Say “Yes!!!”

Hey Jess, a little bird told me that a certain special someone has an important question for you… [drum roll]


Oh, you gotta report back on this one, Colin B. 😉



  1. KimberlyDi says:

    ohmygosh! What’s the answer?

  2. icanhascute says:

    aaaaawwwwww!! i’m dying to know!

  3. is that a message from the cat?

  4. I’d marry my cat, if he asked.

  5. a different Laura says:

    If it is from the cat, this could also go into “interspecies snorgeling”.

  6. Oh, that’s adorable! Creative, too…
    Lucky lady.

  7. Seriously, any guy who proposes this way is a catch! I hope we find out the answer.

  8. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Best. Proposal. EVAR!

  9. Not really Jess but I could pretend says:

    I’ll marry you!! 🙂

  10. Not Jess either says:

    Well if that isn’t the cutest proposal ever.. I hope my boyfriend is taking notes.

    This could spark a rash of proposals, which would be very, very cute!

  11. I'll marry the cat... says:

    Dude, that cat is INTENSE.


    *head tilt*

  12. The look on the cat’s face is perfect! And the fact that the guy knew his cat has this look, and set up the proposal like this, knowing he could get the cat to do this look, is priceless! Lucky girl.

  13. How could any girl resist?!?! We’re waiting for an answer here please thank you…..

  14. sweet ^^

  15. I’ll bet the cat tried to catch the camera two secs later….

  16. Cutest. Proposal. Ever.

  17. If Colin had only thought to get a Swedish Ewok to sing a little song with this picture, he’d have it in the bag!

    Many congratulations!

  18. Wow, this happened on stuffonmycat too; aaaaaand it took forEVER for the answer!!!
    Really great post, Meg!

  19. Spikey-tailed cat is spikey with anticipation.

  20. Yay! That’s the coolest post ever!

  21. can i neeble on kitteh’s floofy tail during the ceremony?

  22. Wishing I was Jess says:

    I’m refreshing like crazy. I’m so curious! Hehe

    Kitteh is cuuuute

  23. shandrewsca says:

    Who could resist those eyes! I wonder if the BF knows his intended visits CuteOverload?

    [Pretty sure he’s *depending* on it, actually… – Ed.]

  24. You know, I think the simple fact that somebody wanted C.O. to be their marriage-proposal vehicle is cooler than the Webby awards, or getting written up in Time Magazine, or pretty much any recognition we’ve had to date.

    Maybe by the third time this has happened I’ll feel differently, but for now…

  25. That guy is worth his weight in gold, Jess! You’re one lucky girl! And I love Mr. Kitty, he’s all, “please please please?” Annerable. I hope he’s the ring bearer!

  26. Ahem, JESS. Kitteh is waiting waiting waiting for an answer. Kittehs are not known for payshons. Plis to answer kitteh now!

  27. ok
    where the hell is Jess?!
    This proposal is being totally wasted on us.
    But I would def marry the kitty, or we could live together, either way.

  28. Nice Christine says:

    Theo, is that a pika in the yay photo? Kinda looks like he’s burpin? If so, that makes it even better.

    And I think as happy as we all are for this couple, we’re also secretly jealous that we did not think of it first!

  29. Yitzysmommie says:

    This is so cool!! I loved it on SOMC. Be prepared, be very prepared, Meg & Teho, for massive refreshes on CO for the next 24 hours.
    Good Luck Colin!

  30. Patience everyone! Meg just posted!

    I remember the proposal on SOC where we had to wait for a whole day. Just dyingks!

  31. Anne boleyn says:

    Too sweet (unless she says “NO”). I know a guy who got rid of his 10 year old cat because his girlfriend was allergic. His dear kitty looked a lot like this kitty. This is a better guy, I’ll bet…. but then again, so are most guys in this case!

  32. I am camping out this page until we hear about the reply. Seriously.

    How could anyone say no to that face?? They couldn’t, that’s how.

  33. This is sooo cute! My fiance proposed to me on St.Patricks day (March 17th) in a Pet Store right next to the hamster wheels. I’m planning on getting a hamster, just because of it!! 🙂

  34. Anne boleyn says:

    Too sweet (unless she says “NO”). I know a guy who got rid of his 10 year old cat because his girlfriend was allergic. His dear kitty looked a lot like this kitty. This is a better guy, I’ll bet…. but then again, so are most guys in this case!

  35. lurkingsmirk says:

    Jess say Yes!
    Yes, Jess, Yes!

    *joins the eager anticipating crowd*

  36. EEEEE! This is exciting! What’s the answer?! Who could resist, anyway?

  37. Whoa, does anybody else get the sense that the kitty is just as interested as any of us in the reply? I mean, lookit that face, he’s all “yeah, will you marry him? will ya, huh??? Can I be da ring bearer, Dad?”

  38. so.

    wheres the ring?
    the kitteh is cute and all, but hard to get wrapped around left finger, and keeps fallin off all the time.

  39. Just to be perfectly, tiresomely clear… “Colin B.” isn’t the CAT, right?

    See how the mainsail sets…

  40. Sky, you are right! He does look like he can’t wait to hear the answer.

    Come on Jess,check it out! We are all eagerly awaiting your answer!!!!

    congratulations jess & colin!

  41. i’m with “i’ll marry the cat,” the stare of that cat is INTENSE! It’s kinda like a “You better say yes or I’m coming after you!”

  42. The whiskers on that cat are delicious.

  43. SAY YES!

  44. Meg, we know you don’t put up many human pics, but do you think you might be able to talk them in to posting a pic with thier snuggable kitty after she says yes???

  45. I’m tempted to add the “I Shall Leeeeck You” tag to this post.
    Because I am very very bad.

  46. OMG someone get Jess!!!
    Send out the cat patrol!!

  47. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Inquisitive minds wanna know!! TO THE COMFY CHAIR!!!! Um…er…

    Good luck, Colin!!

    Jess, c’mon!!! If yer man is using kitty cuteness to win yer heart fer keeps, he’s a mushpot fer life!!! GO WITH IT!!!

  48. Look in to my eyesss. You WILL answer yesss to the proposssal.

  49. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Theo, can you do your moderator voodoo and find out when Jess usually makes her comments? That would let us know when she’s most likely to be online and see it.

  50. ha! yes Theo- good idea!
    this might also be “cute or sad” depending on what the answer is!

    I would REALLY love to have that kitteh!

  51. possumpiratess says:

    “see how the mainsail sets..”
    You’re killin me, Theo. I’m struggling to remember where it’s from.

  52. The only thing wrong with the online proposal (this one and the SOMC one) is that they’re not together when she gets the question. If Colin B. is smart, he’ll arrange it so he’s beside Jess when she checks out cuteoverload. Seriously…he’s gotta see her face when she reads the question!

  53. For the sake of us sad, sad individuals who have nothing nice to look forward to today (except, of course, CuteOverload) you HAVE to say yes!!!!

  54. “see how the mainsail sets..”

    The Sloop John B…

  55. Seven Paws says:

    Jess obviously isn’t a typical CO reader, or she would’ve checked the site about 10,000 times in the course of a normal workday and seen it already!

  56. Or Jess may have seen it already and have other things on her mind rather than commenting!

  57. IHFC — well here’s the thing… “Jess” isn’t an uncommon name, and it’s not an uncommon SCREEN name on Cute Overload either. We probably have at least 10 “Jess”es who have posted comments here. And who’s to say *this* Jess even comments? Lots of folks lurk, and I’m sure there are plenty of folks who don’t even know you CAN add your own comments.

    So, even if I were inclined to divulge semi-personal info like that, it wouldn’t be very useful in this case.

