Two carrots to go, please

and make it snappeh.

Johanna S.? Step on it!!!



  1. Cos I loves da bunnies so much! Here ya go… Carrots aaaaaaand a nice lettuce shake to go with it.

    Would you like snorgles with that? 🙂

  2. and such a cutie pie…

  3. A meek and well behaved bunneh. Hope my kids are like this!

  4. I had a bunny that looked exactly like this one. She was a Holland lop named Cleo, and I got her on Fat Tuesday back in 1998, along with her brother, Paczki. They were the two best pets I’ve ever had, and I miss them every day. This picture made me think of her, and how wonderful she was.

  5. Miss Bunny Manners would like you all to know that you have to be polite and keep your elbows off the table at all times.

  6. AliceTanzer says:

    I wanna see a picture of this bun after the two carrots, with the orange carrot juice allll over his little white and grey face.

  7. “Say, bub, I thought I hearja say this was ‘ladies night.’ What kinda joint you runnin’? The women are cold, the drinks are warm, and I’m hot under the collar.”

  8. i wanna rub my face all over him. whata sweetie!

  9. I do believe he/she is saying grace prior to the carrot snackie!

  10. Love the “perfect paws”…how sweet.

  11. He might look cute, but don’t be fooled! One look at his Flickr page shows he’s quite the disapproving rabbit:

  12. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
    God bless Mummy and Daddy and all my Bun Brothers and Sisters, erm all 25 of em.

  13. “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I killed 89485438783474 people today from my cuteness.”

    “Son, that’ll be 3 Hail Marys, 4 Our Fathers and one mighty ear-monsche.”

  14. “Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a carrot out of my hat!”


    “Nothin’ up my sleeve …”

  15. Looks more to me like he’s waiting for his double martooni (with two baby carrots instead of olives).

  16. Pretty bunny, and perfectly placed paws!!

  17. a different Laura says:

    OMG, his name is Plopp! Hi Flikr photos are adorable!

  18. Set me up with another carrot juice cocktail, Joe. And keep ’em coming.

  19. so much dissaproval from the carrots not being placed in mouth fast enough.

  20. luvinmalssomuch says:

    How adorable is that.
    He’s praying for a carrot.

  21. i was like “awwww” at the adorable bun, then when i scrolled over the pic, i lol’d at the caption. hilarious!

  22. Such a polite little, bun. Please give him a carrot.

  23. You are not kidding, Kaye! I think the disapproval melted my screen a little.

  24. “Dear Lord. Thank you for letting me live in this lovely house with the “matchinks” carpet.
    I look very pretty sittin on it.

  25. Yay, more bunny pics!
    I luuuurve bunny pics.

  26. “Dear Lord,
    Please bring mommy a carpet scrubber for Christmas. ‘Someone’ left some spots for her on the pristine white carpet. I sorry. Now, about those carrots….”

  27. cute bunny. meg wont post my bunnys pictures =( I sent them to her a couple times for tocktober. he’s got the fluffiest cheeks ever!

  28. its ok Kat (pats hand lovingly)
    Meg wont post my “pommie butt” pictures either.
    I guess some of us just don’t “have it”.
    it’ll be ok. they dont know what they’re missin.

  29. Kat liz
    Meg may not have got to your pics yet Meg heroicly goes through thousands and thousands of submissions imagine that deluge of cute and not so cute (some people have weird ideas of cute)

  30. Hey cuteoverload gang, just a PSA from a certified vet tech and CO fan here in MN:

    If you luv bunnehs like I *tinks* you do, try this on for size:

    Carrots are deathly dangerous for most pet/house rabbits!

    We DREAD Easter, when SCORES of well-intentioned people bring in bunnies severely ill from eating carrots who often die as a result of intestinal obstruction.

    The majority of domesticated rabbits’ GI tracts CANNOT handle carrots! It WILL kill them. They often cannot digest raw cellulose in such amounts.

    Please help out buns and bun owners all over the world by helping to NOT perpetuate this idea of house rabbits eating carrots. It only works in the cartoons!

    Ask any vet, you’ll hear the same. Thanks CO!

  31. book_monstercats says:

    Bx, does that include GPs? My previous pair of GPs devoured everything, including carrots. My present GPs nibble daintily on carrots. I need to know.

    This bun is adorable. I love the scrollover.

  32. Great shot! So glad you caught is and shared it with us. Big smiles!

  33. Sinatra Bun!

    “Give me one for my behbee and one more for the road…”

  34. acelightning says:

    So neat and polite! And he doesn’t look disapproving – to me, he looks more as if he’s thinking “…soon, please?” What a beautiful bun!

  35. oh BX.
    I had not idea.
    I have no bunnehs, but i would have def. given them carrots if I did.
    Good info.
    but it kinda rained on my Bunneh parade. );

  36. Hey, Peeps, how much carrot are we talkin’ about? A SMALL piece of carrot is appropriate for buns now and then. They’re a relatively high-calorie treat. If they’re given carrot after carrot, no, that’s not right.

  37. Hi, this is my bunny and his name is Plopp. He doesn’t really eat carrots. Most rabbit owners know that rabbits enjoy the tops of carrots more than the root itself.

    He enjoys a daily bouquet of orchard grass, timothy hay and pellets. If he were to have a piece of a carrot root, it would have to be dried and given as a treat. Dried greens would probably be more interesting to him anyway.

    Thank you for spotlighting plopp. He is a happy house bunny who never has to sit in a hutch or cage.

  38. so cute

  39. BX-Rabbits can eat carrots, but it should be a treat for them. You would get sick if you ate a whole wedding cake, wouldn’t you? Besides, many rabbits prefer parsley, clover, maple leaves, my clothes, and all that.