Boing! Boing! Boing!


The best part is, if it’s rainy and miserable outside, he doesn’t actually need the walkies.  Still, you might want to keep an eye on him around your Roomba.

Seen on the New Scientist Blog last Friday, Scout II the pup-o-tron is the brainchild of James Andrew Smith.
Thirdly, Nosevember is more what you’d call a "guideline" than an actual rule.  😉



  1. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I’m at a loss for words.

  2. We’re back in the realm of avant-garde cute.

  3. Hee hee! Now I *KNOW* what I want for Christmas!

  4. The perfect pup for apartment dwellers. Don’t have a yard? Don’t need a yard!

  5. These kids are driven to this kind of experimenting by the fact that dogs aren’t allowed in the dorms.

  6. honey I have to stop and buy oil for the dog…..

  7. He’s gonna grow up to be a Tachikoma! ( )

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    DO WANT!!!
    Laughing hard here and struck with an irresistable urge to BOING into work….

  9. Katzndogz says:

    Ooooh. Youtube embeds. Now in orange!

  10. Oh. My. God.

    And just like a real dog, the noise is cute now, but prolly not so cute come 3a.m. when he suddenly decides he wants an oil change.

  11. my god,its so loud. so obnoxiously loud. and i will take five. now please.

  12. omg! the dog leaked on the carpet again – can someone get the Oil Dry out?

    Maybe this is a pet my hubby will let me have? Although the boing-boing sound may have to go.

  13. oh god,people,the lingo from you know where. can we please stop that?? im almost in therapy over it as it is,man. (re: ‘do want’) *curls up into tiny ball* (its not cute,its sad.)

    [M — the “DO WANT” and “DO NOT WANT” meme-thing isn’t from here, or Cheezburger either, for that matter… – Ed.]
    [ ]

  14. One Skunk Todd says:

    Just what the world needs, yippy dog robots. 🙂

  15. Day-amn! That’s how I want my next car to operate. Think of the advantages. Cute nothing, there’s serious potential in what they’ve concocted.

  16. That’s just *sad*.

    “We’re fresh out of oil, but we’ve saved a fortune on dog food. Our mechanic is overjoyed!”

  17. Well the first one could wear a Jack Russel Suit to fit it’s build.
    But the second One,That is all Bull Dog.

    HEhehe Just got a mental image of my four cats if that showed up at my house.

  18. DO NOT WANT!!! Creepy as hell, that thing is. Reminds me of a huge mechanized spider.

  19. But there’s no poop>!>!>! What will my husband do with his spare time?

  20. umm…this is not cute.

  21. WHY???!! Don’t these people have anything better to do? That thing looks seriously difficult to design. Couldn’t they have used all that brainpower to make something USEFUL?

  22. Aiyaa~ You sure you want to be linking Encyclopedia Dramatica here? It’s more than a little NSFW. D:

    [Kaye — let’s just say the comments are a little more free-form than the official posts… – Ed.]

    Anyway.. I’m a CS major, so I tend to love nerdy/geeky things. XD I was tempted to buy a Roomba just because I think they’re adorable. But if they sold this pup in stores? I’d totally buy it! And I’d keep it forever on its “Bounding” option.

  23. my cat is a blob says:


  24. TeratoMarty says:

    It is cute in a highly nerdy way, not unlike myself.

  25. This doesn’t belong here.. its not real, its not cute, its a robot. Are people just running out of cute animal pics? I rather wait a day or two than post something irrelevant just to have something to look at on this site.

    [So wait! – Ed.]

  26. rebecca, if you were in a bomb squad, or in a search and rescue team, you’d be very happy someone used their brainpower for this. Very. Happy.

  27. luvinmalssomuch says:

    chill it’s TGIF mmmmmmk?

  28. awwwwwwesome

  29. thank god it’s Nuff Day huh?

  30. Not cute.

  31. I want two. One to sniff the other ones rear components.

  32. I usually love everything that is posted on this site.. I’m a little annoyed that I took the time to watch these videos, they’re stupid! That’s just not cute at all.

  33. creativegirl says:

    I particularly enjoyed the POTC reference to Nosevember.

  34. That wasn’t cute, that was scary! Waah!

  35. Yay! Doctor Who reference FTW!

  36. creativegirl – I can’t find an image of the nose close up in POTC III. May be a good thing. (sniff, sniff-sniff)

  37. icyb, does the bomb squad need it to “bound”?!

  38. i <3 robots


  39. Clever,but ultimately stupid. Try snorgling this and you would be hospitalised.
    Theo. Whats a CS major?Chip Shop? In that case I’ll have cod and chips a pickled onion and a Gherkin.

