Packing Peanuts Paws up

Um, great use of packing peanuts or GREATEST USE OF PACKING PEANUTS?!


ENHANCE + Paws up!


Margaret Y., did the peanuts have major static cling action when your kitteh got up?



  1. Peanut matching nose!

  2. Oh my gosh, that second pic is too cute for words.

  3. Pearl Ostroff says:

    That is one of the most adorable faces I have ever seen. The expression on it is priceless.

    Huh? How did I do this?

  4. SPLODE.

    This kitty is even prettier awake than asleep.

  5. he/she looks like my ragdoll!

  6. misscrisp says:

    Gosh, I love the back jellybeans in the first pic…kitteh is bathing in pinkness! So Qte!!

  7. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Squee!!! I’m surprised how many kitties love lying in this schtuff!! My cats think it’s food tho, so we hafta pitch it, lol! THERIOUTHLY!!

    CUTE PIX!!

  8. yay to you for the colbert report shout-out!

  9. Come on, who hasn’t spent a lazy afternoon rolling around in some packing peanuts? Um, not ME!

    Kitty looks really comfy.

  10. Awww…the kitty looks like “are you sending me away? Don’t you want me anymore? Why are you packing me up??” Talk about pitiful expressions! I bet the kitty got lots of love after that pose. Very cute.

  11. she’s beautiful. i just hope they’re careful. one of our kittehs got violently ill after ingesting one.

  12. i love siamese… such pretty eyes.

    (they are great singers, as well)

  13. Sending it away? I thought it was fresh from the factory. Y’know, with that new car smell.

  14. What a sad little kitty face!

  15. This kitty looks just like my ragdoll Lucky. Too cute for words!!! I wanna just pick her up and kiss her little nose…

  16. Fragile.
    Handle with care.
    This end up.
    Void where prohibited.
    Close cover before striking.
    Lavish with love and attention until I clearly indicate that I’ve had enough, thank you very much.

  17. OMG, Port-a-Snorg has a mailing service!!!!!!!! I’ll take 3!

    *waits on the front steps for the mailman*

  18. Oh, and, before the Nuffs show up and complain that the kitty is in a dangerous household full of choking hazard poison peanuts, allow me to say this:

    When the green-is-good / crap-we’re-destroying-the-ground-beneath-our -feet movement started ramping up, many companies began making their packing peanuts out of corn and potato starch, leaving the environment-raping styrofoam behind. It’s also safer for any animals, small children, or curious grown-ups *shifty eyes* who may take a nibble.

    They’re now making “plastic” forks, spoons, knives, etc out of potato starch. So much better for the environment, but not so good in the microwave… *more shifty eyes*

  19. I love the expression on the face!!! To me she’s all “What? I sleep here all the time – you know that.” Personally I HATE those peanut things. My cat tries to eat them too. And they stick to EVERYTHING…

  20. Why aren’t MY eyes that blue???

    I want to see the “after” picture with the peanuts stuck to kitty’s fur! hehee!

  21. nice colbert reference, meg…!!

  22. Oh what a frumpy expression on his/her face on that second pic.

    Why so sad kitty kat? I know, she sees a big pair of hands about to scoop here up from her packing peanut heaven.

  23. Clusterphobes beware!

  24. cute

  25. what a sweet face

  26. Just a note says:

    Since the packing-peanuts are pink, it means they are anti-static.. so no clinging-to-the-fur action there..

  27. This was The Daily Kitten for Oct 28th.

  28. awwwwwww what a sweet little kitteh face. awwwwwwwww. i want to kiss kiss!!

  29. Oh, that’s IKEA Cat! (some assembly required)

    (it’s a LOL Cat reference 😉

  30. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    “curious grown-ups *shifty eyes* who may take a nibble.”

    They don’t taste so good. I recommend adding salt.

  31. hey
    dis looks like my friend’s cat Mia (as described in plastic grocery bag kitty escapade)

  32. Both the kitty and the packaging look edible, strawberry flavour. Liz. Iv’e tried the corn packaging. Yuck!

  33. Sorry that should have been Lizzy.

  34. P. Erasmus says:


  35. Yitzysmommie says:

    Gosh, next box I get with packing peanuts in it I’m going to dig through to see if I can find one of these inclusions!

  36. I love the corn packing peanuts! Compostable, dissolve in water even. I think they are essentially cheese puffs without the orange powder. My dog thinks they are treats, though.

  37. That kitty has the prettiest eyes EVAR.

  38. Wow, Lizzie, thanks for the info on the packing peanuts – I didn’t know that! Lunch, anyone? 😉

  39. tracyFlick says:

    Eh. Send it back. It’s not the color I wanted.

  40. tracyFlick says:

    JUST KIDDING! 🙂 It fits perfectly.

