Kitteh in knead

I knead you

I knead you

I knead you

Marcster, what is it lately with all the kneading kittehs? It’s that time of year…



  1. Adorable!

  2. awwwww…slo mo massage!

  3. man, that is one kneady kitteh! so adorable

  4. This is cute. Please continue posting pics of cats/pets just being cute and not showing waste of water. Several years from now, we will feel that water will be more precious than oil so encouraging pet owners who waste a tub full of clean water just to get a shot of their cute cat swimming is totally not right because you are encouraging them. Cats don’t need a tubfull of water for their bath. Please be more environment- friendly as you are pet and petowner- friendly.

  5. Kitty rolfing! XD
    Ultimate relaxation technique!

  6. I love how the kitty has his/her nose buried in the other kitty’s fur! 🙂 It’s just adorable!

  7. Hey Kitty you’ve got the wrong side for dah milk, or if its a male the wrong sex and boy have you got problems.

  8. Oh and Charlene? I’d bet that the humans made the tub for them and the kitties jumped in. If the kitties like the water that much, that’s what they’ll do. It’s not necessary to make a tub just for them! I had a kitty who used to sleep on the drain after I got out – didn’t even let it dry!

    [You’re too kind, Tigger, which reflects well on you… me, though, I’d’ve been snarkier… – Ed.]

  9. My husband kinda does this when he wakes up in the morning. Don’t tell him but I think it’s cuter in kitty form.

  10. sooooo cute *faints* my kitteh does this all the time.

  11. A marmie kitty, a smoky kitty, and Mythbusters? Good choice!

  12. Nicolletta says:

    I love how he strrreeeeetches his paws when he’s making biscuits on Mommy.

  13. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Ohhhhhh! It’s so nice to be kneaded.

  14. My head just exploded.

  15. this lil baby is having mama-flashbacks.
    its so adorable how the grey cat puts up with the kittens nonsense for just so long, then does a flip-over and wack ya in the head. and gets paid back with a nose in the armpit snorgle.
    i luvs me some kittehs.

  16. Katherine Therese says:

    I totally love how the Mythbusters are on the telly in the background! Adam Savage is his own version of cute!

  17. OMG, it’s kneading AND snorgling at the same time!!! Double the pleasure!!!

  18. ::cue Cheap Trick::

  19. I wonder if it was fantasizing that it’s swimming in a sea of marshmallow fluff?

  20. charliewabba says:

    Big kitteh says, “okeh, this is ok for a little bit but enuff is enuff. I am not a golden retriever.”
    (and Theo, I’m with you on the kindness and gentleness of Tigger)

  21. SBMShaneomaniac says:

    The only thing better then getting a kitten massage is getting a kitten massage while watching Mythbusters! Lucky cat!

  22. I Knead you
    like the flowers
    knead the rain
    You know I knead you
    like the winter
    kneads the spring
    You know
    I knead You
    I Knead You
    I Knead You

    Bwahahaha Leftovers from yeaterday.

  23. eeeeeee hehehehe!!! soooo cute with the sleepy kneadin!!!

    We dun run outta the water. Sometimes I make a water slide outta my stairs!

  24. That kitty is on drugs.

    Whoa maaaan. It’s soooo soooft. Yeeeeeaahhhhh.

  25. It wasn’t weaned properly.

  26. I was waitin’ for the inevitable revolt.. “ENUF!” says bottom kitty!

  27. Peter, all cats knead… You should probably be in the presence of one before making assertions about the owner’s abilities.

    You and Charlene go play by yourselves, mkay?

  28. Awww… I love kneady kitties! 🙂

  29. “its business time…” (a la flight of the Conchords)

  30. Katey — yes, Peter *is* assuming, but he might be right… this *is* the sort of behavior you often see with cats that were weaned too early. Not the worst thing in the world, esp. if kitten was a feral rescue, like the specific one I’m remembering from college. “Iffy” also did this, except with a certain fuzzy sweater, for real.

    Not all cats have (er, had) the luxury of an easy kittenhood.

  31. Somebody is having nursing flashbacks…

  32. I wonder if one of the kitties names’ is Michelle?

    That’s adorable how it has its little face buried in the side of the gray kitty…

  33. i totally saw that episode of mythbusters.

