Even horses must soft kronsche

[Say in David Attenborough voice]

Most often seen in humans, but other species are know to want to kronsche a soft kitteh ear.

Mimi H. Deeeeeleeeeeeeeshous….. 😉



  1. uh, bleen?

  2. Kitteh Snacks! Now bite-sized and calico flavored.

  3. not so sure that kronsche was really soft…

  4. love how horsey got a no-no finger wag at the end there.

  5. charliewabba says:

    The kittehs, they are ear-resistable.
    Yom yom yom yom.

  6. Oh man.

    “dont bite his ear!”
    WRARRR! (kitty scream)

    way cute.

    The horse is all
    “what’d i do?”

  7. He was trying to be gentle. About as gentle as he could be, I imagine.

  8. In David Attenborough voice:- This youngster has still to develope his technique,resulting in a nasty nip for teh Kitty. (said in cute Overload vocab)

  9. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Just horsin’ around.
    What a sweety! Mwwwwahhhh

  10. Cassandra says:

    Hmm, looks like it might have been a teensy bit of a hard kronsche towards the end there, but I’m impressed that a horsey could soft kronsche at all with those big teeth…well done sir! *tipping my hat*

  11. OMG this one came up as a related video after the soft kronsche one.

    I can tewtally hear the “Will YOu Stop touching me??!!!!!” “No you stop touching ME!” “MAAAA! He’s touching me again!” “Maaaa! He touched me first!”

  12. Persephone says:

    Hee, that was me last night — apparently I got a little too enthusiastic about neebling on my husband’s earlobe, and he said “hey! That was NOT a soft kronshe!” :p

  13. kitty thought he was being pet by a nice normal human…and then a rude awakening!!

  14. haw’ssy lips and nostrils are funneh ^^

  15. Interesting how this horse kronches the kitteh’s ear much more gently than my small dog kronche’s my kitteh’s ear. My dog could take lessons from this horse.

  16. Dont know much about horses, but I dont even think it was using teeth. Just prusing the merchandise with its lips. *nom

  17. Yeah prolly just the leeeps. Love that horseh!

  18. metz link is excellent!
    the tiger kittehs are not afraid of any-things!
    my fav. was the tiger kitteh that tree’d the bear-
    and then tree’d him again.
    only after mom and Dad called the kitteh in the house did he leave his post with that black bear up a tree! orange tiggers rule!

  19. THAT’S why my dad always told me to keep my hand flat when feeding a horse a treat. Guess kitty’s dad didn’t get the memo.

  20. Horseys have soft leeps... says:

    …and they know how to use them. They can gently pick up grapes from your hand without any tooth contact, and they feel like velvet! I think the kitteh might like it!

  21. This is the definition of interspecies snorgling.

  22. Horse is all: Kitty Kitty Lets Play. Hey Kitty wake up lets go play!!!!

    CatL: studiously ignoring the horse. I am napping here. GOOOO AWAYYYYY.
    Horse: Please KERONSH oops sorry Pardner
    Kitty: Merrr OWWWWW.

  23. Anne boleyn says:

    I’m with Jason Ozuma! This IS interspecies snorgling at its most well intentioned. Perhaps the irresistibleness of the pastel tortie because mine gets snorgled by the dogs regularly (and roughly)!

  24. OMG that video Mets linked in here is so funny the horse is deffinately teasing the cat.

  25. Horses don’t have hands– obvy- they use their mouths for a lot of ahem, social functions among themselves. Part of training horses to be polite to peoples, and other, smaller creatures, is trying to get them not to be so “mouthy.” But this horsie doesn’t seem to mean any harm.

  26. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Ah,crap!! Persephone used the word first!! Ah, well! NEEBLE NEEBLE NEEBLE NEEBLE NEEBLE ***chomp***!!

    Great video!!! XD!!!

  27. nom nom nom nom chomp (oops)
    “oh mama I so sorry, i luvs the kitteh!”
    i love the suprised look on the sweet ponies face!
    it was just so soft and nom-able he got a lil carried and gave a lil lip-pinch.

  28. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Howdie Liz old pal of mine.

  29. aww finally a horsey video! My gelding Hasan does this to my beagle, can’t resist his velvety ears! He gets a little bitey and if you make a gasp noise he looks all ashamed. “I didn’t mean to gnaw teh puppeh! sorry mum.” In return my dog will try to clean his nostrils.

    Silly aminals! =P

  30. It says “video no longer available.” Waaahh… 😦

  31. another kitty/horse encounter.

  32. My freshman Intro to Acting professor said she loved to go out in the colonial area near the college and let the horses chew on her hand.


  33. Mitsu, keep trying; maybe wait a little. It still works.

    Might try this link instead, but it’s the same video…

  34. Thanks Theo, I got t to work. 😀

    I just love this interspecies stuff!

  35. Looked like Mr. Horsey was going to eat her head for a little snack!

  36. that nibblage cracked me up! I was mostly amused by the reaction at the end when the horseh takes it one step too far and the human wiggles his finger at it while the kitteh stares at the horseh in disgust.

  37. luvinmalssomuch says:

    HELLO I’m Mr. Ed.

    Just felt like saying that. I feel better now.

  38. ehem-
    may i suggest, in the most modest of ways of course-
    Farm Animals ???

  39. hi luvins!
    waz up ?
    I love me some

  40. luvinmalssomuch says:

    ????WHAT THE

  41. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Hey Liz. Whaaaaassupppp!
    I loved that commercial.
    Mini ponies mini ponies.

