I couldn’t POSSIBLEH!

I know, I know it’s just another wafer…

But I couldn’t POSSIBLEH!


Nathan G., he’s going to be REALLY stuffed…



  1. All for me how kind of you

  2. *spits coffee onto monitor*

    Too much. How on EARTH did they capture that picture?

  3. Clip his little nails!

  4. I think he’s watching the Telemundo prairie dog vid. and is appropriately aghast.

    And oh, the B.E.F.!

  5. Ham looks like he’s just heard some startling news.

    Human: Aren’t they delicious? And they’re completely fat-free!

    Ham: Get out!

  6. How about an after-dinner mint? Eet’s waffer-theen!

  7. This gerbil looks like a product of “28 Days Later”, scawy.

  8. Happygirl says:

    I could just put him in my mouf!

  9. I alternate between “yes, that’s cute” and “dear god, can anyone do the hammie heimlich?!?” – I’m just not sure what to think!

  10. He looks like a wise old hammie.

    Grandpa Hammie.

  11. “No way – I’ve seen “The Meaning of Life”…I know what can happen when you eat just one leetle waffeur…”

  12. ha,his mouth looks like a huge big ‘O’. great shot!

  13. *BURP*

  14. ThreeCatNight says:

    Did Kirstie Alley start her diet this way?

  15. Gimme a B!

    Gimme an E!

    Gimme an F!

    Sewiously, the BEF is killin’ me here. Outrageous.

  16. Gerbilmousehamsterthing is overwhelmed by your generosity! Look at the eyes! Brimming with emotion!

  17. Lady Chroe says:

    This animal is sick. Take it to a vet. lol

  18. Yitzysmommie says:

    So what IS this critter? Does he have powsches to stuff with that wafer? I sure hope so.

  19. Now that really takes the biscuit.

  20. You probably didn’t mean to do it, Hon Glad of the Puns, but now I have that Police song in my head…

    “Oh my God you take the biscuit
    “Treating me this way
    “Expecting me to treat you well
    “No matter what you say…”

    Not especially cute; I gotta rummage for my anti-earworm meds.

  21. HAM LIPS!

  22. Dan Bledwich says:

    Looks like he needs a waters to wash ees wafers down!

  23. luvinmalssomuch says:


  24. “Oh my GAAAH! Do not tell me she ate a Whole one of these!? i could not in a million yrs. eat teh whole think, she is some kind of
    glutten! Can you believe it? i cant wait to tell the girls” .

    “here i will just take this and put it way for later”
    (scampers away with entire waverly thin wafer)

  25. But it’s “Wafer thin!”

  26. O-M-G!! OMG!!! I just fell off my chair. I miss my old hammies. RIP Ma Mouse & Belvedere Blue

  27. I’m having a craptacular morning and this just brightened my day!

    In fact, I feel so much better, I made this: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y33/teknofaerie/LOL%20Cats/mouseyoface.jpg

  28. [ker-SNORTSPEW!]
    ugh… coffee monitor again

    Nice one, Ann.

  29. Is he burping to make more rooms or is he exploding from being too stuffed?

    The EYES!! SOooo Cute!

  30. *snickersnort*

    Sorry Theo! I couldn’t help it!

    *gives you a coffee refil*

  31. Thank you babs, that’s exactly what I was thinking…

  32. is it me?
    or does it look like that hand is pushing the hammy(?) up against the wafer? o_0

  33. his eyes are all bugged out and his mouth is in an ‘O’


  34. Wow, that’s a once in a lifetime shot…

    It’s only really cute if you tilt your head and squint, but…It’s such a funny shot. Hee.

  35. This picture isn’t cute at all. That hamster looks like he’s choking or being choked. His eyes are bulging and he looks utterly sick.

  36. poor little hammy – he look exhausted! So rough being a pampered hamster!

  37. yankeebird says:

    Hehehe, this pic reminds me of my niece’s first birthday. Her parents got her a cake of her own, and she made the EXACT SAME FACE when they brought it out to her. Utter disbelief that it was all hers.

    Whoever snapped that pic has excellent timing.

  38. renee in texas says:

    Get him a bucket!!!!

  39. Awww

  40. Juniper Jupiter says:

    DAMMIT,RENEE!!! Ya beat me!!! ‘Course in Cute Overload World, the correct spelling would be “bukket”. Get it right next time, lol!! 😛

  41. This is definitely going to be a popular LOLCat.

  42. He does look pretty sick. 😦

  43. To all those who think hammie looks a bit sick – I see what you mean, but… I’ve had hammies, and this one simply looks a bit old to me. Maybe a tiny case of eye infection, which is something hamsters get from time to time, but he mostly just looks like a “Grandpa Hammie” in mid-chew of a nice treat. I can literally hear him saying: *heavy southern accent* “Back in my days, this didn’t have wafers like this… No, sir… Them is really good wafers… “

  44. O RLY?
    YA RLY.

  45. Dewd, his eyez are poppin’ outta his head!

  46. omg, Hila! That old man hamster voice is just too much! XD

  47. What is it about bulging eyeballs that makes me giggle? Too, too cute.

  48. Ann, love the big “O”

  49. does hammie-hair turn grey when they get old?
    i cant agree with the nay-sayers sayin that this hamm is being harmed.
    i think hes just a lil goof-ball.
    very cute!