  58. Yeah, that’s definitely an “I’m gunna POUNCE!” look on that kitty.

  59. Also, nicely spotted, Shaz.

  60. Why, thank you, Theo. 🙂

  61. elizabeth. says:

    *wishes her husband would have proposed this way*

    …..sigh. 🙂

  62. Ya know i probably should be working, but the kitty comands attention…

  63. YAY!! The first CO marriage (we hope).

  64. Yes, there are a lot of people named Jess…but I think she would recognize the cat…

  65. That sign is all crappy and there is no ring!!! I think the kitty is saying, “you kidding, buddy?!”

    Perhaps there was a mishap and the ring will soon be deposited in the litter box…

  66. *sigh* i wanna get married.
    luckily my boyfriend looks at this site. maaaaybe he’ll get ideas.
    sooooo jealous jess!
    oh, and congrats!!!! that cat had better be in the wedding

  67. Well now I’m certainly not gonna get anything done today.

    Good luck, Colin! And congrats to you both!

  68. doesnt anyone know Jess!
    i am not good at this waiting.
    i must know now!

  69. NOT jess, again... says:

    colin, call jess and tell her there is a rather interesting kitty on CO!

  70. Aww, c’mon Mello! My husband didn’t have a ring-we got that later. This is a picture they’ll have turned into a marzipan figurine on toppa da wedding cake. Wherever you are, Jess, ya got hunnerts o’ total strangers wanting to know your answer to a, uh, well…a fairly personal question, now that I think about it.

  71. i agree the ring is not the most important thing… my friend just got engaged with a bubblegum ball ring… it’s the thought.

  72. What type of kitteh is that? I love the fluffy tail.

    Oh, and I am among the many who would like to know the answer…guess I’ll be back on CO many times (more than normal) today…

  73. Jess should respond in kind.

    Except possibly with a hammie.

  74. I could send a picture into a cute blog site with a note (if I was allowed to get married in my country :(, but I would have made a little more effort. He could have exchanged the digital camera for a ring!!

    SOMC dude gets more points ;p

  75. Shut it, Mello.
    Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait…soooo exciting!

  76. I’m freaking out over here because I know a Colin B with a cat and a girlfriend named Jess.

    I need to text message him.

  77. Theo, tis evil to place such an earworm in peeps head when they be waiting on pins & needles for the answer to this question.

    (walks away singing, Call for the Captain Ashore, Let me go home…)
    Sheesh haven’t thought of that song since my chorus days in high school!

  78. but the ring is perty.
    and we liked the one that guy put on his cat on SOMC.
    so a ring in this case would have been ALMOST too much Bling, with the beautiful kitteh and all…

  79. Waiting. Patiently waiting…

  80. LeannRose: tabby.

    OK, OK… domestic longhair tabby… and I’m sure someone will say “Maine Coon” but I don’t really think so in this case. Looks a bit like Mama Kenya.

  81. seriously like the guy isn’t anxious enough, stop about the ring!!!

  82. Wow!!! Is this a First!!
    Or have other couples gotten engaged at Cute Overload!!
    I thing it’s one for the National news!
    Sandra Evertson

  83. Suck my arse, Michelle. 🙂 Go find a boy for yourself in the meantime to hold you over.

    But yea, this was a nice try I suppose. Just if you can do it, really do it up!!! If I could I would put bling all over the kitty and propose! Not just sit him on the paper with sharpie on it.

  84. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Ooo, SB, any news? Is this your Jess & Colin?

  85. WHOA! Don’t hate on this sweet post folks. Just let it be.

  86. The cat is adorable. He really does look like he is asking with his eyes…and perfectly curled tail.

  87. Oi Mello. You bucking for a change of screen name? Maybe “Harsh”?

  88. This totally puts my proposal to shame.

    And I’m definitely with sky on this one. We still haven’t picked out our rings. You can’t rush these things – its something you’re going to wear for a long time.

  89. No boys want me, too mouthy :-).

    SB…did you text him???? I have to leave work to pick up the dog at the vet’s in 20 minutes…I must know!

  90. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Mello, Michelle, c’mon, let’s not ruin this for them. Maybe he knows she’s the type of girl who wants to pick out her own ring. There could be a million reasons why the ring isn’t in the picture. Let’s just enjoy what we’ve got going here.

  91. IHaveFurryChildren – I’m waiting to hear back from him!!

  92. not maine coon. not big enough/fluffy enough, no bib.
    domestic longhair tabby (with a lil italian thrown in)
    i think hes gorgeous.

    where is Luvins when you need her?

  93. Rock on Theo!!!!

  94. book_monstercats says:

    Come oooon. It’s getting late over here – past my bedtime anyay. Do I have to keep getting up in the middle of the night, in the cold,to check?

  95. “No boys want me, too mouthy”
    …wow, what a cue! I could do a whole politically-incorrect standup routine from that… shall I begin?


    (seriously, nuthin but luv here)

  96. Lol, Theo, I like how my last post above you was about how cute the cat was.

    I was just trying to be silly and someone told me to shut up and it got me angry. I’m over it. I hope the kitty gets his mate and makes a big litter of kittens…

  97. Sebastian says:

    You know the camera operator is holding a big piece of tuna to make that cat look so pathetic.

  98. I will not bleen Sandra.
    I will not bleen Sandra.
    I will not bleen Sandra…

  99. This post should have its very own facebook app. There, I said it.

  100. seriously.

    i have to pee.
    can you guys wait til i get back?

    NO ONE post anything…BRB

  101. C’mon, it’s all in good fun, that’s what the smiley faces after each comment mean…right :-).
    I’m down to 15 minutes until I pick up manic-dog at the vet’s…must…have…update…

  102. Oh the suspense…the anticipation!!! That is so sweet.Good luck Colin B.

  103. Only one thing comes to mind with this picture…”I wanna be Jessie’s cat…!”

    Sorry, been on a Springfield kick lately…

    (gets in line behind all the others waiting for Jess’s answer…)

  104. My name is Jess…too bad I don’t know a Colin…Would totally marry him though 🙂

  105. (starts sing along)
    The poor cook he caught the fits
    And threw away all my grits
    And then he took and he ate up all of my corn
    Let me go home
    Why dont they let me go home
    This is the worst trip Ive ever been on

    So hoist up the john bs sail
    See how the mainsail sets
    Call for the captain ashore
    Let me go home, let me go home
    I wanna go home, let me go home
    Why dont you let me go home

    (thanks a lot Theo, now it is well and truly stuck)

  106. Lyds — you seem a little strange… is it just the state of the heart?

    (oh crap, outed myself… IT WAS ACCEPTABLE IN THE 80S, PEOPLE…)

  107. I may actually be one of those people who brings their laptop to the pub tonight so I can check this site out while I have my pint. Sad, the depths I’ve been plunged to. Sad.

  108. Oh my God, that is the most PERFECT proposal ever! Can I marry you, Mr.Cuteoverload Proposal???

  109. Metz — did that help any?

  110. Jess, you better love somebody — it’s late!

    (Lyds — me, too. Not sure why!)

  111. Ok now I have Jesse’s cat riding on the Sloop John B in the dark singing, “Whoa-ooh”.


  112. charliewabba says:

    I once heard that the only cure for earworm is to sing “The Girl from Ipanema.”
    Got to go now, I sure hope the kitty gets an answer.

  113. Maryland grad says:

    How completely sweet and romantical! I’m guessing Colin really thought this through and *knew* this would be the purrfect proposal for his dear Jess!

  114. If she says yes, I call dibs on looking after the cat when they are on their honeymoon

  115. And now with the eighties songs!

    I am DYING. It’s been, like, minutes — MINUTES — since we heard from the person who may know Colin and Jess, and two whole hours since the post itself!

    I may have to go do the ballroom blitz to occupy myself whilst I eagerly await news of Jess and Colin… 😉

  116. Maryland grad says:

    (forgot to add that I am crossing all my fingers and toes!)

