Dog Snax

Dewd, I like playing "Dog Snax", but you have GOT to get your own dish—this is so annoying—first it was funny "ha ha, they’re both in the dish ha ha ha" but now it’s just like, too crowded.


Amy D. P. of MooJuiceMedia, Not to maynshons the dog certainly isn’t gonna fit in there.



  1. I love the look on the black cat’s face! “Hello!”

  2. Now that’s a “PLEH!” if I ever saw one.

  3. Pleh, you are teh fat! Get off!

  4. “You’re squishing me!!”

  5. luvinmalssomuch says:

    The eyes, the eyes!

  6. Yitzysmommie says:

    MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM, he’s touchin’ meeeeeee!

  7. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh yeah, PS, they are adorables! My dog dishes never look this cute.

  8. the dog is just out of picture range, drooling.

  9. Struggles for snacks leads to whacks.

    [knickknack paddywhack leave the cats alone… – Ed.]

  10. Lower kitteh looks like a pez dispenser with his leetle tongue. Jump on kitteh, get sweet pez/dog snax!


  12. Hey, I was in here BLEEN!!!

    [wups, sorry… knee-jerk reaction… – Ed.]


  14. The black kitteh almost reminds me of that ad… “wasssssuuuuppp”…

  15. there are no kittehs in my dog bowl, or the water dish.
    do they need some special fertilizer or somethin to ge them to grow in there?
    I want.

  16. Ed…you took the cute out of my comment. It was suppose to sound like kids squabbling. Now it just sounds stupid. :(((

  17. Theo: Chortle Chortle.

  18. Kitten tongue!

  19. Redo:

    Hey, I was in here first!!!!

  20. egads… was suppose to be:


  21. This picture took me back twenty years to when my own family’s kitties were babies like this.

    Chuck and Diane both passed last year at the very ripe old age of 19 within a couple of weeks of one another.

    Too sweet and thanks for the memories this morning.

  22. KK3 — thpppppppppppppppt and nyah nee nyah.

    (but we got it… really)

  23. I forgot to mention that Chuck and Di looked EXACTLY like these two.

  24. Kitten Crackers… Every dog wants some!

  25. KK3-
    careful now.
    Theo does wuv his petty torments. 🙂
    He da man! you will submit!

  26. Seven Paws says:

    Life is just a bowl of kittehs!

  27. Electic blue eyes – ooOOOooo aaaaaaaaaaaa!

  28. charliewabba says:

    Yet another sad example of the super-sizing mania that runs rampant in restaurants these days. The doggeh in question will certainly have to ask for a doggeh bag in which to take home his leftover snacks.

  29. kitteh eyes
    food dish

  30. Anyone remember Richard Scarry? These look like Richard Scarry kittehs.

  31. Seven Paws says:

    They DO look like Richard Scarry kittehs! Especially the smiley little moufs.

  32. “good grief, you’re smashing me so bad my tongue is poppin out! get off ya moose!”

  33. And kitteh on top has the usual tuxedo expression: “Whut? Sumthin’ wrong? Huh?”

  34. Kitten ka-blue-dle.

  35. cheeky little tongue-out kitteh

  36. HALP!

    What cutie little blue-eyed fuzzies.



  38. AND SO IS I! (mmmph — yr head has a flavr)