Good grief, they’re coming out of the woodwork… um, plumbing?… anyway, this comes from the comments (thanks, TBlue!) under the last post:

Jenna kitty lives in Oz with BradiatorG.



  1. Bleen!

  2. Awwww!!! Pretty Splashy, tub kitty!

  3. Does this kitty have an orange foot???

  4. Looky: A little orange paw!

  5. Looks that way, Alessia. Pretty cool.

  6. A Pimp Named Slickback says:


  7. OK, that last comment made me laugh more than anything else all week.
    Screen name = punch line.

  8. SeaBreeze says:

    splish splash kitteh cat!!! =)

    … kitteh all done… can kitteh snuggle wiht you now?…

  9. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    Wasn’t she on here before? People asked about her orange or red thumb. Not that it matters, because she’s so cute.

  10. add a ping-pong ball for double the fun!

  11. magnificent splayed wet paw action.

    also: tail underwater

  12. Awww and the cute just keeps on coming. So an orange paw means it is probably a she unless it is one of those rare male calicos. awwwwwwww I think I need to go watch these again and again.

  13. WEll Daaa of course it is a girl Jenna Kitty. Jeesh I need to read the captions better.

  14. you guys check out Jenna kitten all grown up she is a real beauty and a tortie for sure.

    from the owners youtube

  15. J to the E says:

    Swim’n Kitty!

  16. I love it! I’m inspired…off to fill the bathtub…surely one of my 6 will want to hop in 🙂

  17. Catsquatch says:

    Now THAT is CUTE!
    I have one question though, what is wrong with her paw?
    It looks like it got skinned or something…..

  18. can you *teach* a cat to love playing in the tub? when we get our kittehs (soon, i hope!), i’d love to see them playing like this!!

  19. Catsquash: Kitty is a Calico, the paw is orange.

  20. Yitzysmommie says:

    SQUEEEE!!! This is so cute I can hardly stand it. I wonder what Yitzy would do if I tried to entice him into some water?
    YM, wondering if Teho/Meg would post pics of her bandaging her arms……

  21. sockmonstersarai says:

    She grew up to be soooooo beautiful! I mean, she was a cute baby, splashing in the tub, but my goodness! Check out that link that Annie posted! You can see her one orange paw really well.

  22. So cute! No video or pix, but last night my giant orange tabby, Harley, accidentally jumped into my hot tub–he assumed the lid was on! OMG the look on his face as he went in! I fished him out right away, but this normally attitude-full kitty was a subdued dude!

  23. Oh, wow! I didn’t even think anyone would see that comment, since I posted it a whole day after the video went up and everyone else did their comment thing.


  24. Alessia wrote: “Does this kitty have an orange foot???”

    Yes, he does. Isn’t it precious? I also have a kitty with one orange foot. Tango is a tortoise shell Norwegian Forest Cat. Her right front foot is orange, and one toe on her left back foot is orange. In fact, her name (Tango) is actually a modification of the word “tangerine,” rather than referring to the dance. “Tango” seemed more like a perky kitty name than “Tangerine.” I essentially named her after the one orange foot and the one orange toe.

    (I have a rescue kitty named Paris, too, so it’s like “Last Tango in Paris” LOL. I would never have given Paris that name, but the rescue folks asked me to keep her name when I adopted her.)

  25. It must be nice to know you are not THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD with a cat who likes to do this! God bless the internets.

  26. Claire wrote: “Catsquash: Kitty is a Calico, the paw is orange.”

    Actually, kitty is a tortoiseshell. It’s related to “calico-ness,” but is not quite the same thing. Torties, like calicos, are female.

  27. That’s a tortie for sure. Saw her grown-up pic, too, on YouTube. What a cutie!

  28. Nerdy stuff:
    Calicos have patches of orange and black with white. Torties don’t have the white. Torties also often have a kind of streaky, brindle pattern rather than patches. Either variety can be “dilute” which means they have a muted version of the colors.

  29. haha playing with kitteh’s imaginary floaty toy

  30. I like the palm tree in the bathroom!

  31. Trying to GRAB THE WATER…!
    SO darling!

  32. both these videos, they are so bizarre!!

  33. SonjaSonja says:

    Absolutely precious. So nice to see a kitteh enjoying water.

  34. My cat showers with me; He just loves water!

  35. OK, all you calico/tortie smarty-pants’… what do I call my kitten? She’s a grey/black tabby, with some orange dots on her head, and orange streaks on her stripes.


    I prefer to just say that we left her out in the rain, and she rusted, but it’d be nice to know what she really is 😉

  36. Taj–this is too crazy. I have a cat that is *identical*. Right down to the smudge on her forehead!

    Our vet calls her a diluted tortie.

