Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

I think this kitty’s earned herself an "Unusual Animals" tag.

I love how she even has a floaty toy to play with.
DBrito602, what’s the biggest fish she’s ever caught?



  1. Luckiest. Cat owner. Ever.

  2. This is just too sweet and too funny for words!!

  3. Animalphiles Annie says:

    That’s just not natural!

  4. Aaw, what a sweet kitty. She seemed a bit confused but enjoyed herself.

  5. Sooo adorable! What a happy kitty!

  6. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    That is amazing! I can’t believe the cat didn’t mind, and even seemed to want, the water running. I have some that are fascinated with water but they only sit on the edge of the tub and disappear when the water’s on too hard. Amazing. And such interesting markings! What a cat!

  7. Andrea|Nash says:

    I kept waiting for her to dive for her toy, but she di’int have to! She just pawed it to the surface!

    Smart cute cat!

  8. Andrea|Nash says:

    Oh … and bleen.

  9. Did anyone else notice the Exceptionally Long Tail? Cute!

  10. I wonder how many COers will be inspired to let their kitties play in the tub, with deezaaastrus results. I know I’m tempted!

    My cat has been known to sit on the side of the bath keeping me company and let the end of her tail trail in the water, but she’s never got right in.

  12. Our cat, Cipher, loves to sit on the edge of the tub while I’m bathing. Occasionally dipping a cautious paw into the water. I live in fear of the day she falls in and desperately claws my shredded body in her frantic attempt to get the heck out.

  13. My kitten is fascinated by the water; I wouldn’t be surprised if he jumped right into the tub once he’s big enough not to drown!

    He jumped into the shower as soon as I turned the water on last week — he learned a very important lesson! Now he waits until I’ve been in the shower a good while before he comes venturing over.

  14. wagthedogma says:

    Is that a floaty toy or was someone just a bad kitty?

  15. She looks like she might be part Turkish Angora; I remember reading that they usually enjoy swimming. LOL Adorable!

  16. She must be part tiger – they love the water too.

  17. Redhead01 says:

    I wish my cat was like that.It would be so easy
    to give him a bath.
    I’ve never tried it though,
    I’m to scared.

  18. I luff her. What a sweetie! Wonder what she would do if they turned on the jets?

    And, Darn it! I’m gonna be singing like Dory for the rest of the day now! Major earworm!

  19. I will not let my cat see this video. He would be traumatized for life.

  20. @ Wagthedogma. No I dont think anyone dropped a kid at the pool :). Just a scruchie or something.
    The tail is teh excellent.

  21. I like the land shark tail sticking up out of the water…too much!

  22. long tail is long

  23. Looks like a Turkish Van. Lovely and surprising kitty. Hope she got a nice warm towel afterwards!

  24. Coolest. Cat. Ever.

  25. And I thought MY cat was weird for sleeping on my chest in the tub.

    Awesome cat.

  26. UmmaGawd! My kitties like to “help” when I shower or wash the dishes, but they never get in further than their armpits, and they always keep their back-end dry. That’s just too much!

  27. i’ve never seen a cat like water before. Weeeird.

  28. Awww. I had a siamese-x that loved the tub too. Some cats, contrary to what nuffs believe, love water, baths, and swimming. And they’re not always Turkish, either.

    <3 this video!

  29. Like someone posted previously, kitteh must love baffs. Must be easier to kleen her. hehe.

  30. She looks much more comfortable than the kitties in the swimming pool in that other video–of course, those guys just had naturally big eyes.

  31. SixFootJen says:

    Okay, EVERYBODY REMEMBER THIS the next time there’s a cat-in-bath photo and someone posts a “oh you are so cruel because all cats hate water you are a bad person” message!

  32. Awesome, awesome kitty!!
    Next time, let’s see some bubble bath in the mix!

  33. OMG, so cute! What cool markings!

  34. Bubble bath would taste icky!

  35. Love it…absolutely love it. Kitteh makes it look fun

  36. Thank you SixFootJen. You took the words right out of my mouth. That last round of blasting that guy giving his cat a bath upset me. Just to be clear, what upset me was blasting the guy, not him bathing the cat. Unless you have tried to bathe every cat on the planet, you cannot say that cats hate water and that it is torture for each and every one of them. This kitteh settles this discussion in a most lovely way.

  37. That kitty is cute… she thinks she’s a duck.

  38. That looks like a turkish van. They love water. Mine will jump in the tub with me if I leave the door open. He loves to swim around in the tub.

  39. LOL @ Marmar — I love the visual of trying to bathe every cat on the planet…

  40. She is a beautiful kitty and it looks like she is having a great time in the bath.

  41. want!

  42. I love how she keeps her tail above water. I don’t blame her.

    Do you guys know how long it takes to reset a tail once it’s been wet?

  43. This cat used to be all black….see what happens when you leave them in the water too long?

  44. That Kitteh is having FUN! Love it. I want one please.

  45. Ooh I wanna give that kitty a snorgle! Or a snorkle. I dunno which. Both!

  46. Obviously an alien species owned by an evil maniac who intends to take over the world. Or maybe just a cat that likes water.

