“Looks like someone took a light saber to yer, uh helmet there”

Pups, once again in their natural environment…I bet there is a mouse dressed up as a storm trooper somewhere…

Nice find, C.S.O.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    bleen? on the cutie pups?

  2. Haha, oh wow, the commentary made laugh. “Don’t get mad at me.”

  3. Those dogs are so NOT amused, it’s hilarious.

  4. Pixie and Wicket are planning something terrible to get back at Mommy and Daddy.

    I think they look anerble and totally smoochable!

    Love the fake arms on the costumes!

  5. Mary (the first) says:

    Those poor pups!! Princess and Wicked were *not* amused! “Daddy loves you” indeed!!

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    oops sorry; “Pixie” not “Princess”. Those two are definitely either (1) plotting revenge or (2) contemplating a suicide pact to escape the embarrassment. I hope #1. Mommy deserves it.

  7. IHaveFurryChildren says:

    *blink* *blinkblink* *blink*

    Haaaaahaaahaa! I love it! Those poor pups are none too pleased with their Halloween get-ups! Somebunny please tell me these babies were heavily rewarded for this.

  8. ahahahaha! They are two annoyed dogs.

    k, I’m outta here before the nuff bus rolls in. *waves*

  9. May the force be with them.

  10. Yea, right…”mommy.” Is mommy’s name Richard?

    Hehehe, I kid. My doggy has two mommies.

  11. LOL, they don’t even move an inch! I want a dog! Dogs are fun to dress up…can’t do nothing with a cat! :-\

    My cat is great, but he’s not real big on dressup time.

  12. renee in texas says:

    me thinkits daddy is gonna get it too. after all, he’s the one filming it and sharing it with the world! LOL

  13. berthaslave says:

    Those dogs are all “We were TOLD we would be doing LOTR this year…goll!!”

  14. do not want. take off now so we are pee on your shoes.

  15. what kind of dogs are those???

    *blink* *blinky blink* *blinkblinkblink*

  16. 1. Are these dogs stoned, or just incredibly depressed by their outfits? So still!

    2. Clearly, Pixie wanted to be a pirate.

    3. “Daddy loves you” FTW!

  17. So. Angry.

  18. Poor puppehs! They think they are being punished. LOL!

  19. On the YouTube site, the guy reports a minute after he finished recording, Pixie peed, and Wicket bit him. 😛

  20. Mommy may have bought the costumes but daddy is taping it. Nice try dad.

  21. LOL at Harlemgirl. So true.

    This is too cute. The evil puppeh eye abounds…It’s interesting, how cats give you the irritated “I’m plotting your demise with my claws” look, and puppies just wear you down with their melencholy “Kill you with the disapproving cute”.

  22. LOL Not sure which is funnier the costumes, the look on the dogs faces, or the commentary.
    Daddy Loves you. Teee heee

    Pheas is rite Pixie definately wanted to be a pirate.

  23. luvinmalssomuch says:

    If only they could talk.

  24. luvinmalssomuch:

    Are you sure you want to hear such cute little puppies swear?

  25. Sheesh, I’m more daft Ada than Darth Vadar.

  26. mommy should wear em being she bought them. I’d be depressed to if I was the cuties. hehe

  27. LuvBJones says:

    If it were my dogs:

    Immediately after filming, run out to the back yard, pass very smelly solids, eat said solids, wait 2 hours, then vomit in the middle of the living room.

    Daddy got off easy.

  28. Yes, those dogs are going to kill and eat Mommy and Daddy tonight. I was waiting for them to attack the camera when Daddy got all up in their faces, poor dogs.

  29. I think their quiet sitting is the funniest thing ever for some reason. Obviously they’re not proud of their costumes but if they hated them they’d be rolling around and not sitting like adorable living stuff animals.

    I love their widdle noses.

    aargh! I just baby talked in a comment.

  30. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Susan, I do believe they have some choice words for the owners that would not be fit for us to hear.

  31. heh.