  37. I also dig the palm next to the bathtub – it looks like a nice bathroom. (Now I want to get a plant for mine. It can live off steam and I won’t have to water it!)
    I also want to entice the neighbour kitten who visits me into the bath! My landlord won’t let me have a cat of my own but Abby (the kitten) makes up for it. Aaaaaaand she is a dilute tortoiseshell, just like we’ve been discussing – her fur is a jumble of grey and peach colours. I ruv her.

  38. Oh, just in case anyone thinks I am EXPLOITING someone else’s kitten, I never keep her overnight and I don’t feed her – I just enjoy her company when she strolls over from their garden.

  39. englishwoman says:

    taj –


    (seriously, probably a dilute tortie, because her tabby markings are all over. There is such a thing as a ‘torbie’, though)

  40. Aww, she’s tabby with a stray spot here and there. She’s cute as all get-out.

  41. My Paris is a dilute calico, and my third ct, Lila, is a “ginger” calico–gray and black tabby base, with rust all through her tabby markings, and white chest and feet.

  42. While I love this kitty so(!), please move the razors off the side of the tub away from her! Eeek! I was cringing every time she went near the back end (non-faucet end) of the tub!

  43. gravyboat says:

    I WISH my piddies did this!

  44. *Here* is the kitty Gata must have been referring to in the comments under the “keep swimming” post.
    tblue – you’re awesome cool and your kits are too.

  45. couscoustangerine says:

    whoa, i know im not the first to notice the orange paw, but that really caught me by suprise. it’s terribly cute! at first i thought her orange paw was a toy that she was trying to play with in the water!

  46. Looks like half the time she’s trying to bat at the black plug at the bottom, except she’s seeing the shape on the surface and thinking it’s something floating on the water. The other half the time she’s just splashing like a three year old 🙂

    I laughed out loud at the “*POUNCE* *bellyflop*”.

  47. Nicolletta says:

    Love the orange footsie. What a darling kitty!

  48. Get that kitty a floatie toy!

  49. Yitzysmommie says:

    Taj i don’t know what you’d call her except beautiful. Lovely kitty!

  50. Yays. I am so glad H2O kitteh is a tortie. My darling tortie, Dannielle, is gone now, so I relish any torties I encounter! And I agree, this one is trying to “catch” the wateres. Or trying to trap the feeling of water as she smacks it with her paw pad. Heheh.


  52. OMG, little tortie trying to catch the waves wif her widdle orange paw…


  53. You think a swimming cat is freaky, try a scuba diving cat

  54. here is a cat that likes swimming…and SCUBA…

  55. New CATegory, “Cats in Bathtubs”

  56. Very Cute!

  57. acelightning says:

    Sweet little kitty frolicking happily in the water, without a care – now *THIS* is C*U*T*E!

  58. OMG, that beats yesterday´s post. Even CUTERER!!!!

    I particularly love the underwater slow-mo moonwalk action. 🙂

  59. I remember this one… watching it today, I was like, “Yeah she’s gonna go after the tweezers, then he will stop the video. Sure enough… 🙂

    Cute how she thinks there’s something in the water she’s trying to catch.

  60. Too cute! I think my kittens might be going this way, they move like greased lighting INTO the the bathroom when they hear the shower being turned on, and God forbid you should shut them out!!

  61. This reminds me of this sweet little siamese we had when I was growing up who used to play with imaginary spots on the floor–she was a wee bit crossed eyed so the spots were probably real to her.

    Get that water, kitty! Get it!!!

    Must be one cleeeeaaan kitty.

  62. this kitteh is so little he does not know hes not supposed to like the water!
    is adorables!

  63. Next time I see hair in my bathtub drain, I will look a leetle bit closer. Might be a kitty crawling out of the pipes…

  64. It’s not a calico, calicos have white and some black. It is so cute in the tub!

  65. ker-SPLOISH!


  66. anomalous4 says:

    Invisible rubber duckie!

    Every time I see a swimming cat, it reminds me of one of Elly May’s critters on “The Beverly Hillbillies” — a cat that was always in the “cement pond” fetching a stick.

    Invisible dignity — but at least the pay was good!

  67. What does DAAWWW mean??

  68. OH MY GAWD, my baby did the same thing when we first brought her home, except in the litter box! She would dig dig dig dig dig, litter flies up behind her–hey, something’s moving behind me, gotta kill it! Dig dig dig dig dig, hey gotta kill it! And so forth.

    😀 😀 😀 😀

    I can’t get over the preciousness of kitteh attacking the WAVES!