I shall eat dis

Nommity nommity nommity mcnommersons.

[Goes back to sleepingk in cave]


Sender-Inner Josh N. sez this is one of his foster kittehs from when he volunteered at "Give Me Shelter". This kitteh appears as Mr. December in their calendar!



  1. cute!

  2. Oooh… My first “first”!

  3. Bleen! cute baby!

  4. So nearly a bleen! Still a cute baby!

  5. I wish I had a fuzzy sleepingk cave!

  6. ahaha.. the ‘mouse’ roll over killeded me!!

    I wants to play with the kitteh pleez

  7. What eees it wif the kitties an da puppies sittin upright today . ..
    I swear I caught moxie doing the same thing dis mornin!

  8. Tony James says:

    “So…Mark Anthony doesn’t think that the Tabbies of Turbulence are fear-inspiring? I’ll show him – LOOK! I haz declared war on dis mousie! Quiver in terror, ancient roman types!”

  9. EEEEEEE, so cute and tiny and FAT! Love it!

  10. OMG!!!! Baby kitteh just made my head ‘splode!!!!Too cute for me to handle. I must walk away!!!

  11. what an excellent little butt-sitter kittie!
    and the tailio is straight out behind and holding that kitteh nice and upright.

    Vancouver judge gives him a 9.825 score.

  12. My kitty had the same mouse!! He was totally addicted to it, it was his favorite toy, until he beat it and chewed it up so much that the tail started coming off and the fur started to come unglued from its little plastic body. He would howl when he lost it underneath the stove. Which was often.

  13. Those mousies are my cats’ favorite toys. And after they’ve been playing with them for awhile, and you step on them in the dark, it’s an . . . interesting . . . sensation.

  14. My kitties too love these little mousies. They play racquetball with them in the hall, bouncing them off the walls and batting them back and forth. Apparently the rules of the game are that when the mousie loses its tail it is officially dead. So it then goes under the couch and is played with nevermore, even when we get it back out for them.

  15. circuscake says:

    my kitty also goes super crazy for these mice. i buy ’em in bulk on-line so i’m not constantly having to dig ’em out from under furniture.

    sometimes my dog, in a fit of jealousy, will tear one apart. very naughty.

  16. The tail, the tail! And the guttular region! He looks like he’s chowing down on a giant Dagwood-esque sandwich. Awwwwwwwww!


  18. im in ur cave eetin ur mowse

  19. Daphne Moss says:

    Tweet widdle tummy on stripey adorableness…
    My kitteh also loves these…I declare “drug time!” and rub one with catnip…insane “fall-on-the-side, commence-rabbit-kicking” ensues…
    When I move couch to vaccuum, always find a nest of them under there.

  20. TJ:

    “Et tu, cu-tie?”

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    He has cheetah-like streaks from his eyes… quite wonderful. I’m sure he will grow up to be very handsome!

  22. Juniper Jupiter says:

    OMG!! Tubbeh tabbeh!!! I once again call dibs blowing razzberries on tha tummeh!!!

  23. Dinsdale’s there in the conversation pit with
    Doug and Charles Paisley, the baby crusher, and two film producers and a man
    they called ‘Kierkegaard’, who just sat there biting the heads of whippets . . .

  24. Hey Theresa, don’t stop – Pirhanha roll!

  25. Alice Shortcake says:

    My Daisy isn’t in the least bit interested in mousies, or indeed any other sort of toy, but she can play for hours with a piece of string…

  26. What a fat little baby love!

    I want one of those!!!

  27. Aubrey – the very same. Frenz, hoomins, ovaloders, lend me your tocks. I come to snorgle Caesar, not to tease him. The hairballs that cats do live after them, the mice are oft interred under the stove.

  28. When I moved last year, the moving men told me I had a rat problem…everything they picked up had those little mice underneath it.

  29. tracyflick says:

    I love the: Nommity nommity nomms.

    I will do this next time I eat to up my cute quotient.

  30. For some reason I love the way this kitteh is sitting. Reminds me of Humpty Dumpty or Jack Sprat.

  31. Remember Meg, the ideas of Meg remember:
    Does not great Meg-ster post for cuteness’ sake?
    What villain ignores the kitteh, that did purr,
    And all for cuteness? What, which one of us
    Be struck the foremost
    when the purr or kronche
    Over our poor heads clobbers, shall we now
    Contaminate our zingers with base puns,
    And sell the mighty webspace of her large hours
    For such wordy trash as may be grasped thus?
    I had rather see the puppeh, and see him soon,
    Across the fields roman.