  117. Pull out your lawn chairs and sleeping bags. Looks like it’s time to camp out on CO.

    I’ve got the graham crackers and chocolate. Who’s up for s’mores?

  118. Strange? I’ve always been strange, Theo. My hubby and cat can confirm this one…And it’s acceptable in this day and age:) At age fifty, I’ve given myself permission to be as big a geek as I want to be…:P

    Although, hubby has been known to remind me of this one cat I had when I was a kid….but that is another story….

    C’mon Jess, say yes! How can you resist that cat..all he needs is a ring attached to his collar….

  119. OOOHMYGOD!! This is awesome!! Jess, your man just earned some major Prince Points!!!

  120. Space Cowgirl says:

    Just going to put in my bit here – SAY YES, JESS!

  121. Maryland Grad — how’s that work for the typing?

  122. Ooooh how exciting! I just read all the comments at once scanning for an answer, but how sad none yet!

    S’mores sound good, kuma – yup, I’ll be joining the camping party!

  123. Anne boleyn says:

    OK peeps, while we’re waiting why don’t we take a bit of a CO census? Countries only so we don’t overload the C Overload.
    U.S. duh! Where are you all?

  124. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Oh, Lyds, dish! We wanna hear the story. And we can all sit around eating Kuma’s smores while your telling it.

  125. *sets up the bonfire and brings in the marshmallows*

  126. Eire.

  127. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    I’m in the US, Anne Boleyn…Texas to be precise.

  128. Maryland grad says:

    My dear Theo, that is why I had forgotten to type it! I was too busy crossing up all my phalanges 🙂

  129. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Oh, Isla, I’d love to visit you sometime! If I ever have the money I’ll be crossing the ocean to your part of the world!

  130. Ok, time’s a wastin’, people. We’ve got a CO wedding to plan!
    -ringbearer: this cat, obvy
    -for a bouquet: bundle of baby bunnies
    -centerpieces for the tables: hamsters on wheels
    -caketopper: 2 pug puppies maybe?

  131. Lyds — you *did* get the Springfieldishness of it, though…?

  132. I’m guessing we aren’t going to hear from either Colin or Jess for a while…if I had just found my proposal on CO, I’d be all over my hubby-to-be, not posting my answer on the interweb. Too bad though SOOOOO curious!!!!

  133. I really hope she says yes! I’ve been sitting here refreshing for 20 minutes now and I MUST KNOW!!

    ps. -raises hand for england-

  134. Canada

  135. I’m one of the Minnesnowtans.
    (upper Midwest of USA, to you international folks)
    (home also to disapproving rabbits)

  136. nightravyn says:

    Oooo I so hope she says yes… ::sits with everyone waiting to see what happens::

    Oh man, when I leave work in an hour, I’m gonna scream trying to get home and see if anything changed. And Theo, ::twitch:: thanks for the 80s flashbacks. The full video playback in my mind’s eye of MTV except with cute animals doing the videos is especially entertaining. 🙂

  137. Hey Jess, whenever you say yes and come down off your high from getting engaged (congratulations!!) head right on over to Weddingbee dot com. Wedding planning blog. Awesome. Seriously.

  138. This is so beautiful but ARRRRRRRRGH the suspense, the suspense!!!!

  139. does anyone know the max amounts of comments posted for any one COL pic post?
    i wonder if this one will have even more! its looking pretty good so far!

  140. Theo, I did get the Springfieldishness of it:)

    And which story about my hubby? If you mean how he is like my late cat Smokey, they were both laid back, love(ed) bubble baths and have a thing for fish. Alas Smokey died in 1969…a few months after my hubby was born..we sat down and figured out the timeline once…til then, I was half convinced he was my cat reincarnated as a human…

  141. Told ya I was strange:P

  142. USA — Jacksonville, Florida

    Lyds — you are much cooler than the 50-year-old in my life who has no clue who Rick Springfield even is. But I loff her anyway.

  143. I’m from the US here – and my soon-to-be hubby is from England… but he’ll be here on Saturday 😀

  144. oh. sorry
    (washington state)

    that’s me.

  145. elifromcalii05 says:

    This is SO cute!
    A perfect picture for this.
    Good collaborative work with the kitty.
    If the cat approves, you know the guy’s a catch.

    Good luck cat and colin!

  146. Ooh and to answer Anne’s q – I’m here representing Sydney, Australia on a dismally rainy 9am morning 🙂

  147. cass — don’t you mean “Caturday”?

  148. Liz — yes. Someone knows. (Buncha folks, actually; in fact there’s a whole FORUM now that was a spinoff of one particular post.)

  149. Liz, they go up to a 1000 at least. a ways to go yet…

  150. Maryland grad says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting the response here in the Central Valley of CA. Sadly my husband never had a fur baby and is hesistant to have one, so I am especially taken by this proposal!

  151. Arizona here… it’s 90 degrees out today, so I might skip the bonfire and make my s’mores in the microwave.

    Say yes, Jess! Say yes, Jess!
    Everybody now!

  152. *puts on Beach Boys tunes while fire gets started* Anyone have any vegetarian marshmallows for the S’mores?

  153. rachellecat says:

    this is killing me! Colin I really hope Jess says yes, on the other hand if she doesnt I think you have a gaggle of girls that will be more than willing to console you and the kitteh’s hearts!!!

    Trust me on this.

  155. Eater of Shades says:

    US, New York (state not city)

    I love how the cat looks like it’s waiting to go to the litter-box in anticipation.

    Hang in there buddy!!!

  156. I’m in Nashville, where there’s clearly not enough to amuse me 😉 Despite the fact that I have so much work to do…

  157. at work in Chicago.

  158. The marshmallows, Teho, the marshmallows!
    Never microwave a graham cracker. Sheesh.

    But ya know, if this weather keeps up I can save on electricity if I just stick the marshmallows on the dashboard in my car for a bit.

  159. Pheas, thanks. I get that ‘cool 50 year old’ a good bit. Then again, I have 12 year olds who look up to me because I play on a Game Boy, actually know what a Pokemon is, and play MMORPGs….

    All because I have a fascination with gadgets…and dated several computer geeks before marrying my hubby (yup another computer geek..)

    Oh and Massachusetts

  160. We don’t need to microwave the marshmallows! We’ve got a campfire going!!

    *Hoist up the John B sails…*

  161. I’m eagerly camping out here in sunny Nevada, US of A. It’s mebbe 50 degrees out. I could sure use a fluffy proposal kitteh to warm up my handsicles…

  162. I’m *a* Jess, but not this one.
    I’d accept.
    I’ve also decided the way I’d like to be proposed to.

  163. At work in Dallas, TX.

    My brother’s cure for earworm is “Billy, don’t be a hero, don’t be a fool with your life….”

  164. You can always do that HOOKAH CHAKA! HOOKAH HOOKAH! song to yourself. That’ll clear out the stubbornest of earworms.

    (…aaand the 80s songs degenerate further into the 70s)

  165. The Paperlace or the Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods version, Suda Nim?

  166. From the land of the Beach Boys themselves — in fact, my coworker is family friends w/ the Wilsons (and I also managed to work “Sloop John B.” into a production of “Comedy of Errors” I did this summer).

    As a guy, I’ve gotta say this proposal is about nine and a half million times more romantic than the usual scoreboard at the football game proposal (unless the girl likes football more than kitties).

    And I, too, am awaiting the answer and hope that Jess has an aminal who can respond via a new CO post!

  167. Suda Nim, I’m next door in Fort Worth.

  168. astrogrrrl says:

    I tried to make S’mores in the microwave in February when we had a snow day. The marshmallow almost ended up eating the microwave… ’twas scary

    I’m in Maryland (Maryland grad: we may be “neighbors”; I’m a grad student at Hopkins).

    and can I say my productivity has just nose-dived since I’ve seen this post. Feel a bit nosy since proposals are personal, but I really want to see a happy ending =)

  169. I’m so having a bunny bouquet at my wedding.
    Even though…I don’t really *want* a wedding. I DON’T CARE.
    Bunny bouquet’s for everyone!

