Nosevember: Hedgehog editshe

You first saw "Sule" the hedge giving the teeniest of massages to "Jack" the cat. Those were good, good times.

Well, look who’s back at the spa, with his moist nosicle, blond quill, and waffle-towel action.


I think I see the smallest of smiles, too, Krisa B…. 😉



  1. GAH! Little wet schnozzle! TOO CUTE!

  2. Shower scrubbie!

  3. Heh he he…bleenie bleen bleen. Everybody’s too busy nuffin today…so I sneaked one in!
    Did they bathe heem? How do you give a hedgie a bath anyway (or do they even need one)?

  4. Aw, so cute!!!

    One of the hedgies at the zoo had to be euthanized this week. Poor Billie.

    But this little fella can snuggle in my pocket whenever he wants. 🙂

  5. Love the blond quiff, is he a surfer hedgie?

  6. Hedgehogs are not cute. They’re gross. That just ruined my attempt to be perked up by Cute Overload. Yuck.

  7. luvinmalssomuch says:

    The hedgehog, such a charming creature
    With adorable little facial features
    Button eyes and rubber nose
    Quite a picture does he pose

    Such a distinguished little gent
    Trying to anoint a scent
    Spikes like armor this funny clown
    Bristling ball at slightest sound

    Tail a pink hairless nub
    Endearing animal that I love
    On stubby legs you waddle around
    Making huffing, snuffing sounds

    Right out of a fairy tale
    This enchanting fellow that I hail
    Fuzzy belly soft and white
    Quiet comrade of the night

    Nodding sunny days away
    Under starry skies he wakes to play
    Live well my winsome little friend
    Prosper well unto your end.

    – Peng, 1995

  8. I have yet to find one of these in my towels. Sigh.

    So cute. the ears! the bristles! the little hands!

  9. I know that it would not be wise to attepmt a snorgling of this delicous little guy, but the heart wants what it wants so……

    *snorgle, snorgle, snorgle*

  10. My hedgie hates baths so much. But he loves taking his towel from me afterwards and running around under it whenever I try to dry his silly little feets off.

  11. He looks kind of like
    Morrissey (from the smiths).
    Can’t you just hear him squeaking “Girlfriend in a coma?”

  12. Wow! You can practically see the quills quiver!

  13. where is this spa — and, more importantly, are they hiring?

  14. I have a desire for peach ice cream with quills on the side, now.

  15. Do Hedgies make noise? What kind of noise is it, please? I’ve never thought much about this little quilled critters and now wonder what they sound like…

  16. Sing it with me now “Sunshine, on my nosicle, makes me happy…”

    We have two new baby meerkats at the Happy Hollow Zoo in San Jose, CA! Yea!!!!

  17. LuvBJones says:

    Ah! Fresh as a daisy!

  18. luvinmalssomuch says:

    *pretend champagne glass in hand*
    ‘Cheers to Nosicle Nose-vember’
    *bottom drops off of pretend champagne glass*

  19. Do hedgies shake (like a dog) after a bath? now that would be funny, mini-sprays flying off the quills

  20. The only noise my hedgie ever made was a huffing/rattling noise when he was trying to be scary. Trust me, you DON’T want to snorgle those quills (or step on a stray one)… but they have soft snuggly tummies!


    Sorry, didn’t mean to shout. But I really want one bad!!!!!

    Stupid California laws.

  22. I want a squabbit

  23. BTW, do not miss those lovely little pink shell-like ears. What a delightful creature.

  24. very cute
    but do they really make good pets?
    i’m thinkin hugs would be out of the question!
    LOVE the nozzle! and the winkie little eye-bulbs.

  25. Look how moist his little nosey is. It takes my breath away!

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    He is indeed very cute and looks mintyfresh. But, I prefer beasties that can sleep under the covers with me, and I suspect that would not be comfurtuhbuls with this guy. For him, either, if I rolled over and squooshed him.

  27. Sunnymum Hi Neighbor Shout outs from Hollister.

    The hedgie is very adorable and quils look ouchy to me but if you pet him in the right direction shiney and smooth.

  28. Hedgies are lovely pets if you treat them well and give them loads of attention.

    Although I’ve noticed that males tend to be grumpier than females. Although it could just be mine taking after his father rather than his mother (both of which belong to a friend).

