Oh, so now it’s totally normal, is that it?

All the cool kittehs are doing it… paddle paddle

Paddlesons, paddlesons



  1. paulajeanne says:

    Oh, now that is truly outstanding! Bit freaky, but outstanding!

  2. Eeee look at him go!

  3. paulajeanne says:

    And the one where he picks his toys to play with! Oh My God!

  4. I like how at the end he’s like ‘Now I have paddled enough.’

  5. Too cute.

  6. Reminded me of a junkie coming down from some bad stuff. I HAVE TO SAVE THE WATER! IT DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO SWIM!

  7. Hee, this reminds me of that Friends episode. A cat that looks like a hand!

    “Why is the cat in the bowl?”

    “It’s not, I’m defrosting a chicken.”

  8. Cats are *so* weird! That’s why we love them 🙂

  9. I think that this kitteh as well as the other ones who look like they are pawing aimlessly in the water -are actually trying to catch light reflections made by the ripples in the water..

    And am I the only one who noticed that most kittehs are much calmer when the tap isn’t running and making all that noise?

    Either way, I LOVE watching these happy kittehs frolicing around in the tubs.. as Britney would say: GIMME MOAR! ;-P

  10. Geez, that’s scary. The Creature from, uh, the Shallow Bathtub?

    Seriously though, do you have to be more careful with this breed and bathing? He/she won’t be sitting around with wet hair, but all that bare skin! I wouldn’t want to risk hypothermia.

    Well, you know what I mean. I don’t want them to get sick.

  11. Lol.. how strange. 1 b/c it’s a hairless cat and just looks like it would be sticky 😛 heh
    and 2 b/c why the heck is it slapping the water? Oh it’s cute, but just curious hehe…

  12. hehe Lisa – this is a Sphynx, they arent sticky at all. they have the finest layer of hair on them.. feels like velvet when you touch them 🙂 They are the sweetest kitty’s around too.. loves kisses and cuddles 🙂

    This clip is just TOO cute!

  13. haha i like the shifty look back… the cutestest Sphynx evaaar

  14. Thoughts going through the kitty’s head during the video:
    “Sparkles, sparkles!! Must catch, paddlepaddlepaddle…where did it go? Oh there, paddlepaddlesparklespaddle!! …Oh, I’m being filmed… ehm… yeah, see, I’m just sitting here, nothing to see here, really… um, yeah, guess i’ll be off now…”

  15. Love it!

  16. is that a hairless
    or did someone *eyes dart around room disapprovingly* leave heem in tha’ tub too friggin long?


  17. Watch the other videos of this kitty at the bottom of the clip. Theya re all adorable. One of the things I love best is that he thinks EVERYTHING is a toy. I have a kitty like that. Paris will even take one little round bit of Science Diet kibble out of the bowl and play with it. If she sees a spot on the wall, she will try to catch it and play with it. The whole world is a toy to kitties like this.

  18. omg, that is totally cute, but am I the only one who was reminded of Gollum?”we wants fisssshes……”

  19. Ack you could put that in a horror movie

  20. I love videos that make me think there’s much more connection between human animals and animal animals than we think. Whenever I go to a pool or sea I just sit in the water paddling the top because it feels so cool!

  21. A witches cat doing spells in the bath. Shizam!

  22. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    I like how he/she is just sitting there like a person. Also, kitteh needs some toys! Also that furtive glance back at the camera–a little privacy please?!

  23. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    My bad, I looked at the other 2 videos and kitteh has lots of cool toys!

  24. he looks like a were-kitty…a *very cute* were kitty. just keep swimming!

  25. Liz – you’re so right! Preciousssss….

  26. The shifty eyes near the end – like he just realises someone’s filming! Briliant!

  27. Cauliflower says:

    I love how the cat is enjoying itself and when the human moves the cat is all like…oh, he’s still here…I wasn’t doing anything…la de da de da

  28. Margaret — LOL!

  29. renee in texas says:

    Ay peeps!! New catagory fur sure!

  30. Yitzysmommie says:

    This is the best one yet! I laffed out loud. Now I’m off to get lost in all the linked vidoes…

  31. It’s three now! We need a new topic! “Bath Furries” or some such!

  32. He’s got rhythm! You can dance to it!

    oooohhh sparklies!

  33. Splashy bathtime fun!!

  34. I met some Sphynxes at a cat show once. They have incredible personalities, and if you don’t like their looks, you forget it pretty fast. They put on a huge charm offensive– “You loook MAH-velous, DAHLEENG! Come talk to MEeEEEeeee! Do you haf any peeeeeekshers of your keeeeeeeeds? How Bbbbeeeeeeyooooootifuls!!”

    They’re a riot. 😉

  35. Tak, the Hideous New Girl says:

    That kitty is naked!