    (Also: Minnesota, U.S.)

  170. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    T[Ed.], will we be getting a wintery background anytime soon? Not pushing, just asking.

  171. My earworm cure is Yellow Submarine, I live in Washington, D.C., and I think it’s about time for me to go home and sit on the couch for the evening. Here’s hoping Jess delivers her “yes” via CO hamstergram or something.

  172. did it first…

  173. oh my god. after all these comments, she hasn’t showed up? i’m dyin’ to know with you guys!

  174. IHFC — the template changes often surprise me too. There are changes coming, though they might not be to the design, per se.

    In no great hurry for snow, here.

  175. mmmm, smores….

    mmmm, floofy kitty….

    (sandy eggo, CA usa)

  176. that is very cool-
    where does this forum originate?

    its 10:09 p.m. there.
    I’m just wonderin’

  177. Renee in Texas says:

    Please say yes!
    I’d rather be humming the Wedding March than the Swedish Ewok song (though strangly cute in an annoying way).

    Rep-re-sentin Austin, TX!

  178. also, that COULD be a maine coon, maybe s/he’s just a teen?

  179. Maryland grad says:

    My dear astrogrrrl, I was born and raised in Annapolis but am stuck out here in California now with the navy hubby. I’m quite envious of your Baltimore digs!

    Blue Jays and Turtles can be pals!

  180. I forwarded this to my boyfriend hoping he’ll get the hint for a “cute” proposal.

    Earworm cure: The Goatherder Song from The Sound of Music (okay, I usually use it to PLANT an earworm in someone else. Mwah ha ha)

    Wisconsin, U.S.

  181. PK — the way you say it, it sounds like SOMC made it up. And I’m sure plenty of other sites “did it” before them, too; marriage proposals aren’t exactly new. This is CO’s first real Marry Me, though.

  182. Astrogrrrl: That was one of my favorite hobbies as a kid – exploding marshmellows in the microwave.
    It was also the hobby that got me in the most trouble with the parents.
    Mainly, I tried to do it at someone else’s house, let them catch the kitchen-cleaning duty.

  183. Maybe part Maine Coon, Panda. I think this little dude doesn’t have enough floof to be a purebred one…lol.

    BTW, if anyone cares, I’m in Vancouver, BC…and I really should be doing something!!

  184. I’m in Pittsburgh, PA. Also waiting for Jess’ answer, as I’m on a plane to TX coast early tomorrow a.m., and I won’t have internet access for a week! Must. Know. Answer.

  185. /lurk mode off

    =^.^= Canada here.
    Good Luck Colin. Here’s to hopin’ she says yes and you post here with the dirt ASAP.

    /lurk mode on

  186. Sheesh… I never knew what a hopeless/impatient romantic I was.

  187. Hey You guys Oh yeah… Ringing in Form the Middle of California Here, South Bay area. They could be in Australia. and Just comming on line right now.

    Just saying Oh and the total most posts is over 3000 on the buddy post.

    I won’t give you the link to the buddy post itself but we do hacve a coppy of it over ont eh Forum Theo was telling you about and you are welcome to read about it and join the forum

    Joins throng waiting holding breath with fingers and toes crossed.

  188. Theo, I used to wave the marshmallows so long that they were “cookies” when I was a kid. I thought I was Betty Crocker, Jr.

  189. Tricia Garrett says:

    I love this kit with all that spare fluff bursting out of his ears, his neck, his tail and even from between his toes.

  190. This humbly handmade invitation to heaven,
    Scrawled on an eight-and-a-half-by-eleven,
    With it’s charming, sincere, and unvarnished sentiment,
    And simple mackerel tabby embellishment,
    Might win a girl’s heart over jewels or treasure,
    And bring them a lifetime of joy without measure.

    Here’s hoping Jess
    Says yes.

  191. oh rosie.
    you probably scared the _hit out of him.
    he’s probably all thinkin-
    “is she asking me to marry her, or is she just showing me this? or does she want me to ask her or WHAT! OMG!”


  192. my cat is a blob says:

    Thank you Shaz, I now have the execreble “Night Chicago Died” ear worm.

    Almost as bad as “seasons in the sun.”

  193. We were watching the early episodes of Dharma & Greg on DVD and my hubby was just like “Oh, let’s just do it.” and I was like “Hooray, when?” The only reason we waited (16 weeks) was so he could be home from Iraq for our anniversary! 😀

    I like football and cats in pretty equal measure, so either the Jumbotron approach or the Kitteh approach would have had equally positive outcomes for me. We’re going to see the Chiefs on our Anniversary this year! Woo!

    I was born and raised in DC,and went to college in CA (where I met the hubbster) but we’re out in Hawaii for two more years with the Marines.

    Pass one of those smores over. 😀

  194. liz,

    All I really ask is not to get proposed to on my birthday, which is ALSO Christmas Day.

    But a “cute” proposal would be icing.

  195. I hail from Vancouver Island, Canada and I too really want to see what happens with this 🙂

  196. London, UK, is also very much waiting for an answer. Only a couple more hours before I hit the hay, sheez! Will Jess post her answer already?
    In the meantime I’ll keep myself entertained with the kitty hugging the horse; Aaaaaw *kneading own human paws on laptop*

  197. and?…And??…AND???

    /me dies of anticipation

  198. Almost as bad as “seasons in the sun.”

    Terry Jacks…a national treasure…*snickers*

  199. *daydreams about being proposed to*

    Jess is a lucky girl, best of luck 😀

  200. Hey, meaghann, I’m ALMOST your neighbour…lol…a lovely ferry ride away.

    The anticipation is killing me!!

  201. San Juan, Puerto Rico, on a clear, balmy night, waiting for Jess to become that adorable kitty’s mom…

  202. Oh no, hey-h, you didn’t just mention earworm and “Yellow Submarine” in the same sentence! It’ll take me days to get that out of my head. Everytime, everytime…

    I’ve tried toasting marshmallows over a gas stove – dunno if that safe or not, though 🙂

  203. rachellecat says:

    my entire office is waiting for the answer!! Hooray for love!!

  204. Oh nooooo sleep is calling me. 😦

    what to do, what to do..

  205. I’m lying in my bed on a cold autumn’s night in Germany, trying to sleep, but I just can’t because the suspense is killing me o.o

  206. Please say yes NOW!

    Or I will!

  207. Somebody pass Lexy a hefty chunk of the chocolate.
    You must stay awake!

  208. It’s my birthday today and I gotta say, finding out Colin’s true love is gonna be his and his kitteh’s forever would be the BEST. PRESENT. EVAR.

    Jess, you wouldn’t wanna disappoint the b-day girl, would you?

    WA State Announcing Its Presence.

  209. Dave Barry’s “Book of Bad Songs” will kill you with earworms… he’s got all those listed above and then some…(at the Copa… Copacabana…)

  210. my cat is a blob says:

    I have only this to add:

    sister goldenhair
    you ain’t seen nothin yet
    gypsies tramps and thieves

    da do ron ron (shawn cassidy vintage).

  211. Blob… I’ll see your “Da Do ron ron” and raise you “One Bad Apple”…

  212. Michelle, you made me cry…. Also sent copy of the piccie to the BF *shifty eyes*

  213. …one scotch, one beer?

  214. eyelids.. slowly closing..

    oh wait no, all that terrible singing has awoken me. 😛

  215. Teho, to quote George Carlin, “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

  216. Ok this has dragged me out of Lurkerdom. Sooo excitings. I’m in the south of England. P.S. what the heck are smores? And thanks for the rolling programme of ear-worms – it’s like having a radio station in my head with one persistant song after another!