    And no, do not snorgle the quills. I say that from experience. Go for the tummy!

  29. Wear Snorgoggles™.

  30. LOL

  31. krisa b here to answer some of the questions on hedgehogs that have come up: hedgehogs as pets have about the same level of interacton as hamsters or guinea pigs. a lot depends on how well you socialize the little guys too. if you’re looking for a pet that is always happy to snuggle and always happy to see you, i wouldn’t recommend a hog. but if you want an adorable pet that responds to gentleness and calm handling and doesn’t require a whole lot of extra maintenance, they’re wonderful.
    both of my hedgies are friendly and easy to hold. sule hated baths, but kito (my other hog) will actually paddle and splash around the tub.
    as far as noises, hedgies make snuffling and huffing noises with the moist membranes of their noses, especially when they’re startled. some say that they will also squeal or scream in times of extreme upset, but i’ve been lucky enough to have happy, non-screaming hedgies. i think an animal that makes a range of vocalizations all with its nose is perfect for Nose-vember.

  32. Teho — you *will* be selling those now, yes?

  33. Oh he’s a-dor-a-ble!

    But, ummmmm, he reminds me a little of Nick Nolte for some reason. Must be the hair. 😛

  34. ::Bugmom smiles real big to pull lips back from teef and oh so gently kronsches the tiny pink ear::

    Yummmmm! Perfect!

  35. berthaslave says:

    That hedgehog is clearly being abused by that towel.

    Since I missed out on the last posting, I had to weigh in with SOME commentroversy!!!!

    LOL…cuteoverload rules. Meg and Theo for president!

  36. [snork!] …riiight, BerthaS; Stephen Colbert can be our campaign manager.

  37. What colors do hedgies come in?

  38. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    I’d vote for Meg & Theo. They’d be much better than anyone else running right now.


  40. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Anyone else seeing David Hyde Pierce?

  41. Do you think Stephen Colbert would take both Theo and I as co-VPs on his campaign?!

  42. Ashley Fishman says:

    Nosevember makes a comeback… finally

  43. ThreeCatNight says:

    The face is truly magical, like a fairytale creature or something right out of Beatrix Potter.
    And he looks anxious to perhaps divulge some information, or just listen intently. Not traditionally “cute”, but cuter than oppossums or the occasional insect that seems to pop up on CO now and then. Love the nose!

  44. lurkingsmirk says:

    Hey, he looks like someone I know! What an intelligent little face =)

  45. Theo, I think you were totally out of order closing down the comments on the puppy thread and saying you were “pissed off”.

    Don’t you know that’s a swear word? That children read this site?

    Far, far more insulting and rude and quite frankly downright shocking, than the few comments from people who were expressing concern for the poor puppy. I’ve an open mind & didn’t comment on it but no it didn’t look comfortable it even tried to escape.

    People are entitled to their views and yes you DO make money from this site but there was no need to throw that at the commentors. They never mentioned making a profit, YOU DID!

    Geesh Meg, where did you dig this guy up from? I remember years ago when this site was great.

    And yes I guess Theo will delete this, as it appears people are not allowed to express an opinion on this site anymore without Theo chucking his toys out the pram!

    *so sad*

    Again, quit the swearing Theo. It was out of order.


  46. Look out, Derek Jeter. It’s Mr. Nosevember!

    (Totally see Nick Nolte and David Hyde Pierce — does anyone do a site of pets that look like celebs?)

  47. It’s better than being pissed on!

  48. PG-13, Marie. Always has been, and we’re not planning on changing that.
    Also, *I* don’t make any money from this site. Zip zero nada. (It would be nice to, of course…)

  49. …and we’ve taken a left turn back into Nuffember!

  50. Hehehehe, I guess the anti-swearing crowd has missed the whole “Nosevember, Bitches” thing a couple days ago.

    Friday afternoon comentroversy….oh dear…it’s better than actually *working* on a Friday afternoon I guess.

  51. Waving hello to Annie in Hollister… “Hi Annie! I drove through Hollister on my way to the Pinnacles last spring. Wanted to see a California Condor in person, but only saw a bunch of turkey vultures (not that they aren’t awesome as well).”