    Pup: “This Halloween I dressed up as the most patient pet in the WHOOOOOLE world!!!

  32. willow-n-smokysmom says:

    the title to this one was so mysterious (strange brew? escanaba in da moonlight?) until I watched the vid…hilar!!

  33. tears rolling down face!!!

    Sooooo funny! This would totally be my dog, Sister.

    The hatefulness reeks from them! I lof eet!

  34. These are not the dogs you’re looking for.

  35. Adresses class:

    “This is a case of severe ridicule-induced depression. Notice the dejected expressions and the obsessive blinking.

    The condition can only be alleviated by revenge, which in this case will have to be rather harsh.

    If this revenge is perceived as being satisfactory, self-esteem will be restored and prognosis will be good.”

  36. These dogs are clearly hurt to the bone. (no pun, I swear) and they have not a clue what they have done to deserve this! Poor pups! the cutest thing is that they just sit there, just SIT, they barely move at all, they could be stuffed dogs!

  37. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen animals get down that mixed look of hate-filled rage and utter suicidal shame so well. I could just hear then muttering at the very end “Yeah, well daddy can go jump in a blender.” XD

  38. Lol! whenever I dress my dog up, she does the same thing. She just sits there and stares me down. Or, if she really hates it, she just falls over and lays there until I take it off her. Needless to say, no more dress-up time at my house. lol

  39. This video creeps me out. The way the dogs are just standing still while their owner creeps around with the camera filming them from different angles. Very David Lynch.

  40. “Don’t get mad at me, mommy’s the one who bought the costumes… daddy loves you!”


  41. Also, I believe the blinking doggie eyes were spelling out “call the police” in morse code.

  42. What we need is more pics of doggies in costumes! Yay!

  43. luvinmalssomuch says:

    While we are waiting for a new post why don’t we carve a pumpkin> HEH?


  44. oh my goodness i couldn’t stop laughing. they were soooooo not feeling the costumes it was sad, but so cute.

    and of course, the commentary was hilarious.

  45. Glad I didn’t get my pug the Star Wars costume because I would be dead for sure. This year he’s a pumpkin with a hat with a stem on it. I dressed him up in it a bunch of times and he seems to enjoy it. He hasn’t killed me…yet.

    OK, that pumpkin carving thing is really addictive.

  46. Oh. Dear. God. **sides aching and tears running down face** Those dogs have got the guilt-inducing stare down to a fine art!

  47. Help me Obi Bone Kenobi, you’re my only hope!

  48. chris escobar says:

    I don’t think they speak English.

  49. LOL! They look so depressed. “Make it stop, please…”

  50. please note for future reference how the humiliation of the costumes has frozen these puppehs solidly in their tracks.
    please take a note for the future if you should decide to do this to your loved ones.

  51. Mommy and Daddy better sleep with one eye open tonight or someone’s going to end up encased in carbonite.

  52. luvinmalssomuch says:


  53. bah ha! Derek-

    “these are not the dogs you’re looking for” ! hahahaha!

    move along….

  54. was there really a need to video tape it? couldn’t he have just snapped a photo and called it good?

  55. luvinmalssomuch says:

    In answer to your question Lizzard:
    No! Instead we had to suffer.

  56. oh lizzard, dont be a buzz-kill.
    and luvins- quit encouraging the buzz kill. that’s not like you.

    there i said it.

  57. luvinmalssomuch says:

    liz-I wasn’t trying to be mean or encouraging.

  58. Baden's Mom says:

    I SWEAR my dog doesn’t mind clothes. He thinks he’s a person, so he just assumes that’s what “people” do (they wear clothes, they get on the kitchen counter, etc.). He’s a chocolate lab and looks very handsome in a turtleneck sweater, or in just a pair of socks. I’m holding out until the winter to submit a picture of him as a puppy standing in snow, wearing a fleece jacket. My other dog does tend to flop over until the clothing is removed, though. 😉

  59. I bought my Pomeranian a pony costume for Halloween, and he’s just like this whenever I put it on him: he sits very still and looks morose until I take it off again. Cruel? Perhaps. Lethally cute? Absolutely.