  50. darkshines says:

    Cut the poor creatures claws!

  51. ohmyword. He reminds me of my Youssarian!


    Too fricken cute!

  52. Another Angela says:

    My vote is not cute, sorry. Even if he is very old and that is causing the sunken face and bulging eyes, the state of his overgrown nails is sure to be disabling at this point. If this were my pet, he would have been to the vet yesterday.

  53. It looks like someone is squeezink heem a leetle too tight!

  54. I also say this is not cute, and there is something wrong with this hamster. At best the hamster is very old, at worst diseased. The dull, sunken eyes, and the nails, are bad signs. And his mouth looks strange also. I’m hoping he/she is just really old.

  55. he looks like he’s choking :((((((((

  56. I admit it does look a little disturbing, as if someone was suffocating him with the wafer. I think it’s just an accidental pose though, and not actual cruelty. Why would someone send a photo of animal abuse in?

    He does just look like an old hamster to me. As for his nails, I personally wouldn’t want to go near a the tiny toes of a squirming hamster. Slight overgrowth is better than missing digits.

  57. Will I get the butterscotch in anyone??

    Is this one heading in the pudding direction?

    I found the picture AND comments completely up to CU highest standard….


  58. Daphne Moss says:

    Iz wize mouse … call me Dumbledore

  59. Another Angela says:

    Even if not sick, not cute because it looks sick, and yes, you can trim small animal claws and need to in this instance. If you saw a photo of a dog with nails like this, you would agree. Nuff said! lol (and I know because one of my rats had nails that grew funny and I had to trim them)

  60. Eets only waafer thin…

  61. I have to say he looks unwell… and his nails need a clip.

    He is very cute. The owner must be so proud! 🙂

  62. Golden Phoenix says:

    Hammie’s mouf looks funny because he’s trying to put a piece of wafer into his pouch without using his lil’ paws. My two do it all the time when they have their hands full. It’s quite fun to watch 😀 An he’s not bein squished, the fingers in the pic are nowhere near him, he’s just leaning on the wafer.

    I fink he’s cute ^^

    *Prepares some strawberry pudding just in case*

  63. That thing looks sick. Or like he’s choking.

  64. snoopysnake says:
  65. “Did I leave the gas on?!”

    (Eddie Izzard)

  66. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Hammerson McAncientpants isn’t choking, peeps. He’s just been caught mid-chew. And I, too, would be terrified of trying to trim such wee toenails – I’d be afraid of getting an entire toe.

  67. upon close observation, i believe that the hammie actually HAS HIS left Fist stuffed in his lil mouth trying to shove something in his pouch.
    that’s why his lil mouth is all open so goofie.
    i told you guys he was just a lil goof-ball.

  68. angrycupcake says:

    this is an adorable picture. i don’t think he’s choking, being squished against the waiferre OR dying in any way, shape or form in this picture. he just looks rather elderly and precious, like a little JP2. i love older animals, and it’s sad that most people only refer to babies as being anerable, cute, precious, etc. GIVE OLD HAMMIE SOME LOVE!

  69. Looks like the hammie is choking and the giant friendly hand behind him is helping to dislodge something from his throat with a few slaps on this back.

  70. IHaveFurryChildren says:



  71. Another Angela says:

    IHaveFurryChildren, you just made the photo hysterical for me. The Hamlick Maneuver.

  72. NOT CUTE- SAD instead says:

    sorry to be a spoilsport, but this poor little guy looks like someone’s shoved the cracker into him SO HARD that his eyes are bugged out and he’s gasping for air!!!

  73. ROFL!!! He’s like “Can’t … handle … any … more!”

  74. Hes not sick…just old.

  75. Rich Fader says:

    [cue Terry Jones as Mr. Creosote]

    “[Bleep] off. I’m full.”

  76. For some weird reason, this mouse looks British…

  77. Will someone please tell me if I should be enjoying this image or not?

    To me, it appears Mr. Ham was caught in an awkward, adorable moment. However, if he is actually abused and diseased, that is rather upsetting.

    Has anyone with personal knowledge of Mr. Ham and His Wafer chimed in?

  78. you need to put this under “cute or sad”

  79. Ann,

    I’m glad my photo fixed your craptacular morning! I really like the edit on the photo. :^0

    As for all you out there talking about the long nails, I’d really like to see you clip the nails of a dwarf hammie. Those of you that commented on the eyes, they always get bulgy when they see something like a wafer. Those of you still concerned about the health and safety of this hammie can worry no more. This photo was taken a week before she passed away. Thanks for your concern tho.

    Thanks to Hila for posting something with a bit of knowledge behind it. :^)

  80. nouveauvague says:

    Oh that’s so sad…may she rest in peace and may many wafers be available wherever she goes =(

  81. She was obviously a special girl with lots of character. I am so glad you were able to share a funny moment with everyone before she passed. Now lots and lots of us will remember her, and her wafer-thin wafer, and smile 🙂

    But I am very sorry for your loss. No matter how tiny and fuzzy, losing a family member is extremely sad :*(