[Huge deep bref]


[Goes back to being a popsicle]


Nice ‘strils, Meann O.



  1. brrrrrrrr says:

    Brrr…I mean, bleen?

  2. oh good grief.
    Thats what i’m talkin about!!!

  3. Nice Wheeskars/eyebrows!

  4. Cannot…resist…*nosebeeps* Beep.

  5. No, I think you meant brrrr. What a cute/chilly little guy!! 🙂

  6. AHHH Longtail! I had the exact same reaction…Oh gosh. Inner kindergartener coming out.
    But also, how scary would it be to come across this guy unexpectedly? Ice fishing or something – “La de da de da, gonna drill a hol – OMGWTFBBQ FACEINTHEICE”.

  7. He’s so cute! *beep*

  8. O

  9. Quite the snozzle! HI sweetumpie! (How could ANYONE club these babies?)

  10. Wait – is that a seal PUP?

    a PUPsicle?

    Either way, darn cute, just look at those whiskers!

  11. Yes Nebulos,
    He’s all hi, but this fishing spot is taken kthxsbai

  12. I love him!

  13. He just popped up to say “Happy Nosevember!”

  14. poor thing, I hope he isn’t stuck in that hole. I saw on Planet Earth that some critters get stuck in the ice all winter long with only an air hole to breath out of. I sure hope that isn’t the case. But his eyes do look sad 😦

  15. He looks colddd. 😦

  16. Cat (short for something Cat is short for) says:

    You can just hear the seal saying, “Oh hai! U no steel my fishes, kthnx?”

  17. i want a slushie now.

    preferably with a seal to snorgle with.

  18. lurkingsmirk says:

    Oh ze eyetufts are like ze whiskers!

  19. *head tilt*
    his nosicles look-a-like jelly bellys…

  20. His eyes looks like my cat’s eyes. You rarely can see the yellow… its always black and round like this cute baby 🙂

  21. Ahahaha. Whis-kair powah!

  22. I know this is really deep but there is something so hauntingly beautiful about this photogtaph!

  23. “Nobody nose the trouble Iz seen.”

    (sung to the tune of “Nobody nose the trouble Iz seen.”0

  24. hey I wonder if he/she can smeeeell me from here?! Those are some HUGE nosicles:)

  25. Silly Kiragirl is silly.

  26. Wow – haunting eyes. But soooo cute.

  27. Just looking at this makes me cold. Where’s my blankie?

  28. MalsBeans says:

    I think this would make an excellent “Excuze meh soi but do yous has anty grape poopon?” commercial.

  29. Hello, you haz my bucket?

    (If you know, you know 😉 )

  30. They be stealin’ my bucket!

  31. Instead of whack-a-mole, can we play beep-a-nose?

  32. ‘scuse me, I meant to say:
    “They be stealin’ my bucket!”
    AS IN:

  33. Like the ice, I’m cut up over this one. On one flipper, it’s a little whiskered face playing peekaboo. On the other flipper, those eyes look soulless.

  34. is this cute or sad?

  35. What a cutie!

    It’s such a sad thought that they could soon be extinct from what we are doing to our Earth….

  36. What an absolutely perfect entry for Nose-vember!

  37. It’s like he’s waiting to catch you off guard and nibble your toes and pull you under!

  38. you can tell whether its a scream Ah or a refreshed ah by this: If it has lots of a’s at the beggining, then its a scream. (AAAAAH!) if it has lots of h’s its a refreshing ah. (AHHHHH…)

  39. youz haz mah buhkkit or not?

  40. “You haz fishie? Give fishie now!” *snortle*:D

  41. Yeah, the little guy’s def. sportin’ the ole demon eyes…
    Cute or Completely Terrifying?

  42. Is it just me, or does Mr. Sealio seem to have ginormous nostrils, there?

  43. Take a bweaff,
    Take a bweaff
    Smell a smell, sniff a sniff and take a bweaff!
    Made me think of


  45. This little feller seems to have made a wrong toin at Albukoykee…

    Clearly the search for teh bukkit has gone global. Good luck, marine mammals, and godspeed! *sniffles and salutes*

  46. acelightning says:

    Seals and/or sea lions (whichever this is) always have somewhat sad and soulful (*not* soul-less!) eyes. But this little dude certainly has my “seal” of approval!

  47. siriushpfan says:

    Not to put a damper on the party, but I must say that his eyes do kind of creep me out a little. All black and what-not…
    Other than that, however, he’s very cute! All whiskers and blubber. ^_^

  48. Damn, the escape comittee have the map upsidedown again.

  49. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Oh My Gosh What a Great Picture. So adorable.
    But now I’m cold. Brrrrr!

  50. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh my goodness, it’s the rarely seen (but very cute) seal-a-canth!

  51. Aww, man. How can these guys not be intelligent? They have so much personality! I love heem!

  52. Am I the only one who saw,on first glance, a puddle of melted seal on the ice with just the head left?
    <_ <

  53. Sealed for freshness?

  54. I have to say that this was beautiful and kind of scary/creepy at the same time. Hope this little guy is otay!

  55. Personally, when I see shots like this I just wanna throw them in the tub and draw a hot bath.

    Or maybe just a hot bath for me.

  56. shaithis77 says:

    Behold: SNOATSE!!!

    (work safe, I swearz)

  57. What a DARLING picture !!!

  58. Shaithis77 — I’m just going to sit here and say “I don’t get it” while quietly struggling to keep a straight face.

  59. shaithis77 says:

    Theo- Sure. Right. You don’t get it. 😉

  60. Shaithis77, Even I got it. And I am a basic beginner on the interwebs.

  61. His eyes are so purty, they look like they’re filled with the water from his lil puddle.