  60. luvins-

    I give you _hit.
    you know, yankin your chain. 🙂

  61. OMG Victoria-
    where do i get a pony costume for my pomeranian!
    I NEED.

  62. Curlygirl says:

    I can’t believe how still they are. I tried dressing my golden retriever puppy (she’s 6 months old) in a lobster costume, and she spent the whole 20 seconds it was on twisting around trying to chew it/tear it off. To me, that’s what a dog who hates wearing a costume does. These guys seem resigned to their fate. Lucky us!

  63. Tricia Garrett says:

    cruel, cruel! Depressed, down trodden, demoralised doggies. Shame!!

  64. Wow the pumpkin carving thing is really adictive and fun.

  65. Looks like Mommy and Daddy are gonna find something unpleasant in their shoes later.

  66. LOL!! They are sooo not amused. Oh my gosh, they’re hilarious!! LMAO!!

  67. I am absolutely laughing to death. I have a greyhound, so she likes to get dressed up. You put her coat on her and she’s ready to run.

  68. new category: cute or sad humans.

  69. pixie: “maybe if we sit here long enough he will take these costumes off us.”

    wicket: “maybe if we sit here long enough he will die.”

  70. Proof that animals hate being dressed up like that. No one should be able to do that to animals, and if they talk to them like that guy did… they need to see a shrink.

  71. What a desperate “Daddy love you!”

    Hey buddy, if you can’t stand up for your kids, what kind of daddy are you?


  73. I have never before in my life seen Disapproving Dogs.

    Bocephus: I heard that “call the police” in the voice of Mr. Horse from Ren and Stimpy. You know, from the “Rubber Nipple Salesmen” episode. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

  74. Oh enough with the nuff nuff already!

    This is freakin’ hilarious!! Wouldn’t try it with cats though… 😉

  75. Oh my gosh I almost peed my pants that was so funny.

  76. If that dog is named Wicket, then why the heck isn’t he dressed like an Ewok?

  77. pj – ***totally***

  78. They both look like they’re about to cry.

  79. One of my dogs is the same way about wearing clothes. He becomes paralyzed. Cute and funny as all hell. I could only leave him clothed for a couple minutes though, the two or three times I tried that. I felt too guilty laughing at him like that. I’m happy to report there’s been no lasting psychological damage. 🙂

    My other dog adores being dressed up. She absolutely prances around, like she just knows she’s extra-beautiful when she’s wearing clothes. She’s my nutty lil girl. Aw.

  80. Melissa H. says:

    Look at those stares! They’re both clearly off in their happy places, waiting until the horror is over.

  81. I love how the puppies are like frozen in place…like maybe if they stay still enough the costumes will go away or no one will see their shame…

  82. I wish my schnoodle would handle costumes like that-silently indignant. instead she twists around and drags them off with her teeth.

  83. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    I know that guy! He’s a well-known geek. He owns Lockergnome.com. He’s a cool guy.

    I dunno, I don’t think the doggies are suffering. If they were really uncomfortable, they would let their human know. I think they are very much indulged by Mommy and Daddy, and their every tiniest squeak and yelp brings their humans running with open arms filled with treats and snorgles. I think they’re like cici’s dog. If they don’t want to play along but aren’t actively suffering, they’ll just drag their feet until their human figures it out, or until they lose patience, at which point they’ll rush him along by (a) peeing on him and (b) giving him a little nip. Which, according to what Chris said on the Youtube page, is exactly what Wicket and Pixie did, apparently, right after this little scene. LOL!

  84. Those are two very, very patient dogs.

  85. This is hysterical! I only wish the email link worked so I could share it with others.

  86. Kitteh Fluffikins says:


  87. You can pee the bed. I get to poop in his shoes. Then we can both vomit in the hall before they wake up and listen to the screams when they step in cold dog vomit before they are fully awake.