  34. I totally HAVE that episode of MythBusters.

  35. love how marmeh kitteh is putting his face into the massage ^^

  36. sueno –
    that is almost too much information.
    thinking about it is kinda weirding me out.
    its kind of a “cute but freaky” thing isnt it?

  37. …then smokey kitteh is all

    *head grab*

  38. Ohhhh the stretcheeeeee toes!

  39. _I_ never get massaged while I’m watching Mythbusters. *pout*

  40. wow that kitty is using real massage techniques! getting the forearms in there and everything!

  41. Sooooo cute… The one listed after it on youtube is almost cuter, kitten literally falling asleep as it’s making muffins!!

  42. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Howdaheck did you folks totally miss the neat halter top Mommy is wearing?

    Tres’ Chic, madame!

  43. My kitty wasn’t weaned properly and at 10 years old, she still roots around in my hair and nibbles/tries to nurse on my scalp. But – I got her from an animal shelter at 12 weeks old and have given her a loving home for a decade. She’s cuddly and purry and healthy, and other than that little quirk, seems to have done just fine after her rough start. I’d guess that maybe something similar happened here. In that case, the owner did a great thing by giving Mr. Marmie a better place to grow up, and he and his big sister there look very well cared for. It’s also nice to see that the kitties are evidently good friends, because Ms. Gray (I assume she’s a girl b/c of the pink collar) is so chill and gentle with him, even when pawing him a little bit. She may act as kind of a foster mama; female cats sometimes do “adopt” kittens. He probably IS trying to nurse, but it looks like a comforting thing for both of them. Very cute and very touching, thanks for posting.

  44. berthaslave says:

    I love the straaayyyyccchhhhh.

    Our first cat, Meow, was a major kneader/sucker, but we loved her and didn’t care in the slightest. Being weaned too early or too late for a human might be psychologically damaging, but if a kittie is loved and cared for, does it really matter if they choose to express affection/contentment/sharing this way? Think about it, won’t you. (head tilt)

  45. Hellooo….does smokey kitty get to go for walks or something?! Kneedo!

  46. I think that actually lowered my blood pressure a bit! Gonna bookmark this for future emergencies 🙂

  47. My 10 (or so)week old kitten that was rescued with no mama does not knead at all. What does that do to your theory?


  49. i-i-i-i i knead, i knead you!

    two of cats!

    (two cats that meow as one)

    two of cats!

    (i knead you, i knead you)

    bonus points to anyone who can name not only the 80s artist, but also the popular sit-com she appeared on. come on, DKN, you’re great at this!

  50. aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! i sploded.

    i think some kittehs knead because they just like to, not necessarily due to being weaned early. some who are weaned early don’t knead at all.

    my full grown cat never kneaded when i first adopted him (i do not know his history), but for a year or so now he kneads with great contentment.

  51. I want a kitty massage!

  52. Geez Charlene. Are you in Georgia too?

    As a resident of Atlanta, drought be damned if a warm tubful of water brings my kitties joy and keeps them clean. Of course it won’t since they hate water, but I’ll sacrifice watering the plants if it comes down to the ficus or the kitten.

    And Anner, do we really need a Stacy Q revival?

  53. I liked Stacie Q!!! Missed her on the Facts of Life, though, barely remember George Clooney on it!

  54. how cute! I love that the kitten has its face buried in the cat 🙂

  55. GoranG….YOU SAID IT. o_O

  56. I have put on my Impressive and Scholarly Spectacles, and will now tell you this: the technical name for the kitten’s behaviour is “milk treading”. Its purpose is, you guessed it, to stimulate milk production in a mother cat. Adult cats do it as a sign of affection, despite Peter’s assertions to the contrary.

    Poorly weaned? I don’t think cats bother much with Sigmund Freud.

