Super pathetic cowshe kitteh

I am but a pathetic kitteh, living in dee cowshe, with no one to turn to!!! I have but pillow companions and this woeful upholstery. Purrroooooo!!!





  1. What heart-breaking cuteness! I am done — dead.

  2. aww fluff-head!

  3. ditto


    what a face

  4. look that that fluffy face matching the couch, awww!

  5. Cutest wedgie ever.

  6. spawn of winston?

  7. is that even possible?

  8. I thought kittehs said, “maroo”?

    [Close… hmm, I wonder how *that* got past the proofreaders? – Ed.]
    [ ]

  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

    too cute!

  10. Momof2kitties says:

    must snorgle. ahhh. (don’t tell my kitties!)

  11. Ha, I love “purrrooooo”!

  12. All I ever find in my couch cushions are crumbs and, if I’m lucky, some change. I never find anything this cute!

  13. berthaslave says:

    I believe I was the one who suggested “maroo” but it doesn’t matter. Kitteh is cute/sad.

    And badly needs a little comb.

  14. i dont think Winston is capable of pro creating.
    besides, he would not be good with kids ya know, “its all about him”.
    this is a most adorable lil baby though. i would baby-sit if you wanted, No prob.

  15. BerthaSlave — kitty should keep looking; there’s got to be one somewhere down there.

  16. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I just peed meself. Just refreshed my screen and wasn’t expecting such a cute puffer coming out of de couch.

  17. Alice Shortcake says:

    The ickle pink nose and mouf…squeeeeeee!

  18. luvinmalssomuch says:

    How come all I ever find between my cushions is lint and dried up cereal?

  19. Items found in my cowshe:

    dog hair and potato chip crumbs

  20. kira and luvins-

    you must WATER the cowsche in order to grow the kittehs.

    [NOTE: don’t try this at home… or at my house – Ed.]

  21. metsakins says:

    oh pathetic cowshe kitteh – I shall rescue you. You can come live at my house where there are slip covers to keep you from falling into the pillows (and to cover up the sides which seems to have been used by quite a few cats as scratching posts)

  22. Liz, will wine work?

  23. luvinmalssomuch says:

    liz, should we use Miracle Grow in the water? and do I need to pull my
    With My Luck I Would Grow A Chia Kitta.

  24. A Pimp Named Slickback says:

    What an ugly cat… This supposed to be cute?

  25. luvinmalssomuch says:

    How did Ed do that before I posted my comment I lost the beginning of my sentence…..
    and do I need to pull my couch into direct sunlight.

  26. luvinmalssomuch says:

    APNS, Cuteness is in the eye of the beholders.

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    Should be in “matchingks” too, shouldn’t it?

  28. 1. Place cowshe near window for indirect sunlight.
    2. Mix Miracle Grow as per package directions.
    3. Sprinkle all over cowshe.
    4. Keep warm.
    5. Wait.
    6. Mini-cowshe pout kittehs will appear in 2-3 weeks.

  29. Not only am I alone, I’m getting a cold,koff koff.

  30. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Many thanks Kiragirl.
    I will stop at Walmart on my way home to pick up a pound of Miracle Grow so I can grow several.
    Sure Hope This Is Legal.

  31. Awww, poor tiny puffball kitteh! I’ll take you home to my mother, who loves Persians, who’ll get you big and sleek and give you cuddles all the time.

  32. I just figured out what your name means!! I kept thinking loving animals, but it’s mals, like Malamutes?

  33. I WANT ONE!!! I want a kitty piwwow!

  34. luvinmalssomuch says:

    My cover has been blown!!
    Luvinmalamutes and Luvinanimals.
    What I really should have called my self should have been: dolphinspandasmalamuteslover
    but I get exhausted typing it in.

  35. luvinmalssomuchanddolphinsandpandasandallanimals says:

    Well Lioness pick urself up move the couch into the son mix up your concoction of miracle grow and h20 and in a couple weeks fluffins.

  36. luvinhuskies

  37. DO WANT

  38. Sorry berthaslave, didn’t mean to steal “maroo” from you! I’m a noob here.. But great mindz, etc.

  39. If something green and fuzzy is coming out of the couch, that’s not a kitten, is it?

  40. Metsakins. LOL ummm NO that is not a kitten.

  41. kiragirl-
    YES! all forms of liquids do work for sproutin kittehs.
    except on Theos cowsche, you should use a nice RED wine and rub it around real good.
    metaskins- green kittehs not so much, these are the immature form and you’ll want to kinda squish em back down between the cooshins so they can ripen.
    also with this form, you will probly get a cute lil mousey in yer cowsche too! BONUS!

  42. Oh and regarding the kitten. So sad, so floofy, so tiny, so adorable,
    So meow.
    Picks up pocket kitten for a snorgle.

  43. Awwww, what a little cutie…


    I love that little smushedinface…

  44. Ha ha ha! I suspect the kitten is simply a lure for the couch. The couch eats up the would-be snorgler, and the kitten gets to sleep in the discarded shoes from the victim!

  45. I’d be more than happy to keep this little guy company. I (unfortunately) have a big soft spot for cats.

  46. maijasservant says:

    Is. Not. A. Cat.

  47. berthaslave says:

    I can’t be 100% about suggesting “maroo” (and I’ve only been here for a coupla months), but no worries. Bertha often says something to me that sounds like “ma-row.” I think it means “I shall leeck you” in her tongue, but I can’t be sure.

  48. Chandler says: Cowshes and kittehs — could there BE a more perfect combination?

  49. summun stepped on kitteh’s face o_0

  50. Daphne Moss says:

    Even smoosh-face kitteh has cuteness faktor.

  51. is that there one o’ them non-ironic couches?

    Kitten looks to be made of corduroy too.

  52. I had a look in my couch too, and found some crumbs but no kitty 😦

  53. it looks like a furby

  54. Is it safe to come out now? Did that big old slobbery dog leave yet?

  55. Oh my! I want heeeeeem.

  56. Inquiring kitteh would like to couch a question, appearing from the depths of the

  57. angrycupcake says:

    it looks like a teeny-tiny, honey-colored bear waking up from hibernation.

  58. its so cute its as if he was in the pillow for a while got bored moved and repeated

  59. Aubrey, you still got it. Such as it is.
    (now off to bed or I’ll whup the stuffing out of you)

  60. Anne boleyn says:

    It’s BEER you add ind thn you gets kiddenz. Not light beer because that’s yucky and no kiddin can grow from it.

  61. Hey, save some for the couch…

  62. I miss Winston.

    *looks longingly out the window*

  63. Oh man. I just want to SMEEEESH heem.

  64. Kitty’s face was smashed when someone sat on couch & leaned back. I watered my couch and only got soggy cheese puffs. Same color as kitty, tho. Maybe cheese puffs become kittens?

  65. I too have searched both of my couches, but no such luck with finding any bebeh kittehs… My other 4 Kittehs however wanted to know what I was looking for…

    Will have to try the Miracle Grow thing to see if it works…


  67. Smokey's Lola says:

    Oh, tiny precious couch kitteh! I will cuddle you until you are not lonely no more!!!

    PS: Good luck with the cheese puff thing, Anne.

  68. couch kitty has five-finger forehead…

  69. Furbabies says:

    Don’t cry sweet pea! I’ll make it all better.

  70. That cat is really rather ugly.

  71. That is really rather mean. Don’t worry, it will become cuter as it grows…

  72. A Pimp Named Slickback says:


    No no, it’s a Pimp Named Slickback. Like a Tribe called Quest, you say tha whole thang!

  73. anomalous4 says:

    “u sits heer, i bites ur butt.”