  217. Maryland grad says:

    MamaDawn, that just reminded me that someone left the cake out in the rain …

  218. So sweet and cute 🙂

    I can’t believe I just read through 193 comments. Phew!
    And still no answer. I would love to be proposed to in such a thoughtful adorable way! And an animal related proposal is just too perfect. Me and my boyfriend both check CO everyday.

  219. Michelle that poem is tres adorable!!!!! You were able to rhyme a measurement! Brilliant.

  220. *drums fingers, waiting*

    That kitty is adorable as well! The ear tufts are mildly redonk.

  221. 2sheds, a smore is a sandwich of toasted marshmallows and chocolate between 2 graham crackers. Ooey Gooey good.

  222. Lurker Kat, S’mores are a dessert commonly made around a campfire — a toasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers. They’re sickly sweet and totally delicious.

  223. Theo you forgot the bourbon.
    [it was bad apple bourbon… -Ed.]

    2shedsjackson a smore is a marsh mellow toasted on a campfire until golden brown and gooshy inside(or charcoal as per your preference) Set in between chocolate pieces and grahm crackers. Yummmm is a sugary over the top way.

  224. Dzzt. Dzzt, dzzt dzz-zzt.
    Dzzt, dzzt dzz-zzt.
    Dzzt, dzzt dzz-EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!!!

  225. .. and.. I’m from upstate New York. the only state with an upstate.

  226. -raises hand timidly- I didn’t like to be a pest but I didn’t know what a smore was either and now I’m wondering what on earth a graham cracker is.. is it a cracker made out of grahams?! D:

  227. Istanbul was Constantinople . . . 😀

  228. Eater of Shades says:

    “I’d like to be under the sea
    In an octopus’ garden in the shade”

    Ive had it stuck in my head since september

  229. You know what this is, don’t you?
    …we’re already having the reception!

  230. Checking in on the progress from Norway..
    What’s a Graham cracker?

  231. 2Sheds: OMG YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT SMORES ARE? You poor deprived thing! They’re only the bestest food EVAAHR.
    Roasted marshmellow between two grahm crackers with a piece of chocolate.
    So yummy. Try it out!

  232. Maryland grad says:

    If this is the reception, whose starting the obligatory chicken dance?

  233. Graham cracker – just a normal cracker with honey and sugar mixed in to sweeten it.

  234. OK, that was just *evil*, M. Grad.

    duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh, duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh, duhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuhnuh
    (clap clap clap clap)…

  235. my cat is a blob says:

    Mama dawn, are you related to, say, Tony Orlando and Dawn?

    recent earworm:

    that damn whistling song by peter, bjorn and jon.

    I was whistling it and my sister says “hey, why are you whistling Turning Japanese?”
    thereby introducing another terrible earworm.

    i’ll just take some of those roasted marshmallows to stick in my ears please.

  236. Lexy they are a cracker made from wheat Graham flour and honey. Also very yummy plain or with Peanut butter or Chocolate frosting between two of them
    And of course with a big glass of cold milk.

  237. Ok, Theo, if you’re going to get more modern on us, I give you “I get knocked down, but I get up again…”

  238. Tequila mockingbird!

    Lexy, graham crackers are sweet crackers that are often crushed to make pie crusts, but they have an interestimg history. They were originally invented by a Rev. Sylvester Graham, and they were supposed to calm down naughty urges.

  239. Not related, but I’ve met Tony Orlando… I’m not the Dawn that they’re telling to go away, either (and don’t even get me started on crack of you-know-who jokes)

  240. what? this thing has been up for more than SIX HOURS and we don’t know the answer? dammit! WANT!

  241. Ah..It’s the same as Digestive’s then?

  242. *Is* this the reception? Luuuuv shack, baby, lu-huuv shack!! 😛

    [WHOLE SHACK SHIMMY! – oh you know who this is by now]

  243. “Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree…”

  244. Three notes:
    A Graham cracker is quite like a digestible biscuit, but smoother in texture.

    ‘Smores are so named because once you have one you’re supposed to want some more–smore.

    Excellent tailage on the kitty.

  245. Silicon Valley Girl now living in Utah. No I’m not Mormon and, no, I don’t know any Osmonds.

    But I am a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll.

  246. hey Michelle, not to worry about being too mouthy to get married… I always thought I thought too much, laughed too much and talked too much and liked cats too much to ever get married but here I am married ten years to a guy who loves my thoughts, my laugh and my chatter and my cats
    now must get back to anxiously waiting to find out if I need to go shopping for wedding gifts

  247. (I am now doing a goofy B-52s kind of dance, and it’s cheering me up immensely. Rock Lobster!!)

  248. dundundundun dundun dundun can’t touch this.

    I just spilled chocolate moose on my carpet dancing to that. 😦

  249. To the non-US folks: A graham cracker is similar to a sweet digestive biscuit.

    To Rosie and all the other hinting ladies: stop hinting and just do what I did – propose to him!

  250. my cat is a blob says:

    Theresa: put a little bird house in your soul.

    shaz: you are eveeil.

    mama dawn: can’t believe you actually met tony orlando!

  251. Strangely, my most recent earworm has been Kung-Fu Fighting from a Scrubs episode I was re-watching.

    *smacks head* It won’t come out now. It probably has spelunking equipment in there, holdin’ on for dear life. Cheating bastard.

    (…My weird brain, let me show you eet, no?)

  252. how about ” i wear my suuuuuuuunglasses at night, so i can, so i can…”

    *does silly corey hart head-thing*

  253. MC HAMMER, D** YOU! :O

    She’s a very freaky girrrrl
    The kind you don’t take home to muthaaaaaaaa!

  254. Another UK bod here – just south of London.

    Earworm – never heard it called that 🙂 We hvae days at work where we try to get songs stuck in other people’s heads without lodging them in our own – 80s songs are good for that given our ages…

  255. aarrrgh, i wanna know what happens!! i’ve never read the comments on here, even tho i’m here every day! i remember the day of the SOMC proposal, i got all my friends involved too, so we were all really excited!! just like now!!

  256. speaking of scrubs! I always get the ‘sad music’ stuck in my head you know ‘buh buh buh da buh buh buhhhhh’

  257. oh by the way, i’m from birmingham, england.

  258. No, my first name ain’t baby,
    It’s Janet… Ms. Jackson if you’re nasteh!!!!!!

    [I love this part. HEY!…]

  259. This is adorable! My husband used our boy kitty, Spoonie, when he proposed to me, too. He used twine and tied my engagement ring around Spoonie’s neck. I thought the cat had gotten tangled up in some string. When I reached down to untie him, well…you can guess the rest! So romantic! I hope Jess says yes!

  260. Even though I don’t have a cat or know a Colin, for a second there I was like “I must have a secret admirer!” But nope.

    Also… “In the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive, she may find…”

  261. OK everybody, I think it’s time to take it down a notch… Auntie Gert just fainted, but I’m told that’s nothing to worry about… usually… anyway, here’s one for the happy couple!

    “Who knows what tomorrow brings
    “In a world, few hearts survive
    “All I know, is the way I feel
    “When it’s real, I keep it alive…”

  262. Which for some reason has shoved this into my head:

    Club Tropicana drinks are free…

  263. MUCH BETTER than a proposal on the JumboTron! 😉

  264. *slowdances with teddybear*

  265. oh well it’s been fun, I hope she says yesssss, night everybody! this will be the first thing I check in the morning haha. x

  266. Mary (the first) says:

    Washington in US .. next door to Liz. (waving)

  267. Theresa- oh i don’t know, what if they put -this- pic on the jumbotron?

  268. ooh, shaz and meaghann, i’m also from vancouver bc!

    there has to be another post when we know what she says.

