This is totally like that scene in Monty Python’s Holy Grail where the knight is running towards the camera (forever) and then suddenly arrives


[Jaws music]


Someone needs to make a flip book of thees…  //…thanks, Biggy! //


OOOOF! [camera lens smeared with tongue] Nosevember, Bitches!


Danielle W., nice ear flop on the last frame, too… 😉



  1. lurkingsmirk says:

    Love the smile!!!


  3. luvinmalssomuch says:

    DAH!!!!!DAH!!!!DAH!!!!DAH!!!! SCHLURPPPPP!
    LUV the SMILE 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Every get hit by a flying bulldog? 😉

  5. GAH – I love him!! Look at that smiley little face!! It’s my personal wish that all of us will feel that kind of joy at least once a day.


  7. Tis but a flesh wound!

  8. If only I wasn’t going to be on the road soon I would try to make a flipbook.. 🙂

  9. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  10. They are all great pics – I bet they treasure the last one tho!

  11. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Lisa, Well said.
    This is one happy scampering not a care in the world puppa.

  12. Animated gif!

    [Right on! Time for a quick edit… – Ed.]

  13. Yitzysmommie says:

    YAY Nosevember!
    I wanna leave work and go play wif da puppy……

  14. Oh to smooch the pinkness that is his schnorfing little mouth! Looks like he’s all “Sorry! You ok?” <3

  15. tarzankun says:

    remind me of the intro to Little House on the prairie

  16. Heh… for some reason, our company’s web-filter blocks the third photo. Only.
    Gotta love technology.

  17. Tony James says:
  18. AuntieMame says:

    The first photo reminds me of the scene in Mr. Bean’s Holiday, where he’s waiting for the guy on the motorbike so he can hitch a ride.

    And he waits. And waits. And waits…

  19. bebeh bulldogs just keel me XD

    (his) nose

  20. Karen in Toronto says:

    Would you believe that my company’s Internet filter blocks only the THIRD photo?!? Yes, thanks for the flipper, Biggy.

  21. “Halloo…any one in there?”

    TJ – Great Pic! Thanks for sharing. I have a real soft spot for Danes.

  22. Karen in Toronto — JINX! Y’all use WebSense?

  23. ahh.
    that is one adorable puppeh.
    anyone know the name?
    he looks so happy to be seeing mama!


  25. MOARRRRR!!!!!!

  26. berthaslave says:

    I hope this becomes a new category — charging animals.

    Ones that won’t hurt you when they hit your camera at the end, of course.

  27. Welcome to Castle Anthrax!

  28. yay! big slurpy doggy kisses! i wish i could snorgle him back. mwa mwa mwaaaah!

  29. baroo, Theo and Karen… you guys are missing the best pic of them all… the SUPERGRIN!

  30. i want to gently rub a lil ointment on his little snozzle.
    looks ouchie.

  31. i can feel the wet schnozzle from here!cute

  32. As a bully owner…this is teh bestest flipbook EVAR!

    Long live Nosevember!

  33. luvinmalssomuch says:

    To Nosevember.
    Last picture looks like ‘What you talkin’ ’bout Willis’

  34. attack!!!!!!!


  36. Karen in Toronto says:

    Teho — yeah, Websense. But I couldn’t figure out the sin of that particular pic.

    BTW, managers are asking for sites to be BLOCKED these days, instead of unblocked.

  37. Reminds me of my bully. She loves to sniff my eyes.

  38. *bonk*

  39. Morgannon says:

    Hehehehe I love the comment about this being like the “running forever” scene in the Holy Grail. I can imagine the puppy running forever being intercut with shots of the camera person looking at his or her watch.

    And of course, when the puppy is in the frame, that crazy bongo music is playing as he scampers, then…cut to the camera person, and no music!

    And then…puppy suddenly arrives with a huge WOOF and bowls over the camera person, knocks down his or her friends, and then barrels on into the castle!

    Hehehe I needed that smile 🙂

  40. Arf Arf, Pant Pant, Slurp Slurp.

  41. Oh!! The next-to-the-last photo looks like the Puppeh is thinking, “Here I come, and I will leek you!”

  42. Mary (the first) says:

    I hope that y’all aren’t saying WebSense would block some photos like this (innocent). Cuz I think we may be getting websense. 😦 boo hoo
    And I would HATE to miss out on these lovely pix of the cutie-pie-pups!!

  43. “Barreling” – perfect verb for a bull dog in motion…:)

  44. Gosh, these are FUN!

    Thanks for sharing. 😀

  45. SO!



  46. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is? Is it an english bull dog puppy or a french bulldog? I love the floppy jawls!

  47. I have a bully, as well, and I can TOTALLY hear the snuffle-snorting that this bebe was doing, running toward the camera!

  48. He comes from the Hound Table.

    He seeks the Holy Growl.

  49. Aubrey,

    Explain to me again how dog bladders may be used to prevent earthquakes….

  50. Gladly, ‘Nim – this new learning amazes me!

  51. Catherine says:

    Giant Moosh-head!

  52. I can totally see the Monty Python scene.

    I have to admit though that the first thing that popped into my head was from Milo and Otis… anyone remember Otis’ dog marching song?

    “Here comes the dog, strong and brave! WOOF! Here comes the dog, your life he will….” *OOF* as he falls into that hole…

    Love that movie.

  53. LOL! Look at him, all mighty and monstrous!

  54. Aubry, you totally slay me… Between you and Theo, I never leave this sight without either laughing or shaking my head and groaning…

    LOVE the Monty Python reference… Is there a better movie anywhere in the world than the Holy Grail??? “He’s got big pointy teeth!”

  55. Haha what a face. I can just imagine the little legs going CRRRAAAZY!

  56. Morgannon says:

    We’re pups of the round table
    We snorf whenever we’re able
    We run through grass
    We lick our *hiney*
    We’re really an-er-able!
    We love it here in Camelot
    ‘Coz we snorg and woof and hoooooowl a loooooooooot!


    *Silly music plays in the background*

  57. [clapping and stomping w/Morgannon]

  58. CO is a silly place.

  59. (makes googly eyes, sticks out tongue, dances like a flapper)

  60. Awww hawwww… that face! [makes revolting cutesy sounds]

  61. What a great series of photos! Absolutely, um..what’s the word, adorable!


  62. Anyone know what kind of pup this is? I have to have one!

  63. they are so cute…i love puppies! i really wish i could have one =( but oh well…
    this dog is so cute u have got to watch the video!!!
    the website is pretty awesome too… they have cute dog videos and contests

    check it out

  64. dogsoldier says:

    It is an english looks like, frenchies generally have upright ears.