  42. Liz — sure, why not…

  43. luvinmalssomuch says:

    mini ponies mini ponies

  44. ahaha so cute! <3 cheeky horses and <3 barncats

    And yeah that was a soft kronsche. Horses express affection with their teeth. They can also easily lift a person and toss them with their teeth. I speak from experience.

  45. hmm
    i seem to have missed something
    where are <3 cheeky horses and <3 barncats.
    i need to see.

  46. Liz — tilt your head to the right & reread.
    The “<3" could also be printed as "♥".

  47. See, here I always thought <3 meant blowing kisses...well..it *does* kinda look like leeps.
    Love the tortitude when the kronshe goes a little overboard.

  48. I like this horse/kitty video-esp the song!

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    I watched a couple of times and don’t see what looks like horse teefs.. just an overenthusiastic nuzzle of the ears. YUMMY kitteh ears.

  50. Daphne Moss says:

    The kronsching … adorable. Loved links to other similar YouTube videos…But did anyone else wonder how the guy in the hideous stiped tidy whities, crossing and uncrossing his legs in a way as to display himself.. WTF was THAT doing in this category?? EWWWW

  51. Daphne Moss, I didn’t notice that video until your post! that is disturbing and I’m not really sure how it got in the related videos. I eww in agreement! =P

  52. We had a horse who would “lip” you. She’d prefer our head but she would go for the shoulders too. She especially like taking off my dad’s knit cap, then proceeding with the lipping. She never bit.

  53. Tina Rhea says:

    This kitty loves the big warm comfy horsy sofa, and the horse doesn’t seem to mind (but mute the awful music!):

    I have two photos of a cat on a fence rail turning its head almost upside down to give the greeting head-bump to a pony’s nose as if it’s another cat, and then the pony nibbling the cat’s shoulders as if it’s another pony. True interspecies snorgling.

  54. Tina Rhea says:

    Okay, sorry, that WAS the same video link as posted by Boo Boo da Bad… who liked the music…?!

  55. OMGPONIES!!!!

    Tortie girl kitteh must have run off and had a very long session of ear-bathing to get the horse spit off her fur.

    “trying to sleep here… MROW!”

    I may have to soft kronsche my tortie now, and she will have the same attitude and make the same noise.

  56. jordisgirl says:

    I luvs horsey-lips! Nuzzle, Nuzzle–they are like velvet kissers! Lucky kitteh!

  57. i think the horse might have mistook the cat for a pile of very soft grass??

  58. lurkertype speaks the tortie truth. The “MREE-OW” from a tortie sounds the same whether it means: “get your horse-lips offa me” or “You have been deemed worthy to pet me now.”

    Just *living* makes tortie-girls say “MRRRAW.” Mine is currently napping so the house is relatively quiet.

  59. Awww, it went away before I got to see it. That’s the first time I can remember that happening. Was it a copywrited soft kronshe?

  60. Upon further review, NONE of the YouTube videos are available. Maybe it’s a YouTube issue.

  61. My tortie would murder me if I attempted the soft kronsche.

    But attempt it I must, in the name of all things CO.

  62. I think the horse just “lips” the cat but snuck it’s tongue in there for a taste at the end, and I think that’s what the cat didn’t like. It really doesn’t look like the horse bit the kitty.

  63. my one horse at home loves cats… loves to pick them up off fence posts… cats dont like him to much..

    one time he mistook a Skunk for a kitty with a white stripe and tried to pick it up… got himself sprayed… he has never tried to pick up a kitty anymore because they make a bad smell when you try lol.

  64. The tortie tastes good, eh? My tortie would never let me do that!

  65. I love how the kitty’s like… yeah yeah zzzz…. HEY THAT’S ENOUGH!

  66. haha, i agree, he was just using his leeps to pet the kitteh… sooo cute! 😀 Horsehs have the softest leeps. They’re, like, prehensile too :p

  67. i came here looking for a new post, but alas i am disappointed
    the cronch horsie is still the last post.
    i’m jonsin for something
    (prefer NO dude panties please)

  68. In a similar vein, but with a puppeh and licking! (and no accidental hard kronche)

  69. Mary (the first) says:

    no new posts?? BAARRRROOOOOOOOOOOO mournful howl

  70. liz – “dude panties”?

    Also, joining in with Mary on the baroos:

  71. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I came here for happiness I left here in sorrow.

  72. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    Kaye: “Dude panties” is from the “Boing, Boing, Boing” post.

  73. Ah. Thanks, IHFC. 🙂

    Theo is a clever one, he is.

  74. Kaye-
    something Theo was refering to in the posts under the little robot videos.
    i guess you maybe had to be there-
    but evidently Theo wears Dude Panties. (bah ha ha!)

  75. gah! i feel my earlier comment came across kinda nuffy! no nuffings intended, honest!

    i didn’t figure that was a bite…. just a bit of overzeal with the lips… a hard lip-kronsche, not nearly as hard as a teefs-kronsche.

    poor horsie; you don’t know your own strength. and kitty disapproves, as kitties will.

    a candidate for “cute or sad”?

  76. berthaslave says:

    That’s what you get for naming the cat “Oats”.

  77. Bev (if anyone is still reading this) truly knows the ways of tortie-tude.

  78. LOL! Too funneh!

  79. It makes sense that a tortie would be the recipient of a horse keese. Torties seem to attract lurve. Doon know how.