  32. moths_are_scary says:

    OH-EM-GEE!!! I absolutely dislike cats…but this picture may have just turned that around…I think I have a new obsession…

  33. Looks like he’s already had one too many… python kitten!

  34. i want the whole set–kitteh, mouseh, cubbeh ^^

  35. berthaslave says:

    I loooovvveeee the oh-so-deadly claws deployed on the faux-mousey’s back. I rarely ask for a COXCU, but if I WERE to ask for one, this might be the time.

    And does it look like giant cookie monster is eating kitteh eating mouse?

  36. What does “bleen” mean?

  37. The Feet!!! The belleh!!!! *splode*

  38. charliewabba says:

    It’s the coffee house folk singing kittty as a baby!!
    Where’s his guitar?

  39. This is my foster kitten, Fritz!

    He actually wasn’t fat at all.

    Here are some more pics of him:

    See, not fat: http://aycu35.webshots.com/image/31674/2000949973294753645_rs.jpg

    Him and his brother Snowball: http://aycu35.webshots.com/image/31674/2000976220173417511_rs.jpg

    And then two seconds later…: http://aycu15.webshots.com/image/33014/2000928953855285671_rs.jpg

  40. wagthedogma says:

    Bravo, Aubrey! That’s my favorite passage from “Cute-ius Caesar”! 😀

  41. Another Angela says:

    bleen is secret code and its meaning depends on context. hang around and you will understand.

    cute photo. I avoid mouse toys made of bunny fur tho

  42. JNO – what gorgeous foster kittehs! Fritz must’ve just eaten since he doesn’t look tubby in the other photos. Or you know, just the posish he was in. They both look so alert and mischevious 🙂

  43. awww… Fritz is sooo cute!! I love how he’s sitting up chomping on his mouse. 🙂

  44. I “marinate” mice and other toys in closed containers of dried catnip. When the current toy doesn’t seem to cut it, out comes the drug-toy and in goes the one that has lost its smell. Not my idea–a friend told me about this.

  45. What makes it funnier is that it looks like he/she is in turn being consumed by a giant Cookie Monster.

    Food chain, from bottom to top:

    Mouse – Cat – Giant Cookie Monster

    Maybe I’m the only one that sees it that way, though.

  46. JNO, are you keeping them? If not, can I have them? They’re amazing little guys!

  47. Dgerish, Fritz and friends all got adopted. Here he is with his brothers and sisters


    he’s in the middle 😀

  48. Nicolletta says:

    I want to go nommy nommy nommy on his leetle feets!

  49. Get.In.Mah.Belly.
    I loves the grey tubbies, er tabbies. Striped bellies melt me.

  50. OMG, Fritz’ litter came with one of each, didn’t it?

    I’d like a COXCU on those teeeny little needle claws too.

  51. DO WANT!!!

    Also, I have so many of those mice all over my house I could start a fake-mice army.

  52. OK, everybody, all together now!
    Love to eat them mousies,
    Mousies what I loves to eat
    Bite they little heads off
    Nibble on they tiny feet!

  53. That’s so cute it’s criminal.

  54. Theresa — I think kitn *started* with the feets, this time.

  55. My kitties love me, they leave “dead” toy mice on my bed for me… sometimes without their heads!

    It used to make my daughter scream when she found a “dead” toy mouse on her bed. She says “It’s like something from _The Godfather_”

  56. cavvie and sapphie's mommie says:

    Yay Theresa! Kliban’s immortal verse has been sung by many generations of kittehs!!!

  57. OH! It’s a SITTING tubby kitty with stick-legs. I shall die.

  58. JNO- That last picture is just tooooo adorable! What a lovely mix of colors!

  59. First glance, I thought the kitteh was eating a mobile phone! Sorta mouse shaped…

  60. “You can’t eat all those cheeseburgers…”

  61. It looks like a chubby little raccoon

  62. Keith Handy, looks like you and Berthaslave (a few posts up) have many warm an snuggleh memories of Sesame Street! So funny!
    I only got’s one thing to say

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love Fat Bastard! I want my baby back baby back baby back………ribs!