  40. Cute Overload???? No.

  41. I kept watching, waiting to see a cat or dog jump in or something. Nothing. Nada. 3 minutes I will never get back, sigh.

  42. rebecca, Robots are now and will be in the future a significant aspect of space travel, interplanetary colonization, manual labor, assisted living for the disabled (cybernics), on and on. When designing robot locomotion, all manner of terrains are taken into account. Odd as it sounds, by far the most difficult aspect of robotics design is practical locomotion. Designers are attempting to create robots that can nimbly traverse deep snow, stairs, ice, loose gravel, sand, mud, etc., and it’s a complicated process that often looks silly. Those silly movements may later develop into a very useful ability for a robot to have. Designers often emulate animals, since nature has done such a superb job of designing agile locomotion.

  43. Wow, I can’t believe my first CO post is for this! I thought the bounding was very cute, but the 2nd vid was just awesome. That is serious technology, a lot of thought and wires went into that, and it is AMAZING what it can do! I second Michelle’s post. And hope that this doesn’t become the “next big thing” for Christmas ’09 or something silly like that. Technology like this, while possibly frightening, is also really cool, and really exciting.

  44. yesyes new scientist… i wrote to new scientist once:

  45. Rebecca — LOL! Not the minesweepers, either.

    MNash and CreativeGirl — gold star for you both.

  46. hmmm. I can’t decide what to think about that. Cute? Not cute? still up in the air for me.
    PS-can someone please tell me what ‘FTW’ and ‘NSFW’ means?

  47. cici

    “for the win” and “not safe for work”

  48. (sorry,should have been more specific. i know where the do not want thing is from. i just dont like saying it ‘out loud’ because i hate it so badly. 4chan is vile. thats all. i didnt mean cute overload is bad.)

  49. unless theyre somehow affiliated….?? >_<

  50. I’ll take ’em! I’ll take twelve!

  51. I don’t know, M. /an/ has its moments.. >>
    But no, I totally agree. The CO’ers and 4channers are two VERY different crowds.

  52. LuvBJones says:


    I think bots can be mighty cute, especially this bouncy little number!

  53. Interesting. But the noise would drive me bonkers after about 30 seconds. Still… what’ll those nerds think up next?

  54. Cuteness to the max, boo at anyone who says otherwise – come on guys, if you don’t find it cute then fine, but the only reason I can think for actually writing about it is to ruin it for people who do find it cute or funny or whatever. And if you think you wasted your time watching it, why waste even further time by complaining about it? Jeez.

    Anyway, I love robots, and this buddy here is one of the cutest I have ever seen – oh how I giggled at the bouncing! I approve of this post! *heart*

  55. Riikka, that’s a nuff’s hobby. Harshing the cute. Aren’t they impressive?

  56. Yeah, sooooo not cute. I can’t believe I just wasted minutes of my life watching that.

  57. Finally home where I can watch teh vids. Mightily impressive. The possibilities are mind boggling.
    They’re kinda cute too. The human(s) that made them are prolly cute.

  58. omg you all just wasted time watching this when you could have been watching Dancing With The Stars!

  59. That was the opposite of cute. What do these noisy obnoxious robots have to do with cute things? Uh, nothing…

  60. How is this cute?? I’ve never been truly disappointed with a CU pic until today!

  61. I guess I don’t see these as having commercial potential right now. Aren’t they looking into these types of robotics for more functional uses? I thought that the military and the space industry were the big players pushing for for development.

  62. That first video shows exactly what my dog does when someone comes through the front door.

    Boing boing boing boing…

  63. We can never have enough bounding in the world.

    This is tewtelly cute. I support this little guy, as well as K-9 and Tachikomas.

  64. acelightning says:

    I’m not sure whether this is exactly “cute”, although it’s very tempting to perceive it as an over-eager specimen of one of the “toy” breeds. But the implications are awesome – scale it up, and you’ve got a wheelchair that can go up and down stairs and travel on uneven surfaces; you’ve got a robotic explorer that can outdo the Mars Rovers; you’ve got a remote-operated unit that can do search & rescue in a mine accident or an earthquake-collapsed buildings. That’s got to be as important as cuteness.

  65. I had a walking electronic dog about 40 years ago, and he was MUCH cuter than those bots.

    I’ve only subbed to this site recently, but I’ve already noticed it going downhill with gratuitous posts like this one , and some non-cute posts about a week ago. Oh well, it was cute while it lasted. Guess I’ll have to keep an eye open for other cute feeds ready to swoop in and take over once people get tired of non-cute posts to generate revenue.

  66. Boring and not cute.

  67. AMAZING! Moving on to some forward thinking, I look forward to some industry applications! I saw some mechanical bugs (worms, ants, grasshoppers, etc) a few years back, they were amazing too! In the meantime, put some cute faux-fur on the things with some goo-goo eyes and maybe a felt tongue or something…also how about designing a sound buffer for the boing machine? The poor things are naked!