  269. Not MC Hammer! I raise you an “ice ice baby” 😉

  270. Worst earworm ever: I drink Dr. Pepper and I’m proud…I’m part of an original crowd…

  271. Depends on whether kitteh has painted himself red and green, is drinking out of a beer helmet and shouting”WoooOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  272. a lot like digestives but (1) not round (a rectangle perforated to snap into two squares, and from there into four smaller rectangles); (2) much thinner (maybe an eighth of an inch to 3/16 of an inch think?); (3) a bit sweeter I think (and sometimes baked with a sprinkle of granular sugar and/or cinnamon on top).

  273. Best. Earworm. Evar.

    Planet Unicorn Heyyyyyy.

  274. BTW, Brooklyn in da house. Respeck. 😛

  275. Maryland grad says:

    Teho, love lifts us all up where we belong …

    [You’ve been to one or two of these before, haven’t you? – Ed.]

  276. Checking in from Vancouver Island, BC, how do you do…so where the heck are Jess and Colin anyways? They’re gonna miss the CO engagement party…

  277. Hi from Oregon!

    Worst earworm ever! Courtesy of Teho! Ring ring ring ring ring ring….

  278. Thanks for the explanations of smaores – I think I’ll just go and dunk a chocolate digestive in my cuppa tea though – it’s less effort and I can’t start a bonfire in my living room at this time of night.
    Wham bam I am a man…

  279. Sorry to disappoint folks, but I’m saying no.

    [just FYI, peeps, this comment was probably meant as a joke… it’s not from the Jess in the next post… – Ed.]

  280. Maryland grad says:

    Way Cool Groovy Chick, way to give it up for Feathers, oooh Cadillac, and Tom Cruise!

  281. Come on, Jess. This is…
    Easy as
    Simple as
    Do re mi,
    ABC 123!
    ABC, 123, baby, you and me…

    *is shameless*

  282. Renee in Texas, I’m in Austin too!

  283. Whoops, that was more exclamation points than I intended…

  284. sylkenkitten says:

    OMG did she say yes?

  285. I give you:
    A la tuhuelpa legria macarena
    Que tuhuelce paralla legria cosabuena
    A la tuhuelpa legria macarena Eeeh, macarena!!!

    *doing the mandatory dance*

  286. 8-6-7-5-3-0- niiiiii-iiii-iine!

  287. Ok, someone needs to get confirmation on that comment.

    *has mild panic attack*

    Really? Is it really Jess? Omg. Why am I so invested in this total stranger’s life? COME ON CONFIRMATION…

  288. [doubletake]
    …wait, what?

  289. ahaha planet unicorn 🙂 just showed my bf that this weekend and kelly.

    speaking of which..

    “Let me borrow that top”


    Lexy when I read your post about your chocolate mousse I snorted.

  290. opps I meant smores there – sorry

  291. Is that “I’m saying no” for reals?!

  292. What?! Is that the real jess? Hope not.

  293. Come on Eileen!– er, I mean Jess. 😉

  294. Heehee, Theo

    Speaking of “Banana Phone” – it used to be my favorite song, and I used to play it all the time AND THEN my bf used it as his alarm clock. Now, he has to get up way before me, and I’ve grown to hate the song with an unimaginable loathing!

  295. Kaya, you are evil (in a good way). Here’s a Funky Cold Medina for you.

  296. voodookitty says:


  297. Meh… LET’S DANCE!
    [chugs some punch]
    Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

  298. i bet that was someone playing some silly prank, well, if it was, ur not funny! get a life!

  299. astrogrrrl says:

    hmmm… I’ll believe the answer when the submitter of the picture sends it to Meg. it’s way too easy to pretend to be someone else on the internets. and if the no is for real *shrug*

    just want to withold judgement until I get more data.

  300. Ohhh Noes is that real????

  301. I can’t imagine that that is the *real* Jess – Colin must be pretty sure of the answer to do it this way – gulp – surely. Reassuring self here – I can’t bear for this to not have a happy ending.

  302. What a lovely proposal!

    Not *quite* as creative as my friend Eric’s webcomic proposal to his beloved Wednesday, definitely rates up there in cute factor.

  303. That kitteh has such amazing paw-writing skills! I wonder what it’s name is?

  304. I choose to believe that someone just wanted to be mean and harsh the party.

    Tone Loc FTW!!! They did the Waaaaaaaald thang!

  305. astrogrrrl says:

    “judgement” was the wrong word. I meant I’m going to hold off believing the answer is “no” until it’s been confirmed by another source.

    ok, back to the punch and dancing. (do you have any idea how long it’s taking me to get any work done with reloading the page every 5 minutes???)

  306. Feh, helps if I actually link in the proposal (each panel done by a different webcomic artist!) …

  307. oo oo THEO!! can u havea look where colins post came from, and then see where ”jess’s” post came from and see if its in the same area? is that even possible? but what if they have a long distance love?? aarrgghh!!!

  308. I’m desperately ignoring the Jess who posted as a, a, a cruel joke.
    Even though the real Jess is free to make her own life choices, and as cute as the proposal is, it’s still admirable that she’s brave enough to say no and make that decision.

    But in the meantime…
    DundundundunDun, DUN. DUN.
    Whip it.
    Whip it good.

    *robots loyally*

  309. I shall shut my ears – it cannot be true!

  310. I highly doubt that’s actually Jess, and REALLY a nuffingham in disguise. (A Skrull, if you will!)

  311. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto! We can has robot medley? Herbie Hancock’s Rockit next?

  312. NattFazz — nope… I only see the posts and the comments, NOT the submission emails. That’s all Meg. (I’ve already asked her to do an update once there’s been a CONFIRMED response, but she’d do it anyway.)

  313. De-lurking in Washington D.C. (well, the VA side of the beltway, anyway – waves at hey-h, astrogrrrl in Bawlmer, and anyone I might have missed).

    Earworms + the anticipation = not a lot of work done on this research paper. But, as a hopeless romantic, don’t care much.

    Say yes, Jess!

  314. This wouldn’t be an 80’s dance without a few slow numbers. Get your strategy partner for Total Eclipse of the Heart. That’s a long one.

    That should Jess and Colin’s first dance number.

  315. thanks anyway theo. also, what are earworms??? i missed a few posts, and could someone recap about the smores for me? i always thought they were toasted marshmallows, but i made that up, so i dont know what they really are.

    [ – Ed.]

  316. The “Jess” just upthread isn’t any Jess I recognize from the comments, though; that much I can say. Which doesn’t mean much, really. Hey, who wants CAKE?

    [dialtone] “I need your arms around me I need to feel your touch…”

  317. Maryland grad says:

    Oh, how about Bryan Adam’s Heaven? Ugh, every dance I ever went to in middle school, that must have been the theme …

  318. Ok I’ve finished my dunked biscuits and tea and I’ve got to leave the party to sleep. *Slurps some punch to wash down tea and bickies* – I’ll have to check back in the morning. Happy dancing to all the terrible tunes. G’night.

  319. Power ballads– DO NOT WANT. 😛

  320. This is…AMAZING. The post, the comments, all of it. PS. I’m in Baltimore, too!

  321. Thanks Theo SO we can go back to our party now can’t we.

    Singing at top of Voice
    One Bourbon, one scotch and One Beer!

  322. stagewench says:

    Seeing as how the comment stated ‘I’m saying no’, I sincerely hope it’s a joke…because if it’s not, the kind of girl who would announce her intentions to a crowd of faceless strangers before actually giving the guy her answer…well, really isn’t worth the proposal, if you ask me.

  323. Awwwhhh…It’s not this Jess. Darn!

  324. I can’t buh-lieve I read the whole thing. ::burp::

    Like meaghann, representin’ Vancouver Island here. Nanaimo, specifically.