    After they make your wear the X-Mass Elf costume and me the Channukah (sp?sorry) Menorah outfit we can tear their faces off…

  88. yankeebird says:

    *blink blink*

    This may be even funnier than Winston dressed up as a Krispie treat, and that’s saying a lot!

  89. BrianMPLS says:

    I’m with Derek, Bocephus, and Hilary.

    Maybe this: Leia is secretly travelling with Wicket, who is disguised in a slightly melted helmet he found. To enhance the disguise, Leia is using Jedi mind tricks and going by the name “Pixie.”

  90. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I feel so sorry for Pixie and Wicket…there is NO excuse to dress up these poor widdow babies!! Just LOOK at the embarrassment and broken-down loss of dignity in their eyes!! It’s like Ralphie in the bunny-suit!!! And for their daddy to talk so condescendingly at them instead of PUTTING DOWN THE CAMERA AND RESCUING THEM FROM THE ANGUISH!!! VENGEANCE,PIXIE AND WICKET!!! WE’LL VOUCH FOR YOU AT THE MURDER TRIAL!!!

    Cute pups by the way!! 😛

  91. BrianMPLS says:

    Yes, JJ. Good; let the hate flow through you! FEEL the power of the dark side of the force. ;P

    Agreed on the bunny suit, though.

  92. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    OMG, LOls11!1! He made them dress up last year, too! As ballerinas! And they have the exact same expression! Those pooches are a riot.


    Also, anyone who calls his dogs “our puppy people” and the “fluffernutters” in his blog posts is a cute overloader who just doesn’t know it yet.

  93. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Oh, sorry, I linked it poorly – scroll up to the top of that page for the prima ballerinas. Well, one’s a ballerina, or at least she’s wearing a tutu. The other one may be something different. I was a little distracted by giggling.

  94. hahahahaha, my god, i couldn’t help but laugh! adorable.

  95. OMG this video is priceless. I love the way the dogs are just sitting there totally not moving at all giving the camera that “Sleep with one eye open” look.
    And the end… “Daddy Loves you!” OMG.. too hilarious.

  96. I had no idea that dogs could give the silent treatment. That was hilarious.

  97. Holy crackers. I guess I’ll have to shoot more videos of Wicket and Pixie. 🙂

  98. >_< ;;; oh my... rotfl, now we know why the puppies were so still XD resistance is futile lmao ahah, i still love the first vid the best XD

  99. LOL! They’re so still, they look like those stuffed animobots. So cute!

    However – I get the Darth Vader guy, but who’s the other one?

  100. Ohhhh that´s so cute!! But they are so not impressed LOL! 😉

  101. IHateToast says:

    could not listen to it without thinking of marge from fargo.

  102. I know that man is like Joan Crawford; look nice for the camera kids. Off camera, screaming about germs and hangers. I’d sit stock still too.

    Weird and wild!

  103. Sure daddy, blame mommy for it all……….

  104. I dunno, I get the impression folks are giving these anerable pups a leetle too moishe credit for brain-power. I see their reaction (or lack thereof) thusly:

    Daddy: “Hi, pups! How do you like your costumes?”

    Pups: “…”

    Daddy: “Heehee, er, don’t blame Daddy!”

    Pups: “…”

    Daddy: “Daddy loves you!”

    Pups: “…”

    Daddy: *shuts off camcorder and leaves room*

    Pups: “Whut?”

  105. Talk about long-suffering expressions! In the Jingle Bells clip there’s a definite look of “oh lord no NOT AGAIN” there.

    And speaking of entirely too patient doggies,

  106. Oh, and because it was only natural,

  107. I’m the first to jump all over animal cruelty, and this is so NOT cruel. The guy obviously dotes on his dogs. Yeah, Pixie and Wicket are obviously unamused, but they are also tolerant (for the moment).