  63. Be warned. Fritz looks cute with his mouse toy.

    But he’s also a clothes walker.


  64. waaaa! Me wantee! Oh, the tubbulence. And the stick-straight tail.

  65. Ok, so my first thought after “holy crap what an adorable kitteh!” was “hmm, Jabba the Hut” (though I understand he’s not actually fat 🙂 ).

    Check out my sloppy photoshopping! http://flickr.com/photos/lgcdesigns/1927779961/

  66. the belly is the cutest! that baby must eat EVERYTHING!

  67. JNO – that kitteh lineup is so redonk it must be outlawed.

  68. I shall eat dis and I shall purr and I shall climb up de curtains and I shall purr and I shall crap in de dirt box and I shall purr and I shall rip up de paper and I shall purr ands I shall fall asleep in your shoe.

  69. bookmonstercats says:

    Wagthedogma, thank you so much. I am supposed to be working, but I ran off to get my complete works of Shakespeare to check (I’m working at home, my employers are not that enlightened).

    *Scolds Aubrey and sulks because I couldn’t ever have done it*

  70. acelightning says:

    “Fear me, for I am a mighty mouse-hunter! (Never mind that I’m just a plump little kitten with a plastic toy.)”

  71. Fritz is destined for greatness …

    a mighty hunter, intrepid explorer and ravisher of rodents …

    you have stolen my heart, sweet boy …

  72. charliewabba says:

    oh, thank goodies I am not the only one who recognised his infant Klibanality! I was beginning to think I was peculiar.
    Come on EVVV’rybody sing
    Love to eat them mousies
    Mousies what I love to eat
    (dum dum dum dum)
    Bite they little heads off
    Nibble on they tiny feet!

    Someone please give that baby a guitar and a stool.

  73. Trin, you haven’t lived until you’ve been just on the edge of sleep, and your sweet little darling puts a real live mouse into bed with you.
    Erm, stimulating, to say the least.

  74. PS Fritzie on top of the clothes hangers FTW!! What a hoolikitten!

  75. Momof2kitties says:

    OMG! Did you look at the calendar? A whole year of kitteh qteness. I shall surely perish.

    And this little chubster looks exactly like my George. Right down to the needle sharp kitteh clawz of deth!

  76. luvinmalssomuch says:

    That is one precious adorable kitteh! Luvshim!

  77. wagthedogma says:

    “Fritz the Cat”! BWAAH!

  78. Yitzysmommie says:

    This little furball and all the associated pix of furrblings are wonderful!

  79. luvinmalssomuch says:

    So that’s what happened to my computer mouse.

  80. JNO – that group picture brought tears to my eyes!
    So beee-u-tee- full… all of them babehs!
    Thank you for taking care of them till they found forever homes.

  81. i wants to poke eets belly ever so softly!!

  82. darkshines says:

    The very definition of NOM NOM NOM….

  83. I see this picture and I think “GAAALGHGHG!!!”

  84. That looked like kitteh was eating a bird at first to me!

  85. Holy crap is that cute and funny! Just what I needed today, thanks.

  86. <3

  87. KEETEEN!!!


    I lurve this kitteh!
    I shall name my next bewhiskered child “Nommity McNommersons.”

  89. Agree with earlier poster–BEST snort-inducing, tea shooting out the nose photo rollover EVER! 🙂

  90. New category: Nommity McNommersons! This kitty is in kitty heaven, holding its own mouse to eat all my itself. “I have caught you, & you are mine!!”

  91. ‘foster kitten’ is a total oxymoron in my book – how could you ever give it back?!

  92. Martha — it ain’t easy.

  93. Martha, it helps to keep in mind that if you go on fostering, you get an unending supply of kittens. 🙂

  94. Like theo said, it’s tough. Sure you get the occassional litter of kittens, and they are adorable, but they take over your entire house.

    and usually it’s not kittens but older cats that quite simply are not adoptable because they are old, overweight, sick, etc.

  95. oohlookasquirrel says:

    Thank you so much, JNO, for looking after the babies and for sharing bonus pictures with us. Fritz is adorable on his own, but Fritz in a pile of his fuzzy siblings is amazing.