  47. Not sure it’s CO, but it’s definitely interesting.

  48. I actually have a water baby. When she was about 6 months old, she started getting into the bath with me every single time I took one. Sometimes she’d even beat me to the tub while I had it running! Didn’t ever matter how deep it was, either, she was happy as a clam. 🙂

    She doesn’t do it as much now, unfortunately, but every now and then I get a surprise guest in my baths.

  49. Yitzysmommie says:

    Gata wins funniest comment award from me and Yitzy!
    What a great video of an amazing kitty cat. I tried to interest the Yitz in the vid, but he’s curled up in his cat bowl next to me snoozeling and wouldn’t look up.

  50. Aww, my orange kitty likes to get in the tub when I get out and wade around in the water. he’s a weirdo 🙂 Love the video.

  51. Andrea|Nash says:

    Gata, that’s funny!

    Theresa and Mary, what’s a Turkish Van, eh?

  52. That is freaking hilarious…and weee-uhd!

    When the disembodied hand reached out to turn on the water, I was prepared for carnage to ensue, but no. Kitteh was just like “ehh…whatevs. I’m going down here now…”

  53. Andrea|Nash says:

    Wow! Just googled turkish van. You’re right!

  54. Cute! She needs more bath toys, though.

  55. My meow will climb in the tub when it’s still wet… she has those Soft Paws on so she gets stuck in there! My mom has to go lift her out.

    I wonder if she really just wants to go swimming…

  56. Props for the Finding Nemo ref in the title. Word.

  57. Kittykutie says:

    That is the cuttist cat swim ever!! ( it is only the second Iv see a cat swim.)

  58. Whew! CO is cute again with this, and the peanuts kitty, and kissing red pandas.

    My cats run when the tub water is running (and they don’t get bathed in the tub either).

  59. I gave my kitteh a mini-bath today. (Her tootsies smelled icky and the smell was interfering with my snorgling, so I washed ’em.) She’s pretty good about it. But she gives me that meow that says, “If you weren’t my mommy, I’d bite you.” I think it’s funny though because she has been known to go wading in a few inches of bath water for fun. Certainly not swimming though. She’s not a Turkish Van either. Burmese. Nevertheless, she’s been giving me the evil eye for hours. But her tootsies smell much better and she’s getting lots of snorgles!

  60. I’m a cat, I’m a kitty cat.
    And I swim swim swim
    And I swim swim swim!

  61. My cat likes water too and is mixed breed, but draws the line at water over his ankles. When he was a baby, i had to train him *not* to get in the shower with me the day he jumped in and got dandruff shampoo all over his feet. I held him around his middle and held him up below the shower head to rinse his feet. He didn’t fight, just turned his head so it couldn’t hit him in the face. he would jump in with me as soon as he was old enough to get over the side of the tub. At least one of his brothers liked to soak in a filled tub with his owner. Wierd!

  62. AMAZING!!! My kitty will TOLERATE a bath… But makes whimpering and whirring noises the ENTIRE time. But he loves the shower… and wants to lick My legs when I get out of the shower! (laughing)

  63. Is it me or does the cat look frightened and is looking for a way out? I dunno maybe Im just imagining things. Had cats that like water but this one doesnt look comfortable for some reason.

  64. Cauliflower says:

    I like the kitty’s tail. Gotta keep that tail and head dry.

  65. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Charlie, it’s just you. Kitteh is pretty laid back. She is going around in circles looking for her toy, which she catches in the very last frame of the vid. She’s not giving any distress signals that I can see, and the only noise is the running water from the faucet and an inaudible remark from her human in the background. She’s just a happy, unusual kitteh.

  66. Head high, tail high, happy kitty wading!

  67. She’s definitely not in distress, Charlie. The edge of the tub is not high at all — if she was unhappy she’d be up and over it in a flash.

  68. Yubi Shines says:

    Cat owner says, “[cat name], you’re crazy.” Which about sums it up.

  69. Happenstance says:

    Amazing. So calm in chin-high water, not disturbed at all by the faucet being opened. (I loved how the cat kept its tail up out of the water. What, you didn’t want to get it wet?)

  70. That is TOO precious. What a cool cat! 😀

  71. That’s just too funny!! I love how her tail is still all dry and fluffy!

    I should get a vid of my little hedgehog swimming laps. 🙂 Maybe she’d be famous.

  72. I loved the close-up with the big pupils–that is one happy cat. My tabby is fascinated with water, too.

  73. Very cute. I love how the kitty paddles in the water. Also, I think that someone has already mentioned this, but the kitty has beautiful markings, I’ve never seen an all-white body with a black tail.

  74. lori,

    My 2-year-old Norwegian Forest kitty used to sleep on my chest in the tub when she was smaller, but she grew up to be a large kitty, so she doesn’t any more. My 3-year-old Turkish Angora now likes to sit on the side of the tub and stand with her front paws on my chest. That’s a new thing, though–she’s only been doing it for a couple of months.