  52. Nuffember! I love it, oaklandcat.

    Dear cuteoverlords, I wish desperately that there was a comment rating system in place. Some days I just want to view the comments with all the nuffs hidden. and *sometimes*, i guess, maybe, (but not anytime i can remember) I would want to view all the comments. It’s so depressing to see a cute post get hijacked.

  53. Magdela — consider it discussed. 😉

  54. Kidd&Troost says:

    I’m fairly new hedgie owner and he’s such a cutie pie. I adopted Henry from a humane society when he was already an adult, so he wasn’t socialized very well when he was young and won’t let me snorgle him, but every time I see his little brown nosicle wiggling in the air or his little pink feets I forgive him for being grumpy.

  55. Kidd&Troost says:

    Maybe I should rename him Henry McGrumpersons for when he’s huffing (or should I say nuffing) at me.

  56. Well, we have the hedgie; now we just need a flamingo and then we can start a wonderful CO game of croquet. And no one better cry abuse. NO ONE nuffs Lewis Carroll.

  57. I didn’t know “pissed” was a swear word. Maybe back in the 1800’s? I thought it was 2007- almost 2008. Correct me if i am wrong. =) I LOVE HEDGIES!!! I want one… but I think my kitties would think either it was a toy or a very tasty treat. MMMM… hedgies.

  58. Meg, I think he would definately take you and Theo on the campaign Trail.

  59. sunnymum, I think the condors stay in the more private parts of the park. We go often and have never seen a condor, even on the high peaks trail, but we have seen Hawks, and of course the vultures and once we even got to see the rare bat species that lives in the caves there. I love the pinnacles. Also a good time to go there is in april or may. the wild flowers are spectacular. A friend of mine who has a ranch about 5 miles from the park told me that they have seen one right near their house recently (A Condor).

  60. WOW that is SO COOL that your friends saw one! I like looking at the condor cam on the Pinnacles website; at least I can see them there. The high peaks trail is my favorite. I like to do the good long climbs. We forgot to bring a flashlight otherwise we could’ve gone in the caves too. Have you heard of Quick Silver park in San Jose? It’s a very large and beautiful place to hike. They also have fabulous wild flowers in the spring. Ever been to Uvas Canyon? I think the town is Morgan Hill; it’s a great place to hike as well. We’re so lucky to live here! And now I can go see bebeh meerkats at Happy Hollow 🙂

  61. Dinsdale! XD

  62. Yitzysmommie says:

    Wow, I haven’t ever seen a blonde hedgie before. I think it would be veeeery tricky gettin sunblock on heem….

  63. Sunnymum, Yes I have heard of quicksilver but haven’t gone there yet. ANd the high peaks trail at Pinnacles is my favorite too. I feel the same as you, I love living here. We have been to lots of different places but still not everywhere. Castle rock/Goat rock park is an awesome hiking park too. Oh and I have been to Uvas canyon also, IT has stunning scenery..

  64. I’m SO curious–never touched a hedgie (and don’t see that happening anytime soon). Anyone know what they feel like?

  65. I would also like to know what a hedgie feels like!!! Don’t skimp on the adjectives people…

  66. Awww. I wanna beep hees nose!

    What breed was the puppeh in the previous post? Pom or chihuahua? kthxbai.

  67. i really love this little guy. and would love to make a stat out of it. if you would allow me to. could you please send me the photo and what name you would like me to use. thank you.

  68. Subhangi, that was a Pomeranian, according to what the owner said on Youtube.

  69. Renee in Texas says:

    Sorry peeps, I am so seeing Mr Bean!!!! LOL

  70. Wbirdie: YESS!! *lol* I can actually hear the little baby squeak “Dinsdaow!”

  71. I don’t care if they bite, or smell, or are pokey.
    No icky details, please.
    I want to kiss this little fellow on the top of his head, between the ears.
    Even if I have to pull little spiny things out of my face with tweezers afterwards.

  72. Dear Marie,
    F**k off.

  73. Kidd&Troost says:

    To Colleen and Steph – I don’t know if you will check back in, but my hedgie is really quite prickly since he’s so shy. He kind of feels like a little quivery lump of pine needles when he’s balled up, which is pretty much always when I go to hold him. You can hold him with bare hands, but it is a little uncomfortabuhls. I hear their furry bellies are very soft though.