  41. anomalous4 says:

    There’s a pic floating around somewhere in the LOLuniverse that shows a cat covered in static-clinging packing peanuts. “ok, i’m finished packing. you can clean up now.”

    The packing-box LOLcat I really love is the one where you can’t see kitteh’s ears: “mah ears iz backordurd.”

    As for the biodegradable packing peanuts, the first time I saw them, I just HAD to find out whether it was really true that they dissolved in water. So I ran some water on one, and sure enough. Then I dumped the rest of them in the toilet and watched gleefully as they all did the plop plop fizz fizz thang.

    Guess it doesn’t take much to turn some people on. =grin=

  42. AHA, I knew it!

    Some assembly required!

    You’re a btvs fan!
    Only that could explain your incredible wit!

  43. Awww! This little guy was up on the Daily Kitten a few days back… how absolutely sickeningly cute!

  44. My friends and I having a debate. Cute overloaders please weigh in. How many cats do you have to have before you turn into a crazy cat lady?

  45. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Okay,anomalous4, now I gotta try doing that in tha toilet! Look what you started!! 😛

  46. browngrl, if you look at the back of the box for the Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure, you’ll see all the qualifications listed. Despite the fact that I own TWO such action figures, I don’t yet qualify, since I don’t have more cats than ex-boyfriends. Whoops, maybe I do.

  47. P Erasmus, that Charlie video KILLED me. Stuff squirted out my nose and everything. And we think cats never learn!

  48. Ikea Cat… (Some assembly required.)

  49. Since this kitty is already packed up, can you just send her to me? Pleeeeeeeease?

  50. Chinchillazilla says:

    How cuuuute. The little folded paws are the best.

    Nice Colbert reference, by the way.

  51. FourKitsatHome says:

    Browngrl, the number of cats doesn’t really determine Crazy Cat Lady status. If you knit sweaters for any cat, you are a CCL. If you have birthday parties for any cat, you are a CCL. Buying Xmas presents for your cats qualifies you as a CCL. Commissioning portraits of a cat also qualifies you as a CCL. I have met non-CCL’s with 10 cats, and CCL’s with only 1 cat. If your friends really need a number, take the number of cats you currently live with and add one.

  52. we decided 7 cats = crazy cat lady, but by FourKitsatHome criteria we are all crazy cat ladies so there you go

  53. You mean… some people DON’T buy presents for their meow kitties? *hands start to shake in terror, face pales* NoooOOOOoooOOOOO!!!!

  54. prety blue-eyes! i think more than three cats makes a crazy cat lady…

  55. but fourkits makes a good point!

  56. It would be funnier and twice as cute if the kitteh’s name was actually “Peanuts”…

    Ya know, “packing Peanuts”??? Oh, never mind…

  57. Simple answer to your question browngrl. You become a “Crazy cat lady” when you have too many to take proper care of.

  58. “Browngrl, the number of cats doesn’t really determine Crazy Cat Lady status. If you knit sweaters for any cat, you are a CCL. If you have birthday parties for any cat, you are a CCL. Buying Xmas presents for your cats qualifies you as a CCL. Commissioning portraits of a cat also qualifies you as a CCL…”

    Oh shoot. I had a party for my younger cat when I got him, I buy them Xmas presents every year, and I just got the name of a guy who is going to paint a portrait of my older cat. Only two cats, and I’m already a CCL.

  59. Second pic sez “WHY did you wake meeee?!”

  60. OMG – this cat was separated at birth from mine (entirely possible, she was found in a parking lot)!


  61. please forward to my house-

    Liz’s House
    West Coast
    Pacific Northwest(to be exact)

    Fed Ex Overnight please!

  62. What a beautiful photo! I love how the kitty’s nose is the same color as the packing peanuts.

  63. Mary (the first) says:

    I only have one cat but apparently I’m a CCL since I do buy her presents and have a portrait of her w/ late cat (although that was offered to me and I couldn’t bear to say no .. I didn’t actually commission it). I think crazy cat lady is people who have cat “theme” stuff everywhere.. pillows, tshirts, hand towels, you know what I mean. AND a bunch of cats. And who if you go to their house there is no where to sit because there are cats and we can’t disturb the cat to claim a chair. That would be my feeling about CCL.

  64. berthaslave says:

    OMG y’all…I’ve been out of town and am just persuing the last five days of pix….but this one is AWESOME because I often check CO while working at my family’s packing and shipping store and am SURROUNDED by packing peanuts and bubble wrap. I think we’ve found our holiday card!

  65. Margaret Y. says:

    Yay! Never figured that there might be a possibility for my kitty to show up on a Christmas card for a business. If you do end up using the picture, let toss me an e-mail at :o)

  66. anomalous4 says:

    ooooooOOOOOOOOOOooooooohhhhhh OMG, =huggz= teh most keeee-Y0000000000test-est li’l raccoonie kitteh evar! =kissz= WANT!!!