂

  63. Puppy: B…but I love you! 😦

  64. Is that a labradoodle?

  65. LuvBJones – are you talking about Precious Moments? Those things had no noses – I could never get over that fact.

  66. pookiepuff says:

    OOOOH! MYYY! GOODNESSS! I love the eyes, but I feel so bad for it too! I kiss you puppeh! I kiss you and snorgle you and you feel aaaall better!

  67. Eyes the size of Detroit. A shiny moist nose. No mouth.

    Can there *be* anything cuter?

  68. Awwwwwwww. Poor cute widdle baybee.

  69. OMG the eyes, The Eyes!!!

    I don’t think there has been a sadder pup on CO!


  70. Puppy thinks:

    *I thought you luuuved me!*

  71. what kind of dog is this, email me and let me know.. kndlvon@hotmail.com


  72. What kind of dog is he?