  57. Man, I could use a kneading like that!

  58. ok johnF-
    so we’ve had our Cliff Klaven moment for the day.
    this kitteh is MAKIN BREAD (tech term).
    and I have had enough cats and kittens in my life to know that this behavior does indeed manifest itself in kittens that lose or are taken away from their mothers before they are weaned.
    that being said.
    it is just a sweet baby and a really cute video. 😉

  59. snoopysnake says:

    You don’t realize how much I knead you/Love you all the time and never leave you/Please come on back to me/I’m lonely as can be/I knead you

  60. I miss being kneaded by my kitty (she’s at home with the ‘rents while I’m at college). It was practically a nighttime ritual, if she was feeling up to it. She’d purr like crazy and sometimes even drool. Adorable! Our other cat, when he was sick [kidney failure :(]and not being a butthead he’d knead and purr and drool on me too. To me, it’s a sign of affection.

  61. Well, if the kitten or cat is happy in its daily life, all its physical and medical needs are met and it is treated with kindness and affection by its owners, WHO CARES if it was weaned properly or not? It’s not defective. (Although I do sometimes like to tell my cat she is defective when she’s doing something weird.)
    I thought this video was charming and I especially liked the grey cat’s patient efforts to watch Mythbusters while the orange kitten was all like ‘I craaaaaaaaaave loooooooooooove. And lactation.’

  62. charliewabba says:

    the kitteh is making BISCUITS.
    (not muffins. Can’t do that to muffin dough. Yuck.)

  63. I LOVE that the bebeh kitty has his face burried in the older kitties fur the whole time, and then when older kitty changed postions bebeh burried his face into her armpit hehe sooooooo very adorable

  64. kittermamma says:

    Actually, kneading is BOTH a sign of affection/connection with the cat’s human AND an automatic reflex of a kitten who was poorly weaned by a mother cat who was too young to have proper instincts/taken away too soon/died.

    It can be either. And in terms of the poorly/early weaned, the only humans who are going to know that for any specific cat are the ones who were there if/when it happened.

    Both my cats were properly weaned by their mother, a fact that I personally know about them for 100%. Both my cats knead on me and sometimes my husband.

    In short, although both hypothosis are correct, it’s impossible to tell from a single video less than 2 minutes long as to which is the case here.

  65. charliewabba says:

    and speaking of biscuits, have you seen this?

  66. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Kitteh is all like “Mom, hungree, Mom, hungree, Mom, hungree, Mom, hungree, Mom, hungree, Mom, hungree, Mom, hungree, Mom, hungree, Mom, hungree, Mom, hungree, Mom, hungree, Mom, hungree, Mom, hungree, OOONEEPLE!!!! NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM HEYyyy…mom!!! Where ya going?….”

    Mom is like…”Eh?!! Firtht I wath watching ‘Good Eath’ and now I’m trying to watch ‘Mythbuthterth’!!! Whaddahyawan….ohhokay jus for a minute okay now I godda go pee before the show comes back on..”

  67. this is totally a mother kitty and her kitten… my kitten would do that with his mom until he was like, 6 months old. he would just run into her and knock her over so he could try to milk her 🙂

  68. We used to have a kitty who did this when I was a kid. I termed it something like “nodjeling”. Dunno why. She especially liked an old nylon nightgown of my mom’s.
    I think it’s cute. But why does gray cat have to wear her harness in the house? 🙂

  69. Reminds me of this video:

  70. oh also, about my kitty, we found her on the side of the highway when she was like 6 months old and found out a few weeks later that she was preggo with 5 kittens, so she was a very young mother!

  71. Kim Monique says:

    Wow, if I knew I could have gotten kitteh massages, I wouldn’t have gotten a dog! That looks awesome!

  72. Alice Shortcake says:

    That pink harness…cats in bondage?

  73. I have a need:
    A need… for knead.

  74. Holy crow – I submit this and by the time I come home from work my inbox is spammed by youtube lol.

    Answering questions:
    Unfortunately, they aren’t mother/son. I rescued both of them separately
    (also leading to the fact that I had no control over weening, but the smaller one almost never did that before, so I’m hoping it’s more of an affection thing)

    And yes, the harness is for taking walks, but it’s more of a safety harness for when I take them to a grassy area and just supervise as they explore.