    Pass the smores and as far as earworms go, how ’bout this one… “Here’s a story, of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls…”

  325. Annie, that’s actually a Good Song, and so may not qualify. 😀

  326. Aww, kitteh is all, “I can has engagement?”

    Have to know what she says! *refreshes*

  327. “Haaaannnddhh Iiiiihaaaaiiiiiii wiiiilll aaaaalllwaaayyyss luuuuuuveee yooooouuuuuuuu”

    *Slow dancing with resentful kitteh*

  328. Stagewench — if it WAS the real Jess, and it WAS a real “no”, don’t you think she & (the real) Colin would’ve already hashed this out before doing a blog comment?

    It’s not like we’re all listening over their shoulders… not exactly.

  329. oooohhhh, i get the earworm thing now. wonder if its related to the babelfish?

  330. *resists*


    “…And I think to myself…What a woinderfull wooirld…”

    Oops, darn.

  331. theresa Don’t care it is my personal earworm that Theo started. Most of these songs are good songs That’s how they became earworms..

  332. San Francisco girl here (well, south bay while I’m here at work).

    Ack! I’ve been avoiding the earworms all day, Theresa, you finally got me.

  333. stagewench says:

    I would hope they would have, but the future tense of the statement would make it seem that she hasn’t told him yet.

  334. Darn it – must go to class and check back later. Telling myself, “I’m not obsessed!”

  335. I hope that “no” was not real – I have been waiting all afternoon for a way happier ending

  336. 4 minutes to midnight here. must….stay….awake…….

  337. Renae — you’re an actual geographical Cute Overload neighbor, then.

  338. All right, until now I have just being toying with you. 😛 Here goes:

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
    Jungle life
    I’m far away from nowhere
    On my own like Tarzan Boy
    Hide and seek
    I play along while rushing cross the forest
    Monkey business on a sunny afternoon
    Jungle life
    I’m living in the open
    Native beat that carries on
    Burning bright
    A fire the blows teh signal to the sky
    I sit and wonder does the message get to you
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

  339. stagewench says:

    I suppose it’s a rather grammar nazi-ish stand on it, but I can’t help it…I minored in English and I’m dating an English major. >.>

  340. My personal way to end an earworm is to sing the song all the way to the end. WHich works on most songs except…..
    This is the song
    that never ends
    it just goes on and
    on my friend
    some people started singing it not
    knowing what it was and they’ll continue
    singing it forever
    just because…
    Repeat Repeat Repeat.

  341. AuntieMame says:

    Since the proposal is being made publicly, does that mean we’re all invited to the wedding?

    Hmm…I wonder which gift would be more appropriate? The silver-plated fish slice or the jewelled egg boiler?

    And why do I suddenly have the song “Don’t Talk to Strangers” in my brain???

  342. Just lemme remind y’all of something here, peeps: Even if the outcome DOES turn out to be “sorry but can we please just be friends”… [deep breath] …this is only the FIRST one of these, y’know? They didn’t land on the moon the very first time they launched a rocket. Plenty of other stars are out there, feeling the mutual tug of gravity.


  343. AuntieMame says:

    Oops, I forgot to add:

    Denver, Colorado here!

  344. Annie, as a musician, I gotta disagree with you. It’s been my experience for more years than I want to tell that a song’s earworm potensh is often in inverse proportion to its well- what should I call it? Artistic merit?

    That doesn’t mean I don’t love ’em, though. 😉

  345. for me, earworms are usually the last song i heard and last till i hear another song. so if i heear a REALLY annoying commercial tune when i leave the house, it’ll be in my head until i get to work and hear another song

  346. AuntieMame, you have entered the earworm zone. no ear shall be left unscathed.

  347. Cyber-bunny hop, anyone? Anyone?

    (God, I have no shame. *hangs head*)

  348. Walk like and ee-gip-shunnnn.

    (Bonus points for doing the Suzanna Hoffs eye shifty thing)

  349. elifromcalii05 says:

    Still waiting, watching oprah here in California.
    Silicon valley.

    I hope she says yes.

  350. bunny hop??
    whass that?

    [Well, see, it’s like this: you put your forepaw in, you take your forepaw out… – Ed.]

  351. Annie, she knows. She knows.

  352. It must be time for the Electric Slide – everyone line up

    just waiting for the answer in Missouri

  353. Checkin’in from biz trip in US-Charleston, West Virginia
    After the lengthy read of all the posts….random thoughts/comments:

    LOVE the screen name, “2-sheds” (assuming it’s a Monty Python reference)

    You all are killing me (softly!) with these songs(…tellin’ my whole life with his words….)

    If you like Pina Coladas….

  354. Baltimore, MD!

    okay, jess needs to get a move on… i can’t concentrate on my homework until i know. c’mon jess, i have a paper due!

  355. Theo,

    Yup. I have tons of friends who work at Apple too. It’s a small world after all. 😉

  356. has anyone heard anything yet?! i’m dying to know! poor colin…i hope she responds!

  357. Theresa I believe it is a combination of simplicity and repetition. And the bourbon scotch beer song has it in spades in teh chorus also it hasn’t been played to death on the radio

  358. everyone on here is so funnY! haha..definitely making my boring night a work kind of interesting!

  359. Renae — any time you see an upcoming concert date for “The Bootcuts”, get tickets and mark your calendar. Especially if the venue is The Make-Out Room. ‘Sall I’m sayin’.

  360. No word yet…I even tried calling my Colin B with the cat and the girl named Jess…If I hear anything I will let you know!

  361. I sez 25 percent Maine Coon. Rest maybe tabby or just generic kitteh.

    Now let’s not get all harsh on the ring thing. Isn’t the important thing that two people love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together annoying each other — regardless of what kind of jewelry is exchanged? Let’s not turn Kute Proposing Kitteh into a DeBeers ad.

  362. Mary (the first) says:

    Has anyone read “This is your brain on music”? VERY interesting.. it mentions “earworms”. Scientifically they don’t know how/why that happens. And they’re named after someone .. Ehrwurm or something.. not really after worms your ears. And on another note, I think this is about the longest list of comments I’ve seen with no “nuffs” (not counting the not-Jess “no” which no one believed, thank goodness.) My best to all the peeps all over eating s’mores or dancing wildly at the party!

  363. OK, I gotta head home… is there a DJ in the house? I hereby relinquish the turntables!

  364. Hehehe, the makeout room is fun.

  365. i cant hold out any longer!! its quarter past midnight, and my eyes are starting to hurt! will check in in the AM! byyee!! oh, if any of u want to add me, here is my myspace! (its always nice to make more friends!)

  366. OMG so glad I didn’t see this when it started . I would have gotten nothing done at work today. The suspense is killing me…… Arugggghhhhh.
    Takes deep breath and decides to dive back into work. I hope when I check back there is some kind of word.

  367. Resisting the urge to put ‘Jess’ in the name field and post “NO!!!” is harder than it may seem…

  368. *sneaks up to the turntables, and sticks Doctorin’ The Tardis on*

  369. *gaurds Am while she does so, also votes her in for DJ*

  370. *puts “Tarzan Boy” by Baltimora on turntable for ultimately deadly earworm*

  371. Heh – could have done with a guard when I did that at discos LOL!

    Am relinquishing the turntables tho as it’s nearly half midnight here, and I’m so sure my boss won’t understand if I’m late cos I was camped here!!!

  372. Jess – Say yes, but only if he’ll clean the litter box.

  373. All I got to say is thank jeebus the comments here don’t nest like they do at ICHC. At least when I check every ten seconds I can go straight to the bottom of the list!

  374. Here’s one for you..

    C’mon.. Jess
    Too rye aye
    C’mon, Jess

    OK, the scansion limps, work with me here.

    Any confirm yet?