  36. Awww.. paddling kitty!
    The other video where he or she pulls the sticky toys off the walls is adorable! I miss kitties =(

    So do they shed from the fine layer of hair too Em? I’m so sick of pet hair =( I have a beagle thats constantly dropping his white hairs all over everything. Including the spaces inbetween my keys on my laptop.. how annoying D:

    btw I love the hover text 🙂

  37. ROFL! Who said, “Holy crap! This one got undressed!” Still laughing!

  38. Catherine says:

    Now it’s no longer available!!! Noooooooooo!

  39. Catherine says:

    Never mind, my computer’s just crap. Sorry.

  40. Kat & Gwenny — glad you like. 😉

  41. uh oh.
    there are two Lizs on this discussion now.

    this lil kitteh is watching his paw-paw reflection in the metal label on the tub.
    so very cute.
    i love the hairless kittehs,
    i wish i could afford one!
    they are fantastic!

    Liz – Luvins pal from PDX

  42. WHy is the paddle sound so cute? You should have a category for cutesounds. Ehns and paddles and prrrrrrs.

  43. *splashysplashysplashysplashysplashysplashysplashyspla-*

    ‘… wut.’


    ‘… I wuzzint doin’ nuthin.’

  44. ChefSteph says:

    Generally I think hairless cats are kinda ugly (though I would still love one if I had one) but that one is actually pretty darn cute, even if he wasn’t splashing around in the tub.

  45. hairless cats kinda freak me out, but this is funny. why doesn’t this one get an “unusual animals” tag?

    my favorite from the related videos is

    the look on that kitteh’s face is priceless.

  46. Ok all the kittes in the tub vids most surely be a sign of the coming apocalypse, right?

    If you believe that sorta thing :D!

  47. Pussytoes says:

    Cutest thing ever. Period.

  48. Needs a teeny tiny bikini!

  49. Juniper Jupiter says:

    WAAAAAIITTTT A MINUTE, HEAYAH!!! All these posts, and NOBODY does a Mini-Me “Eat tha Kitteh” reference? What is WRONG with you peoples? 😛

  50. Stephanie says:


  51. Best hovertext yet!! After all, baths are much more fun nekkid!

  52. teehee

  53. awwwww, how cute!

  54. That’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

  55. “AH I’M DROWNING!! HELP HELP I FEAR I BREATH MY LAST! OH THE TRAGEDY OF IT! I’M..er..ah..drowning..er..ah..heh.. (cough) Er, sorry, kinda panicked there a little. Heh. Cat, you know. We have this thing about water. Heh.”

  56. I’m seeing the start of a whole ‘nother CATegory here…Cats & Baths! 😉

  57. God I love that all the kitties try to catch the ripples. I totally lol’d. I needed that. Wonder what would happen if I tossed my kits in the bath? *Goes off to stock up on industrial sized bandages*

  58. Agreeing with CaroL that “Cats and Baths” is a new category now, after all of these posts!

    Nekkid kitteh does look a bit Gollum-ish.

  59. That cat reminds me of “Fleshy,” the hairless cat in the “Monty” comic strip.

  60. In my youth, I had a cat, Junior, who loved to be in the tub as long as the dog was in there too. The dog hated it; the cat loved it.

  61. That cat is looking for his precious. 😉

  62. Kat – no they don’t shed their hair! They are the cutest things ever hehe.

    They are an idoor kitty tho. Because they don’t have that layer of fur on them that other kitty’s do, they sunburn uber easy. So they hafta stay indoors! And during winter, little coats are a must! hehe

  63. I take your bathtub and raise you A LAKE. (Or the ocean, or a pond. I’m not actually sure.)

    A guy goes out in a *canoe* for his (very calm and matter-of-fact, it turns out) cat to play with the water and voluntarily take a swim. Redonk meters going off!

  64. Pussytoes says:

    I’m just crazy about this video. That cat is so adorable, I wanna cover him with smooches and hugs. I’d jump in the tub with him if he’d let me. What a little doll.

  65. I believe that this constitutes a category now (no pun intended). isn’t the rule 3+ submishes?

  66. its paws looks like tiny hands. <3 and it almost has the same colour as the water. aaaw.

  67. I love the other clip where kitty adjusts the dial on the tub, then plays with the tub jet.

  68. I almost died of the cuteness. What a world, where that kitty is playing in the tub AND I’M NOT THERE TO KISS KISS KISS! Not to mention the post-bathing ceremonial wrapping in the fluffy towel!

  69. oh, hovertext, i love you so.

    ( [happy dance] – Ed. )

  70. That’s hilariously cute. I’ve never seen a cat do that before!

  71. swimming fat cat! and diving too..