    Glad others enjoyed it and laughed about the mythbusters =P

  75. So cute how the little kitty’s face is buried in the other kitty’s fluff!

  76. I can totally use that massage right now on my left shoulder. Deep tissue… a little more to the left… (sigh)

  77. i LOVED this one! so cute and sleepy! and HI DANIELLE! (a friend of mine, who is reading this)

  78. Our cat does this all the time, but she also sucks on my shirt during it. We got her at the same time as her brother and he doesn’t do it, not the sucking part anyway… is it bad that she does this? she’s usually drooling and being all cudly before and after but i wonder if it could bother her?

  79. dharlan12 says:

    It’s like thumbsucking or a binky—-only kitty style.

  80. Samantha, we had a pusscat that did that, he’d been taken from his Mama too early. He eventually grew out of it with half extra attetnion and half gently pushing his mouth away when he started doing it and giving him lots of cuddles … but that was when he was quite abit older … I think if they are still little they need some TLC, they miss their mummies I think.

    And re the clip! It is beautiful, I love how patient the adult cat is.

  81. yankeebird says:

    There’s something about watching this that just makes me incredibly drowsy, especially if the sound is off. The kitteh is just in such a zen state, and watching it puts me there with him. Verrry relaxing.

  82. Russian Blue: That’s enough snorgling and kneading, Marmie…

  83. Those 2 cats kinda remind me of Adam & Jamie.

  84. moths_are_scary says:

    ….did someone spray febreze on the grey kitteh?!?

    [don’t believe those commercials… THEY LIE… – Ed.]

  85. Xtineebee says:

    OMG! I was *just* watching Mythbusters, and both the lads were curled up on the NOT THE DOG side, *kneeding* me and each other madly!!

    It’s a sign! Cats luv Jamie’s mustache!

    (Of course, their real love is Mike Rowe….)

  86. our kitties both do the biscuit-making slowmo knead when they are happy and sleepy and lovey .. and one spent 3 years with its kitty-mum .. so there. 🙂

  87. Awwww. Geoffrey does this to me when she’s not angry and hissing.

  88. OMG, dead from cute, me!

    No wonder cats are always so relaxed with back massages like that! 😀

  89. Forget the kittys, YAY! for the Adam and Jamie on mythbusters in the background!

  90. “I’m just a little kitten and you are my momma…”

    I also have a marmie cat, who does that to me and one of my friends. He thinks he’s a baby cat, even though he is 4 years old now. xD Silly and cute!

  91. I love the kitteh!!! He’s so sweet! My own kitteh does this to my hair each night, and it comes out looking lovely in the morning, too, must be the cat spit. Question, how do I get my adorable ball of fluff immortalized on Cute Overload?

  92. weeeeeeeeeeeeeener!

  93. Poor little kitten is trying to nurse. I had a kitten who did the same thing on a sheepskin. It was so sweet and cute, but it nearly broke my heart.

  94. Aw I love the little orangey with arm length mittens. I love grey cat’s expression throughout the whole thing: “why are you doing zese things?” I love when greycat rolls over to fight and orange cat just keeps on a kneadin’.

    But most of all, I love how Mythbusters was on in the background.

  95. Now that’s some MAJOR kneading!

    Our Nermal never wanted to give up nursing. His indulgent mother, Kit, let him nurse for months–she had no inclination to make him stop. Then he’d do the same thing as Marmie here–‘pretend’ nurse on Barnabas, our big male cat. Barnabas was very sweet and patient and never tried to stop him.

  96. Probably the cutest video I’ve ever seen 🙂 I <3 cats

  97. marmie: i kneeeead you
    smokie: ok verreh nice, but mah mythbusters is on now, i g2g.

  98. To Ninjin: My oldest cat did it up until the month he passed away at the ripe old age of 19. My vet says at a certain age it’s not kneading for milk. It’s a masturbatory thing, and a stess reliever at that!!! Yikes! If that’s the case, my current furry friend is quite the horny little bean!

  99. Slow Hand says:

    I lurve the slow motion strreeettcchhing out of the paws. . .

  100. Where do I get in line for one of those back rubs!?

  101. “and now… on Discovery channel…”
    “Mythbusters special edition! Kneading Kittehs!!! Come along with Jamie and Adam as they try to figure out if kittehs have a need for kneadin! And later, find out if Tori and Grant can make like a marmie and pump out the biscuits!”