  108. IHateToast – Me too! You betcha.

  109. yubi shines-
    that person in the youtube video is an idiot.
    is he/she drunk or something?
    dogs legs do not naturally go straight out to the sides of their bodies, and yannking on them is not cute.
    stupid video, dog should be taken away from stupid “person”
    just my opinion of course

  110. luvinmalssomuch says:

    You know Liz. Earlier when I saw those videos I thought the same exact thing. So I sent a telepathic message to you.

    Liz, Liz, stupid video, stupid person….please put in writing.

  111. they look so angry!

  112. Juniper Jupiter says:

    LOL, BrianMPLS, does this mean I can use the Force? 😛

    Really, I’m not angry at the Daddy, but I tell ya, they are pretty patient!!

  113. It’s interesting how cat people see them as pissed off – but to the true dog lover, that reproachful stare is pure shame and discomfort. Unhappiness, not rage.

    Now, if they were kittehs, they would be plotting revenge. As dogs, not so much.

  114. luvins-
    i received your telepathic message and acted accordingly.
    please let me know if i can help again in the future.
    “power to the puppeh protectors!”

  115. these two appear to be very, very sad pups. i feel bad for them. not cute. sad. some dogs/cats don’t mind being dressed up, but these two obviously do.

  116. Puppehs to “daddy”-

    Pixie ; “I’m princess Kickin your butt ya jerk”
    Wicket: “I’ll show you my light saber ya *&!%$&^*&*% , right up yer %^&%^$^&*^!!!”
    Pixie: “Cute THIS MO-FO!”
    Wicket and Pixie: “Daddy can Shuv-it, and his stupid costumes”
    Wicket and Pixie: “Daddy’s so P-whipped he talks like a chick”

    (someone has to speak for those without a voice)

  117. Okay, that comment was just inappropriate. 😦

    This video is hilarious though! Sure, the costumes were Mommy’s idea… but who’s filming and mocking you? Hee hee hee.

  118. oh inappropriate inashmopriate.
    just stirrin up some comment-ro-versy.
    Guess it worked on you huh Angela P. 🙂

  119. Could you die? Talk about frosty demeanor. Too cute.

  120. Sure, blame it on Mom.

  121. Appropriate? Hmmm, lessee, on CO? Hmmm, right. How about keeping the comments *cute*.

  122. Disapproving Dogs for the win. I love how their owner keeps uncomfortably talking as they stare him down and refuse to give him one morsel of validation.

  123. Good to see Chris Pirillo’s puppies on this site! He’s always got good vids on Lockergnome!

  124. OH. Lord. Please to be telling me that this man was tracked down and forced to wear an awful costume while somebody videotaped him and made stupid comments.

    Justice must be served.

  125. totaleffect says:

    ‘you look all depressed’

    uhhh, yeah… you’d be depressed too if someone 10 times as big as you forced you into a degradingly lame costume and then talked baby talk to you asking you what’s wrong

  126. I have a feeling someone got their shoes pissed on later. Those dogs are NOT happy!

  127. uhhh, yeah… you’d be depressed too if someone 10 times as big as you forced you into a degradingly lame costume and then talked baby talk to you asking you what’s wrong

    Sounds like a weird version of Gulliver’s Travels.

  128. Aww. I feel sooo bad for them. sigh, I wish I had a pup.

  129. NightRaven says:

    This is nothing but animal torture!
    Those dogs are terrified, confused and shamed. To a dog, this feels like a punishment, being forced into tight costumes while their owner hides his face behind a big camera and talks in a weird voice.
    They are wondering what they did wrong, and how they can stop this punishment from continuing.
    I don’t find that particularly cute or funny.

  130. why come is that man such a not man for?
    If I was that gay I would be too gay to have sex with men, so I would have to have sex with two terriers of some sort.
    I get it now.
    Proud a you.

  131. Stuuf like this really p*sses me off! Can’t people see that dogs have feelings and are actually able to feel humiliated, especially when it comes to having things on their heads!! This guy should NT be allowed to be anywhere near dogs!