Pig inflation

Let’s see how big you get before you HEYSPLODE!

Sniffing the bub 🙂, originally uploaded by bivoir.

There should be a large popping sound pretty soon, Johanna S.



  1. MaggieBee says:


  2. Ha ha, that is too funnycute!

  3. “this mirror makes me look fat.”

  4. What’s the deal with all the “fatulence” today??? AKA chub?

    It’s cute though….

  5. they both have magnets in their noses to make them ‘kiss’ like those Hallmark stuffed kissing bears ^^

  6. Matchingks. And Pig Mommy and Piglet baby. Squeeeee!

  7. mamababysnorgle!

  8. Catsquatch says:

    “huff puff huff puff huff puff…..
    Hey, your not poppin, whats the deal man.”

    Meg, your captions get me every time ;D

  9. I LOLed HARD at this, and then I sent it to Jeremy who sits across the hall, and I heard him LOLing hard too!

  10. luvinmalssomuch says:

    What’s this with all the oversized animules? Is someone trying to tell me I’m fat?

  11. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Forgot to say something.
    ADORABLE, CUTE!!!! Mommy LUVS her precious.

  12. Is peeg inflation a detriment to financial stability?

    I might have studied economics if it were this cute.

  13. Hey let’s hope the really don’t spold, they are too cute.

  14. Yitzysmommie says:

    Holy Macaroni, I’m glad I looked at the links! I thought the one on the right was normal size, and the one on the left was some kinda mutant. I’m glad they are ectewally Madonna and Chile.

  15. renee in texas says:

    “But it’s just a thin mint, sir.”

    “Bring me a bucket!”

  16. berthaslave says:

    Worst Laurel and Hardy costume ever!

  17. Now then, just a few puffs and you will be my size.

  18. HOLYCRAP! That’s nuts! Awwwwww, now I want my piggies to have bebehs for the adorableness of it all. But they’re both girls, and I broke up with their “boyfriend” ‘s dad. Oh well. *snorgles momma and bebeh piggle*

  19. Two peeg pics in less than a wheeek! SO happy!!

  20. ( thinking ) ”IS THIS LITTLE THING EDIBLE ???”

  21. Stealingsand says:

    tewtelly thot this was a photoshop job. Not familiar with peegs and thot the one on the left was a slipper or cozy or something.

  22. Madeleine says:

    Yup, it definitely looks like zee babeh peeg is inflating zee mommie peeg.

  23. Piglets are amazingks. I remember I was out at my birthday dinner when one of my piggies gave birth, and with other small animals you get the little wriggling pile of pink …

    Whereas I came in and there were three more perfectly-formed pigs in teeny-tiny fun-size looking up at me in shock going ‘Where the eff did YOU come from, tall creature?’

    However, mine were sort of calico-y and not nearly as matchingks as this pair!

  24. maybe the big ones not big.
    maybe the lil ones just Very Very little?
    I’m thinkin so.

  25. Alice Shortcake says:

    “I shall call him…Mini-Me!”

  26. Alice Shortcake says:

    “I shall call him…Mini-Me!”

  27. Why does the bigger one remind me of the monster from the Bugs Bunny cartoons? In a good way, of course.

  28. dutchgirl says:




  29. Tricia Garrett says:

    Looks like some nose collision happened somewhere along the line too.

  30. One on the left: “I shall hug him and squeeze him and love him and call him George!”

  31. He’s just big-boned, I swear! At least he gets love from the little one.

  32. “Whereas I came in and there were three more perfectly-formed pigs in teeny-tiny fun-size looking up at me in shock going ‘Where the eff did YOU come from, tall creature?'”

    “Fun-size”–Hee! SO! CUTE! And this pic, AWWWWW

    Speaking of cute + Halloween:
    We had at least 4 babies-in-costumes being carried when parents came up with sibs.
    OMG, a butterfly (peenk wingies!), a skunk (the tail, it keeled me!), a tiger and a lion…

  33. I think the next photo in the series is of one astonishingly well-fed pig.

  34. Juniper Jupiter says:

    It’s like the wee piggy is blowing piggy bubble gum and is looking at himself in the reflection…yeah, that’s it!!!

    Meg, love the captions!!! XD!! LOL!!

  35. Hi all! I’m the owner of these 2 – Thanks for all your comments!

    Soffy is the one on the left and aunt to the little one. Although she’s never had bubs herself, she loves to meet all the new arrivals by sticking her nose in their face 🙂

  36. Whut the-


    ROFLing helplessly here.

    What’s with the inflatable cuteness today?!

  37. Nicole – I was looking at your photos on Flickr and wow, so awesome!!
    Do you know what breed Bubby is? He looks like a pigger I had, and I have been trying to find out what breed he was.

    Thanks for all the awesome cuteness!

  38. Takes me back to the days when my piggies were just so tiny. Awww…sob…I miss those days. My boys now weigh over 1300grams each!!! I think I would relish the birth of guinea piglets, but we don’t have room for more piggies at the inn right now…so until then, I get my fix from CO

  39. Nicole- you have lovely drawings on your Flicker page.
    you are very talented.

  40. Nichole, I’m curious about those Easter pic’s.

    How did you color them like Easter eggs?

  41. Kar:
    I read one of the comments where she said it was food coloring. It’s a neat idea, isn’t it? And so amazingly adorable.

  42. 2 piggies – some bucks.
    Piggie feed – some more bucks.
    Camera – still more bucks.
    “HEYSPLODE!” – priceless.

    There are some things money can buy. For everything else, there’s Cute Overload.

  43. cassandra says:

    that is the biggest ginea pig I have ever seen. it’s a torpedo pig.

  44. SOOOOOO CUUUUTTTEEE! That pigge is gonna EXPLODE! Oh No !

  45. one of the best examples of Rule #7 recently!

  46. I think Heysplode is my new favorit-est word. Someone else refernsed it on another post and it made me laugh. and it’s SUCH a great visual. Little white puffies allover. like that vaccuum commercial.