  68. YAAAAAAAY! says:

    OMG I WANT ONE!!!!!1!!!!!!

  69. Okay, I will say that I don’t find the machine particularly cute (I guess I’m not as geeky as I thought) but I do find the technology impressive. And I find the way this thing boings and sproings and bounces around positively hilarious!

  70. It has no fluff, no big eyes, and no accompanying urge to press my face into it’s belly or play tickles… yet it’s still cute.

    I must re-evaluate my life now.

  71. Ugh, now I remember why I try not to read the CO comments. Guys, if you’re really honestly that concerned that YOU voluntarily took a valuable two minutes out of your busybusybusy schedule to watch something that didn’t suit your discerning palate, take a deep breath. Close your eyes? Get over it. And honestly, you could get a pretty good idea of what the videos were about within the first five seconds. If you didn’t like it, no one forced you to keep watching.

    Meg doesn’t owe you anything, you’re not paying her to browse this site, heck you don’t even have to register to look at it. If you don’t agree with the “cute”-ness levels of a particular post? Keep it to yourself.

    Personally, I find posts like this amazing. It’s cute, in a weird way, but as others have pointed out, I’m more intrigued by the practical usage for something like this, it has plenty of potential. So to those who are whining about how “useless” this project is, hush. If nothing else, these are the engineers who will be designing your future technology.

    It’s not fluffy puppies and kittens, but it is neat.

  72. Aluriaphin says:

    If you watch the second one with Europe’s “Final Countdown” playing in the background it becomes freakin’ hilarious. Someone should def. edit it in! XD

  73. anomalous4 says:

    WANT. Want Roomba too (ferret optional). Want to see them duke it out. (One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV was when a Roomba scooped up the bullet shells at a crime scene on NCIS while McGee’s back was turned.)

    Oh. And want to put my fake-fur hat on hoppy robot and let it out in the hall to be tribble. =grin=

    *is obsessed*

    Or maybe a pet for a gundam? Hey, even giant robots need some lovin’. 😉

  75. The first one looks like the “dog” Ta-kun from FLCL.

    All the camera needed to to do was pan up to reveal a young girl in a school uniform smoking away and it would have been perfect.

  76. this is so not cute

  77. bcteagirl says:

    Thank you lizbeast!

    And thank you Meg for posting this! The ‘pushing the limit’ cute is actually why I started coming here regularily (Although it is all good:P).. Bounding! yay!!!

  78. What really made this for me was the alt text of the top video.

    [to paraphrase Declan MacManus: your aim is true, Alison. – Ed.]

  79. If you don’t agree with the “cute”-ness levels of a particular post? Keep it to yourself.

    -I believe that’s why theres a COMMENT section? I don’t see any rules about only posting NICE comments, or rather fake ones.. where you can’t give your honest opinion.

  80. Except, y’know, negative comments do a lot less to influence the content selection process than to simply make the commenter seem annoying, “Annoyed” (I’m withholding your normal screen name out of courtesy). Meg and I have a pretty good handle on what’s C.O.-postable and what’s not. And for the record, it’s never going to be a homogenous lineup; variety and weirdness there shall surely be. Most especially on Fridays.

    Just commentin’.

  81. to each his own. cuteness is in the eye of the beholder of the cute.
    you will see by the evidence-

    ‘Posted by Theo on November 2, 2007 ‘

    this is clearly a DUDE post.
    and I think most dudes would find this kind of thing more appealing than most chicks.
    So, lets all play nice and let the guys have a few.
    there nothing wrong with a little mechanical cute once in a while.
    So ya’all dont get your panties in a wad.

  82. Your DUDE PANTIES, that is.

  83. BAH HA HA!
    Good lord he’s a funny guy!
    (tears pouring down face)
    Am I right Girls???

  84. The robots are even CUTER than all the nuffs!

    But in both cases, you just want to pinch their cheeks, even though you know it’ll break your fingers!

  85. I don’t check CO very often any more because I’m not very fond of puppies and ferrets, but this — this is worth coming for! Amazing cuteness. Sorry I didn’t see it sooner. Oh…want, want, want. I’ve got a cute robot or two, but nothing quite this cute. Yup, gonna have to work on getting some more robots around the house.

    Did I mention that it’s cute? Cute, I tell you!

  86. I wouldnt say it’s cute.

  87. [grasps chest melodramatically]
    Not fond of PUPPIES??? (or, um, kneesocks with eyes) SAY IT AIN’T SO, LENO’E!!!

    I actually thought of you and Windell when I posted this.

  88. All the good geeks are cat people.