    As for the cutest cat in water video, I love this one, but I have saved the link for what I think is a much cuter one: a little black kitten who keeps smacking the water as if IT is a toy!:

    Tell me you don’t think that is a riot and a half!

  75. Oh, BTW–

    My cats also like to get in the tub right after the water has been drained, but that’s because the tub is very warm after I have drained it, since I take VERY hot baths

  76. My kitty has been eyeing the bathtub for a while and finally jumped in last night. He was surprised at first, but didn’t jump out. He seemed to like it!

  77. Funny combination: I had the ad that asked “How do you get to Antarctica?” and this post answered “Just keep swimming”!

    Love the black kitten tub video. Does she have orange Soft Paws on one foor?

  78. Rdhwyalane says:

    I believe that cat is a Turkish Van, who are known to like water.

  79. This does indeed look like a Turkish Van. I owned a Turkish Van, and not only did you have to watch her carefully when you ran the tub (she WOULD get in but I had to make sure it wasn’t too hot first, because she never checked), but she also played in her water bowl and drowned all her toys in it. I also owned a Javanese who loved showers, though not baths. He’d get right in the shower with me or my husband and demand to be picked up (I used to show pedigreed cats in alter classes for friends).

  80. Her tail is a fan.

  81. bonniewray says:

    Loved that cat video! Like tblue, I also saved a link to a most amazing cat video. The cat that not only enjoys swimming but also scuba diving!

  82. My blue kitty likes to be in the bathroom when I take a shower… he claws at the water stream like it’s a piece of string! He would never jump in the tub though.

    Also, he attacks the shower curtain from the outside if I point the shower head at the curtain. He is a silly cat.

  83. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    LOL! The tail held high and dry reminds me of going swimming when I was little, and the old ladies (or at least that’s what I thought when I was seven…) would swim the breaststroke ever-so-carefully to make sure their ‘dos stayed nice and dry. There were those, and there were the ones who wore those fabulous flower-covered swimcaps that I wish I had now. But I never saw a swimming kitty :), wet tail or dry.

  84. How did you get kitteh to get so comfortable playing in the water? So lucky!!
    Love that kitteh!!!

  85. OOOooooOOOOOooo!!! A Turkish Van! I have wanted one of these for so long.

  86. Andrea|Nash says:

    I loved “The Boondocks” in the Atlanta paper whrn I lived there.

    What’s Sony TV? A network? (I currently live in “the boondocks” which I hope is a good excuse for my ignorance); and, of course, as usual, I’ll be going to bed after my last post, which I hope excuses my not saying “thank you” (or “I’m sorry”) to whatever responses may come.

  87. That’s one cool cat, in every sense of the word.

  88. To Mrs Catlabash (wherever you are!):
    If you really want a bathing cap, they have them at http://www.VermontCountryStore.com where you can get all kinds of cool old-fashioned things (like a manual typewriter!). Don’t know if they have the kind with the flowers tho!

    I absolutely love this kitty video. I rarely do baths so I don’t know if any of my 5 would get in or not!

    Am I a bad mom cuz I don’t bathe my cats? They are indoor-only and seem to do a good job. I think I’ve read it wasn’t necessary??

  89. anomalous4 says:

    I’ve heard that Abyssinians like water too.

    p.s. L-u-u-u-u-uv the all-black tail!

  90. Wow. That is amazing! And I thought tigers were the only ones that liked water.

    The URL is (I hope…I don’t know if it will turn out right since it’s MySpace) to a video of tigers swimming. I couldn’t find the actual Animal Planet show I saw that explained how tigers loved water…this is the next best thing.

  91. My beloved Josh (rip) was great in the tub. He was diabetic since birth and would get flakey sometimes. He never complained while getting his bath. But once I was finished and toweled him off, he would give me one look…one hiss..then zoom outta there! 🙂 Kitters, however, would hug onto me (I actually had to get in there with her) the whole time. He eyes would say, “Mama, we are getting wet!!!” Emma takes it in stride like the classy cat she is!

  92. ooops… Kitters was a girl and I meant to say, “HeR eyes would say…”

  93. ee-gawd Mom!
    quit with the water! is deep enough already!
    paaaa-dle -paaaa-dle
    schwim schwim schwim…

  94. That cat is stressed! Look at the size of her pupils!!! Get her out of that water!

  95. I was wondering that too Charlie and Becky – the cat just looks like it wants to get out to me, but then again, I don’t have cats, so I have no basis for comparison.

  96. When the kitty wants out, nothing’s stopping her.

  97. PayAttention says:


    Christ, people. All organisms’ pupils dilate if there isn’t enough light. So the bathroom might be a bit dark. And did it look like there was a door blocking the cat’s way of escape or that the bath walls were too high? No!

    Man. Some people just have no powers of observation at all.

    Other than that, I really want a Turkish Van. Their “like” of water could have less to do with a real enjoyment but rather that their fur type is water-friendly and dries quickly.

  98. mlisaoverdrive says:

    Maybe the kitten is remembering her tiger ancestry?

  99. That’s wasting precious water. Not cute anymore.