  375. Okay – I’m out. I finally heard back from my Colin B. and he was VERY confused. Sorry, kids!

  376. (sneaks up to dj booth and pushes play on cd labled, “Butterfly Kisses”
    (cue evil laugh)
    Mwhahhhahhhahhhahahhhhhacough cough cough hack hack hack….

  377. AAHHH I am going nuts here! As with several of you, I have never read comments much till now…..let alone THIS many comments. I love how it has almost turned into an old school chat room :P. BTW I am lurking from Burbank..till I get off work then I will be lurking from North Hollywood till I go to my boyfriends and if I am not to tied up (literally) I will be lurking from the main strip area of Hollywood.

    As for the earworms (I had to look that one up) my boyfriend says anytime that happens just start singing the safety dance!

  378. oh noz missy, not that dreaded song. ugh and cowers in a corner. HATE THAT SONG.

  379. oh noz missy, not that dreaded song. ugh and cowers in a corner. HATE THAT SONG.

  380. Safety dance?

  381. BenPanced, sorry, I beat you to it.

  382. hate it so much i had to post it twice =\ dang computer.

  383. paulajeanne says:

    talk about earworms! I can’t get the, yes, I think it’s cute, Swedish song from the horsie post, out of my head! (Montana here)

  384. voodookitty says:

    nebulous- saftey dance: a song by men at work.
    strange video.
    much dancing in fields.

  385. Eater of Shades says:

    Almost forgot,

    Katamari Damacy!!!

    na naaaa!!!!

  386. Nebulous, see the video link below *wicked grin*

  387. voodookitty, it is actually men without hats…close enough though 😛

  388. Momof2kitties says:

    Earworm? I ate too moishe. There. Take that.

  389. charliewabba says:

    Gahhh! Who planted the Total Eclipse of the Heart earworm???? Read that 10 minutes ago and it won’t go away – okay, you have driven me to it…
    tall and tan and blonde and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking…
    (North Carolina, btw)
    did we run out of smores?

  390. Momof2kitties says:

    Sorry, I forgot. Michigan. It’s COLD here today!!

  391. Eater of Shades says:
  392. GO!


  394. (looks at volume control on dj booth) (Oh someone turned it down, no one can hear it… Turns volume ALL THE WAY UP!
    (warbling voice breaks through ear plugs and causes instantaneous coma)

  395. Oh noes!!!! I have to go home now…..I will have to read everything come morning…oh wait I am working late tomorrow….afternoon. There goes any productivity that I had going.

  396. **I just read all the comments and all I got was this lousy song stuck in my head!**

    Meg/Theo pls send carrier pigeon to Jess with important message from CO! Mebbe send bunneh bouquet too. In fact, 2 of each animal walking up to the house may be called for here, peeps. I can’t believe the kitteh has been this patient. I bet the kitteh is verrrry upset with his soon-to-be mommy.

  397. Was too busy typing to refresh….yay eater of shades for post-alertness!!!

  398. Tacking myself onto the end of a legendary thread. ;D

    This should have its own category. Human Cuteness? Cats ‘n’ Signs? I’m doing it wrong, aren’t I. 😛

  399. Catherine says:

    Renee in Texas & Paula- I’m in Austin too! If you see a silver Accord with a “Paws Up!” sticker on the back windshield, that’s me!!!

  400. West Hollywood here…

    There’s a party going on right here
    A celebration to last though out the year
    So bring your good times…

    you said we were at the reception, right? Cause we’re gonna celebrate a party with you!

  401. Well, I was gonna post, “Anticipation…antici-pay-ay-sion is making me wait…”

    But then Jess answered! Yay!

  402. Eater of Shades says:

    alls well that ends well

  403. Father Of Jess says:

    If it hadn’t happened by this coming Friday, I was prepared to sit Colin down and TELL him how to ask. But he apparently managed to be “spectacular” enough to get the “Yes!!!”. Congratulations, Colin. Now, as long as you haven’t touched her since you met her, it looks like the wedding is on!

  404. DAAAAD! Hush, you!

    (hee, just kidding. Thanks SO much to all the well-wishers, Dads, friends, and random internet folk alike!)

  405. *squeeee!*

    This is the cutest proposal ever! *gets all mushy inside*

  406. oaklandcat says:

    OK, I’m dying to know: what happens when you microwave a graham cracker??? I’d try it myself, but I don’t have any handy.

  407. yankeebird says:

    Congrats again, Jess. 🙂
    (This one’s coming at you from another Baltimore CO-er, Hi Bawlimer Peeps!)

    As for my earworm submission, how about:

    I am Henry the Eighth I am,
    Henry the Eighth I am I am,
    I got married to the widow next door,
    She’s been married, seven times before….

  408. Squeeeeeeeel! Coming from a recently-married-still-quite-gushy person (in Pittsburgh), wishing you a happy and harmonious marriage! (I can’t believe I read through that many posts…couldn’t help myself…)

  409. TOOO CUTE!!! Congrats, Colin B!

  410. aaaaahhhh this is so cute 🙂 totally puts a huge smile on my face. Congratulations Jess 🙂

  411. Andrea|Nash says:


    My God! Romance lives! Who’d a’ thunk it?

  412. My DH and I hope that Jess, Colin and their cat live as happily as we do with ours. 🙂 Congrats.

  413. Yay! Kitty got the girl for his person!!!

  414. acelightning says:

    I think this is utterly sweet and adorable – both the kitty and the proposal (although I’ve already read ahead…)

    I’m in New Jersey, within sight of the skyline of Manhattan. I’m 60 years old, a former hippie, and I like techno and heavy metal 😉

    I’m also in the midst of helping a family wedding come together on very short notice, but I do have a kitty helping me, and so do the people who are getting married.

    Oh, and the best (or worst) cure for *any* earworm is either “This is the song that never ends…” or “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, his name is my name too…”

  415. Hurray! Many congratulations, both furry and warm, to Colin and to the only Jess for him! Mazel tov!

  416. Yay! We can has happy ending! We can has hangover!

  417. pretty kitty!!!

  418. Theresa, here, my special hangover blender concoction:

    1 cup freshly-brewed green tea
    2 ice cubes
    1/2 green banana
    2 ibuprofen tablets (powdered with mortar-and-pestle)
    1/2 cup fresh apple cider
    1 sprig of fresh catnip (just the leaves; crushed with mortar-and-pestle)

    blend blend blend, and please just trust me and drink the whole thing

    (the principal trick is finding all the ingredients and NOT substituting)

    Alternately, you could just have 1 cup of strong coffee, 1 small pastry of your choice, and 1 quart of water. Seriously. Bathroom’s just down the hall on your left.

  419. Theo- graham crackers + microwave = ???

    I’m dyin heah…

  420. Actually the formula to avoid is Graham Crackers + Microwave + Hungry Teenager

    = “umm it might be a little? smoky? when you go upstairs… but DON’T WORRY”

  421. 🙂

  422. God, I’m so behind!

    But this is adorable.

    And I totally know how I want to be proposed to now 🙂 😛 Actually, I have a much more personalized idea in my head (also more private).

    Also, try microwaving marshmallows.

  423. Remember we’re PG-13 here, Russia. 😉

  424. So the one night I stay up past midnight and check Theo’s Vox ‘quick before bed’ I have to see this post and get sucked in looking for a “YES”.

    All of you who have given me three competing earwigs (then he took and ate up all of my corn) – I shall find the nearest aged gypsy woman to curse you with an unnameable curse. Anyways, Fixes and I have found that “Africa” by Toto is the total un-earwig. It’s like Teflon for your auditory cortex.

    Theo – even better than teenagers & marshmallows is coming home to find your spouse nuking cheese slices still in the plastic wrap. A crunchy carcinogenic treat that’s fun to eat!

  425. [dead silence]

    …Jaye, that never happened, right? Tell me you’ve never done that.

    oh and TeeJ — that’s earWORM, doofus. “Earwigs” are real actual creepycrawlies.